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Directory of EU Case Law on the Preliminary Ruling Procedure

Directory of EU Case Law on the Preliminary Ruling Procedure Author R. Barents
ISBN-10 9789041131508
Release 2009
Pages 284
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Article 234 EC ensures that a divergent application of the EC Treaty or of the statutes and acts of its institutions is not allowed in any Member State. Unsurprisingly, its pivotal importance has given rise to a huge number of ECJ judgments and orders - about 700 by the beginning of 2009. Very often, a practitioner needs to establish whether the preliminary ruling procedure called for by Article 234 EC is required in a particular case being pursued in a national court, and any relevant ECJ ruling or order must be located. Herein lies the great value of this book. Dr Barents' very useful volume sorts paragraphs of the 700 judgments and orders by subject, making it easy to establish the relevance of a particular Community court ruling to a particular national court proceeding. In this book paragraphs of the judgments and orders are presented in the form of extracts sorted by subject. The subject headings are arranged according to a hierarchical system, descending from such overarching concepts as scope and participation to such precise categories as the following: situations outside the scope of community law; bodies not considered to be courts or tribunals; arbitration; third persons; rights of participants; formulation of preliminary questions; presumption of relevance of a preliminary reference; violation of the obligation to refer; requirement of a pending dispute; interim measures; modification of preliminary questions; questions rejected by the submitting court; new elements presented during the preliminary procedure; questions lacking precision; retroactive effects of judgments. Paragraphs of judgments relating to more than one subject are included under each relevant heading, where necessary accompanied by cross references to other headings. Under each extract or summary, the judgments and orders are referred to by case number in ascending order. The articles of the EC Treaty are cited according to the new method of citation pursuant to the renumbering of the articles of that treaty brought about by the Treaty of Amsterdam. There is no doubt that the book's technique of presenting case law in the form of separate extracts and summaries arranged by topic and sub-topic improves the accessibility of the material. This very practical, time-saving feature will be greatly appreciated by practitioners throughout Europe. This is a reference every European lawyer will want to have on hand.

EU Higher Education Law

EU Higher Education Law Author Sacha Garben
ISBN-10 9789041133656
Release 2011
Pages 274
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In March 2010, the European Higher Education Area was officially launched, proclaiming the culmination of a ten-year timeframe projected at Bologna in 1999, when the education ministers of 29 European states signed a declaration that would fundamentally influence the future of their higher education systems. Forty-seven countries, including all EU Member States and other countries as far afield as Kazakhstan, now take part in the so-called 'Bologna Process'. Remarkably, this vast enterprise, which has led to rapid and sweeping changes in almost all higher education systems in Europe, has taken place outside the framework of the European Union and the Council of Europe. In fact, as this important legal analysis shows, it appears that with the Bologna Process the Member States have tried to sidestep the EU's growing influence on higher education. Although the Bologna Process has generated an impressive literature addressing what it might mean, where it suddenly came from, and how it has become so powerful, until now the legal implications of the process, and its tense relationship with EU law, have been left almost entirely unexamined. This work fills that gap. Among the often controversial issues raised are the following: ; avoidance of the democratically legitimate procedures of the EU's institutional framework for cultural reasons connected with state sovereignty; the scope of EU legal competence for various kinds of activities in the educational sector; specific areas of overlap between EU law and the Bologna Process and their implications; voluntary intergovernmental cooperation as a paradigmatic global shift of internationalization policies in education; the idea that the university is being redefined, from a social institution to an industry; the increasingly influential role in the process, by means of funding and coordination, of the European Commission; financial support programmes and devices to enhance credit and degree recognition; students as recipients of services; and teachers and the free movement of workers. The author describes how the scope of the Bologna Process was significantly broadened during a series of meetings during the decade, analyses the relevance of the case law of the European Court of Justice and provides a detailed description of the adoption of the process into the national laws of France, Germany and the United Kingdom. A concluding normative assessment scrutinizes the process on the basis of democracy, transparency and accountability. As the first study of the legitimacy of Bologna from a European law perspective - and by extension of the 'Europeanization' of higher education, including the role of the EU, EU law, and law in general - this is a critically important contribution to a contentious debate that clearly holds great significance for the future of law and society. Educators and education policymakers are sure to read and study it with interest.

