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Doctor Who Illegal Alien

Doctor Who  Illegal Alien Author Mike Tucker
ISBN-10 9781448142446
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 320
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The Blitz is at its height. As the Luftwaffe bomb London, Cody McBride, ex-pat American private eye, sees a sinister silver sphere crash-land. He glimpses something emerging from within. The military dismiss his account of events – the sphere must be a new German secret weapon that has malfunctioned in some way. What else could it be? Arriving amid the chaos, the Doctor and Ace embark on a trail that brings them face to face with hidden Nazi agents, and encounter some very old enemies... An adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy, and his companion Ace

Doctor Who Prisoner of the Daleks

Doctor Who  Prisoner of the Daleks Author Trevor Baxendale
ISBN-10 9781409070191
Release 2009-04-02
Pages 256
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The Daleks are advancing, their empire constantly expanding. The battles rage on across countless solar systems – and the Doctor finds himself stranded on board a starship near the frontline with a group of ruthless bounty hunters. Earth Command will pay these hunters for every Dalek they kill, every eyestalk they bring back as proof. With the Doctor's help, the bounty hunters achieve the ultimate prize: a Dalek prisoner – intact, powerless, and ready for interrogation. But with the Daleks, nothing is what it seems, and no one is safe. Before long the tables will be turned, and how will the Doctor survive when he becomes a prisoner of the Daleks? An adventure featuring the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant

Doctor Who Shakedown

Doctor Who  Shakedown Author Terrance Dicks
ISBN-10 9781448142477
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 304
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For thousands of years the Sontarans and the Rutans have fought a brutal war across the galaxy. Now the Sontarans have a secret plan to destroy the Rutan race – a secret plan the Doctor is racing against time to uncover. Only one Rutan spy knows the Sontarans’ plan. As he is chased through the galaxy in a desperate bid for his life, he reaches the planet Sentarion – where Professor Bernice Summerfield’s research into the history of the Sontaran-Rutan war is turning into an explosive reality... An adventure featuring the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy

Doctor Who Corpse Marker

Doctor Who  Corpse Marker Author Chris Boucher
ISBN-10 9781448142439
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 288
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The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Kaldor, where they find a society dependent on benign and obedient robots. But they have faced these robots before, on a huge Sandminer in the Kaldor desert, and know they are not always harmless servants... The only other people who know the truth are the three survivors from that Sandminer – and now they are being picked off one by one. The twisted genius behind that massacre is dead, but someone is developing a new, deadlier breed of robots. This time, unless the Doctor and Leela can stop them, they really will destroy the world... An adventure featuring the Fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker, and his companion Leela

Scales of Injustice

Scales of Injustice Author Gary Russell
ISBN-10 9781849907804
Release 2014
Pages 301
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The Doctor, the Brigadier, and Liz Shaw all get caught up in a conspiracy that goes all the way to the heart of the British government.

Doctor Who Sting of the Zygons

Doctor Who  Sting of the Zygons Author Stephen Cole
ISBN-10 9781409073406
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 224
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The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster. The search is on for the elusive ‘Beast of Westmorland’, and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the country are descending on the fells. King Edward VII himself is on his way to join the search, with a knighthood for whoever finds the Beast. But there is a more sinister presence at work in the Lakes than a mere monster on the rampage, and the Doctor is soon embroiled in the plans of an old and terrifying enemy. And as the hunters become the hunted, a desperate battle of wits begins – with the future of the entire world at stake... An adventure featuring the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, and his companion Martha

Corpse Marker

Corpse Marker Author Chris Boucher
ISBN-10 9781849907590
Release 2014
Pages 270
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The Doctor and Leela arrive on Kaldor where the populace relies on benign and obedient robots to function, but the Doctor and Leela recognize these robots and know that they are not harmless servants.

Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien Author Mike Tucker
ISBN-10 9781849907576
Release 2014
Pages 308
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When a strange silver sphere crash lands in London at the height of the Blitz, the locals think it is a German weapon that has malfunctioned, but the Doctor and Ace arrive and realize that something else is going on.

Doctor Who Sands of Time

Doctor Who  Sands of Time Author Justin Richards
ISBN-10 9781448142460
Release 2014-03-06
Pages 336
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The Doctor is in Victorian London with Nyssa and Tegan – a city shrouded in mystery. When Nyssa is kidnapped in the British Museum, the Doctor and Tegan have to unlock the answers to a series of ancient questions. Their quest leads them across continents and time as an ancient Egyptian prophecy threatens future England. To save Nyssa, the Doctor must foil the plans of the mysterious Sadan Rassul. But as mummies stalk the night, an ancient terror stirs in its tomb. An adventure featuring the Fifth Doctor, as played by Peter Davison, and his companions Nyssa and Tegan

Doctor Who Cybermen

Doctor Who Cybermen Author David Banks
ISBN-10 0352327383
Release 1990
Pages 144
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Doctor Who Cybermen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Doctor Who Cybermen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Doctor Who Cybermen book for free.

