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Double Fold

Double Fold Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9781400033041
Release 2002-08-13
Pages 384
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The ostensible purpose of a library is to preserve the printed word. But for fifty years our country’s libraries–including the Library of Congress–have been doing just the opposite, destroying hundreds of thousands of historic newspapers and replacing them with microfilm copies that are difficult to read, lack all the color and quality of the original paper and illustrations, and deteriorate with age. With meticulous detective work and Baker’s well-known explanatory power, Double Fold reveals a secret history of microfilm lobbyists, former CIA agents, and warehouses where priceless archives are destroyed with a machine called a guillotine. Baker argues passionately for preservation, even cashing in his own retirement account to save one important archive–all twenty tons of it. Written the brilliant narrative style that Nicholson Baker fans have come to expect, Double Fold is a persuasive and often devastating book that may turn out to be The Jungle of the American library system. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Double Fold

Double Fold Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9780099429036
Release 2002-01
Pages 370
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Since the 1950s, some of the world's greatest libraries have, as a matter of common practice, dismantled their collections of original bound newspapers and books, replacing them with microfilmed copies. The originals, often irreplaceable, are cut up to be sold as birthday gifts, or are pulped. In this passionately argued book, the acclaimed author Nicholson Baker reveals the real motives behind the dismantling of our recorded heritage. The libraries argue that paper is too fragile to be stored in their archives, and point to the so-called brittle paper crisis; Baker shows us that paper can be stored for years without deterioration, and that libraries are under budgetary pressure to save space. The players include the British Library, the Library of Congress, the CIA, NASA, microfilm lobbyists, newspaper dealers and a colourful array of librarians and digital futurists, as well as Baker himself - who eventually discovers that the only way to save one important newspaper archive being disposed of by the British Library is to buy it.

Vandals in the Stacks

Vandals in the Stacks Author Richard J. Cox
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105111791112
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 219
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Libraries and archives have violated their public trust, argues Nicholson Baker in his controversial book Double Fold, by destroying their paper-based collections. The present work critiques Mr. Baker's argument, responding point by point. Whether one agrees with Nicholson Baker or not, the other side of the story is offered in this book.


Mezzanine Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9780802198228
Release 2010-07-13
Pages 142
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In his startling, witty, and inexhaustibly inventive first novel—first published in 1986 and now reissued as a Grove Press paperback—the author of Vox and The Fermata uses a one-story escalator ride as the occasion for a dazzling reappraisal of everyday objects and rituals. From the humble milk carton to the act of tying one’s shoes, The Mezzanine at once defamiliarizes the familiar world and endows it with loopy and euphoric poetry. Nicholson Baker’s accounts of the ordinary become extraordinary through his sharp storytelling and his unconventional, conversational style. At first glance, The Mezzanine appears to be a book about nothing. In reality, it is a brilliant celebration of things, simultaneously demonstrating the value of reflection and the importance of everyday human human experiences.

The Size of Thoughts

The Size of Thoughts Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9780307807519
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 368
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The Size of Thoughts, a collection of essays that have appeared in the New Yorker and other publications, includes one never-before-published piece on the world of electronics. The essays celebrate the joy--and exquisite details--of everything from library card catalogs and reading aloud to the significance of wine stains on a tablecloth. Baker turns any subject, from feeding a child to phone sex, into literature with a style that is sparklingly original, frequently beautiful, and always thought-provoking. The Size of Thoughts, through its varied forays into the realms of the overlooked, the underfunded, and the wrongfully scrapped, is a funny book by one of the most distinctive stylists and thinkers of out time.

The Way the World Works

The Way the World Works Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9781416583981
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 336
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Nicholson Baker, who “writes like no one else in America” (Newsweek), here assembles his best short pieces from the last fifteen years. The Way the World Works, Baker’s second nonfiction collection, ranges over the map of life to examine what troubles us, what eases our pain, and what brings us joy. Baker moves from political controversy to the intimacy of his own life, from forgotten heroes of pacifism to airplane wings, telephones, paper mills, David Remnick, Joseph Pulitzer, the OED, and the manufacture of the Venetian gondola. He writes about kite string and about the moment he met his wife, and he surveys our fascination with video games while attempting to beat his teenage son at Modern Warfare 2. In a celebrated essay on Wikipedia, Baker describes his efforts to stem the tide of encyclopedic deletionism; in another, he charts the rise of e-readers; in a third he chronicles his Freedom of Information lawsuit against the San Francisco Public Library. Through all these pieces, many written for The New Yorker, Harper’s, and The American Scholar, Baker shines the light of an inexpugnable curiosity. The Way the World Works is a keen-minded, generous-spirited compendium by a modern American master.


