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Education and the Cult of Efficiency

Education and the Cult of Efficiency Author Raymond E. Callahan
ISBN-10 9780226216904
Release 2010-11-16
Pages 283
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Raymond Callahan's lively study exposes the alarming lengths to which school administrators went, particularly in the period from 1910 to 1930, in sacrificing educational goals to the demands of business procedures. He suggests that even today the question still asked is: "How can we operate our schools?" Society has not yet learned to ask: "How can we provide an excellent education for our children?"

The Cult of Efficiency

The Cult of Efficiency Author Janice Gross Stein
ISBN-10 9780887846786
Release 2002
Pages 307
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"This thought-provoking discourse on the unquestioned pursuit of efficiency reveals how the discussion of efficiency in the delivery of public goods, such as education and health care, has risen to prominence in postindustrial society. Stein's provocative argument, reminiscent of the thinking of Lewis Mumford, demonstrates that efficiency can too often be a cloak for political agendas, and that pressure for efficiency can actually be a detrimental rather than a positive force. Citizens in public schools, community clinics, and hospitals are shown engaging directly with such agendas, redrawing the face of the state as they impose new ways of delivering public goods. Stein demonstrates how they are calling not only for efficiency but for accountability and choice as they confront the dilemmas of democratic processes in a global age."

The New Cult of Efficiency and Education

The New Cult of Efficiency and Education Author Henry Thomas James
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031102562
Release 1969
Pages 65
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The New Cult of Efficiency and Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The New Cult of Efficiency and Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The New Cult of Efficiency and Education book for free.

The Myth of the Common School

The Myth of the Common School Author Charles Leslie Glenn
ISBN-10 1558155228
Release 2002-05-01
Pages 369
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The Myth of the Common School has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Myth of the Common School also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Myth of the Common School book for free.

Education and the Commercial Mindset

Education and the Commercial Mindset Author Samuel E. Abrams
ISBN-10 9780674049178
Release 2016-05-02
Pages 417
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The movement to privatize K–12 education is stronger than ever. Samuel Abrams examines the rise of market forces in public education and reveals how a commercial mindset that sidesteps fundamental challenges has taken over. Nevertheless, public schools should adopt lessons from the business world, such as raising teacher salaries to attract talent.

Teachers and Texts

Teachers and Texts Author Michael W. Apple
ISBN-10 9781136634857
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 268
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First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Assessing Student Performance

Assessing Student Performance Author Grant P. Wiggins
ISBN-10 0787950475
Release 1999-09-17
Pages 336
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Now in paperback! "The most comprehensive and exhaustive treatise available on the imperative to change the ways we test and assess student will become a major reference work for supporters of student-centered assessment." --Educational Leadership "A 'must' book for the on-going debate on American school reform." --Theodore R. Sizer, chairman, Coalition of Essential Schools What is assessment and how does testing differ from it? Why are performance tests, by themselves, not an adequate system of student assessment? How might we better "test our tests" beyond current technical standards? And why won't increased national testing offer the accountability of schools we so sorely need? In Assessing Student Performance, Grant P. Wiggins explores these questions and clarifies the limits of testing in an assessment system. He analyzes problematic practices in test design and formats that prevent students from explaining their answers. By showing us that assessment is more than testing and intellectual performance is more than right answers, Wiggins leads us to new systems of assessment that more closely examine students' habits of mind and provide teachers and policy makers with more useful and credible feedback.

