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Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 Author Michael Lummis
ISBN-10 0744017785
Release 2016-11
Pages 256
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The Dishonored 2 Standard Edition Guide includes... Complete Walkthrough: Coverage of the entire game, detailing strategy for stealthy and brutal playthroughs-- sneak across the rooftops or fight through the city streets! Full Coverage of Weapons & Powers: Learn about advanced bonecharm crafting and the all-new upgrade trees. Discover strategies for customizing your powers and how to best use your set of powers, gadgets, and weapons to accomplish your objectives. Detailed Maps: Confidently navigate the rat-infested streets of Dunwall and the exotic coasts of a decaying Karnaca. Find every mission objective, important location, and more. Hidden & Collectible Items Revealed: Find every collectible and hidden item in the game! Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide: Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 Author David Knight
ISBN-10 0744017661
Release 2016-10
Pages 304
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The Titanfall 2 Collector's Edition Guide includes... ONLY IN THIS COLLECTOR'S EDITION 14-Month Calendar: Enjoy the action-packed and unique world of Titanfall 2 for more than a year with this limited edition 8" x 107/8" wall calendar! The Frontier Awaits Full Campaign Walkthrough: Survive overwhelming odds with our step-by-step walkthrough, which covers the entire campaign and reveals all Pilot Helmet locations. Pilot & Titan Coverage: Discover all of the customization options available to Pilots and Titans, and learn tactics and recommended loadouts to optimize each ability, kit, and weapon. Exclusive Multiplayer Maps: Learn map-specific strategies and tactics for each game mode with the detailed maps in our Multiplayer Maps chapter. Multiplayer Tactics: From Pilot and Titan fundamentals to advanced combat tactics, dominate Multiplayer with our tips and strategies. Free eGuide: Use the enhanced eGuide with interactive maps and sortable tables for strategy on the go, optimized for a second-screen experience.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Author David Hodgson
ISBN-10 0744017726
Release 2016-11
Pages 448
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The Watch Dogs 2 Collector's Edition Guide includes... Only in this collector's Edition A set of four Dedsec buttons. Like the ones Marcus wears in Watch Dogs 2. Bring Down the System! Mission Completion Guide: Every main mission and side mission covered in detail to ensure your success. Local Area and World Maps: Research all of the locations within the open world and discover every collectible. Hacking Training: Learn the tricks to distract guards, take over cars, and break into security systems to accomplish your goals. Intel and Tools: Use your drones, robots, and hacking tools to bring corrupt individuals to their knees. Free eGuide! Use the enhanced eGuide for strategy on the go, all optimized for a second-screen experience. Includes interactive world maps.

Mafia III

Mafia III Author Tim Bogenn
ISBN-10 0744017335
Release 2016-10
Pages 336
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The Mafia III Collector's Edition Guide includes... Only in this Collector's Edition Guide... Full-Color Calendar: Relive the excitement of Mafia III for a full year with a 28-page, 8" x 10 7/8" calendar! Case Files Bonus Section: Dive deeper into the story with our case files bonus section. Examine FBI documents, surveillance photos, newspaper clippings, deciphered postcard messages, and more to discover all there is to know about New Bordeaux. Own Your Revenge Full Story Walkthrough: Complete every mission and reach the top of the city's underworld with our full story walkthrough Detailed Maps: Confidently navigate New Bordeaux with our detailed maps, showing mission objectives, collectibles, and other important locations. Rule the City: Learn everything you need to know about navigating the open world, wiretapping, combat, weapons, vehicles, underbosses, and more! Find Every Collectible: Our collectibles chapter reveals the location of every Junction Box, Playboy magazine, Vargas painting, album cover, and more! FREE eGuide! Includes an interactive city map with collectible locations revealed. *This limited edition guide will only be printed once. When they are sold out, they will be gone forever!

Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 Author Stephen Stratton
ISBN-10 0307467112
Release 2010
Pages 239
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*Step by step walkthrough for all six episodes! *Info-packed Basic Training and Multiplayer chapters to teach you how to achieve godlike battlefield supremacy! *Expert boss strategies! *Labeled area maps! *Detailed coverage on weapons, Vital Suits and Akrids! *Beautiful art gallery and interview with the development team!

Dishonored Signature Series Guide

Dishonored Signature Series Guide Author Michael Lummis
ISBN-10 0744014344
Release 2012
Pages 251
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Provides tips, techniques, walkthroughs, and strategies for the stealth-based video game.

