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Ditch the Weight and Gain Your Life

Ditch the Weight and Gain Your Life Author Leah Marmulla
ISBN-10 9781921300868
Release 2008
Pages 184
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Looking for a simple, yet profound way to make a difference? Don't want to wade through all the different messages out there on how to change your self and your life? DITCH THE WEIGHT AND GAIN YOUR LIFE is a compelling reformulation of century old basic principles that helps your body detoxify, removing wastes, toxins and fats from your body. There is no harsh excersice, just get moving; no weird limited eating ideas, just the basic principles of healthy eating, with additional tried and proved remedies. Take power back to drop the weight and be what you want to be.

Ditch the Baggage Change Your Life

Ditch the Baggage  Change Your Life Author Nancy Alcorn
ISBN-10 9781629980133
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 240
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Nancy Alcorn’s practical and effective teaching, Ditch the Baggage, Change Your Life, shows you how to walk in freedom, no matter what you have been through or what issues you have faced in your past. You can redefine your life and release thoughts, feelings, and habits that have dragged you down. Then you will begin to live life as it is supposed to be lived in Christ. Learn seven keys to lasting freedom, including: • Committing fully to Christ• Choosing to forgive• Renewing your mind• Breaking generational patterns• Healing life’s hurts• Conquering oppression• Learning principles of lifelong success

Leave a Cheater Gain a Life

Leave a Cheater  Gain a Life Author Tracy Schorn
ISBN-10 9780762459056
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 240
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Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life is a no-nonsense self-help guide for anyone who has ever been cheated on. Here’s advice not based on saving your relationship after infidelity—but saving your sanity. When it comes to cheating, a lot of the attention is focused on cheaters—their unmet needs or their challenges with monogamy. But Tracy Schorn (aka Chump Lady) lampoons such blameshifting and puts the focus squarely on the-cheated-upon (chumps) and their needs. Combining solid advice that champions self-respect, along with hilarious cartoons satirizing the pomposity of cheaters, Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life offers a fresh voice for chumps who want (and need) a new message about infidelity. This book will offer advice on Stupid sh*t cheaters say and how to respond, Rookie mistakes of the recently chumped and how to disarm your fears, Why chumps take the blame and how to protect yourself, and more. Full of snark, sass, and real wisdom about how to bounce back after the gut blow of betrayal, Schorn is the friend who guides you through this nightmare and gives you hope for a better life ahead.

God s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight

God s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight Author Michael Scott Lowery
ISBN-10 9781449786588
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 288
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As a Believer, reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight is your birthright. This is God’s will for your life. You are called to glorify God in your body. And you should know that the Bible is the greatest health and weight loss book ever written. God’s people have become tired, sick, overweight, and are living a fraction of the years God intended. This is not God’s will for you. God has a better plan for you and the Church. Has man’s wisdom let you down? Are you now ready to reach your ideal body weight God’s Weigh? In God’s Weigh to Your Ideal Body Weight you will learn… What You Eat Matters to God An Unhealthy Diet is an Unholy Diet WWJW ™ - What Would Jesus Weigh? ™ The Five Spiritual Keys to Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight God’s Diet Plan Seven Practical Suggestions for Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight Misinterpreted Scriptures That Keep You From Your Ideal Body Weight Exercise is Not Necessary to Reach Your Ideal Body Weight How to Overcome Addictive Behaviors such as Gluttony, Anorexia, Bulimia, Alcoholism, and Smoking God’s Desired Lifespan for His People How a Healthy Church Can Draw the World to Jesus Christ

Have a Superlife

Have a Superlife Author Talya Lewin
ISBN-10 0993240305
Release 2015-05-25
Pages 270
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This is Not a Diet Book - Diets Don't Work! This book will help you create new healthy habits that will transform your life. The strategy: Ditch the Diet Add and Crowd Out How not Why Progress not Perfection Baby Steps Each chapter is one baby step. At the end of each chapter, you will choose "one small step" that you will incorporate into your life. After 60 days this will become a subconscious habit, a natural part of your life. Cooking videos. The book includes 11 healthy cooking video links that will show you how to cook simple, delicious and healthy meals, including a smoothie, superfood porridge, healthy rolls, soups and more. What will you gain? A life free from cravings Freedom from counting calories Sustainable weight loss Better health"