Rediscovering the Spirit of Education After Scientific Management

Rediscovering the Spirit of Education After Scientific Management Author J. Neyland
ISBN-10 9460911579
Release 2010-01
Pages 238
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Is it meaningful to think of education as having a spirit - a large orientation that gives it a purpose and motivation, without reducing it to rules, codes, outcomes or methods? If so, how might this spirit be understood in education today? This book addresses these questions. It also explains why the spirit of education today is systematically being diminished to something less worthy of educational endeavour. It is argued that globally and at all levels including early childhood primary secondary initial teacher education and tertiary. Education is being eroded. Otherwise put, education is more and more being brought under the yoke of a mode of thought that reduces it to something mechanical, narrowly characterized by codes, predefined outcomes, protocols and rules. The cause, it is argued is the growing dominance of a new fashion in education called 'scientific management'. Scientific management has become the new and unquestionable orthodoxy in education. As a consequence, it has become increasingly difficult to imagine, let along articulate, an alternative. This book explores the origins and fundamental assumptions of scientific management, and suggests how the spirit of education might be rediscovered by turning instead to a more 'ethical', 'socially interpersonal', and 'full bodied' orientation. The approach taken avoids the difficulties usually associated with such ethically oriented treatments of education by drawing on recent findings in neurophysiology, psychology, primate and language studies. The book is a Reader, and is designed to both supplement and invigorate undergraduate and postgraduate courses in education, and to appeal to general readers who have an interest in education. The book will be particularly suitable as a supplement for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in initial teacher education, educational psychology, sociology of education, philosophy of education and curriculum and assessment.

Researching Educational Leadership and Management

Researching Educational Leadership and Management Author Mark Brundrett
ISBN-10 9781446296752
Release 2013-12-01
Pages 200
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Carrying out leadership research in educational establishments can be challenging, but it is also rewarding. This accessible book offers sound practical advice and a clear conceptual framework for this research. Drawing on their extensive expertise, the authors show you how to prepare to carry out research, design research tools, and report and reflect on the results. Students using the book are supported by features such as: key learning objectives in each chapter examples of research tools derived from real leadership project figures explanation of key terms and questions further reading and key web links for each chapter. This text will be of interest to Masters' and Doctoral level students, academics in the field of educational leadership and management and all those who wish to research a wide range of issues connected with the operation of schools and institutions of further and higher education.

The Privatization of Education

The Privatization of Education Author Antoni Verger
ISBN-10 9780807774724
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Education privatization is a global phenomenon that has crystallized in countries with very different cultural, political, and economic backgrounds. In this book, the authors examine how privatization policies are being adopted and why so many countries are engaging in this type of education reform. The authors explore the contexts, key personnel, and policy initiatives that explain the worldwide advance of the private sector in education, and identify six different paths toward education privatization—as a drastic state sector reform (e.g., Chile, the U.K.), as an incremental reform (e.g., the U.S.A.), in social-democratic welfare states, as historical public-private partnerships (e.g., Netherlands, Spain), as de facto privatization in low-income countries, and privatization via disaster. Book Features: The first comprehensive, in-depth investigation of the political economy of education privatization at a global scale.An analysis of the different strategies, discourses, and agents that have contributed to advancing (and resisting) education privatization trends. An examination of the role of private corporations, policy entrepreneurs, philanthropic organizations, think-tanks, and teacher unions. “Rich in examples, careful in its analysis, important in its conclusions and recommendations for further work, this book is a vital, rigorous, up-to-date resource for education policy researchers.” —Stephen J. Ball, University College London “Few issues are as significant as is education privatization across the globe; few treatments of this issue offer both the breadth and nuanced understanding that this book does.” —Christopher Lubienski, Indiana University

The Cult of the Amateur

The Cult of the Amateur Author Andrew Keen
ISBN-10 9780385520812
Release 2008
Pages 236
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A Silicon Valley insider offers a provocative look at the dark side of the new digital revolution, Web 2.0, and its detrimental influence on modern-day culture, society, and business, explaining the devastating repercussions of this cult of the amateur and offering concrete solutions for countering its impact on modern life. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.

