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Diverse Worship

Diverse Worship Author Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid
ISBN-10 0830815791
Release 2000
Pages 259
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Pedrito Maynard-Reid explores the multiethnic dimensions of worship by looking at African American, Caribbean and Hispanic contexts of worship.

Curating Worship

Curating Worship Author Jonny Baker
ISBN-10 1596272333
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 192
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Curation: the act of imagining and overseeing an exhibition or art experience. Worship Curation: the act of imagining and overseeing a worship experience. Worship curator Jonny Baker introduces this original approach to the design and sharing of worship. Rather than simply presiding over liturgy or leading a worship team, Baker and a new generation of leaders are negotiating between institutions and artists, crafting beauty for God out of whatever they’ve got on hand, helping people to make connections between their own lives and stories and the life and story of God. Curating Worship is presented in two parts. The first considers the kind of thinking, skills and disciplines involved in good curation. The second part features in-depth interviews that tease out the ideas, theories and processes behind the creative approaches of people who are curating worship experiences around the world.

Latino Protestants in America

Latino Protestants in America Author Mark T. Mulder
ISBN-10 9781442256552
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 218
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Researchers estimate that by 2030 half of all Latinos in America will be Protestant. Latino Protestants in America takes readers inside the numbers to highlight the many reasons Latino Protestants are growing, the diversity of this group, and the implications of this growth on politics, economics, religion, and more.


Alabadle Author Justo L. González
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173001246973
Release 1996
Pages 133
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In Alabadle, the praise of God is explained in a number of denominational variations. This book answers the question "What is so different about Hispanic worship in these different denominations?" Contributors are leading voices in the contemporary world of Hispanic worship and theology.

Reconciliation of Worship in the Black Church

Reconciliation of Worship in the Black Church Author Charles E. Lewis Sr.
ISBN-10 9781450298285
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 124
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One of the foundations of life in the black church is the proliferation of various worship practices and music. Reconciliation of Worship in the Black Church seeks to pave the way to the revitalization and restoration of faith celebration within the black church. There is a need to develop a practical theology of worship, incorporating the two main types used within the black church—traditional, devotional-style worship, with its focus on spontaneous praise and testimony; and contemporary praise and worship, with its emphasis on rehearsed liturgy. In recent years, the rich history of traditional, spontaneous worship of the black church has been challenged by the praise-and-worship movement. Charles Lewis’s insightful look at his own denomination demonstrates the importance of clinging to traditional practices while giving due consideration to modern modes of worship. Lewis sees the issue not as a choice between two competing styles but as a challenge for the church to blend the styles without compromising genuine worship or alienating large segments of the church. Carefully researched and presented from the heart, Reconciliation of Worship in the Black Church hopes to contribute to a lasting unification of worship practices.

Worship for the Whole People of God

Worship for the Whole People of God Author Ruth C. Duck
ISBN-10 9780664234270
Release 2013
Pages 334
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This new book on worship by renowned hymn writer and professor Ruth C. Duck provides theological foundations for worship and explores the variety of ways Christians have adapted worship to various cultures to help them live faithfully and to communicate the Gospel to others. The author celebrates the many languages and cultural settings in which the Gospel has been, and is, preached, sung, and prayed. The goal of this volume is to support good pastoral and congregational reflection on what worship is and does. Consequently, Duck discusses many different forms of worship from several cultures (African-American, Asian, Euro-American) and offers advice on how to read a congregation and define its culture in order to plan culturally appropriate worship. Although the book does not offer prescriptive formulas or advise a single pattern of worship, it includes many practical suggestions for preparing and leading worship, including diverse ministries of music, movement, and visual arts that are becoming more popular today. From worship's theological underpinnings, the book turns to worship leadership, forms of prayer, preaching, the sacraments, ordination, and various liturgies. Because of its emphasis on Spirit-led worship, this comprehensive book on Christian worship will be used for years to come not only as a core textbook for seminarians and ministry students from a variety of cultures and traditions, but also as a resource for local church pastors and laity who are dedicated to the enlivening of Christian worship.

One Body One Spirit

One Body  One Spirit Author George Yancey
ISBN-10 0830876464
Release 2009-09-20
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When the church began, an amazing diversity of people from different geographic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds gathered together to confess a common faith in Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul cast a vision of one body where Jew and Gentile would worship together in unity. The Revelation to John likewise foreshadows an eternal future where all nations will join together at the throne of the Lamb. Sadly, Christianity has not often lived up to this ideal. The history of the church has been marked by continued segregation, ethnic strife and racial division. But at the dawn of a new millennium, hopeful signs of change are emerging. As society diversifies, local churches find themselves interacting with people from every tribe and tongue. But not every church is equipped to handle the realities of ethnic and racial diversity in their congregational life. Sociologist George Yancey's groundbreaking research on multiracial churches offers key principles for church leaders who want to minister to people from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. Insights from real-life congregations provide concrete examples of how churches can welcome those who have been marginalized, giving people of all heritages a sense of ownership and partnership in the life of the church. Based on data from a landmark Lilly Endowment study of multiracial churches across America, this volume offers insights and implications for church leadership, worship styles, conflict resolution and much more. Here is an essential resource for pastors and church leaders committed to cultural, ethnic and racial reconciliation in their congregations.

Culturally Conscious Worship

Culturally Conscious Worship Author
ISBN-10 0827205988
Release 2000
Pages 153
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Black uses shared stories, blended music, and the arts to enliven worship in culturally and linguistically diverse congregations. She provides biblical and theological foundations and practical methods and models for creating culturally-conscious worship.

