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Education Reform

Education Reform Author Ian C. Friedman
ISBN-10 0816082383
Release 2011-01
Pages 264
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Praise for the previous edition: "...excellent...provide[s] timeless foundational information for those interested in the area of educational reform. Every academic library should have this volume."—American Reference Books Annual The effort to improve the quality, methods, and purpose of elementary and secondary schooling in the United States is known as education reform. This movement traces its origins to the inception of public schools—almost 150 years before the founding of the nation—and has both reflected and led social change in the United States. Americans widely agree that schools play an essential role in shaping the nation's future but disagree about education-related issues ranging from assimilation of immigrants and opportunity for the poor to the role of the federal government and the constitutional rights of parents and children. Today the debates on education reform center on teacher preparation and incentives, standardized testing, charter schools, homeschooling, school choice, class size, and discipline. As the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 reaches its 10-year anniversary, Americans are evaluating its nationwide impact on standards, accountability, curriculum, and failing schools. Education Reform, Revised Edition examines these and other complex issues surrounding this timely issue. Clear and logically organized, this revised volume helps students and researchers define, understand, and research this important topic. Coverage includes: Current developments regarding teacher incentives, curriculum standards, standardized tests, and homeschooling The goals and requirements of "Race to the Top," a $5 billion education grant program rolled out as part of the Obama administration's Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Extracts from documents such as The Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education (1918), A Nation at Risk (1983), the 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, and the U.S. Secretary of Education's overview of key policy provisions in the No Child Left Behind Act (2002) A concise survey of the events and major debates surrounding education reform in the United States, from earliest influences through the present Up-to-date statistics on charter school enrollment and operations.

Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent

Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent Author Thomas C. Hunt
ISBN-10 9781412956642
Release 2010-01-12
Pages 1042
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The history of American education is replete with educational reform, and to a lesser extent, educational dissent. Consider the present: you have various forms of privatization, school choice, the 'No Child Left Behind' act, home schooling, 'value-added' accountability, alternative teacher preparation programs, on-line instruction, etc. This range of activity is not exceptional. For instance, consider the past: progressive education, open education, the junior high school, the middle school, Life Adjustment education, career education, vocational education, the comprehensive high school, school-to-work, year-round schooling, behavioral objectives, proficiency exams (high-stakes testing), whole language, learning packages and self-paced instruction, modular scheduling, site-based management, all presented as the way to reform American schools, at least in part. Then you have the reformers themselves, such as John Dewey, George Counts, Herbert Kohl, John Holt, Charles Silberman, Admiral Hyman Rickover, James Bryant Conant, all the way back to Horace Mann himself. Dissenters, and dissenting movements, while not as numerous and certainly not as well known in educational circles, count the various faith-based schools and individuals such as Archbishop Hughes of New York.Clearly, this is an area rich in ideas, rife with controversy, and vital in its outcome for individuals and the nation as a whole. And yet, strangely enough, there exists no major encyclopedia bringing the varied strands together in one place as a ready reference for scholars, teachers, school administrators, and students studying to enter the educational profession. This two-volume work is intended to be that authoritative resource. Key themes and topics include: " biographies of reformers and dissenters " theoretical and ideological perspectives " key programs and legislation " judicial verdicts impacting educational change in America " the politics and processes of educational reform and policy making " dissent and resistance to reform " technology's impact on educational reform. A Reader's Guide in the front matter groups entries around such themes to help readers find related entries more easily.

Education Reform ACT 1988

Education Reform ACT 1988 Author The Law Library
ISBN-10 1717029981
Release 2018-04-14
Pages 118
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Education Reform Act 1988 (UK) The Law Library presents the official text of the Education Reform Act 1988 (UK). Updated as of March 26, 2018 This book contains: - The complete text of the Education Reform Act 1988 (UK) - A table of contents with the page number of each section

Education Reform

Education Reform Author Stephen J. Ball
ISBN-10 9780335230570
Release 1994-09-01
Pages 164
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This book subjects the ongoing reforms in UK education to a rigorous critical interrogation. It takes as its main concerns the introduction of market forces, managerialism and the National Curriculum into the organization of schools and the work of teachers and argues that these reforms are combining to fundamentally reconstruct the work of teaching, to generate and ramify multiple inequalities and to destroy civic virtue in education.