System Shock 2

System Shock 2 Author Alexx Kay
ISBN-10 0761524932
Release 1999
Pages 288
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Character creation & development tips Detailed maps! All secrets revealed Complete walkthrough Contents of every replicator

BioShock the Collection

BioShock  the Collection Author Doug Walsh
ISBN-10 0744017599
Release 2016-09
Pages 560
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The BioShock: The Collection Standard Edition Guide includes... An Updated 560 Page Guide for the BioShock Series: All of the content in this guide has been painstakingly checked and updated by the author against the new versions of all three games, along with fully recaptured HD screenshots. This guide also includes all of the playable DLC content, never before covered in a print guide, for every adventure. All Area Maps--Including New Maps for DLC Missions: Key locations are called out on every map to give you the edge for finding every collectible, improvement, and upgrade machine. Vigors, Plasmids, and Weapons Detailed: Every power, weapon, and tool in each game cataloged--with descriptions and strategies for their use in myriad situations. Enemies, Bosses, and NPCs Documented: Tips and tactics for surviving every encounter. Learn to save your ammo and special abilities for the events that require them most. FREE eGuide! Use the enhanced, mobile-friendly eGuide for strategy on the go, optimized for a second-screen experience.

Alan Wake Collector s Edition Bundle

Alan Wake Collector s Edition Bundle Author Prima Games
ISBN-10 030746654X
Release 2010-05-18
Pages 368
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The more you know, the longer you'll survive. This two-book collector's edition bundle contains the most information available anywhere about the mysterious and suspenseful gameAlan Wake. Alan Wake: The Official Survival Guide • A unique guide, brimming with documents, maps, resident biographies, and a full walkthrough. • All six Episodes are given a complete and incredibly detailed walkthrough. The most important parts are highlighted, and ever area receives a full-color, fully-annotated map. • Every collectible in the game is revealed along with details on how to complete every Achievement. Alan Wake Illuminated • Created by Microsoft Games Studios, this collectible hardcover is an in-depth examination ofAlan Wake's creation, from conception to the final game. • Production art and stills take you on a tour through the inspirations for Bright Falls and the horror that lurks within it. • The history of Remedy, the game's developer: Where they came from and how they grew to become the creators ofAlan Wake, one of the most highly-anticipated games ever.


Bulletstorm Author David Knight
ISBN-10 0307890031
Release 2011
Pages 205
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* Obtain a unique code to access expert video strategy revealing exactly how to execute the most difficult Skillshots, obtain the most challenging Achievements\Trophies, and locate every collectable. * Brutalize your enemies by mastering the art of each Skill Shot. * Labeled maps will pinpoint the location of every object and point of interest in the world. * Achievement and Trophy tutorials will step you through obtaining each one. * Located every collectable in the game using our easy to follow callouts found in the walkthrough and Collectables section. * Revealing developer strategy, interviews, and stunning art section.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 Author Michael Owen
ISBN-10 0744017394
Release 2016-10
Pages 320
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Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition Guide includes.... Only in this Collector's Edition: - Replica Metal Cog Tag Necklace. - Two downloadable Gear Packs included! - Downloadable tracks from the Gears of War 4 soundtrack. - Download code for Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War 4 eGuides. Prepare for Battle! All-inclusive Single-Player and Co-Op Walkthroughs: Learn battle tactics for every encounter throughout the campaign and get tips for co-op play with our detailed, full-game walkthrough. Extensive Multiplayer Coverage: Hone your combat efficiency with our expert tips, strategies, and stats for every mode and map! Detailed Campaign and Multiplayer Maps: Beautifully rendered maps identify all mission objectives, collectibles, weapons, and ammo. Never lose your way! That's Not All! Gripping artwork, riveting background content, strategy for completing every achievement, and much more! FREE eGuide! Use the enhanced eGuide for strategy on the go, optimized for a second-screen experience.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Collector s Edition

The Witcher 3  Wild Hunt Collector s Edition Author David Hodgson
ISBN-10 0804162980
Release 2015-05-19
Pages 528
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Bundled With Exclusive Bonus Items: - The Witcher Grimoire: This 96-page book of lore is brimming with rare knowledge about the lands, monsters, people and pastimes of the world of The Witcher. Created by David S. Hodgson, this book can only be found in the Collectible Hardcover Guide. - Art Section featuring more than 30 pages devoted to the beautiful world of The Witcher 3. Collectible Hardcover Guide Includes: - Deluxe foil stamped hardcover strategy guide featuring exclusive art specifically created by the artists at CD Projekt Red. - 100% complete walkthrough for all the quests in the game! - Comprehensive Witcher Training including lengthy tutorials for combat, skills and abilities, crafting, the game of Gwent, and more! - A full atlas of locations and detailed information devoted to the areas within the world of The Witcher. - Complete bestiary covering all types of foes and monsters in the world of The Witcher 3—discover the best strategies for dispatching every enemy you face! - Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide: Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience. These limited edition guides will only be printed once. When they are sold out, they will be gone forever!