The Ne Bis in Idem Principle in EU Law

The Ne Bis in Idem Principle in EU Law Author Bas van Bockel
ISBN-10 9789041131560
Release 2010
Pages 267
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The legal principle of ne bis in idem restricts the possibility of a defendant being prosecuted repeatedly on the basis of the same offence, act, or facts. This book describes obstacles that stand in the way of a single, autonomous, and uniformly applicable general ne bis in idem principle of EU law.

EU Law and Obesity Prevention

EU Law and Obesity Prevention Author Amandine Garde
ISBN-10 9789041127068
Release 2010
Pages 358
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Since the 1980s, there has been an alarming increase in the prevalence of obesity in virtually every country in the world. As obesity is known to lead to both chronic and severe medical problems, it imposes a cost not only on affected individuals and their families, but also on society as a whole. In Europe, the Obesity Prevention White Paper of May 2007 - followed by the adoption of an EU School Fruit Scheme, the acknowledgement that food advertising to children should be limited, and proposed legislation to make nutrition labeling compulsory - has firmly placed obesity on the EU agenda by laying down a multi-sectoral strategy and a basis for future action. In accordance with this growing sense of urgency, this is the first book to offer an in-depth legal analysis of obesity prevention, with particular reference to Europe. It describes what the EU has done and could do to support Member States in fighting the obesity epidemic, and clearly shows the way to locating advocacy strategies within the framework of EU law. The thorough analysis includes a discussion of the following issues: the need to address nutrition and physical activity as important health determinants; the emphasis traditionally placed at EU level on food safety rather than food quality; the need for the development of databases on nutrition and physical activity, comparable common indicators and risk assessment mechanisms; mainstreaming public health into all EU policies; the scope of EU powers in the case law of the Court of Justice; the role of information in the EU's obesity prevention strategy; the Commission's proposed Mandatory Nutrition Declaration; the Food Claims Regulation; the regulation of food marketing to children, and in particular the role of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and industry self-regulation; food reformulation; the use of economic instruments in the EU's obesity prevention strategy, with an emphasis on the Common Agricultural Policy and the EU's taxation policy; and EU action in the fields of sport, occupational health and safety, and transport policy. The author convincingly shows that conflicts of interest inherent in market forces demand a strong EU intervention, preferably through legislation than self-regulation. She also demonstrates the urgent need to reach an agreement, on the basis of reliable data, about what is effective in practice to improve lifestyles. The study acknowledges that the law is not a panacea, but nonetheless has an influential role to play in making the healthy choice an easier choice, and must move decisively towards ensuring that the societal costs associated with obesity are sustainable, and that the ultimate goal of a healthy population is achievable. The book is essential reading for everyone involved or interested in the development of the EU's obesity prevention policy.

EU Law and the Harmonization of Takeovers in the Internal Market

EU Law and the Harmonization of Takeovers in the Internal Market Author Thomas Papadopoulos
ISBN-10 9789041133403
Release 2010
Pages 247
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Analysing the Takeover Bid Directive in light of EU Law, this important monograph examines the extent to which the Directive facilitates the exercise of the fundamental freedom of establishment and the free movement of capital in the internal market. The analysis begins with a discussion of the fundamental freedom of establishment of companies, as well as of the legal bases for the harmonization of company law and capital markets law at the EU level. Additionally, the significance of corporate mobility and of the freedom of establishment case law of the European Court of Justice for the takeover process is analysed. The author shows that, far from achieving market integration in the field of EU company law, the Takeover Bid Directive is a compromise resulting from the very different legal and policy approaches of the Member States in the field of takeover regulation. Although some provisions of the Directive are obligatory for all Member States, two key provisions have been made optional: the non-frustration rule, which requires a board of directors to obtain the prior authorization of a general meeting of shareholders before taking any action that could result in the frustration of the bid; and the breakthrough rule, which restricts significant transfer and voting rights during the time allowed for acceptance of the bid.

