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Divorce Talk

Divorce Talk Author Catherine Kohler Riessman
ISBN-10 0813515033
Release 1990
Pages 276
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"A terrific book--treats an issue of the utmost importance and relevance with fresh insight and compassion. It is a significant contribution to our understanding of gender difference, of marriage and divorce, and of contemporary society."--Deborah Tannen, Georgetown University Taking a new look at divorce in America, Catherine Reissman shows how divorce is socially shared, and how it takes crucially different forms for women and men. Drawing on interviews with adults who are divorcing, she treats their accounts as texts to be interpreted, as templates for understanding contemporary beliefs about personal relationships. Riessman looks at the ideology of the companionate marriage: husband and wife should be each other's closest companion, and in marriage one should achieve emotial intimacy and sexual fulfillment. These beliefs imply a level of equality that rarely exists. In reality, most wives are subordinate to their husbands, most husbands want neither "deep talk" nor small talk that women want, and many husbands resent their wife's ties to kin and friends. To explain divorce, women and men construct gendered visions of what marriage should provide, and at the same time they mourn gender divisions and blame their divorces on them. Riessman examines the stories people tell about their marriages--the protagonists, inciting conditions, and culminating events--and how these narrative structures provide ways to persuade both teller and listener that divorce was justified. Although divorce is invariably stressful, many people believe that men suffer less than women. This is an artifact of what Riessman calls the "feminization of psychological distress"--traditional ways of measuring distress reflect women's idioms, not men's. Departing from a literature that casts divorce in only negative terms, she finds paradoxically that women sense rewards, even as they report hardship. There is a shakeup in gender roles, and women more than men feel they gain a fuller idea of who they are. The author allows us to enter the points of view of her subjects, while her analytic approach makes links between the self and society.

Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution

Handbook of Divorce and Relationship Dissolution Author Mark A. Fine
ISBN-10 9781317824206
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 696
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This Handbook presents up-to-date scholarship on the causes and predictors, processes, and consequences of divorce and relationship dissolution. Featuring contributions from multiple disciplines, this Handbook reviews relationship termination, including variations depending on legal status, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The Handbook focuses on the often-neglected processes involved as the relationship unfolds, such as infidelity, hurt, and remarriage. It also covers the legal and policy aspects, the demographics, and the historical aspects of divorce. Intended for researchers, practitioners, counselors, clinicians, and advanced students in psychology, sociology, family studies, communication, and nursing, the book serves as a text in courses on divorce, marriage and the family, and close relationships.


Families Author Alex Liazos
ISBN-10 9781317259718
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 336
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Unlike other family textbooks that mostly emphasize conflicts and problems, this book also features the joys and pleasures of family living and its mutually nourishing qualities. Its perspective reflects polls, surveys, and student essays indicating that most people value their families. Families everywhere provide love, support, and sustenance to their members, but they do so in many different arrangements.Understanding the wide variety of families historically and across cultures gives the student a better basis for understanding how families change and a better grasp of more controversial changes such as the gradual acceptance by Westerners of same-sex marriage and child-rearing by single people. Liazos offers two poignant chapters not found in other texts. Family Living (Chapter Six) focuses on the social value of caregiving and family meals. Kin and Community (Chapter Seven) focuses on relationships among kin and the larger community.


Divorce Author Alison Clarke-Stewart
ISBN-10 0300110448
Release 2006
Pages 347
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This comprehensive book provides a balanced overview of the current research on divorce. The authors examine the scientific evidence to uncover what can be said with certainty about divorce and what remains to be learned about this socially and politically charged issue. Accessible to parents and teachers as well as clinicians and researchers, the volume examines the impact of marital breakup on children, adults, and society. Alison Clarke-Stewart and Cornelia Brentano synthesize the most up-to-date information on divorce from a variety of disciplinary perspectives with thoughtful analysis of psychological issues. They convey the real-life consequences of divorce with excerpts from autobiographies by young people, and they also include guidelines for social policies that would help to diminish the detrimental effects of divorce.

Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences

Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences Author Catherine Kohler Riessman
ISBN-10 9781483360188
Release 2007-12-13
Pages 264
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"Cathy Riessman is the leading figure in narrative research and her new book is a delight. Covering basic issues of transcription and research credibility as well as visual data and engagingly written, it is a goldmine for students and researchers alike. If we want to make narrative research serious and revealing, it is to this book that we should turn." —David Silverman, Professor Emeritus, Goldsmiths' College, University of London "Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences provides an accessible framework for researchers — to analyse narrative texts with confidence, empathy, and humility. —NARRATIVE INQUIRY "This is a terrific book. Cathy Riessman has an encyclopedic knowledge of this field and of the participants in it. This breadth and depth of knowledge is abundantly clear throughout the book." —Susan Bell, Bowdoin College "This book has been a great source of inspiration to me and my students, not only for its methodological clarity, but also for the spirit of social activism it engenders." —Ian Baptiste, The Pennsylvania State University "Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences is an essential starting point for both students and experienced researchers interested in using narrative analysis in applied or other contexts. Written with admirable clarity, an engaging style, and supported by detailed examples of analysis, the book outlines the main methodological issues and approaches within the exciting and fast-developing field of narrative research. Even researchers already familiar with narrative methods should find the presentation of thematic, structural, dialogic/performance, and visual forms of analysis a fruitful stimulus to new research endeavours." —Brian Roberts, University of Central Lancashire, U.K. "I just had to thank you for paving the path for us new and 'hopeful' narrative researchers. I have been a student of both your books on narrative analysis, and want to thank you for your guidance from your work, and also your latest book Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences. This work and the references you have chosen for us have helped me immensely during this time in my doctoral program, especially as I enter into the analysis phase." —Maria T. Yelle, nursing doctoral candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences provides a lively overview of research based on constructing and interpreting narrative. Designed to improve research practice, it gives a detailed discussion of four analytic methods that students can adapt. Author Catherine Kohler Riessman explains how to conduct the four kinds of narrative analysis using model studies from sociology, anthropology, psychology, education and nursing. Throughout the book, she compares different approaches including thematic analysis, structural analysis, dialogic/performance analysis, and visual narrative analysis. The book helps students confront specific issues in their research practice, including how to construct a transcript in an interview study; complexities of working with materials translated from another language; defining narrative segments; relating text and context; locating oneself as the researcher in a responsible way in an inquiry; and arguing for the credibility of the case-based approach. Broad in scope, Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences also offers concrete guidance in individual chapters for students and established scholars wanting to join the "narrative turn" in social research. Key Features Focuses on four particular methods of narrative analysis: This text provides specific diverse exemplars of good narrative research, as practiced in several social science and human service disciplines. Offers guidance for narrative interviewing: The author discusses the complexities between spoken language and any written transcript. In the process, she encourages students to be mindful of the texts they construct from dialogues among speakers. Presents arguments about validation in case-based research: Riessman presents several ways to think about credibility in narrative studies, contextualizing validity in relation to epistemology and theoretical orientation of a study. Explores the differences between grounded theory methods and narrative analysis: The author clarifies distinctions between inductive thematic coding in grounded theory, and other interpretive approaches, and narrative analysis. Presents social linguistic methods for analyzing oral narrative: This text makes the approach accessible to readers not trained in social linguistics in part by providing rich examples from a number of different disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. Employs visual methods of analysis: Riessman takes narrative research beyond the spoken or written texts by showing how exemplary researchers have connected participants' words and images made during the research process. She also discusses other research that incorporates "found" images (in archives) in a narrative inquiry. This text is designed as a supplement to the qualitative research course taught in graduate departments across the social and behavioral sciences, and as a core book in the narrative course.

The Family Communication Sourcebook

The Family Communication Sourcebook Author Lynn H. Turner
ISBN-10 9781452239064
Release 2006-05-16
Pages 568
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The Family Communication Sourcebook provides an in-depth examination of contemporary theory and research in the area of family communication. This unique collection offers a state-of-the art approach by pairing conceptual pieces with original studies in the same general topic area. Editors Lynn H. Turner and Richard West present readers with a thoughtful and thorough exploration of the critical issues facing family communication researchers today.

