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Educational Resiliency

Educational Resiliency Author Hersch C. Waxman
ISBN-10 9781607528562
Release 2006-04-01
Pages 289
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This book is the first volume in the series Research in Educational Diversity and Excellence. The purpose of the present book is to summarize and discuss recent perspectives, research, and practices related to educational resilience. There are three distinct parts of the book. The first part, "Conceptual Issues and Reviews of Research," focuses on issues related to defining resiliency as well as reviewing classical and recent studies in the area of educational resiliency. Part II, "Studies of Students’ Resiliency," focuses on recent resiliency findings including methodological issues and implications of individual and schoollevel resilience. The final part, "Schools, Programs, and Communities that Enhance Resiliency," concentrates primarily on interventions and instructional programs that foster resiliency in youth and the schools they attend.

Review of Research on Educational Resilience

Review of Research on Educational Resilience Author Hersholt C. Waxman
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106017248300
Release 2003
Pages 20
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Contemporary Approaches to Research on Learning Environments

Contemporary Approaches to Research on Learning Environments Author
ISBN-10 9789814479301
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Promoting Resilience in the Classroom

Promoting Resilience in the Classroom Author Carmel Cefai
ISBN-10 1846427738
Release 2008-03-15
Pages 176
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Resilience is a set of qualities that enable children to adapt and transform, to overcome risk and adversity, and to develop social competence, problem-solving skills, autonomy and a sense of purpose. For children and young people it is as vital to possess these qualities in school environments as in the family and the community at large. This handbook for teachers and educators explores ways of nurturing resilience in vulnerable students. It proposes a new, positive way of thinking about schools as institutions that can foster cognitive and socio-emotional competence in all students. Individual chapters examine effective practices in schools and classrooms, and assess a range of classroom processes, such as engagement, inclusion, collaboration and prosocial behaviour. The author makes use of case studies throughout to bring to life classroom activities and concrete strategies that will promote best practice for enhancing student resilience, and offers a framework that can be adapted to the existing nature, culture and needs of each individual school community and its members. Promoting Resilience in the Classroom is a valuable resource for educational practitioners as well as educational officers and policy makers engaged in school development and educational improvement.

Teacher Training and Effective Pedagogy in the Context of Student Diversity

Teacher Training and Effective Pedagogy in the Context of Student Diversity Author Liliana MinayaRowe
ISBN-10 9781607525240
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 341
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The purpose of this volume is twofold. First, the book attempts to initiate a researchbased dialogue from a variety of perspectives specifically about teacher training and teaching in the context of student linguistic and cultural diversity; and, second, to cast a wide net over three major areas of professional development that have the potential to impact on teacher quality and on the educational services provided to ELLs at all levels of instruction. This book represents a first attempt to a quiet revolution going on in teacher education (Johnson, 2000). It allows the reader to uncover research activities and experiences that constitute individual teacher education program initiatives. A revolution, because it is stirring the very essence of what stands at the core of teacher education, a core that has long been based more on training to teach monolingual English speaking students and less on teaching ELLs, their first and second language development, using their bilingualism to teach academics, and on the process of becoming an effective teacher of ELLs. This stateoftheart review brings together research on effective pedagogy and teacher training. The nine feature chapters are directly concerned with effective new structures and practices for professional development and are presented in a framework that considers a wide spectrum of topics to address issues such as: what teachers need to understand about English language learners, what kind of professional experiences are likely to facilitate those understandings, and what kinds of teacher education programs and school settings are able to support their ongoing learning. The authors also discuss the implications of their work for helping English language learners connect and benefit from school from the points of view of (1) school reform, (2) teachers’ bilingual proficiencies, (3) teachers’ knowledge and beliefs, and (4) teacher training programming and sustainability.

Latinos as and Mathematics Education

Latinos as and Mathematics Education Author Kip Téllez
ISBN-10 9781617354229
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 363
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This book that explores the mathematics education of Latinos/as in 13 original research studies. Each chapter represents research that grounds mathematics instruction for Latinos/as in the resources to be found in culture and language. By inverting the deficit perspective, this volume redresses the shortcomings found in the previous literature on Latino/a learners. Each study frames language (e.g. bilingualism) not as an obstacle to learning, but as a resource for mathematical reasoning. Other chapters explore the notion of cultural variation not as a liability but as a tool for educators to build upon in the teaching of mathematics. Specifically, the book reframes culture as a focus on the practices, objects, inscriptions, or people that connect mathematical concepts to student thinking and experiences, both in and out of school. The book's four sections divide the research: The first section of the book focuses on mathematic learning in classrooms, specifically exploring bilingual, Latino/a students; the second section explores Latino/a learners in communities, including the role parents can play in advancing learning; the third section includes chapters focused on teacher professional growth; the final section concerns the assessment (and misassessment) of Latino/a learners. The research shared in this volume provides ample evidence that mathematics educators who choose to ignore language or culture in their pedagogy risk shortchanging their Latino/a students.