Remedies and Procedures Before the EU Courts

Remedies and Procedures Before the EU Courts Author R. Barents
ISBN-10 9041166149
Release 2016-05-01
Pages 946
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Finding one's way amongst the myriad of provisions that govern the system of remedies and the proceedings before the three constituent courts of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) presents a major challenge to European practitioners. It is crucial to possess a reliable, thorough guide to the relevant statutory provisions and rules of procedure - such a guide as this book, written by one of Europe's foremost jurists, provides. For every kind of case and any situation likely to arise, it clearly explains which rules apply and how to proceed. It is fully up to date, covering the renewed rules of procedure of the Court of Justice, the General Court, and the Civil Service Tribunal, as well as updated provisions and practice directions. From foundations and principles to specifi c rules on evidence, damages, failure to act, preliminary rulings, interim measures, and much more, the book covers all essential elements of CJEU procedure, including the following: - division of competences between the Union courts; - admissibility; - rules regarding anonymity; - practice rules for the implementation of rules of procedure; - service of documents; - setting and extension of time limits, hearings, witnesses, and experts; - deposit and recovery of sums; - rules applying to the chamber system; - assignment of cases; - application of competition rules, rules on state aid, and rules on trade protection; - rules in cases concerning intellectual property rights; - rules in actions brought on the basis of an arbitration agreement; - rules governing access to documents; - delimitation of jurisdiction between the CJEU and national courts; - expedited procedures; and - scope of the rules on costs. Each chapter ends with a list of further readings. Any lawyer seeking appropriate remedies in any case before the CJEU will benefi t enormously from this book, whether used as a hands-on manual in particular cases or absorbed over time. It is sure to serve as an essential resource for many years to come.

National Courts and EU Law

National Courts and EU Law Author Bruno de Witte
ISBN-10 9781783479900
Release 2016-06-24
Pages 288
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National Courts and EU Law examines both how and why national courts and judges are involved in the process of legal integration within the European Union. As well as reviewing conventional thinking, the book presents new legal and empirical insights into the issue of judicial behaviour in this process. The expert contributors provide a critical analysis of the key questions, examining the role of national courts in relation to the application of various EU legal instruments.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105211722686
Release 2009
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

European Civil Procedure

European Civil Procedure Author Paolo Biavati
ISBN-10 9789041136343
Release 2011
Pages 214
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European Civil Procedure has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from European Civil Procedure also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full European Civil Procedure book for free.

Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice

Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice Author Morten Broberg
ISBN-10 9780198704027
Release 2014-03
Pages 491
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This fully updated and revised second edition of Preliminary References to the European Court of Justice provides a meticulous and yet easily accessible examination of all aspects of the preliminary reference procedure. Since the first edition there have been significant changes to the European Union's legal foundations. First and foremost of those being the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, which has had both direct and indirect consequences for the preliminary reference procedure. In addition, the authors have taken into account amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice and the Court's amended Statute, they have added expanded treatment of the acte clair doctrine and the Court's Cartesio ruling and a more general revision of the text bringing it up to date by taking into account new case law and new legal writings. In addition to these important updates, the authors have also revised the structure of the book. With backgrounds as both practitioners and academics the two authors have produced a book that caters for the needs of both practitioners and academics.

EU Law Concentrate

EU Law Concentrate Author Matthew Homewood
ISBN-10 9780192547293
Release 2018-08-02
Pages 248
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If you're serious about exam success, it's time to Concentrate! EU Law Concentrate is the essential study and revision guide for law students looking for extra marks. The clear, succinct coverage enables you to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of this area of law and helps you to succeed in exams. This guide has been rigorously reviewed and is endorsed by students and lecturers for level of coverage, accuracy, and exam advice. Online Resources Packed with essential information, key cases, revision tips, exam Q&As, and more, EU Law Concentrate is also supported by extensive online resources to take your learning further ( - Pinpoint which areas you need to concentrate on with the diagnostic test - Test your knowledge with the multiple choice questions and receive feedback on your answers - Improve your essay skills using the outline answers and annotated answers for guidance on what to include and how to structure your answer - Revise the facts and principles of key cases using the interactive flashcards - Learn the important terms and definitions using the interactive glossary - Explore the subject in more depth with extensive further reading recommendations - Achieve better marks following the advice on revision and exam technique by experienced examiner Nigel Foster

Steiner and Woods EU Law

Steiner and Woods EU Law Author Lorna Woods
ISBN-10 9780198795612
Release 2017-07-20
Pages 681
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Trusted by students and lecturers for almost thirty years, Steiner & Woods EU Law is the most comprehensive black letter guide to the subject, leading the reader through the subject in a straightforward way, and bringing together the expertise of three authors engaged in the teaching and practice of EU law. The book includes a well-balanced range of topics for students taking an EU law course at any level. Offering a careful blend of institutional and substantive coverage, it focuses on explaining the law clearly for student readers. Case detail is clearly sign-posted throughout the text, with key cases highlighted and discussed in feature boxes, ensuring students are up to speed with the most important case law in the area. End of chapter reading suggestions, along with a detailed bibliography, provide a helpful starting point for essay preparation and independent research. The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes self-test questions and answers, a flashcard glossary, downloadable diagrams from the text, an interactive map and timeline of the EU, and video clips relating to the development and procedures of the EU. As the process of the UK leaving the EU unfolds, readers can also visit the OUP European Union Law Resource Centre for up-to-date comment, opinion, and updates created by our authors to engage students with the legal and political issues and considerations at play.