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Limited Edition Guide

Deus Ex  Mankind Divided   Limited Edition Guide Author Prima Games
ISBN-10 0744016916
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 368
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"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Limited Edition Guide"includes.... Exclusive Bonuses: This limited edition hardcover guide includes an exclusive lithograph that can be framed and displayed. Development Team Commentary: Meet the game s creators and learn all about the inspirations and challenges that led to the creation of the Deus Ex Universe. Our behind-the-scenes interviews reveal fascinating insights from the development team plus a gallery of conceptual art. Choose Your Play Style: Prepare for the dangers and challenges ahead with a complete overview of every critical point within the main story, then decide which of the two unique play styles lethal or non-lethal you want to employ. Using distinct walkthrough paths, we provide strategies for each play style including expert tips for attempting advanced Ghost tactics! Comprehensive Area Maps: We reveal the precise locations of all weapons, collectibles, tactical points, and pick-ups in every area! Become the Ultimate Covert Agent: As you navigate through the world of Mankind Divided, learn how to choose from an array of cutting edge weapons and augmentations to best suit combat, stealth, hacking, and social situations. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Breach: Complete coverage of this new game mode, which features 75 levels of platforming and puzzles! Free mobile-friendly eGuide!Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete strategy guide optimized for a second-screen experience."

Dishonored The Corroded Man

Dishonored   The Corroded Man Author Adam Christopher
ISBN-10 9781783293070
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 368
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A strange, shrouded figure appears in Dunwall, seeming to possess powers once wielded by the assassin known as Daud. Faced with the possibility that their deadliest foe has returned, Emily and Corvo plunge headlong into a life-and-death race against time. If they fail to learn the truth about this mysterious enemy, the result could be destruction on an unimaginable scale.

Dishonored The Dunwall Archives

Dishonored  The Dunwall Archives Author Various
ISBN-10 9781630081119
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 184
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The artworks, manuscripts, and scraps of information gathered throughout Dunwall are collected at last. It has been a long and difficult journey to archive these tales of our cursed city, but it is my hope that you, reading this now, will take heed, and learn from those gone before you to forge your own destiny. The Dunwall Archives are now yours--what will you do with them now that you know the truth in these pages?


Thief Author Stephen Stratton
ISBN-10 080416312X
Release 2014-02-25
Pages 383
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Uncover Every Secret--Illustrated maps of every location will show you where to find all unique loot, collectibles, and supplies. Become a Master Thief--Do you want to utilize the vast arsenal at your fingertips or do you prefer to manipulate the environment with your Focus abilities? No matter the approach, we've got you covered with our wide variety of tips and strategies for each level. Maximize your Game Time--Every Thieving Challenge covered as you play to get your extra gold. Master all Weapons and Focus Abilities--Complete breakdown of every weapon and details about the Focus abilities will ensure you are well prepared for anything The City can throw at you. Play it on Every Platform--Guide covers PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC Free eGuide Access--Redeem your code to unlock the mobile-friendly eGuide version of the complete strategy guide.


Doom Author Prima Games
ISBN-10 0744017254
Release 2016-05
Pages 272
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The DOOM Collector's Edition Guide includes... EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM - This Collector's Edition not only features exclusive artwork on the hardcover, but also a reversible dust jacket that can be framed and displayed! CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH - We guide you through every deadly encounter against Hell's demon hordes. Combine your arsenal of futuristic and iconic guns, upgrades, equipment, and an advanced melee system to defeat every foe! DOMINATE MULTIPLAYER - Expert tactics to help crush your opponents in DOOM's fast-paced, arena-style combat. Learn inside tips on the unique modes and playable demons. NEAR LIMITLESS GAMEPLAY - Complete coverage of DOOM SnapMap--a powerful, but easy-to-use game level editor that allows you to create your own levels or download new game experiences DETAILED MAPS - Expertly navigate both the Single-player Campaign and Multiplayer with our high-quality maps. We reveal precise locations of all weapons, collectibles, secrets, pickups, critical choke points, and more. FREE eGuide! Use the enhanced eGuide for strategy on the go, all optimized for a second-screen experience. Includes access to interactive maps.