Qualitative Research in Social Work

Qualitative Research in Social Work Author Anne E. Fortune
ISBN-10 9780231535441
Release 2013-05-14
Pages 592
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In this volume, progressive experts survey recent trends in qualitative study, which relies on small sample groups and interview data to better represent the context and complexity of social work practice. Chapters address different approaches to qualitative inquiry, applications to essential areas of research and practice, the integration of qualitative and quantitative methods, and epistemological issues. This second edition brings even greater depth and relevance to social work qualitative research, including new material tackling traditional research concerns, such as data quality, ethics, and epistemological stances, and updated techniques in data collection and analysis. To increase the usefulness for students and researchers, the editors have reorganized the text to present basic principles first and then their applications, and they have increased their focus on ethics, values, and theory. New and revised illustrative studies highlight more than ever the connection between effective research and improved social functioning among individuals and groups. The collection continues to feature scholars and practitioners who have shaped the social work research practice canon for more than twenty years, while also adding the innovative work of up and coming talent.

Women s personal and collaborative knowledge within the divorce context

Women s personal and collaborative knowledge within the divorce context Author Gina Michele Bisagni
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924085772998
Release 1999
Pages 744
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Women s personal and collaborative knowledge within the divorce context has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Women s personal and collaborative knowledge within the divorce context also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Women s personal and collaborative knowledge within the divorce context book for free.

Black Men and Divorce

Black Men and Divorce Author Erma Jean Lawson
ISBN-10 UVA:X004279307
Release 1999-03-24
Pages 259
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This book draws on in-depth interviews with 50 working and middle-class Black men to chronicle and analyze their passage from courtship and marriage to divorce, and ultimately to the establishment of a new life.

A Cross Section of Psychological Research

A Cross Section of Psychological Research Author Andrea K. Milinki
ISBN-10 PSU:000058283035
Release 1999-12-01
Pages 170
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Designed for students learning how to evaluate published psychological research. Includes 24 research articles that provide the stimulus material.

Personal Growth and Behavior 1999 2000

Personal Growth and Behavior 1999 2000 Author Karen G. Duffy
ISBN-10 0070413479
Release 1998-12
Pages 229
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Personal Growth and Behavior 1999 2000 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Personal Growth and Behavior 1999 2000 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Personal Growth and Behavior 1999 2000 book for free.

Human Sexuality 2000 2001

Human Sexuality  2000 2001 Author Susan J. Bunting
ISBN-10 0072364084
Release 2000-01
Pages 240
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Human Sexuality 2000 2001 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Human Sexuality 2000 2001 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Human Sexuality 2000 2001 book for free.

Annual Editions

Annual Editions Author
ISBN-10 0072433035
Release 2000-11-01
Pages 213
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This annually updated reader is a compilation of carefully selected articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals. Topics covered include genetic and parental influences on development, development during infancy and early childhood and many others. This title is supported by Dushkin Online (, a student Web site that provides study support and tools and links to related Web sites.

Human development 99 00

Human development 99 00 Author Karen L. Freiberg
ISBN-10 0070413657
Release 1999-04
Pages 229
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Human development 99 00 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Human development 99 00 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Human development 99 00 book for free.

Humanity Society

Humanity   Society Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000069856716
Release 1997
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Humanity Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Humanity Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Humanity Society book for free.

Women Coping with Divorce

Women Coping with Divorce Author Diane Weiner
ISBN-10 WISC:89099365785
Release 1995
Pages 784
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Women Coping with Divorce has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Women Coping with Divorce also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Women Coping with Divorce book for free.

Couples Kids and Family Life

Couples  Kids  and Family Life Author Jaber F. Gubrium
ISBN-10 0195177908
Release 2006
Pages 203
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Since "family" takes on such highly varied forms, any discussion of what it is, who it is, or what family life is like is bound to be complicated--perhaps even controversial. Couples, Kids, and Family Life examines these issues in an engaging and insightful way, approaching the realm of family from "the inside out." Offering a distinctive view of what the social worlds of family life might look like from the standpoint of "insiders," it examines family perspectives and scenarios though the eyes of partners, parents, children, and significant others. Featuring a series of specially commissioned chapters by leading scholars in the field, the book uses real-life examples to present a distinctive look at the social worlds of domestic life. Divided into three parts, Couples, Kids, and Family Life includes discussion questions after each chapter, suggesting ways of approaching the key concerns laid out in each section. Part I, "Couples," focuses on married or soon-to-be married partners, addressing such topics as romanticism and realism in marriage, the categories of husband and wife, and marital equality. Part II, "Parents and Kids," examines the perspectives of different actors in the family drama, concentrating on their various reactions to domestic challenges like teenagers' whereabouts, using the car, and gender socialization. Part III, "Rearrangements," deals with family change, including the process of divorce, remarriage, and stepparenting.