EU Law

EU Law Author Paul P. Craig
ISBN-10 9780198714927
Release 2015
Pages 1198
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'Craig & de Burca has become a byword for quality: legally accurate and contextually rich' Christopher Hilson, Professor of Law, University of Reading Building on its unrivalled reputation as the definitive EU law textbook, this sixth edition continues to provide clear and insightful analysis of all aspects of European Union law. Drawing on their wealth of experience both teaching and writing in this area, Paul Craig and Grainne de Burca provide a comprehensive and enhanced account of their classic text. Working closely as an author team for over twenty years, they succeed in bringing together a unique mix of illuminating commentary and well-chosen extracts from a wide range of cases, legislation and academic articles. All chapters have been carefully structured and designed to enhance student learning at all levels, laying the foundations of the subject while building analysis of more complex areas and cutting edge debates. Each chapter opens with a concise overview of the 'central issues', providing valuable context, before drawing together key analysis in a comprehensive chapter conclusion to provide a clear yet complete picture of the subject. The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes the following resources: - An interactive map of the EU, providing key facts about each member state - An interactive timeline, tracing key dates in the development of the EU - Author video discussing the importance of studying EU law - Updates to the law post-publication

Judicial Cooperation in European Private Law

Judicial Cooperation in European Private Law Author Fabrizio Cafaggi,
ISBN-10 9781786436696
Release 2017-05-26
Pages 288
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Notwithstanding recent increases in the scope for judicial cooperation and dialogue between European courts, little research has been undertaken into the impact of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice, and the dialogue that arises therefrom, in national legal systems between courts and regulators. This coherent collection of original chapters provides unique insights into these developments – with a particular focus on consumer law – from a broad range of stakeholders, including academics and judges from the EU and the US.

The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law

The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law Author Lawrence Solan
ISBN-10 0199572127
Release 2012-03-08
Pages 642
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This book provides a state-of-the-art account of past and current research in the interface between linguistics and law. It outlines the range of legal areas in which linguistics plays an increasing role and describes the tools and approaches used by linguists and lawyers in this vibrant new field. Through a combination of overview chapters, case studies, and theoretical descriptions, the volume addresses areas such as the history and structure of legal languages, its meaning and interpretation, multilingualism and language rights, courtroom discourse, forensic identification, intellectual property and linguistics, and legal translation and interpretation. Encyclopedic in scope, the handbook includes chapters written by experts from every continent who are familiar with linguistic issues that arise in diverse legal systems, including both civil and common law jurisdictions, mixed systems like that of China, and the emerging law of the European Union.

Cases and Materials on EU Law

Cases and Materials on EU Law Author Stephen Weatherill
ISBN-10 9780198748809
Release 2016-05-12
Pages 720
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Cases and Materials on EU Law is a highly respected EU law text and the only cases and materials book in the field. With his clear, engaging writing style, Stephen Weatherill presents the main constitutional and substantive areas of EU law alongside the themes and principles that have shaped the development of the EU and its policies. The 12th edition provides a wealth of carefully selected case law alongside engaging extracts and materials to help explain the complexities of EU law in a contextualized and thought-provoking manner. Insightful author notes and questions accompany each extract, providing valuable additional detail to challenge understanding and encourage students to engage critically with the material. This title is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, providing students with extra learning materials including: - an interactive map of Europe - a timeline of the EU - video footage - a guide to further web resources - a table of equivalences - legal updates - guidance for lecturers on using the book when teaching.

EU Procedural Law

EU Procedural Law Author Koen Lenaerts
ISBN-10 9780198707332
Release 2014-03
Pages 890
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A thorough overhaul of the classic work on the procedural law of the European Union. The book provides a rigorously structured analysis of the EU system of judicial protection and procedure before the Union courts. It examines the role and the competences of the Union courts and the types of actions that may be brought before them.