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Diversifying the Teacher Workforce

Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Author Christine E. Sleeter
ISBN-10 9781317816522
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 220
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Diversifying the Teacher Workforce critically examines efforts to diversify the teaching force and narrow the demographic gap between who teaches and who populates U.S. classrooms. While the demographic gap is often invoked to provide a needed rationale for preparing all teachers, and especially White teachers, to work with students of color, it is far less often invoked in an effort to examine why the teaching force remains predominantly White in the first place. Based on work the National Association for Multicultural Education is engaged in on this phenomenon, this edited collection brings together leading scholars to look closely at this problem. They examine why the teaching force is predominantly White from historical as well as contemporary perspectives, showcase and report available data on a variety of ways this problem is being tackled at the pre-service and teacher credentialing levels, and examine how a diverse and high-quality teaching force can be retained and thrive. This book is an essential resource for any educator interested in exploring race within the context of today’s urban schools.

Handbook of Research on Promoting Cross Cultural Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education

Handbook of Research on Promoting Cross Cultural Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education Author Keengwe, Jared
ISBN-10 9781522508984
Release 2016-08-24
Pages 470
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Without proper training on the intricacies of race and culture, pre-service and in-service teachers may unwittingly continue outdated and ineffective pedagogies. As the demographics of student bodies shift to include more diverse backgrounds, fluency in the discourse of social justice becomes necessary. The Handbook of Research on Promoting Cross-Cultural Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education elucidates the benefits, challenges, and strategies necessary to prepare teachers to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Featuring the newest research and pedagogical tools written by diverse scholars in the field of teacher training, this expertly crafted handbook is ideal for teachers, administrators, students of education, and policymakers.

Change d Agents

Change d  Agents Author Betty Achinstein and Rodney T. Ogawa
ISBN-10 9780807771488
Release 2015-04-24
Pages 224
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This book examines both the promises and complexities of racially and culturally diversifying todays teaching profession. Drawing from a 5-year study of the lives of 21 new teachers of color working in urban, hard-to-staff schools, this book documents the tensions these teachers experience between serving as role models and fulfilling district and state mandates.

Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts

Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts Author Clea Schmidt
ISBN-10 9789463006637
Release 2016-10-26
Pages 192
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"Diversifying the teaching force has become a priority in many migrant-receiving jurisdictions worldwide with the growing mismatch between the ethnic backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions of teachers and those of students and families. Arguments for diversification tend to be couched in terms of disproportionate representation and students from minority backgrounds needing positive role models, yet research identifies other compelling reasons for diversification, including the fact that teachers of migrant backgrounds often possess outstanding qualifications when multilingualism and internationally obtained education and experience are taken into account, and the fact that all students, including majority-background students, benefit from a diversity of role models in schools. Nevertheless, the process of diversification is fraught with complexity. Depending on the context, systemic discrimination, an oversupply of teachers in the profession generally, and outdated hiring policies and practices can all impede efforts to diversify the teaching force.This volume comprises original research from Canada, the U.S., Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and England that problematizes issues of diversifying the teaching force and identifies promising practices. A foreword written by Charlene Bearhead of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation questions the very purpose of education in and for diverse societies. An introduction written by the editors defines key concepts and establishes a rationale for diversifying the teaching force in migrant-receiving contexts. Following this, key international scholars offer empirical perspectives using a range of methodologies and theories rooted in critical social science paradigms. The volume informs future research, programming, and policy development in this area."“/div>div

Preparing Teachers of Color to Teach

Preparing Teachers of Color to Teach Author C. Gist
ISBN-10 9781137430168
Release 2014-11-27
Pages 152
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A rich, comparative case study systematically exploring two program approaches for preparing teachers of color, Gist's work explores culturally responsive pedagogy as a strategy for organizing teacher education.