Ditch the Cardio

Ditch the Cardio Author Donovan Ekstrom
ISBN-10 1721843140
Release 2018-06-24
Pages 142
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Forget "Trying to lose weight"-you want to lose body fat...and if you want to do it as quickly as possible without losing muscle...and without doing hours and hours of boring cardio every week...then you want to read this book. Here's the deal: If your goal is to get or get lean and build up and maintain your cardiovascular health, you don't have to "hit the treadmill" or do the latest fitness craze either. Say goodbye to... Jogging for hours on end... No more cross crazy 300 bpm workouts that can be dangerous... And no more living in the gym to get a "six pack." You also don't have to live on low carb island or restrict yourself to water and skipping meals to just to lose weight and gain it all back. What if I told you that you could dramatically transform your physique eating the foods you love and everyday not only at certain times? And what if I promised you could forever break free of the anxiety and headaches that most people do when following a "diet" and start enjoying your life again? Those are just a small snippet of the myths and tales that keep women and men from maximizing their potential in weight loss, building muscle mass, or keeping fit. This book is similar to authors such as Michael Matthews and Jason Fung. In this book you're going to learn something most men and women will never know... The exact step by step plan of working out and eating that makes losing 10 to 20 pounds of fat while building lean, sexy muscle a breeze...and it only takes 2 -3 weeks. This book reveals things like... The biggest fat loss myths & mistakes that keep men and women overweight, frustrated, and ultimately give up. How much cardio should you do to lose weight and problem area fat. Easy to make recipes that will keep you on track so you can build muscle, get lean and toned, lose fat, fix "problem" areas and more. The lies men and women are told about how to "tone" and "shape" their bodies, and what you REALLY need to do to have sexy, lean curves. How to do High-Intensity Cardio the right way and blast fat. How to master the "Mindset" of keeping fit and have self-discipline and confidence and the willpower to succeed. Powerful Cardio workouts that are fun and fast so you can get on with your life. How to eat the foods you love and still lose weight and keep it off. And a whole lot more! Imagine, just 2 weeks from now, being constantly complimented on how you look fantastic and asked what you've been doing lately. Imagine enjoying the added benefits of vitality, vigor, high energy levels, no more pains, high spirits, and knowing that you're warding off a lot of dangerous health ailments every day. The bottom line is you CAN achieve that "Fantastic Look" without having your life consumed by it-no long hours in the gym, no starving yourself, no crazy dangerous 300 bpm cardio sessions. Scroll up, click the "Buy" button now, and begin your journey to a Muscular, Leaner and Fantastic you!

Fit For Life

Fit For Life Author Harvey Diamond
ISBN-10 9781407052960
Release 2012-07-31
Pages 368
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FIT FOR LIFE All diets work and all diets fail, but here at last is hope for anyone who wants to achieve - and maintain - permanent weight loss. Fit For Life is a revolutionary diet and lifestyle programme that allows you to eat unlimited portions of the foods you like and leads you to new levels of overall good health and wellbeing. As you finally put an end to all those years of boring calorie counting and damaging yo-yo dieting, this simple, natural Fit for Life reveals... * the three vital principles to bring permanent weight loss and high energy * the secrets of timing and food combining that work with your natural body cycles * a complete four-week meal plan, menus, delicious recipes and essential shopping tips. Fast, effective and easy to follow, the internationally acclaimed Fit for Life is your answer to a healthier, more vibrant life. Don't you owe it to yourself to begin today?


Rich20something Author Daniel Dipiazza
ISBN-10 9780143129387
Release 2017
Pages 304
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"As the founder of, Daniel DiPiazza has helped thousands break out of their daily grinds, build businesses they care about, and achieve more sucsess than they ever imagined" --Back cover.

How to Ditch the Bitch

How to Ditch the Bitch Author Leanne Ellington
ISBN-10 1496112466
Release 2014-03-15
Pages 166
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It's not every day that you come across an idea so obvious, so simple and yet so powerfully impactful as those presented within the pages of this short book. How To Ditch The Bitch is a truly powerful antidote to all of the naysaying, negative, and downright nasty things that you've most likely been saying TO yourself ABOUT yourself for as long as you can remember. Things related to how you look (or don't look), how smart (or dumb) you are, how gifted (or untalented) you feel, how valued (or worthless) you rate yourself to be and, in fact, every single horrible, nasty or downright bitchy judgment or comment you've ever thought or said about yourself. Much more than a simple 'be kind to yourself' or 'believe you're worth it' platitude offered by so many others working within the women's self-help genre, this little gem goes deeper by drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience as it relates to self-confidence, self-perception and self-esteem and helps women who are struggling to create change to finally rid themselves of the guilt, shame, and failure labels that are keeping them stuck where they are and living lives they don't love. Written in a clean, clear and highly consumable format, the book speaks to women in language they will understand and simply 'get' right from the start. By transforming negative thoughts, words and actions from a 'mindset thing' thing to the personalization of their qualities through 'The Bitches', women will finally come to understand why they feel the way they do, where those feelings come from and, perhaps most importantly, what to do about them in order to create rapid yet long-lasting change. In creating How To Ditch The Bitch, coach Leanne Ellington has undoubtedly created a giant leap for womankind that will certainly be marked as a turning point in moving women from living lives that they loathe to experiencing lives that they love. If you read the book cover to cover, do the exercises as laid out by Leanne and take the subsequent actions based upon what you find, a better life is not just possible or even probable. It's guaranteed!

