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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Author Jimmy Schaeffler
ISBN-10 9781136031540
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 296
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Digital Signage gives you macro and micro views of the burgeoning digital signage industry. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or to expand your business, with this book you will be able to clearly understand and accurately analyze the developments, trends and projections. As part of the NAB Executive Technology Briefing series, this book features the future impact of the technology across many different industries and platforms. Explanations of hardware such as displays, servers, and PCs, software such as dynamic on-screen content and software management programs, and technologies like systems integrations and network infrastructures are all covered.

Digital Signage Broadcasting

Digital Signage Broadcasting Author Lars-Ingemar Lundstrom
ISBN-10 9781136032097
Release 2013-05-02
Pages 352
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Digital Signage Broadcasting is a perfect introduction to this new world of opportunities for media professionals in all areas. Whether you are in engineering, IT, advertising, or management, you will gain knowledge on the operations of digital signage systems, content gathering, customer billing, and much more on this new exciting media. This book includes coverage of basic elements, examples of advanced digital signage applications, as well as traffic capacity calculations that may be guidance when choosing means of distribution as physical media, broadband or satellite. Digital Signage Broadcasting helps you discover the fascinating possibilities of this new convergence medium with hundreds of author-created color 3D illustrated graphics and real-life photographs showing the capability and future of digital signage.

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders Author Jimmy Schaeffler
ISBN-10 9781136030901
Release 2013-07-24
Pages 320
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Four specific trends are driving the DVR industry: consumer content choice, consumer content control, personalization of content libraries, and the ability to transfer content from device-to-device and person-to-person. "Digital Video Recorders" features a macro and micro views of the already established yet still burgeoning DVR industry. As part of the NAB Executive Technology Briefing series, this book gives you a wealth of market knowledge, business models, case studies, and industry insignts explained in a non-technical fashion. "Digital Video Recorders" discusses the impact of the technology across many different industries and platforms, explains hardware, software and technology of set-top boxes, DVR infrastructure, on-screen guides, planning and scheduling, content security, and more. Whether you are an executive in the broadcast, telecommunications, consumer electronic, or advertising space, you will expand your knowledge on DVR impact, explore new business opportunities, and get a brief overview of the technical terms needed. You will also be able to accurately analyze and understand the trends, projections and other data, all of which will help lead to the expedited growth and development of DVR industry.

Digital signage L immagine onnipresente

Digital signage  L immagine onnipresente Author Daniele Tirelli
ISBN-10 9788856819816
Release 2009-10-31T00:00:00+01:00
Pages 234
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The Guards Came Through

The Guards Came Through Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
ISBN-10 UOM:39015006952231
Release 1920
Pages 64
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The Guards Came Through has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Guards Came Through also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Guards Came Through book for free.

Information Security and Ethics

Information Security and Ethics Author Marian Quigley
ISBN-10 1591402867
Release 2005
Pages 317
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Dr Marian Quigley, HDTS (Art and Craft) Melbourne State College, BA Chisholm Inst., PhD, Monash University is Senior Lecturer and Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies in the School of Multimedia Systems, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. Marian has published several articles and presented a number of papers relating to social and ethical issues in Information Technology, particularly in relation to youth. She is currently completing a book on the effects of computer technology on Australian animators.

My Start Up Life

My Start Up Life Author Ben Casnocha
ISBN-10 9781119177807
Release 2015-06-02
Pages 208
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Ben Casnocha discovered he was entrepreneur at age 12 and hasn't slowed down since. In this remarkably instructive book, Ben dissects the entrepreneurship "gene," explaining that everyone has inherited it if they have an idea to make the world a better place. In Casnocha's case, he found a better way for city governments to communicate with constituents on the Web. Six years later, Comcate has dozens of municipal clients, a growing staff, and a record of excellence. This book is the story of his start-up, but also a conversation with his mentors, clients and fellow entrepreneurs about how to make a business idea work?and how to have the time of your life trying. From Pat Lencioni to Marc Benioff of, Ben has won over the best and brightest of the business world?now it's your turn!

Tactical Biopolitics

Tactical Biopolitics Author Beatriz Da Costa
ISBN-10 9780262514910
Release 2010-08-13
Pages 536
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Scientists, scholars, and artists consider the political significance of recent advances in the biological sciences.

Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations

Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations Author Fred Huffman
ISBN-10 0240805895
Release 2004
Pages 344
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What you need to know to survive, long term. Interests between broadcasters and telecom people are blurring. Technical operations and design engineers in one field are increasingly required to deal with practices and techniques in the other. The problem is expectations and terminology differences aren't recognized until it's too late. Take "Quality of Service." The telecom people specify a percentage of the time that the service is guaranteed to be available. The down time may be very, very small. But, if it occurs during a high-priced commercial in the Super Bowl, it is very, very serious for the broadcaster. Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations teaches the technology and how to structure it and make sure the finances work in your favor. Learn how to: * Define communications circuit, equipment, facilities and services used in broadcast engineering and operations. * Evaluate suppliers as well as their products and services. * Prepare technical specifications and requests for bids, proposals required in competitive procurement actions. * Conduct communications operational effectiveness and cost audits. * Prepare communications cost management strategies and plans. * Plan and execute capital projects. * Survive Long-Term Critical for engineers, technicians, and managers engaged in designing, installing, testing, and maintaining equipment and network services for program content, training material, or audio/video conferencing. Valuable knowledge for planning, design, integration and operation of communications equipment, facilities and services used in broadcast operations, training and conferencing applications. Fred Huffman is a systems engineer with Athens Olympic Broadcasting, the Host Broadcaster for the 2004 Games. He has more than 35 years experience in technical and management roles in broadcasting and telecommunications fields. This work is largely a reflection of that experience, captured in a way that introduces the reader to technical aspects of IP, ATM and classical telecom, along with business essentials such as contracts, tariffs, project planning, budgeting and long range planning. *Entry level--introduces broadcasters to Internet & telecom *Learn about communications technology and it's business aspects so you can survive long-term *Written by one of the few people truly conversant in Internet, Telecom and Broadcast speak, with a solid understanding of business economics

The Redesign of the Global Financial Architecture

The Redesign of the Global Financial Architecture Author Stuart P. M. Mackintosh
ISBN-10 9781317531753
Release 2015-10-16
Pages 196
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In 2007-2008 the global financial and economic system was in turmoil. This volume focuses on how the global financial architecture was redesigned following the financial crash of 2008. Its central claim is that the reforms constituted a paradigm shift, a move from the dominance of market authority to the re-assertion of state authority over financial markets and actors. The book underscores that the cycle of boom and bust, of crisis response, reform and eventual relapse are not only economic but also conceptual and ideological. Ideas matter in the political and economic calculus of policy making. Economies are underpinned by and linked to ideological narrative, a prevailing policy consensus that places limits on policy actions and options and constitutes a dominant worldview or paradigm. To become real, to be lasting, to impact actual policy choices and market actor decisions, a re-regulatory paradigm shift cannot just be conceptual or ideological. It must also be present in the institutional constructs and policy decisions that flow from the ideological regulatory shift. To gauge the fluctuating strength of the paradigm shift the book addresses the G20 summit process, the creation of the FSB, the policy output of the new forums, for signs of permanency, strength, and possible effectiveness. This work presents important new material on the financial crisis and the regulatory response to it, which will be valuable for researchers, teachers and students alike.

The Psychology of Personnel Selection

The Psychology of Personnel Selection Author Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
ISBN-10 9780521868297
Release 2010-01-14
Pages 284
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An engaging and thought-provoking textbook which introduces and reviews the main methods and constructs used to assess people at work.

Time Is Money

Time Is Money Author Tammy Everts
ISBN-10 9781491928806
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 110
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If you want to convince your organization to conduct a web performance upgrade, this concise book will strengthen your case. Drawing upon her many years of web performance research, author Tammy Everts uses cases studies and other data to explain how web page speed and availability affect a host of business metrics. You’ll also learn how our human neurological need for quick, uncomplicated processes drives these metrics. Ideal for managers, this book’s case studies demonstrate how Walmart,, Mozilla, and other organizations significantly improved conversion rates through simple upgrades. Find out why happy customers return, while frustrated users can send your metrics—and your domain—into a tailspin. You’ll explore: What happens neurologically when people encounter slow or interrupted processes How page speed affects metrics in retail and other industries, from media sites to SaaS providers Why internal applications are often slower than consumer apps, and how this hurts employee morale and productivity Common performance problems and the various technologies created to fight them How to pioneer new metrics, and create an organizational culture of performance

Business Processes and Information Technology

Business Processes and Information Technology Author Ulric J. Gelinas
ISBN-10 1616101466
Release 2010-08-01
Pages 952
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Business Processes and Information Technology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Business Processes and Information Technology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Business Processes and Information Technology book for free.

