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Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 2001

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics  GURT  2001 Author Deborah Tannen
ISBN-10 1589018567
Release 2003-03-20
Pages 208
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GURT is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the world's star gatherings for scholars in the fields of language and linguistics. In 2001, the best from around the world in the disciplines of anthropological linguistics and discourse analysis meet to present and share the latest research on linguistic analysis and to address real-world contexts in private and public domains. The result is this newest, invaluable 2001 edition of the Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. This volume brings together the plenary speakers only, all leaders in their fields, showcasing discourse contexts that range from medical interactions to political campaigns, from classroom discourse and educational policy to current affairs, and to the importance of everyday family conversations. The contributors expand the boundaries of discourse to include narrative theory, music and language, laughter in conversation, and the ventriloquizing of voices in dialogue. Frederick Erickson explores the musical basis of language in an elementary school classroom; Wallace Chafe analyzes laughter in conversation. William Labov examines narratives told to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, while Deborah Schiffrin compares multiple accounts of Holocaust narratives, and Alessandro Duranti considers competing speaker and audience interpretations during a political candidate's campaign tour. Robin Lakoff uncovers contrasting narratives shared by different cultural groups with respect to such current events as the O.J. Simpson trial. Deborah Tannen examines the integration of power and connection in family relationships, while Heidi Hamilton considers accounts that diabetic patients give their doctors. Shirley Brice Heath looks at discourse strategies used by policymakers to deny research findings, and G. Richard Tucker and Richard Donato report on a successful bilingual program.

Discourse 2 0

Discourse 2 0 Author Deborah Tannen
ISBN-10 9781589019546
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 272
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Our everyday lives are increasingly being lived through electronic media, which are changing our interactions and our communications in ways that we are only beginning to understand. In Discourse 2.0: Language and New Media, editors Deborah Tannen and Anna Marie Trester team up with top scholars in the field to shed light on the ways language is being used in, and shaped by, these new media contexts. Topics explored include: how Web 2.0 can be conceptualized and theorized; the role of English on the worldwide web; how use of social media such as Facebook and texting shape communication with family and friends; electronic discourse and assessment in educational and other settings; multimodality and the "participatory spectacle" in Web 2.0; asynchronicity and turn-taking; ways that we engage with technology including reading on-screen and on paper; and how all of these processes interplay with meaning-making. Students, professionals, and individuals will discover that Discourse 2.0 offers a rich source of insight into these new forms of discourse that are pervasive in our lives.

Discourse and Technology

Discourse and Technology Author Philip LeVine
ISBN-10 1589013115
Release 2004-02-16
Pages 240
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The overarching theme of Discourse and Technology is cutting-edge in the field of linguistics: multimodal discourse. This volume opens up a discussion among discourse analysts and others in linguistics and related fields about the two-fold impact of new communication technologies: The impact on how discourse data is collected, transcribed, and analyzed—and the impact that these technologies are having on social interaction and discourse. As inexpensive tape recorders allowed the field to move beyond text, written or printed language, to capture talk—discourse as spoken language—the information explosion (including cell phones, video recorders, Internet chat rooms, online journals, and the like) has moved those in the field to recognize that all discourse is, in various ways, "multimodal," constructed through speech and gesture, as well as through typography, layout, and the materials employed in the making of texts. The contributors have responded to the expanding scope of discourse analysis by asking five key questions: Why should we study discourse and technology and multimodal discourse analysis? What is the role of the World Wide Web in discourse analysis? How does one analyze multimodal discourse in studies of social actions and interactions? How does one analyze multimodal discourse in educational social interactions? and, How does one use multimodal discourse analyses in the workplace? The vitality of these explorations opens windows onto even newer horizons of discourse and discourse analysis.

Telling Stories

Telling Stories Author Deborah Schiffrin
ISBN-10 9781589016743
Release 2010-03-09
Pages 272
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Narratives are fundamental to our lives: we dream, plan, complain, endorse, entertain, teach, learn, and reminisce through telling stories. They provide hopes, enhance or mitigate disappointments, challenge or support moral order and test out theories of the world at both personal and communal levels. It is because of this deep embedding of narrative in everyday life that its study has become a wide research field including disciplines as diverse as linguistics, literary theory, folklore, clinical psychology, cognitive and developmental psychology, anthropology, sociology, and history. In Telling Stories leading scholars illustrate how narratives build bridges among language, identity, interaction, society, and culture; and they investigate various settings such as therapeutic and medical encounters, educational environments, politics, media, marketing, and public relations. They analyze a variety of topics from the narrative construction of self and identity to the telling of stories in different media and the roles that small and big life stories play in everyday social interactions and institutions. These new reflections on the theory and analysis of narrative offer the latest tools to researchers in the fields of discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.