The Beauty Detox Power

The Beauty Detox Power Author Kimberly Snyder
ISBN-10 9781460346914
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 304
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One of Well+Good's 9 Best Wellness Books of 2015 As Hollywood's go-to nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author of The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods, Kimberly Snyder knows that there is so much more to being truly healthy and achieving and maintaining weight loss than counting calories and working out. The secret is aligning your mind and body. In The Beauty Detox Power, she shares the diet and lifestyle changes that are the foundation of her signature program and will nourish your mental and emotional well-being. Heal your mind and body to let go of excess weight Discover and conquer the root of specific food cravings Overcome plateaus and blocks to gain inner and outer beauty Balance your mind and body with over 60 recipes for youthful vitality, health and glow. The Beauty Detox Power is filled with revolutionary advice, inspiring personal stories, and powerful tips and tools. Embrace your true power to create your best body, beauty and life.

Commit to Get Fit

Commit to Get Fit Author Laura Dion-Jones
ISBN-10 0979491436
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 286
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NOT JUST ANOTHER DIET BOOK The failing of most "weight loss" books is that they are strict, regimented plans complete with recipes, rules and long, long lists of do's and don'ts. This approach is exactly what Chicago author Laura Dion-Jones challenges and changes in her revolutionary new book, Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss. Rather than continuing to bombard readers with one more rigid program aimed at weight loss, Laura simply aims to inspire and change the reader's approach to weight control through a detailed, self-effacing, fun-filled and yet poignant journey of her own success. The book includes insights, thought processes and other information detailed during her journey to a healthier lifestyle, all of which are intended to positively influence the reader's view on his or her own attempts at weight loss. It also, while remaining entertaining and positive, stays realistic. Rather than make claims about some secret "trick" that magically transforms your body, as is too rampant in the weight loss industry, it details both Laura's successes and mistakes, her moments of gratification and of disappointment, which make for a guide that is as honest as it is refreshing. One reader review of an advance copy of Commit To Get Fit has described the book as "careful to skewer the diet industry, entertainingly, from the beginning" and "a valuable read for anyone who wants to lose weight, particularly if you have tried and tried and have given up the ghost on that particular goal." One of Laura's goals in writing Commit To Get Fit was to change the way dieters view the process of losing weight by taking control of their own personal lifestyle, rather than following guidelines and those rigid rules that could possibly be unhealthy or not suitable for each and every individual. And putting an end to our country's obesity epidemic because being over weight is not a disease. Obesity is totally and unequivocally preventable. It all comes down to choice and personal responsibility. Period.

Always Hungry

Always Hungry Author David Ludwig
ISBN-10 9781455533855
Release 2016-01-05
Pages 304
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Forget calories. Forget cravings. Forget dieting. ALWAYS HUNGRY? reveals a liberating new way to tame hunger and lose weight . . . for good. Forget everything you've been taught about dieting. In the New York Times bestseller ALWAYS HUNGRY?, renowned endocrinologist Dr. David Ludwig explains why traditional diets don't work, and presents a radical new plan to help you lose weight without hunger, improve your health, and feel great.For over two decades, Dr. Ludwig has been at the forefront of research into weight control. His groundbreaking studies show that overeating doesn't make you fat; the process of getting fat makes you overeat. That's because fat cells play a key role in determining how much weight you gain or lose. Low-fat diets work against you, by triggering fat cells to hoard more calories for themselves, leaving too few for the rest of the body. This "hungry fat" sets off a dangerous chain reaction that leaves you feeling ravenous as your metabolism slows down. Cutting calories only makes the situation worse-creating a battle between mind and metabolism that we're destined to lose. You gain more weight, even as you struggle to eat less food. ALWAYS HUNGRY? turns dieting on its head with a three-phase program that ignores calories and targets fat cells directly. The recipes and meal plan include luscious high fat foods (like nuts and nut butters, full fat dairy, avocados, and dark chocolate), savory proteins, and natural carbohydrates. The result? Fat cells release their excess calories and you lose weight-and inches-without battling cravings and constant hunger. This is dieting without deprivation. ONE OF THE "BEST DIETS 2016" (NPR'S THE SALT) "10 MOST EXCITING HEALTHY BOOKS TO READ IN 2016," (WELL + GOOD)

