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Doing Without Adam and Eve

Doing Without Adam and Eve Author Patricia A. Williams
ISBN-10 1451415435
Release 2001-06-19
Pages 248
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In this provocative new addition to the Theology and the Sciences series, Patricia Williams assays the original sin doctrine with a scientific lens and, based on sociobiology, offers an alternative Christian account of human nature's foibles and future. Focusing on the Genesis 2 and 3 account, Williams shows how its "historical" interpretation in early Christianity not only misread the text but derived an idea of being human profoundly at odds with experience and contemporary science. After gauging Christianity's several competing notions of human nature -- Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox -- against contemporary biology, Williams turns to sociobiological accounts of the evolution of human dispositions toward reciprocity and limited cooperation as a source of human good and evil. From this vantage point she offers new interpretations of evil, sin, and the Christian doctrine of atonement. Williams's work, frank in its assessment of traditional misunderstandings, challenges theologians and all Christians to reassess the roots and branches of this linchpin doctrine.

The Evolution of Evil

The Evolution of Evil Author Gaymon Bennett
ISBN-10 9783525569795
Release 2008
Pages 368
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The collection of essays attempt to clarify the problem of evil as shaped by evolutionary biology, examining its scientific, historical, philosophical, and theological elements, and offering a new approach to a Christian theodicy.

Befreiung Am Ende Am Ende Befreiung

Befreiung Am Ende  Am Ende Befreiung Author Charlotte Methuen
ISBN-10 9042912251
Release 2002
Pages 301
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This volume collects the key-note addresses on feminist theology and feminist theory given at the international conference of the ESWTR held in Salzburg in August 2001, together with other papers given at that conference and relating to this theme. It explores the interactions between liberation theology and feminist theory in European and other contexts, considering particularly aspects crossing boundaries: gender, national, disciplinary. The papers are complemented by a comprehensive bibliography of relevant literature and by an extensive review section.

Light from the East

Light from the East Author Alexei V. Nesteruk
ISBN-10 1451403577
Pages 287
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In this unique volume, a new and distinctive perspective on hotly debated issues in science and religion emerges from the unlikely ancient Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Alexei Nesteruk reveals how the Orthodox tradition, deeply rooted in Greek Patristic thought, can contribute importantly in a way that the usual Western sources do not. Orthodox thought, he holds, profoundly and helpfully relates the experience of God to our knowledge of the world. His masterful historical introduction to the Orthodox traditions not only surveys key features of its theology but highlights its ontology of participation and communion. From this Nesteruk derives Orthodoxy's unique approach to theological and scientific attribution. Theology identifies the underlying principles (logoi) in scientific affirmations. Nesteruk then applies this methodology to key issues in cosmology: the presence of the divine in creation, the theological meaning of models of creation, the problem of time, and the validity of the anthropic principle, especially as it relates to the emergence of humans and the Incarnation. Nesteruk's unique synthesis is not a valorization of Eastern Orthodox thought so much as an influx of startlingly fresh ideas about the character of science itself and an affirmation of the ultimate religious and theological value of the whole scientific enterprise.

Cooperative Salvation

Cooperative Salvation Author Kate Eisenbise Crell
ISBN-10 9781630877538
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 156
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Why did Jesus die? What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins? Christian theology has been wrestling with these questions for centuries, and theologians have proposed lots of different answers and explanations in the form of theories of atonement. But most of these theories fall short when confronted by a contemporary, postmodern worldview. Many of these models come out of orthodox (rather than Free Church) traditions, so they also lack the distinctive elements that characterize Brethren ways of understanding God and the world. The Church of the Brethren is well known for its acts of service and discipleship in the nonviolent model of Jesus, but it has not produced much constructive theology. Cooperative Salvation attempts to remedy this situation by proposing a constructive Brethren model of atonement. It analyzes the diverse atonement models proposed throughout the Christian tradition, noting where they prove inadequate. To address the shortcomings of other models, this work draws on important claims of historical Anabaptist and Brethren theology while also incorporating ideas from feminist, liberation, and process theology in order to construct an understanding of atonement that contributes a contemporary Brethren voice to the centuries-long discussion of atonement.

Environmental Ethics Ecological Theology and Natural Selection

Environmental Ethics  Ecological Theology  and Natural Selection Author Lisa Sideris
ISBN-10 9780231529495
Release 2003-07-16
Pages 328
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In the last few decades, religious and secular thinkers have tackled the world's escalating environmental crisis by attempting to develop an ecological ethic that is both scientifically accurate and free of human-centered preconceptions. This groundbreaking study shows that many of these environmental ethicists continue to model their positions on romantic, pre-Darwinian concepts that disregard the predatory and cruelly competitive realities of the natural world. Examining the work of such influential thinkers as James Gustafson, Sallie McFague, Rosemary Radford Ruether, John Cobb, Peter Singer, and Holmes Rolston, Sideris proposes a more realistic ethic that combines evolutionary theory with theological insight, advocates a minimally interventionist stance toward nature, and values the processes over the products of the natural world.

Creation and Humanity

Creation and Humanity Author Veli-Matti Karkkainen
ISBN-10 9781467443098
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 574
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The third installment in a wide and deep constructive theology for our time This third volume of Veli-Matti Karkkainen’s ambitious five volume theology project develops a Christian theology of creation and humanity (theological anthropology) in dialogue with the Christian tradition, with contemporary theology in all its global and contextual diversity, and with other major living faiths -- Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In constructing his theology of creation and humanity, Karkkainen uniquely engages the natural sciences, including physical, cosmological, and neuroscientific theories. He devotes particular attention to the topics of divine action in a world subjected to scientific study, environmental pollution, human flourishing, and the theological implications of evolutionary theory -- with regard to both cosmos and humanity.