Realities Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4214324
Release 1984
Pages 12
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Realities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Realities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Realities book for free.

Change Forces

Change Forces Author Michael Fullan
ISBN-10 9781136616099
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 172
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Knowledge of the processes of educational change is said to be the missing ingredient in attempts to bring about educational innovation and reform. Whether these efforts involve grass roots innovation or large-scale societal reform, failure to understand and act on existing knowledge of the change process has accounted for the widespread lack of success in making educational improvements. This volume analyzes what is known about successful or productive change processes, and identifies corresponding action strategies at the individual, school, local and state levels. Included in this book is a major treatment of the topic of the 'ethics of planned change', a neglected topic in recent literature, especially since strategies for intervening in the change process are receiving more attention. This book is intended to be used by teachers in training and in service, teacher trainers, educational researchers, education historians and administrators.

Academies and Educational Reform

Academies and Educational Reform Author Elizabeth Leo
ISBN-10 9781847693150
Release 2010
Pages 222
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Behind the headlines and controversy surrounding new academy schools, many of their principals, teachers and pupils have been quietly changing the culture of learning and achievement in some of the most disadvantaged communities in England. While successful innovation and change is not unique to academies, this book illustrates how the academy policy represents a significant opportunity to improve the life chances of their pupils. Too much attention has focused on unanswerable questions about whether academies are better or worse than their predecessor or comparable schools in their neighbourhood. Too little focus has been on what policy-makers and practitioners can learn from the different, and often conflicting, perspectives of the key players, notably sponsors, architects, principals, parents and pupils in order to create a school that can truly serve their community with distinction. "The development of Academies is a high profile initiative which has given rise to a large number of publications. However, as the analysis in this book illustrates, many of these consist either of polemic or of attempts at evaluation with limited sophistication or success. By asking the question `what can be learned from the Academies programme?' this book provides a different perspective. The range of interviews with key informants provides concrete original data around which the discussion and analysis are skilfully woven." Mike Fleming, University of Durham, UK "Not only do the authors draw upon interviews with a wide range of practitioners working in Academies, but they also give the reader access to the thinking of leading strategists in the development of their philosophy, most notably Lord Adonis. This in its own right recommends the book as a text of critical importance. More than this, however, the authors undertake a painstaking but always riveting analysis of the successes and failures of this central strategy in New Labour educational policy." Derrick Armstrong, University of Sydney, Australia

Fitting the Pieces

Fitting the Pieces Author Steven Klein
ISBN-10 0788148478
Release 1996-06-01
Pages 48
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Reviews the essential elements of planning, implementing, and sustaining school reform. Designed to assist policymakers and practitioners at the district, school, and community levels in creating strategies that will enable them to increase student learning. Eight key lessons, drawn from 12 major studies of education reform, identify a cluster of concerns relative to the reform process -- leadership, goals, timing, training, flexibility, infrastructure, managing resources, and self-assessment. Taken together, they emphasize a comprehensive, strategic, and common-sense approach to school reform. Includes planning guides and worksheets.

Understanding Educational Reform

Understanding Educational Reform Author Raymond A. Horn
ISBN-10 9781576078082
Release 2002
Pages 338
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Examines the origins, context, and patterns of educational reform in the United States.

Misguided Education Reform

Misguided Education Reform Author Nancy E. Bailey
ISBN-10 9781475803587
Release 2013-07-29
Pages 160
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Misguided Education Reform: Debating the Impact on Students argues for reforms that will help, not hurt, America’s public school students. Early childhood education, testing, reading, special education, discipline, loss of the arts, and school facilities, are all areas experiencing reform in the wrong direction.

The Politics of Education Reform in the Middle East

The Politics of Education Reform in the Middle East Author Samira Alayan
ISBN-10 9780857454614
Release 2012-06-30
Pages 284
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Education systems and textbooks in selected countries of the Middle East are increasingly the subject of debate. This volume presents and analyzes the major trends as well as the scope and the limits of education reform initiatives undertaken in recent years. In curricula and teaching materials, representations of the "Self" and the "Other" offer insights into the contemporary dynamics of identity politics. By building on a network of scholars working in various countries in the Middle East itself, this book aims to contribute to the evolution of a field of comparative education studies in this region.