The Road to IP Telephony

The Road to IP Telephony Author Stephanie Carhee
ISBN-10 1587200880
Release 2004-06-28
Pages 408
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A complete IP Telephony migration planning guide Includes Steps to Success Poster It's everyone's "must have." This is a reference book for the entire project team who works on the deployment of an IP Telephony solution. Take advantage of best practices. Includes more than 200 best practices, lessons learned, and tips for getting you through your IP Telephony deployment successfully. Minimize risk and learn from the mistakes of others. Read the list of the top 10 things that can go wrong during an IP Telephony deployment. Ask the right questions. Get the project team thinking and collaborating together with Stephanie's "Checklist of Questions to Ask the Project Team." Use proven planning tools. Work from sample checklists, templates, project plans, and workflow documents to guide your planning process. Keep the Steps to Success on the minds of your project team. Use the enclosed poster, which illustrates every major step associated with an IP Telephony deployment. There is no better path to the successful implementation of a new technology than to follow in the experienced footsteps of an organization that has already been there. The Road to IP Telephony tells you how Cisco Systems successfully moved its own organization to a converged, enterprise-wide network. You will learn the implementation and operational processes, what worked, what didn't work, and how to develop your own successful methodology. After presenting this topic to hundreds of Cisco customers, including Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie Carhee consistently encountered the same question, "If I decide to move to IP Telephony, where do I begin and what can I do to ensure that I do it right the first time?" Although the needs of every enterprise are different, some things are universal; planning, communication, teamwork, and understanding your user's requirements are as important as technical expertise. The Road to IP Telephony shares with you everything you need to know about managing your deployment. It starts with where to begin, including what needs to be addressed before you even begin the planning process, to building your project team. Key best practices are also offered to help you set the project's pace and schedule, get your users on board, identify a migration strategy, develop a services and support strategy, and work toward the final PBX decommission. "Cisco IT wants to share its implementation experience with Cisco customers and partners to aide in the deployment practices of new Cisco technologies. While conducting our own company-wide cutover, we learned a great deal about what to do and what not to do. This book shares our experiences." -Brad Boston, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc. This volume is in the Network Business Series offered by Cisco Press. Books in this series provide IT executives, decision makers, and networking professionals with pertinent information on today's most important technologies and business strategies.

Losing Control

Losing Control Author Louise Williams
ISBN-10 9781925021448
Release 2014-01-10
Pages 282
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‘A free press is not a luxury. A free press is at the absolute core of equitable development’ according to World Bank President James Wolfensohn. A free press is also the key to transparency and good governance and is an indispensable feature of a democracy. So how does Asia rate? In Losing Control, leading journalists analyse the state of play in all the countries of North Asia and Southeast Asia. From the herd journalism of Japan to the Stalinist system of North Korea, Losing Control provides an inside look at journalism and freedom of the press in each country. One conclusion—a combination of new technology and greater democracy is breaking the shackles that once constrained the press in Asia. ‘Brings together Asia’s best and brightest observers of the press.’ Hamish McDonald, Foreign Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald ‘A rare insiders’ view exposing the real dynamics behind social and political change in Asia.’ Evan Williams, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV ‘A timely and necessary contribution to the debate over the quality of freedom in Asia.’ Geoffrey Barker, The Australian Financial Review

Business Processes and Information Technology

Business Processes and Information Technology Author Ulric J. Gelinas
ISBN-10 0324191618
Release 2004
Pages 543
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Business Processes and Information Technology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Business Processes and Information Technology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Business Processes and Information Technology book for free.

The Media Lab

The Media Lab Author Stewart Brand
ISBN-10 0140097015
Release 1989
Pages 285
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Provides a look at the future as it is envisioned by the Media Lab at MIT, where scientists are retooling mass media to the desires and whims of the individual