Current Index to Journals in Education

Current Index to Journals in Education Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00935917S
Release 2000-10
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Educating At risk Students

Educating At risk Students Author Sam Stringfield
ISBN-10 UVA:X004626154
Release 2002
Pages 296
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The Link

The Link Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32437122253897
Release 2003
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The Link has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Link also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Link book for free.

Resilience Begins with Beliefs

Resilience Begins with Beliefs Author Sara Truebridge
ISBN-10 9780807772973
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 131
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As adults working in schools, educators’ beliefs translate into messages, actions, and behaviors that can enhance or impede student success. This book affirms why beliefs are so important and why it is imperative to spend time focusing on, reflecting upon, and affecting educators’ beliefs—especially about students’ resilience. The author draws from her extensive experience in research, policy, and practice to present a wealth of information, strategies, and tools to help educators transfer current resilience theory and research into practice. Unfortunately, being an educator is not always publically supported, financially rewarded, or highly valued. Responding to these circumstances, Resilience Begins with Beliefs is an effective resource to support the resilience of the teachers and administrators working in our schools, as well as to facilitate any environment conducive to greater learning and life outcomes for all students. “In this book, Sara provides clear tools, techniques, and strategies that can actually take something as elusive as beliefs and make it something understandable and embraceable in a concrete context. Furthermore, this book is not only written for teachers but also for educators, administrators, and policymakers in education at all levels—federal, state, and local. In fact, I feel that this book would be a beneficial resource for anyone working within any human service system.” —From the Foreword by Bonnie Benard, Author, with over 25 years of experience promoting the concept of resilience based practice nationally and internationally. “Truebridge has provided a gift to the field, bridging scientific evidence with everyday practice in schools toward maximizing resilience. She eloquently describes the enormous potential of authentic, caring relationships with teachers, and the critical need for teachers to be supported themselves in their ‘caretaking roles.’ With specific implementation directions provided, this is a must-read for educators at all levels of children’s development, from preschool through the end of high school.” —Suniya Luthar, Foundation Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University. “Resilience Begins with Beliefs is a splendid book that is strongly recommended for anyone involved in, or even just interested in, education. It is research based but also immensely practical and very engagingly written. Major environmental positives that apply to schools, as well as to other settings, are caring relationships, high expectations, and opportunities to participate, contribute, and take responsibility. This book integrates all of this in a most interesting and helpful way. It is a marvellous achievement.” —Sir Michael Rutter, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, Institute of Psychiatry, London Book Features: Identifies concrete strategies for harnessing resilience in classrooms and schools. Encourages and promotes reader interaction with reflection questions in every chapter. Offers format suggestions for preservice and professional development programs. Provides many user-friendly features, such as personal reflection ideas for facilitators and participants, and a resilience-in-practice checklist. Sara Truebridge is an education consultant and researcher with over 20 years of classroom experience. Prior to teaching, she was the legislative analyst for education in the New York State Senate and the special assistant to the New York State Secretary of State. She also serves as an education consultant to films, including Race to Nowhere and Love, Hate, Love.

Diversity and Excellence in Higher Education

Diversity and Excellence in Higher Education Author Rosalind M. O. Pritchard
ISBN-10 9789463001724
Release 2015-11-03
Pages 244
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"Diversity and excellence in Higher Education seem to be conflicting concepts. Nevertheless, they are dynamic and closely intertwined -- indeed they may even require each other. The book brings together insights from ten different countries to analyse these multi-facetted phenomena and discuss how they may be reconciled within higher education. To set the overall context, it critically addresses markets and managerialism, whilst foregrounding the dangers of certain behavior that European countries are currently, though often unwisely, copying from the U.S. In a mass Higher Education system, the social basis of the student body diversifies – a fact that creates new challenges for planners and managers. The authors’ study of diversity concentrates particularly upon issues of equity and justice for students, addressing their life cycle transitions from school to higher education, degree completion, postgraduate education and employability. It also considers challenges posed by diversification at the institutional level, encompassing changes in management, leadership, governance and performance assessment. It addresses attempts to achieve excellence by selectivity, thereby contributing to the stratification of university systems; and it explores attempts to achieve excellence by merging smaller institutions to form larger entities. The book’s overall conclusion is that diversity and excellence are not necessarily enemies but relatives who cannot escape the bond between them. "

Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future

Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future Author Jon Norberg
ISBN-10 0231508867
Release 2008-07-11
Pages 352
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Complexity theory illuminates the many interactions between natural and social systems, providing a better understanding of the general principles that can help solve some of today's most pressing environmental issues. Complexity theory was developed from key ideas in economics, physics, biology, and the social sciences and contributes to important new concepts for approaching issues of environmental sustainability such as resilience, scaling, and networks. Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future is a hands-on treatment of this exciting new body of work and its applications, bridging the gap between theoretical and applied perspectives in the management of complex adaptive systems. Focusing primarily on natural resource management and community-based conservation, the book features contributions by leading scholars in the field, many of whom are among the leaders of the Resilience Alliance. Theoreticians will find a valuable synthesis of new ideas on resilience, sustainability, asymmetries, information processing, scaling, and networks. Managers and policymakers will benefit from the application of these ideas to practical approaches and empirical studies linked to social-ecological systems. Chapters present new twists on such existing approaches as scenario planning, scaling analyses, and adaptive management, and the book concludes with recommendations on how to manage natural resources, how to involve stakeholders in the dynamics of a system, and how to explain the difficult topic of scale. A vital reference for an emerging discipline, this volume provides a clearer understanding of the conditions required for systems self-organization, since the capacity of any system to self-organize is crucial for its sustainability over time.

Fostering Resilient Learners

Fostering Resilient Learners Author Kristin Souers
ISBN-10 9781416621102
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 215
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In this galvanizing book for all educators, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall explore an urgent and growing issue--childhood trauma--and its profound effect on learning and teaching. Grounded in research and the authors' experience working with trauma-affected students and their teachers, Fostering Resilient Learners will help you cultivate a trauma-sensitive learning environment for students across all content areas, grade levels, and educational settings. The authors--a mental health therapist and a veteran principal--provide proven, reliable strategies to help you * Understand what trauma is and how it hinders the learning, motivation, and success of all students in the classroom. * Build strong relationships and create a safe space to enable students to learn at high levels. * Adopt a strengths-based approach that leads you to recalibrate how you view destructive student behaviors and to perceive what students need to break negative cycles. * Head off frustration and burnout with essential self-care techniques that will help you and your students flourish. Each chapter also includes questions and exercises to encourage reflection and extension of the ideas in this book. As an educator, you face the impact of trauma in the classroom every day. Let this book be your guide to seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problems, to building relationships that allow students to grow, thrive, and--most assuredly--learn at high levels.

Teaching the Whole Teen

Teaching the Whole Teen Author Rachel Poliner
ISBN-10 9781506335926
Release 2016-08-01
Pages 288
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How can you help teens thrive now and for life? Support them as whole learners. Developing independence and responsibility. Collaborating and communicating effectively. Establishing valuable work habits. Harnessing emotions and motivation. In this insightful, culturally responsive guide, Poliner and Benson integrate these lifelong skills into daily practices through Practical applications for diverse populations in every class, advisory, team, or club The latest research on best practices from adolescent psychology, neuroscience, school climate Tools for teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents to help teens succeed now and later in school, home, workplace, and community. Teaching the Whole Teen supports adolescents and adults within the school to thrive.

Building on Resilience

Building on Resilience Author Fred A. Bonner II
ISBN-10 9781579229641
Release 2015-06-19
Pages 252
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How do we fix the leaky educational pipeline into a conduit of success for Black males? That the issue is critical is demonstrated by the statistics that only 10% of Black males in the United States are proficient in 8th grade reading, only 52% graduate from high school within four years, and only 35 percent graduate from college. This book uniquely examines the trajectory of Black males through the educational pipeline from pre-school through college. In doing so it not only contributes significantly to the scholarship on the experiences of this population, but bridges the gap between theory and practice to provide frameworks and models that will improve these young men’s educational outcomes throughout their educational journeys. A compelling feature of the book is that that it does not treat Black males as homogeneous, but recognizes the diversity that exists among Black males in various educational settings. It demonstrates the need to recognize students’ intersectionalities and individual characteristics as an essential preliminary to developing practices to improve outcomes at every educational stage. Throughout, the contributing authors also focus on the strategies and experiences of Black males who achieve academic excellence, examining growth-producing and asset-based practices that can be sustained, and that build upon the recognition that these males have agency and possess qualities such as resilience that are essential to their learning and development. The frameworks and models that conclude each chapter are equally commendable to K–12 educators and administrators; higher education faculty, student affairs practitioners, and administrators; and policymakers, for whom templates are provided for rectifying the continuing inequities of our educational system.

MultiCultural Review

MultiCultural Review Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057939640
Release 2003
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American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066043160
Release 2004
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