Meditate Your Weight

Meditate Your Weight Author Tiffany Cruikshank
ISBN-10 9781781807965
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 336
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Hundreds of medical studies have shown the spectacular health benefits of meditation. Now Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, puts that scientific research to good, practical use by incorporating easy-to-use, targeted meditations into a unique weight-loss programme. This 21-day plan optimizes health as well as body image by tapping the hidden strength of the mind. We learn a whole new way to lose weight and it takes just a few relaxing and energizing minutes a day. Learn: • How to get started: advice for new meditators (no weird positions or chants required) • 3, 5, 7 and 10 minute meditations that bust cravings, break self-defeating habits, stress-proof the body and reboot the brain • What to eat - and the top 5 foods to consider avoiding • How to continue your success after your 21-day retreat • Bonus: 10 stress-relieving, cardio-revving yoga exercises to complement the plan Each day of the plan in Meditate Your Weight helps you explore and release what's weighing you down physically, emotionally and mentally – the mental blocks, thoughts, habits and behaviours that stand in your way – to make it easier to think more clearly, make better choices and maximize metabolism. As you lighten up on the inside, you'll lighten up on the outside!

A Short Guide to a Long Life

A Short Guide to a Long Life Author David B. Agus
ISBN-10 9781476730967
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 208
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The New York Times bestselling book of simple rules everyone should follow in order to live a long, healthy life, featuring illustrations throughout, from the author of The End of Illness. In his international bestseller, The End of Illness, Dr. David B. Agus shared what he has learned from his work as a pioneering cancer doctor, revealing the innovative steps he takes to prolong the lives of not only cancer patients, but those who want to enjoy a vigorous, lengthy life. Now Dr. Agus has turned his research into a practical and concise illustrated handbook for everyday living. He believes optimal health begins with our daily routines. A Short Guide to a Long Life is divided into three sections (What to Do, What to Avoid, and Doctor’s Orders) that provide the definitive answers to many common and not-so-common questions: Who should take a baby aspirin daily? Are flu shots safe? What constitutes “healthy” foods? Why is it important to protect your senses? Are airport scanners hazardous? Dr. Agus will help you develop new patterns of personal health care, using inexpensive and widely available tools that are based on the latest and most reliable science. An accessible and essential handbook for preparing for visits to the doctor and maintaining control of your future, “A Short Guide to a Long Life explores the simple idea that a healthy tomorrow starts with good habits today” (Fortune).

The F Factor Diet

The F Factor Diet Author Tanya Zuckerbrot
ISBN-10 0399533745
Release 2007
Pages 272
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Citing the role of fiber in the establishment of a permanent healthy diet and weight-loss goals, a top nutritionist provides more than seventy-five recipes and definitive guidelines designed to help readers bolster energy levels, lower cholesterol, and reduce disease risks. Reprint.

Menopause Reset

Menopause Reset Author Mickey Harpaz
ISBN-10 9781609617479
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 224
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Menopause Reset! is the revolutionary, scientifically-proven program that helps women control the physiological effects of perimenopause and menopause with mind, diet, and exercise solutions that keep blood sugar levels stable and bodies in the fat-burning zone all day long. In the past, controversial hormonal replacement therapy was the only method by which women could positively affect menopausal symptoms. But Menopause Reset! changes all of that. The program specifically regulates blood glucose with food, exercise, and highly effective stress reduction techniques, allowing women to stop and reverse menopausal weight and fat gain. Based on the successful treatment of tens of thousands of women whose life-changing results are included in the book, Dr. Harpaz has put together an easy, 3-step solution that targets the triggers of menopause and its symptoms. Menopause Reset! teaches women all about their metabolic mechanisms: what they are, how they work, and, most importantly, how to manipulate them to achieve sustainable weight loss and get their bodies back!

The Perfect Scale

The Perfect Scale Author Doug Dorsey
ISBN-10 099977560X
Release 2018-01-04
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The Perfect Scale has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Perfect Scale also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Perfect Scale book for free.