Neoliberalism and Education Reform

Neoliberalism and Education Reform Author E. Wayne Ross
ISBN-10 1572736763
Release 2007
Pages 312
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This book has two primary goals: a critique of educational reforms that result from the rise of neoliberalism and to provide alternatives to neoliberal conceptions of education problems and solutions. A key issue addressed by contributors is how forms of critical consciousness can be engendered thought society via schools, that is, paying attention to the practical aspects of pedagogy for social transformation and organizing to achieve a most just society.

Educational Publishing in Global Perspective

Educational Publishing in Global Perspective Author Shobhana Sosale
ISBN-10 0821342541
Release 1999
Pages 229
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The chain of stakeholders associated with educational books is long and impressive. By contrast, our information about the educational book publishing industry has been fragmented at best. To consolidate and share this information, a seminar on "Understanding the Educational Book Industry" was organized by the World Bank in Washington, D.C., September 9-10, 1997. This report reflects the deliberations that emerged from that seminar. The seminar focused on four themes: policies for the provision of educational materials; the publishing industry growth in developing countries; thorny issues such as procurement, protection, and copyright; and longer-term solutions. Over the last three years the World Bank has lent approximately US$550 million in one form or another for textbook components within education projects. With textbooks continuing to be such a rarity in developing countries, we need to pause and ask the questions: Are current processes effective? Do we know enough about the educational book industry to claim that we have helped to promote literate societies? This report attempts to answer these and other questions toward the ultimate goal of educating society.

Changing Patterns of Power

Changing Patterns of Power Author Thomas S. Popkewitz
ISBN-10 0791414477
Release 1993
Pages 382
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The reform of teacher education has been a focal point of state action in industrial countries since the early 1980s. Given this convergence of educational and governmental activity, the studies presented here are a significant departure from conventional discourse on reform, because they explore the ways that social regulation and political power operate through the processes of educational reform. This book considers the reform of teacher education to be an integral part of the larger system of social regulation that takes place in the arena of schooling. Reforms in teacher education involve complex sets of interactions among and within social institutions. These interactions help shape power relations and patterns of social regulation that operate through state, university, and school interactions. Nevertheless, the patterns that give direction and value to teacher education are not easily discerned in public discussions of educational change. Instead, many of the most important regulatory aspects of teacher education reform are partly obscured by a public discourse that focuses attention on formal responses to socioeconomic events, and that tends to divert critical attention away from the power that is exercised--and the interests that are served--during reform. This volume presents studies of reform in Australia, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Although these countries differ in their political and social histories, rates and levels of industrialization, and patterns of educational practice, there is a striking commonality in both the strategies that are employed to reform teacher education, and in the nature of social regulation that is a concomitant of reform.

Education Reform

Education Reform Author Facts On File, Incorporated
ISBN-10 9781438124452
Release 2003
Pages 264
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This volume examines the complex issues surrounding education reform in the United States. It contains a survey of the historical developments and major debates surrounding this topic and covers issues such as home schooling, curriculum standards and standardized tests.

Building Influence for the School Librarian

Building Influence for the School Librarian Author Gary N. Hartzell
ISBN-10 0938865323
Release 1994
Pages 184
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Offers advice on how school librarians can achieve greater success in developing their libraries by assessing their role, expanding their influence, and getting involved with school politics

Educational Reform

Educational Reform Author Douglas J. Simpson
ISBN-10 0815320892
Release 1997
Pages 345
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This collection of essays and reviews represents the most significant and comprehensive writing on Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors. Miola's edited work also features a comprehensive critical history, coupled with a full bibliography and photographs of major productions of the play from around the world. In the collection, there are five previously unpublished essays. The topics covered in these new essays are women in the play, the play's debt to contemporary theater, its critical and performance histories in Germany and Japan, the metrical variety of the play, and the distinctly modern perspective on the play as containing dark and disturbing elements. To compliment these new essays, the collection features significant scholarship and commentary on The Comedy of Errors that is published in obscure and difficulty accessible journals, newspapers, and other sources. This collection brings together these essays for the first time.