Writing and the Writer

Writing and the Writer Author Frank Smith
ISBN-10 9781136690143
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 304
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Exploring the relationship between the writer and what he/she happens to be writing, this text by one of the foremost scholars in the field of literacy and cognition is a unique and original examination of writing--as a craft and as a cognitive activity. The book is concerned with the physical activity of writing, the way the nervous system recruits the muscles to move the pen or manipulate the typewriter. It considers the necessary disciplines of writing, such as knowledge of the conventions of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In particular, there is a concern with how the skills underlying all these aspects of writing are learned and orchestrated. This second edition includes many new insights from the author's significant experience and from recent research, providing a framework for thinking about the act of writing in both theoretical and practical ways. A completely new chapter on computers and writing is included, as well as more about the role of reading in learning to write, about learning to write at all ages, and about such controversial issues as whether and how genre theory should be taught. Written in nontechnical language, this text will continue to be accessible and stimulating to a wide range of readers concerned with writing, literacy, thinking, and education. Furthermore, it has an educational orientation, therefore proving relevant and useful to anyone who teaches about writing or endeavors to teach writing.

Education Ethics and the cult of Efficiency

Education  Ethics and the  cult of Efficiency Author Paul Thomas Begley
ISBN-10 0861769473
Release 2004
Pages 69
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Education Ethics and the cult of Efficiency has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Education Ethics and the cult of Efficiency also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Education Ethics and the cult of Efficiency book for free.

Selling Out Education

Selling Out Education Author Stephanie Allais
ISBN-10 9789462095786
Release 2014-08-07
Pages 274
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Selling Out Education argues that basing education policy on qualifications and learning outcomes—dramatized by the phenomenal expansion of qualifications frameworks—is misguided. Qualifications frameworks are intended to make education more responsive to the needs of economies and societies by improving how qualifications and credentials are used in labour markets. But using learning outcomes as the starting point of education programmes neglects the core purpose of education: giving people access to bodies of knowledge they would not otherwise have. Furthermore, instead of creating demand for skilled workers through industrial and economic policy, qualifications frameworks are premised on the flawed idea that a supply of skilled workers leads to industrial and economic development. And skilled workers are to be supplied not by encouraging governments to focus attention on creating, improving, and supporting education institutions, but by suggesting that governments take a quality-assurance role. As a result, in poor countries where provision is weak to start with, qualifications have been created and institutions established to monitor providers without increasing or improving education provision. The weaknesses of many current policy approaches make clear, Allais argues, that education is inherently a collective good, and that the acquisition of bodies of knowledge provide the basis for its integrity and intelligibility.

Why Teachers Organized

Why Teachers Organized Author Wayne J. Urban
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004074798
Release 1982
Pages 202
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Why Teachers Organized has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Why Teachers Organized also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Why Teachers Organized book for free.

Economics of Education

Economics of Education Author George Psacharopoulos
ISBN-10 9781483145259
Release 2014-05-17
Pages 498
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Economics of Education: Research and Studies reviews key topics in the field of economics of education since 1960s. This book is organized into 12 parts. Part I and Part II focus on the supply side of human capital and narrower aspects of human capital creation by means of education. Subsequent parts look at the benefits of education; relationship between education and employment; controversies in the field of economics of education; issues of manpower planning; and methodology for empirically analyzing the issues in the economics of education. The last two parts address the costs of education, with emphasis on cost function, analysis and on the financing of education.

A History of Western Educational Ideas

A History of Western Educational Ideas Author Denis Lawton
ISBN-10 0713040416
Release 2002
Pages 249
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This work traces the development of Western educational ideas from the Greek society of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, to the ideas and ideologies behind some of the controversial issues in education today. The authors avoid the traditional "great thinkers" approach, and instead try to relate educational ideas to the political, social and economic development of the times, covering Greece and Rome, early Christianity, the Renaissance, the religious conflicts of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Enlightenment in the 18th century, and Romanticism, as well as more familiar political issues in the 19th and 20th centuries. The book concludes with a brief discussion of the problem of values and education in the 21st century. The authors reject extreme versions of postmodernist thinking, and reassert the view that values and an expression of priorities within value systems are an essential aspect of educational planning at any time.