Storm Harvest

Storm Harvest Author Robert Perry
ISBN-10 0563555777
Release 1999
Pages 279
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A Doctor Who adventure. Years after the extinction of its indigenous races, the sea-world of Coralee is populated by human and dolphin colonists. They are ignorant of what caused the original population to die out, but tales of vicious monsters proliferate.

Ten Little Aliens

Ten Little Aliens Author Stephen Cole
ISBN-10 0563538538
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 288
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Far out in space, on the ragged edges of Earth's bloated empire, an elite unit of soldiers is on a training mission. But deep in the heart of the hollowed-out planetoid that forms their battleground, a chilling secret waits to be discovered: ten alien corpses, frozen in time at the moment of violent, bloody death. The bodies are those of the empire's most wanted terrorists, and their discovery could end a war of attrition devastating the galaxy. But is the same force that slaughtered them still lurking in the dark tunnels of the training ground? And what are its plans for the people of Earth? When the Doctor arrives on the planetoid with Ben and Polly, he soon scents a net tightening about them. And as the soldiers begin to disappear one by one, paranoia spreads; is the real enemy out there in the darkness, or somewhere among them?

The Dunwich Horror

The Dunwich Horror Author H P Lovecraft
ISBN-10 9780141900223
Release 2008-10-02
Pages 208
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Deadly forces are about to be awakened ... In the degenerate, unliked backwater of Dunwich, Wilbur Whately, a most unusual child, is born. Of unnatural parentage, he grows at an uncanny pace to an unsettling height, but the boy’s arrival simply precedes that of a true horror: one of the Old Ones, that forces the people of the town to hole up by night, fearful for their lives, by day able only to trace the wreckage wrought by the gigantic, unseen monster. In this and other tales of the macabre, H. P. Lovecraft weaves unearthly fantasies of creatures beyond conception – existing between the spaces of the dimensions we know.

Doctor Who The Crawling Terror

Doctor Who  The Crawling Terror Author Mike Tucker
ISBN-10 9780804140911
Release 2014-09-09
Pages 256
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"Well, I doubt you'll ever see a bigger insect." Gabby Nichols is putting her son to bed when she hears her daughter cry out. 'Mummy there's a daddy longlegs in my room!' Then the screaming starts... Alan Travers is heading home from the pub when something rushes his face - a spider's web. Then something huge and deadly lumbers from the shadows... Kevin Alperton is on his way to school when he is attacked by a mosquito. A big one. Then things get dangerous. But it isn't the dead man cocooned inside a huge mass of web that worries the Doctor. It isn't the swarming, mutated insects that make him nervous. It isn't an old man's garbled memories of past dangers that intrigue him. With the village cut off from the outside world, and the insects becoming more and more dangerous, the Doctor knows that no one is safe. Not unless he can decode the strange symbols engraved on an ancient stone circle, and unravel a mystery dating back to the Second World War.

The Sands of Time

The Sands of Time Author Justin Richards
ISBN-10 9781849907675
Release 2014
Pages 325
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When Nyssa is kidnapped, the Doctor and Tegan must stop the plans of Sadan Rassul in order to save her and the future of England.

Doctor Who Diamond Dogs

Doctor Who  Diamond Dogs Author Mike Tucker
ISBN-10 9781473530911
Release 2017-04-20
Pages 256
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“Here on Saturn, it literally rains diamonds.” For over fifteen years the crew of Kollo-Zarnista Mining Facility 27 has been extracting diamonds from deep within the atmosphere of Saturn, diamonds that help to fund the ever-expanding Human Empire. But when a mining operation goes wrong, a rescue mission must be launched to save a worker lost overboard, a worker who claims that he has seen something amongst the swirling clouds. Something that can’t possibly exist. When the Doctor and Bill arrive, they immediately find themselves caught between hostile miners, suspicious security guards and corrupt company officials as they face accusations of sabotage and diamond theft. And below them, in the crushing atmosphere of the gas giant, something is starting to rise. An original novel featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill as played by Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.

SnowGlobe 7

SnowGlobe 7 Author Mike Tucker
ISBN-10 9781846074219
Release 2008
Pages 256
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The Doctor and Martha discover an alien threat that has lain hidden since the last ice age; a threat that is starting to thaw - the latest in the bestselling series of Doctor Who novels.