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Direct Digital Control for Building HVAC Systems

Direct Digital Control for Building HVAC Systems Author Michael J. Coffin
ISBN-10 9781461549215
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 230
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Since the publication of the first edition in 1992, the HVAC industry has gone through enormous changes. As simple digital systems have given way to more complex systems, demand for information on how these systems operate, how they are best applied and how they communicate with other building control systems has grown rapidly. Direct Digital Control for Building Systems, Second Edition is thoroughly updated and expanded to include coverage of the architecture of modern digital control systems, distributed intelligence networked systems, communication protocols, the technologies and issues concerning interoperability, the latest application strategies, and defensive techniques for designing and specifying control systems. Numerous illustrations throughout help keep the subject highly accessible, and hardware, software, and systems applications are described in the most universal terms possible. This thoroughly revised second edition also contains a full section on BACnet® standard and Echelon's LonWorks® technology; their meaning, applications, and future implications. An up-to-date appendix is provided. Insights on emerging technologies in intelligent control systems and what the future holds for this dynamic field is covered throughout.

Direct Digital Control of Building Systems

Direct Digital Control of Building Systems Author H. Michael Newman
ISBN-10 0471516961
Release 1994
Pages 244
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Direct Digital Control Of Building Systems From a brief historical look at the evolution of DDC to some thoughts on the future uses of artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic, this practical new work provides a systematic discussion of the theory and application possibilities of: ∗ Sensors and actuators––for temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and indoor air quality; ∗ DDC hardware––including microprocessors, microcomputers, and microcontrollers; ∗ DDC software––operating system, utility, and applications software and the methods of configuring DDCs; ∗ The operator–machine interface––for field devices, workstations, and multivendor displays; ∗ Data communication systems for DDC––hardware, software, protocols and the ISO′s Open Systems Interconnection 7–layer architecture; ∗ BACnet––ASHRAE′s building automation and control networking protocol, from its design philosophy and the communication services it provides, to issues of extensibility, conformance, and specification; ∗ DDC design methodology––a complete case study, showing how to build system schematics, I/O and mode summaries, and logic flow diagrams; ∗ DDC implementation––issues of design, specification, installation, commissioning, training, and operation and maintenance.

Direct digital controls for HVAC systems

Direct digital controls for HVAC systems Author Thomas B. Hartman
ISBN-10 0070269777
Release 1993
Pages 214
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Now you can put the full power of high-performance direct digital control (DDC) systems to work and improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, enhance comfort temperatures, and ensure trouble-free building operations. This practical sourcebook shows HVAC design engineers, DDC system designers, building managers, and anyone else responsible for interior environmental control how to develop peak-performing HVAC designs using state-of-the-art DDC technology. You will find step-by-step guidance on exactly how to design, install, and maintain high-performance DDC systems. This essential engineering reference book offers proven, field-tested methods for evaluating high-performance applications software, determining the pros and cons of various programming approaches, organizing the DDC design and installation process, procuring DDC systems and details, and supervising the construction and startup of DDC systems. You'll find expert advice on how to select DDC system points and choose the most cost-effective input/output devices, how to determine optimum configurations for DDC system hardware, and how to maintain and improve performance through ongoing-system support. Filled with a wealth of real-life examples and case studies that are presented from the unique perspectives of designers, users, and system manufacturers, Direct Digital Controls for HVAC Systems is the tool you need to maximize the DDC systems in HVAC design.

The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control

The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control Author Frank Shadpour
ISBN-10 0970447132
Release 2012
Pages 338
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The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control book for free.

HVAC Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems Author Ronnie J. Auvil
ISBN-10 0826907644
Release 2013
Pages 533
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HVAC Control Systems provides and introduction to HVAC fundamentals and control system principles for pneumatic, electromechanical, electronic, and building automation control systems. This textbook includes in-depth coverage of commercial heating and cooling systems and also covers modern ventilation and indoor air quality requirements. The new edition covers the latest technology in web-based control, networking, wireless control applications, energy auditing and efficiency, system retrofitting, direct digital control, and maintenance management and includes a new feature: field-based troubleshooting scenarios of control system problems. Expanded content includes BACnet and LonWorks building automation protocols as well as system integration. This textbook is specifically designed for HVAC and building maintenance technicians.

Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems

Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems Author Ross Montgomery
ISBN-10 9780080552330
Release 2008
Pages 348
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Heating, ventailation and air-conditioning control systems are omnipresent in modern buildings. This book introduces the things involved in the specification, design, manufacture, installation, operation or maintenance of these systems.

Applied Control Theory

Applied Control Theory Author James R. Leigh
ISBN-10 0863410898
Release 1987
Pages 206
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This second edition includes new material and supporting references on: robotics control; programmable logic controllers; self-tuning controllers; distributed computer control systems; and biotechnological control.

Understanding Building Automation Systems

Understanding Building Automation Systems Author Reinhold A. Carlson
ISBN-10 UOM:39015043248270
Release 1991-01
Pages 198
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This book is a response to the growing trend to upgrade existing commercial and industrial buildings for energy savings and improved security. Integrated Building Automation Systems provide technology to address these needs. The authors describe the major systems in detail, together with their compo

HVAC Fundamentals

HVAC Fundamentals Author Samuel C. Sugarman
ISBN-10 0849336651
Release 2005-03-29
Pages 300
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This master volume covers the full range of HVAC systems used in today's facilities. Comprehensive in scope, the text is intended to provide the reader with a clear understanding of how HVAC systems operate, as well as how to select the right system and system components to achieve optimum performance and efficiency for a particular application. You'll learn the specific ways in which each system, subsystem or component contributes to providing the desired indoor environment, as well as what factors have an impact on energy conservation, indoor air quality and cost. Examined in detail are compressors, water chillers, fans and fan drives, air distribution and variable air volume, pumps and water distribution, controls and their components, heat recovery, and energy conservation strategies. Also covered are heat flow fundamentals, as well as heat flow calculations used in selecting equipment and determining system operating performance and costs.