The Colors of Excellence

The Colors of Excellence Author Pearl Rock Kane
ISBN-10 9780807742822
Release 2003-01
Pages 166
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This book features the findings of a 5-year study on independent schools alongside personal stories by teachers and students of color. It analyzes teacher diversity in 11 independent schools and includes a list of provocative questions to help schools evaluate their own progress. It includes specific guidelines to help educators close the faculty diversity gap in their schools. The intended outcome is an enhanced understanding of ways that independent schools can attract and retain greater numbers of teachers of color.

Against Common Sense

Against Common Sense Author Kevin K. Kumashiro
ISBN-10 9781317657699
Release 2015-03-27
Pages 186
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The phrase "teaching for social justice" is often used, but not always explained. What does it look like to teach for social justice? What are the implications for anti-oppressive teaching across different areas of the curriculum? Drawing on his own experiences teaching diverse grades and subjects, leading author and educator Kevin Kumashiro examines various aspects of anti-oppressive teaching and learning in six different subject areas. Celebrating 10 years as a go-to resource for K-12 teachers and teacher educators, this third edition of the bestselling Against Common Sense features: • A new introduction that addresses the increased challenges of anti-oppressive teaching in an era of teacher evaluations, standardization and ever-increasing accountability. • End of chapter teacher responses that provide subject-specific examples of what anti-oppressive teaching really looks like in the classroom. • End of chapter questions for reflection that will enhance comprehension and help readers translate abstract ideas into classroom practice. • Additional readings and resources to inspire students to further their social justice education. Compelling and accessible, Against Common Sense continues to offer readers the tools they need to begin teaching against their common sense assumptions and toward social justice.

A Different View of Urban Schools

A Different View of Urban Schools Author Kitty Kelly Epstein
ISBN-10 0820478792
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 144
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Black Female Teachers

Black Female Teachers Author Abiola Farinde-Wu
ISBN-10 9781787144620
Release 2017
Pages 212
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This important, timely, and provocative book explores the recruitment and retention of Black female teachers in the United States. There are over 3 million public school teachers in the US, African American teachers only comprise approximately 8 percent of the workforce. Contributions consider the implicit nuances that these teachers experience.

Fast Track Teacher Education

Fast Track Teacher Education Author Andrew McConney
ISBN-10 0987654314
Release 2012
Pages 73
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This review of the research literature is about fast track schemes in teacher education, and specifically focuses on what is currently known about such schemes run by the organisation Teach For All (TFA). In stark contrast to traditional university-based teacher education, schemes characterised as fast track provide would-be teachers a greatly accelerated programme of study and practical experience for gaining entry to teaching in schools. Within a wide variety of alternative routes for teacher training and eventual certification (credentialing), so-called fast track programs have been one of the more visible and aggressively developed and marketed schemes over the last twenty-five years. Initially conceived and developed as Teach For America, similar fast track teacher education programs are now also established as Teach First UK and Teach For Australia, and such a scheme is currently under negotiation and development as Teach First New Zealand. TFA schemes have been established in some 18 countries around the world.

Troubling Education

Troubling Education Author Kevin Kumashiro
ISBN-10 9781136745430
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 224
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Few books have addressed research for teachers to turn to as a resource for classroom practice but here Kumashiro draws on interviews with gay activists as a starting point for discussion of models of reading and challenging oppression.

Latinization of U S Schools

Latinization of U S  Schools Author Jason Irizarry
ISBN-10 9781317257011
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 256
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Fueled largely by significant increases in the Latino population, the racial, ethnic, and linguistic texture of the United States is changing rapidly. Nowhere is this 'Latinisation' of America more evident than in schools. The dramatic population growth among Latinos in the United States has not been accompanied by gains in academic achievement. Estimates suggest that approximately half of Latino students fail to complete high school, and few enroll in and complete college. The Latinization of U.S. Schools centres on the voices of Latino youth. It examines how the students themselves make meaning of the policies and practices within schools. The student voices expose an inequitable opportunity structure that results in depressed academic performance for many Latino youth. Each chapter concludes with empirically based recommendations for educators seeking to improve their practice with Latino youth, stemming from a multiyear participatory action research project conducted by Irizarry and the student contributors to the text.