Arabic Language and Linguistics

Arabic Language and Linguistics Author Reem Bassiouney
ISBN-10 9781589018914
Release 2012-04-13
Pages 246
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Arabic, one of the official languages of the United Nations, is spoken by more than half a billion people around the world and is of increasing importance in today’s political and economic spheres. The study of the Arabic language has a long and rich history: earliest grammatical accounts date from the 8th century and include full syntactic, morphological, and phonological analyses of the vernaculars and of Classical Arabic. In recent years the academic study of Arabic has become increasingly sophisticated and broad. This state-of-the-art volume presents the most recent research in Arabic linguistics from a theoretical point of view, including computational linguistics, syntax, semantics, and historical linguistics. It also covers sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and discourse analysis by looking at issues such as gender, urbanization, and language ideology. Underlying themes include the changing and evolving attitudes of speakers of Arabic and theoretical approaches to linguistic variation in the Middle East.

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1994 Educational Linguistics Cross Cultural Communication and Global Interdependence

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics  GURT  1994  Educational Linguistics  Cross Cultural Communication  and Global Interdependence Author James E. Alatis
ISBN-10 1589018141
Release 1995-03-03
Pages 412
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The essays in this volume explore communication across cultures using an interdisciplinary approach to language teaching and learning, mediated by the growing field of educational linguistics. Topics include the use of English as a medium of wider communication and the growth of national varieties of English throughout the world. An international array of distinguished contributors includes scholars from China, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Nigeria, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United States. This collection suggests that language diversity is a unifying force in a globally interdependent world.

Diversity and Super Diversity

Diversity and Super Diversity Author Didem Ikizoglu
ISBN-10 9781626164222
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 222
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Sociocultural linguistics has long conceived of languages as well-bounded, separate codes. But the increasing diversity of languages encountered by most people in their daily lives challenges this conception, and more recent scholarship complicates traditional associations between languages and social identities. Diversity--and even super-diversity--is now the norm. This volume examines the increasing diversity of linguistic phenomena and addresses the theoretical-methodological challenges that accounting for such phenomena pose to sociocultural linguistics. Diversity and Super-Diversity brings together top scholars in the field and stages the debate on super-diversity that will be sure to interest sociocultural linguists, generating discussion and informing future research.

Language in Use

Language in Use Author Andrea E. Tyler
ISBN-10 1589013565
Release 2005-03-23
Pages 240
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Language in Use creatively brings together, for the first time, perspectives from cognitive linguistics, language acquisition, discourse analysis, and linguistic anthropology. The physical distance between nations and continents, and the boundaries between different theories and subfields within linguistics have made it difficult to recognize the possibilities of how research from each of these fields can challenge, inform, and enrich the others. This book aims to make those boundaries more transparent and encourages more collaborative research. The unifying theme is studying how language is used in context and explores how language is shaped by the nature of human cognition and social-cultural activity. Language in Use examines language processing and first language learning and illuminates the insights that discourse and usage-based models provide in issues of second language learning. Using a diverse array of methodologies, it examines how speakers employ various discourse-level resources to structure interaction and create meaning. Finally, it addresses issues of language use and creation of social identity. Unique in approach and wide-ranging in application, the contributions in this volume place emphasis on the analysis of actual discourse and the insights that analyses of such data bring to language learning as well as how language shapes and reflects social identity—making it an invaluable addition to the library of anyone interested in cutting-edge linguistics.

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1999 Language in Our Time

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics  GURT  1999  Language in Our Time Author James E. Alatis
ISBN-10 1589018540
Release 2001-09-07
Pages 464
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Marking the return — after a two-year hiatus — of this annual collection of essays on linguistics and language education, the 1999 volume speaks to the most pressing social issues of our time. More than thirty contributors from around the world take up longstanding debates about language diversity, language standardization, and language policy. They tackle such controversial issues as the Official English movement, bilingual education, and ideological struggles over African American Vernacular English.

Measured Language

Measured Language Author Jeffrey Connor-Linton
ISBN-10 9781626160378
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 256
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Measured Language presents studies using forms of measurement and quantitative analysis current in diverse areas of linguistic research from language assessment to language change, from generative linguistics to experimental psycholinguistics, and from longitudinal studies to classroom research. Contributors share the relevance of their perspectives and findings from seemingly disparate theoretical and methodological perspectives to other areas of linguistic inquiry. The range and clarity of the research collected here ensures that even linguists who would not traditionally use quantitative methods will find this volume useful.