Heythrop journal

Heythrop journal Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3740434
Release 2004
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Heythrop journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heythrop journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heythrop journal book for free.

Elenchus of Biblica

Elenchus of Biblica Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000064876269
Release 2005
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Elenchus of Biblica has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Elenchus of Biblica also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Elenchus of Biblica book for free.


Quakerism Author Patricia A. Williams
ISBN-10 0741449358
Release 2008-09
Pages 198
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Quakerism: A Theology for Our Time elucidates the original Quaker theology of the seventeenth century and demonstrates how it is complemented by modern science and biblical criticism for fruition faith.

Can a Darwinian be a Christian

Can a Darwinian be a Christian Author Michael Ruse
ISBN-10 0521637163
Release 2004-09-06
Pages 242
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This book, first published in 2000, adopts a balanced perspective on the subject to offer a serious examination of both Darwinism and Christianity. He covers a wide range of topics, from the Scopes Monkey Trial to claims about the religious significance of extraterrestrials. He deals with major figures in the current science/religion debate and considers in detail the claims of the new creationism, revealing some surprising parallels between Darwinian materialists and traditional thinkers such as St. Augustine. Michael Ruse argues that, although it is at times difficult for a Darwinian to embrace Christian belief, it is by no means inconceivable. At the same time he suggests ways in which a Christian believer should have no difficulty accepting evolution in general, and Darwinism in particular.

Original Selfishness

Original Selfishness Author Daryl P. Domning
ISBN-10 9781351913188
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 232
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This book defends a startling idea: that the age-old theological and philosophical problems of original sin and evil, long thought intractable, have already been solved. The solution has come from the very scientific discovery that many consider the most mortal threat to traditional religion: evolution. Daryl P. Domning explains in straightforward terms the workings of modern evolutionary theory, Darwinian natural selection, and how this has brought forth life and the human mind. He counters objections to Darwinism that are raised by some believers and emphasizes that the evolutionary process necessarily enforces selfish behavior on all living things. This account of both physical and moral evil is arguably more consistent with traditional Christian teachings than are the explanations given by most contemporary "evolutionary" theologians themselves. The prominent theologian, Monika K. Hellwig, dialogues with Daryl Domning throughout the book to present a balanced reappraisal of the doctrine of original sin from both a scientist's and theologian's perspective.

The Language of God

The Language of God Author Francis Collins
ISBN-10 9781847396150
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 304
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Dr Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, is one of the world's leading scientists, working at the cutting edge of the study of DNA, the code of life. Yet he is also a man of unshakable faith in God. How does he reconcile the seemingly unreconcilable? In THE LANGUAGE OF GOD he explains his own journey from atheism to faith, and then takes the reader on a stunning tour of modern science to show that physics, chemistry and biology -- indeed, reason itself -- are not incompatible with belief. His book is essential reading for anyone who wonders about the deepest questions of all: why are we here? How did we get here? And what does life mean?

Wrestling with the Divine

Wrestling with the Divine Author Christopher C. Knight
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110312944
Release 2001
Pages 146
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Knight extends the dialogue begun in John Polkinghorne's and Arthur Peacocke's work to explore new possibilities. Their stress on natural processes as the form of divine immanence and the locus of divine action opens the way to Knight's rethinking the psychology of religious experience as a medium of divine revelation. Knight employs the paradigmatic instance of revelation -- the early Christian experience of the risen Jesus -- to investigate the psychological basis of revelatory experience. He addresses its referentiality, authentication, implications for propositional truth, and historical models of revelation. Advancing to a new notion yields (a) an affirmation of the sacramental and revelatory potential of the created order and (b) a new understanding of natural theology that opens up to other faiths of the world. --from publisher description.

Friends Journal

Friends Journal Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105121655299
Release 2005
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Friends Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Friends Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Friends Journal book for free.

Christology and Science

Christology and Science Author F. LeRon Shults
ISBN-10 UVA:X030463650
Release 2008
Pages 171
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The dialogue between theology and science has blossomed in recent decades, but particular beliefs about Jesus Christ have not often been brought to the forefront of this interdisciplinary discussion even in explicitly Christian contexts. Here F. LeRon Shults breaks new ground by explicitly bringing the specific themes of Christology into dialogue with contemporary science. Shults seeks to articulate the Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ in a way that responds to challenges and opportunities that have arisen in light of various scientific discoveries. After a brief treatment of the history of the shaping of the ideas of Incarnation, Atonement, and Parousia, Shults traces developments in some of the sciences that have challenged these formulations ? evolutionary biology, cultural anthropology, and physical cosmology. Each chapter also summarizes some of the popular constructive responses to these developments. After clarifying the way in which the Christian understandings of God and of humanity shape the task of reforming Christology, each chapter concludes with a programmatic outline of ways in which we might articulate the identity, agency, and presence of Jesus Christ in dialogue with late modern science and culture.

Evolution and Holiness

Evolution and Holiness Author Matthew Nelson Hill
ISBN-10 9780830839070
Release 2016-03-08
Pages 251
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New research in evolutionary biology shows that human beings have behavioral traits directly linked to genetics. Christian ethics is coming to terms with what this means for free will and human goodness. Matthew Hill examines these questions and argues that Wesley developed a social ethics that anticipated current developments.