Teaching Toward Democracy 2e

Teaching Toward Democracy 2e Author William Ayers
ISBN-10 9781134995639
Release 2016-07-07
Pages 186
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Teaching Toward Democracy examines the contested space of schooling and school reform with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that teaching in a democratic society provides. Chapters are written in the spirit of notes, conversations and letters the nationally recognized team of authors wish they received in their journeys into teaching. Building on the conversational and accessible approach, this revised edition includes additional dialogues amongst the authors to further explore how they have individually and collectively reflected on the qualities of mind that teachers explore and work to develop as they become more effective educators. Inspiring and uplifting, Teaching Toward Democracy adds to the repertoire of skills teachers can access in their classrooms and encourages the confidence to locate themselves within the noble tradition of teaching as democratic work.

Critical Multiculturalism

Critical Multiculturalism Author Stephen May
ISBN-10 9781135161477
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 232
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This book brings together international scholars of critical multiculturalism to directly and illustratively address what a transformed critical multicultural approach to education might mean for teacher education and classroom practice.

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation Author Committee on Underrepresented Groups and the Expansion of the Science and Engineering Workforce Pipeline
ISBN-10 9780309159685
Release 2011-06-29
Pages 286
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In order for the United States to maintain the global leadership and competitiveness in science and technology that are critical to achieving national goals, we must invest in research, encourage innovation, and grow a strong and talented science and technology workforce. Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation explores the role of diversity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce and its value in keeping America innovative and competitive. According to the book, the U.S. labor market is projected to grow faster in science and engineering than in any other sector in the coming years, making minority participation in STEM education at all levels a national priority. Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation analyzes the rate of change and the challenges the nation currently faces in developing a strong and diverse workforce. Although minorities are the fastest growing segment of the population, they are underrepresented in the fields of science and engineering. Historically, there has been a strong connection between increasing educational attainment in the United States and the growth in and global leadership of the economy. Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation suggests that the federal government, industry, and post-secondary institutions work collaboratively with K-12 schools and school systems to increase minority access to and demand for post-secondary STEM education and technical training. The book also identifies best practices and offers a comprehensive road map for increasing involvement of underrepresented minorities and improving the quality of their education. It offers recommendations that focus on academic and social support, institutional roles, teacher preparation, affordability and program development.

Successful STEM Education

Successful STEM Education Author Board on Science Education
ISBN-10 9780309218900
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 100
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What students learn about the science disciplines, technology, engineering, and mathematics during their K-12 schooling shapes their intellectual development, opportunities for future study and work, and choices of career, as well as their capacity to make informed decisions about political and civic issues and about their own lives. Most people share the vision that a highly capable STEM workforce and a population that understands and supports the scientific enterprise are key to the future place of the United States in global economics and politics and to the well-being of the nation. Indeed, the solutions to some of the most daunting problems facing the nation will require not only the expertise of top STEM professionals but also the wisdom and understanding of its citizens. Although much is known about why schools may not succeed, it is far less clear what makes STEM education effective. Successful STEM Education: A Workshop Summary discusses the importance of STEM education. The report describes the primary types of K-12 schools and programs that can support successful education in the STEM disciplines and examines data and research that demonstrate the effectiveness of these school types. It also summarizes research that helps to identify both the elements that make such programs effective and what is needed to implement these elements.

Teacher Preparation in Ireland

Teacher Preparation in Ireland Author Thomas O'Donoghue
ISBN-10 9781787145115
Release 2017-06-29
Pages 264
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This study of teacher preparation policy and practice in Ireland from Independence in 1921 to the present, highlights, within an international context, the extent to which the focus of preparation moved from nation-building until 1967, when free second-level education was introduced, to one concerned with improving the country’s human capital.