Approaches to Discourse

Approaches to Discourse Author Deborah Schiffrin
ISBN-10 0631166238
Release 1994-03-23
Pages 482
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This is a guide to the various frameworks, concepts, and methods available for the analysis of discourse within linguistics. It compares six dominant approaches to discourse analysis: speech act theory, pragmatics, ethnomethodology, interactional sociolinguistics, ethnography of communication, and variation theory. The author not only considers each approach from several standpoints but she also illustrates them through extensive applications to a variety of concrete social and linguistic problems facing discourse analysts.

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1981 Analyzing Discourse

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics  GURT  1981  Analyzing Discourse Author Deborah Tannen
ISBN-10 1589018486
Release 1982-03-01
Pages 400
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Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1981 Analyzing Discourse has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1981 Analyzing Discourse also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1981 Analyzing Discourse book for free.

Implicit and Explicit Language Learning

Implicit and Explicit Language Learning Author Cristina Sanz
ISBN-10 9781589017535
Release 2011-03-11
Pages 242
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Over the last several decades, neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, and psycholinguists have investigated the implicit and explicit continuum in language development and use from theoretical, empirical, and methodological perspectives. This book addresses these perspectives in an effort to build connections among them and to draw pedagogical implications when possible. The volume includes an examination of the psychological and neurological processes of implicit and explicit learning, what aspects of language learning can be affected by explicit learning, and the effects of bilingualism on the mental processing of language. Rigorous empirical research investigations probe specific aspects of acquiring morphosyntax and phonology, including early input, production, feedback, age, and study abroad. A final section explores the rich insights provided into language processing by bilingualism, including such major areas as aging, third language acquisition, and language separation.

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics GURT 1993 Strategic Interaction and Language Acquisition

Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics  GURT  1993  Strategic Interaction and Language Acquisition Author James E. Alatis
ISBN-10 1589018524
Release 1994-06-01
Pages 656
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The papers in this volume examine strategies for language acquisition and language teaching, focusing on applications of the strategic interaction method.

Optimality Theory and Language Change

Optimality Theory and Language Change Author D.E. Holt
ISBN-10 9789401001953
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 463
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This work discusses many optimization and linguistic issues in great detail. It treats the history of a variety of languages, including English, French, Germanic, Galician/ Portuguese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish and shows that the application of Optimality Theory allows for innovative and improved analyses. It contains a complete bibliography on OT and language change. It is of interest to historical linguists, researchers into OT and linguistic theory, and phonologists and syntacticians with an interest in historical change.

Educating for Advanced Foreign Language Capacities

Educating for Advanced Foreign Language Capacities Author Heidi Byrnes
ISBN-10 1589013131
Release 2006-10-06
Pages 218
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Advanced language learning has only recently begun to capture the interest and attention of applied linguists and professionals in language education in the United States. In this breakthrough volume, experts in the field lay the groundwork for approaching the increasingly important role of advanced language learning in the larger context of multilingual societies, globalization, and security. This volume presents both general and theoretical insights and language-specific considerations in college classrooms spanning a range of languages, from the commonly taught languages of English, French, and German to the less commonly taught Farsi, Korean, Norwegian, and Russian. Among theoretical frameworks likely to be conducive to imagining and fostering instructed "advancedness" in a second language, this volume highlights a cognitive-semantic approach. The theoretical and data-based findings make clear that advanced learners in particular are characterized by the capacity to make situated choices from across the entire language system, from vocabulary and grammar to discourse features, which suggests the need for a text-oriented, meaning-driven approach to language teaching, learning, and research. This volume also considers whether and how information structuring in second-language composition reveals first-language preferences of grammaticized concepts. Other topics include curricular and instructional approaches to narrativity, vocabulary expansion, the demands on instructed programs for efficiency and effectiveness in order to assure advanced levels, and learners' ability to function in professional contexts with their diverse oral and written genre requirements. Finally, the volume probes the role and nature of assessment as a measurement tool for both researching and assessing advanced language learning and as an essential component of improving programs.

Languages in Africa

Languages in Africa Author Elizabeth C. Zsiga
ISBN-10 9781626161535
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 160
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People in many African communities live within a series of concentric circles when it comes to language. In a small group, a speaker uses an often unwritten and endangered mother tongue that is rarely used in school. A national indigenous language—written, widespread, sometimes used in school—surrounds it. An international language like French or English, a vestige of colonialism, carries prestige, is used in higher education, and promises mobility—and yet it will not be well known by its users. The essays in Languages in Africa explore the layers of African multilingualism as they affect language policy and education. Through case studies ranging across the continent, the contributors consider multilingualism in the classroom as well as in domains ranging from music and film to politics and figurative language. The contributors report on the widespread devaluing and even death of indigenous languages. They also investigate how poor teacher training leads to language-related failures in education. At the same time, they demonstrate that education in a mother tongue can work, linguists can use their expertise to provoke changes in language policies, and linguistic creativity thrives in these multilingual communities.