Vox Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9780307807489
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 176
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER Vox is a novel that remaps the territory of sex—sex solitary and telephonic, lyrical and profane, comfortable and dangerous. It is an erotic classic that places Nicholson Baker firmly in the first rank of major American writers.

U and I

U and I Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9780307807502
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 192
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Baker muses on the creative process via his obsession with John Updike. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Yours Ever

Yours Ever Author Thomas Mallon
ISBN-10 9780307477415
Release 2010-12-07
Pages 338
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A tribute to the art of letter writing features the author's commentary on the circumstances and characters of famous accomplished practitioners, sharing the suicide letters, travel bulletins and other writings of figures ranging from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Lord Byron.

A Box of Matches

A Box of Matches Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056249710
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 178
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During a month in the life of a forty-five-year-old editor of medical textbooks, Emmett--married with children, a cat, and a duck--ruminates about the meaning of life during his pre-dawn sojourns alone. By the National Book Critics Circle Award-winning author of Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper. 50,000 first printing.

The Anthologist

The Anthologist Author Nicholson Baker
ISBN-10 9781416572442
Release 2009-09-08
Pages 243
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While writing an introduction to a new poetry anthology, Paul Chowder struggles with the end of a relationship, his own stunted career, and the suffering of poets as varied as Tennyson and Roethke.

The Civil War in Photographs

The Civil War in Photographs Author William C. Davis
ISBN-10 1780971826
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 256
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The age of photography coincided with the eruption of the Civil War. As a result, more than 2,000 photographers covered the conflict, for the first time capturing every aspect of war. Here are the finest of these images, with illuminating text to accompany them. Many of these evocative photos are rare, and portray the battles, their tragic aftermath, and the people caught in the devastation.

The Accidental Library Manager

The Accidental Library Manager Author Rachel Singer Gordon
ISBN-10 1573872105
Release 2005
Pages 362
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"Included are insights from working library managers at different levels and in various types of libraries, addressing a wide range of management issues and situations. Not to be missed: comments from library staff about the qualities they appreciate - and the styles and attitudes they find counterproductive - in their own bosses."--Jacket.

The Death of Satan

The Death of Satan Author Andrew Delbanco
ISBN-10 9780374524869
Release 1996
Pages 274
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The Death of Satan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Death of Satan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Death of Satan book for free.

Libraries in the Ancient World

Libraries in the Ancient World Author Lionel Casson
ISBN-10 0300097212
Release 2002
Pages 177
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Telling the story of ancient libraries from their very beginnings, when "books" were clay tablets, a renowned classicist takes readers on a lively tour from the royal libraries of the ancient Near East to the private and public libraries of Greece and Rome, down to the first Christian monastic libraries, explaining what books were acquired and how. Illustrations.


BiblioTech Author John Palfrey
ISBN-10 9780465042999
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 288
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BiblioTech has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from BiblioTech also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full BiblioTech book for free.

Library An Unquiet History

Library  An Unquiet History Author Matthew Battles
ISBN-10 0393078620
Release 2011-02-07
Pages 256
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"Splendidly articulate, informative and provoking....A book to be savored and gone back to."—Baltimore Sun On the survival and destruction of knowledge, from Alexandria to the Internet. Through the ages, libraries have not only accumulated and preserved but also shaped, inspired, and obliterated knowledge. Matthew Battles, a rare books librarian and a gifted narrator, takes us on a spirited foray from Boston to Baghdad, from classical scriptoria to medieval monasteries, from the Vatican to the British Library, from socialist reading rooms and rural home libraries to the Information Age. He explores how libraries are built and how they are destroyed, from the decay of the great Alexandrian library to scroll burnings in ancient China to the destruction of Aztec books by the Spanish—and in our own time, the burning of libraries in Europe and Bosnia. Encyclopedic in its breadth and novelistic in its telling, this volume will occupy a treasured place on the bookshelf next to Baker's Double Fold, Basbanes's A Gentle Madness, Manguel's A History of Reading, and Winchester's The Professor and the Madman.