Praising in Black and White

Praising in Black and White Author Brenda Eatman Aghahowa
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040636840
Release 1996
Pages 211
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The author presents an informative, analytical discussion of worship styles by comparing two African American congregations--one mainline, with a formal, European worship style, the other Pentecostal, with a charismatic worship style. Study questions included. Foreword by Martin E. Marty.

Worship as Body Language

Worship as Body Language Author E. Elochukwu Uzukwu
ISBN-10 0814661513
Release 1997
Pages 369
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Worship sets an assembly in motion movement towards God in response to God's movement towards humans thus creating a resilient and caring community. Worship as Body Language brings the African community's experience of the body and its gestures together with the Christian liturgy, since worship and social action are closely related. The body language" or gestures of praise, adoration, contemplation, ritual dance, and care of the neighbor are meaningful to the ethnic group; African Christians tune into these body motions to express the one Christian faith. In Worship as Body Language, Father Uzukwu details how patterns of African ritual assemblies and sacred narratives have merged with Jewish, gospel, and early Church traditions to create living Christian communities and liturgies. Using a socio-historical method, this book sheds new light on liturgical action and theology, and suggests more transition rituals. It also provides samples of emergent African Christian liturgies that emphasize intense community participation with appropriate gestures. These local liturgies attest to the patristic principle that different customs actually confirm the unity of our faith in Christ. Scholars teaching and researching the foundations of the liturgy and liturgical inculturation, graduate students, and those organizing workshops on the regional, diocesan, or parish level will find Worship as Body Language a ready handbook on the liturgy. It is also a useful textbook for introducing college students and seminarians to the anthropological, historical, and theological dimensions of the liturgy. Elochukwu E. Uzukwu, CSSp, ThD, lectures in liturgy and African theology in seminaries and Catholic universities in Nigeria, Congo, Zaire, and France. He is the author of Liturgy: Truly Christian, Truly African, and the editor of Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology. "

The Serious Business of Worship

The Serious Business of Worship Author Melanie Ross
ISBN-10 9780567006097
Release 2011-11-03
Pages 256
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The study of liturgy has received criticism from scholars and practitioners alike: the academic discipline of liturgiology has been compared to the hobby of stamp collection, and proponents for liturgical renewal argue that worship must be made more accessible and relevant. Bryan Spinks has been an important moderating voice in this discussion, reminding both academic and ecclesial communities that Christ is made known in the liturgical riches of the past as well as in contemporary forms of the present. Inspired by Spinks' work, this volume brings together biblical, historical, and theological scholars to discuss the theme of continuity and change in worship. Its historical range begins with the early church, extends through the Reformation, and concludes with a discussion of issues facing contemporary liturgical reform. In recognition of the fact that Professor Spinks' work has been widely influential in both Europe and the United States, the editors have solicited liturgical perspectives from scholars with international reputations on sides of the Atlantic.

Praying Twice

Praying Twice Author Brian Wren
ISBN-10 9781611642377
Release 2000-06-01
Pages 434
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In this in depth look at hymns, Brian Wren explores the theological significance of congregational song, asks how music has meaning for its singers, and considers the importance of contemporary worship music. He argues that a hymn is a complex art form, deserving of recognition and study for its contributions to worship, education, and pastoral care.

Gather Into One

Gather Into One Author C. Michael Hawn
ISBN-10 0802809839
Release 2003-01
Pages 308
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Old Ship of Zion

Old Ship of Zion Author the late Walter F. Pitts
ISBN-10 019535480X
Release 1996-10-24
Pages 224
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This book retraces the African origins of African-American forms of worship. During a five-year period in the field, Pitts played the piano at and recorded numerous worship services in black Baptist churches throughout rural Texas. His historical comparisons and linguistic analyses of this material uncover striking parallels between "Afro-Baptist" services and the religious rituals of Western and Central Africa, as well as other African-derived rituals in the United States Sea Islands, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Pitts demonstrates that African and African-American worship share an underlying binary ritual frame: the somber melancholy of the first frame and the high emotion of the second frame. Pitts's revealing perspective on this often misunderstood aspect of African-American religion provides an investigative model for the study of diaspora cultural practices and the residual influence of their African sources.

Songs of Zion

Songs of Zion Author James T. Campbell
ISBN-10 9780195360059
Release 1995-09-07
Pages 448
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This is a study of the transplantation of a creed devised by and for African Americans--the African Methodist Episcopal Church--that was appropriated and transformed in a variety of South African contexts. Focusing on a transatlantic institution like the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the book studies the complex human and intellectual traffic that has bound African American and South African experience. It explores the development and growth of the African Methodist Episcopal Church both in South Africa and America, and the interaction between the two churches. This is a highly innovative work of comparative and religious history. Its linking of the United States and African black religious experiences is unique and makes it appealing to readers interested in religious history and black experience in both the United States and South Africa.

Worship on the Way

Worship on the Way Author Russell Yee
ISBN-10 0817017070
Release 2012
Pages 233
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Is there such a thing as Asian North American Christian worship? How can Asian North Americans interpret their Christian faith through the lens of their cultural identity? What aspects of Asian culture may illuminate and enrich Christian worship? Pastor and author Russell Yee set out to answer these questions, and ended up writing a book that invites readers to create their own uniquely contextualized worship experiences. Features sample resources and templates for creating your own prayers, litanies, poems, and spoken word pieces!

Caribbean abstracts

Caribbean abstracts Author
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059172143727365
Release 1999
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Caribbean abstracts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Caribbean abstracts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Caribbean abstracts book for free.