HVAC Controls

HVAC Controls Author Guy W. Gupton
ISBN-10 9780881733945
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 345
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In the eight years since the publication of the first edition of this book, there have been quantum changes in the automated temperature control (ATC) industry due to the widespread & growing use of direct digital control (DDC) systems. The fully updated second edition fully addresses these technology changes, from equipment characteristics & operation, to troubleshooting & maintenance, to training of operating & maintenance personnel. The full range of topics pertinent to the effective operation of all types of HVAC control systems currently in use today are explored, including equipment-to-control interactions, control system set-up & functions, local loop to building automation system interfaces, performance prediction & assessment, operational parameters, & maintenance & testing.

HVAC controls and systems

HVAC controls and systems Author John I. Levenhagen
ISBN-10 UOM:39015028472234
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 334
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This book presents engineers with solutions to the problems found in control applications in the commercial HVAC buildings industry. Using their experience to take readers beyond textbook principles, the authors offer suggestions for troubleshooting not found in any other book. Divided into two sections, HVAC Controls and Systems covers all aspects of commercial controls, including pneumatic, electric, and electronic controls. The first section discusses the hardware of the controls industry: thermostats and humidistats, dampers and damper motors, automatic valves, transmitters, auxiliary devices, construction systems and devices, and electronic products. The second section covers applications of the hardware for air handling unit systems, terminal systems and units, primary systems, heat pump cycles, distribution systems, supervisory systems, maintenance and operations, and total facility approach.

Control Systems for Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Control Systems for Heating  Ventilating and Air Conditioning Author R. Haines
ISBN-10 9781468465938
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 318
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There are two reasons why we have a new edition every four or five years. The first is that technology changes. Chapter 10, on computer-based con trols, has had to be almost completely rewritten. Fundamentals don't change, but the tools available to us do change. Evaluation and proper use of those tools makes it even more imperative that we understand fundamentals. Many of our control problems stem from the use of new devices as a solution to problems that are, in fact, control design errors. New gadgets, for example, Direct Digital Controls (DDC), will not solve basic problems and may even compound them. None-the-Iess, you will find an extensive discussion of DDC because I think it is the probable "future" in HVAC control. But it must be applied with a good understanding of fundamentals. The second reason is that I keep learning and need to pass on my new and improved understanding to my readers. Thus you will find a number of small but important revisions, a dissertation on control "modes," and a much more detailed discussion of how electronic control devices work. There are a few places where I have corrected what I now perceive to be errors. I apologize for these. I have been much encouraged by the acceptance of this book in the past, and I hope that this new edition will be helpful. Thank you for your support.

Air conditioning System Design Manual

Air conditioning System Design Manual Author Walter T. Grondzik
ISBN-10 9781933742137
Release 2007
Pages 404
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The Air Conditioning Manual assists entry-level engineers in the design of air-conditioning systems. It is also usable - in conjunction with fundamental HVAC&R resource material - as a senior- or graduate-level text for a university course in HVAC system design. The manual was written to fill the void between theory and practice - to bridge the gap between real-world design practices and the theoretical calculations and analytical procedures or on the design of components. This second edition represents an update and revision of the manual. It now features the use of SI units throughout, updated references and the editing of many illustrations. * Helps engineers quickly come up with a design solution to a required air conditioning system. * Includes issues from comfort to cooling load calculations. * New sections on "Green HVAC" systems deal with hot topic of sustainable buildings.

HVAC Control in the New Millennium

HVAC Control in the New Millennium Author Michael F. Hordeski
ISBN-10 0824709152
Release 2001-01-31
Pages 387
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Advances in personal computer control and sensor technology are leading the advances in building controls as we enter the new millennium. Pushing the technology are potentially high reductions in operating costs from increased operational efficiency. Building conditioning now accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumed in the U.S., so computer-optimized HVAC systems can make a major contribution in reducing our national energy use. This book examines how the latest advances in distributed technology will be used in commercial systems. Topics include the full scope of current and emerging HVAC control technologies, covering personal computer-based systems, expert systems, fiber optic infrared technologies, wireless communication, self-optimizing software sensors, micro technology, distributed direct digital control, control bus techniques and more.

Energy Management Systems and Direct Digital Control

Energy Management Systems and Direct Digital Control Author Richard A. Panke
ISBN-10 9780881733501
Release 2002
Pages 240
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Written with the building owner or facility manager in mind, this plain English guide to use of energy management systems and direct digital control covers the full spectrum of hardware and software currently utilized to manage energy and control inside environments in all types of buildings and facilities. Topics include hardware and system components, system architecture, networking, communication protocol, operator/machine interface, estimating costs and savings, choosing the right system, system expansion, operation and maintenance, and operator training.

Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians

Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians Author Leo A. Meyer
ISBN-10 0880690488
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 98
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Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Digital Controls for HVAC Technicians book for free.

Direct Digital Control Systems

Direct Digital Control Systems Author Mary S. Nardone
ISBN-10 9781461549239
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 252
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Direct Digital Control Systems: Application · Commissioning offers an insightful examination of the critical role of the DDC system in the commissioning process. Included is solid coverage of microprocessor-based control systems combined with the protocols and procedures needed to effectively integrate DDC system validation into systems commissioning. This field handbook is an everyday reference on Direct Digital Control for commissioning personnel. Whether designer, contractor, air balancer, technician, vendor, commissioning agent, owner, operator or student, increasing one's knowledge of DDC control systems will directly improve project performance.