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Neurodynamics An Exploration in Mesoscopic Brain Dynamics

Neurodynamics  An Exploration in Mesoscopic Brain Dynamics Author Walter Freeman
ISBN-10 9781447103714
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 398
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Cortical evoked potentials are of interest primarily as tests of changing neuronal excitabilities accompanying normal brain function. The first three steps in the anal ysis of these complex waveforms are proper placement of electrodes for recording, the proper choice of electrical or sensory stimulus parameters, and the establish ment of behavioral control. The fourth is development of techniques for reliable measurement. Measurement consists of comparison of an unknown entity with a set of standard scales or dimensions having numerical attributes in preassigned degree. A physical object can be described by the dimensions of size, mass, density, etc. In addition there are dimensions such as location, velocity, weight, hardness, etc. Some of these dimensions can be complex (e. g. size depends on three or more subsidiary coordi nates), and some can be interdependent or nonorthogonal (e. g. specification of size and mass may determine density). In each dimension the unit is defined with refer ence to a standard physical entity, e. g. a unit of mass or length, and the result of measurement is expressed as an equivalence between the unknown and the sum of a specified number of units of that entity. The dimensions of a complex waveform are elementary waveforms from which that waveform can be built by simple addition. Any finite single-valued function of time is admissible. They are called basis functions (lO, 15), and they can be expressed in numeric as well as geometric form.

Contracts in English

Contracts in English Author Stuart G. Bugg
ISBN-10 3406641334
Release 2013
Pages 226
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Contracts in English has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Contracts in English also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Contracts in English book for free.

American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Author Patti Carr Black
ISBN-10 1604732059
Release 2009
Pages 99
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American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius is a major initiative by the National Endowment for the Arts, chaired by poet Dana Gioia. The project is designed to acquaint Americans with the best of their cultural and artistic legacy. The exhibit, "American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast," is part of that initiative. It is a special collaboration of the NEA, the Mississippi Arts Commission, and numerous art institutions within the state, some as lenders to the exhibition, some as venues for the exhibition. This book, which accompanies the exhibit, presents four artists from the Mississippi Gulf Coast whose work has garnered national attention and acclaim. The work of 19th century Biloxi art potter, George Ohr, has been called a forerunner of modern sculpture. Twentieth century Biloxi artist, Dusti Bonge, was the first modernist painter in Mississippi, and exhibited with the major figures of the Abstract Expressionist movement in America. Richmond Barthe of Bay St. Louis attained the summit of acclaim during the Harlem Renaissance with his classical and sensuous sculpture of the human form. Walter Anderson of Ocean Springs drew specifically on the flora and fauna of the Gulf Coast for his art. The culture of the Coast with its unrestrained spirit and vitality may be the only area in the state in which the four artists honored in this exhibition could have thrived. Each was highly individualistic, some called eccentric. Each was touched by the environment in specific and useful ways. Each seemed to move inexorably and freely toward his/her art under the wide skies of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and its tradition of uninhibited striving. Except for George Ohr, who worked in the 19th century, the other three artists were contemporaries in time and all four shared the history, culture, and natural world of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Its background of many ethnic groups, its proximity to New Orleans, the activities of the waterfront, its spirit as a playground all became influences on their lives and art. This book presents biographies of Ohr, Bonge, Anderson, and Barthe with family photographs and color illustrations of their work.

Desert Ice Daddy

Desert Ice Daddy Author Dana Marton
ISBN-10 9781426830105
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 224
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Billionaire Akeem Abdul's arrival at the McKade ranch went from business to personal when he learned Taylor McKade's little boy had disappeared. Taylor had only become more beautiful over the years, and Akeem couldn't stand seeing the pain on her face. As they followed the kidnappers' orders and trekked through the Texas heat, Akeem admired the strength it took for Taylor not to fall apart. But he was there when she did—and vowed to bring her son home. Still, all the money in the world couldn't eliminate his secret fears: that if they didn't find her son, this woman he'd finally found again could be lost to him forever….

Lossing s history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day

Lossing s history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day Author Benson John Lossing
ISBN-10 UVA:X030742118
Release 1913
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Lossing s history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lossing s history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lossing s history of the United States of America from the aboriginal times to the present day book for free.

Fire Prayer

Fire Prayer Author Deborah Turrell Atkinson
ISBN-10 9781615950041
Release 2007-07-24
Pages 282
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Storm Kayama’s old high school friend, Tanner Williams, wants a favor. He’s asked her to come to Molokai to make sure his ex-wife is taking good care of his adolescent son, a newly diagnosed diabetic. In the meantime, Storms law partner and lover, Ian Hamlin, is investigating the possibility that a Molokai kayaking company’s negligence played a part in the disappearance of Brock Liu, the son of an Oahu shipping magnate. It looks like a great excuse for Storm and Hamlin to get away from Honolulu for the weekend. But Storm soon finds that Tanner has bigger problems than he let on, including his bitter wife Jenny Williams, a history of mental illness, and ties to a local protest group linked to an unsolved ten-year-old homicide. A few hours after Storms visit to Jenny’s home, twelve-year-old Luke Williams finds his mother dead on their living room floor. Luke calls the police, and then he disappears. Storm believes Luke may have seen his mother’s killer and is in grave danger from both the murderer and his fluctuating blood glucose levels. Her chase after Luke and answers leads through the dense rainforests, pristine beaches, and untamed wilds of Molokai. Are Brock Liu’s disappearance and Jenny William’s death linked to the old homicide?

Eating the IT Elephant

Eating the IT Elephant Author Richard Hopkins
ISBN-10 0132704269
Release 2008-04-29
Pages 256
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A Practical, Start-to-Finish Approach to Managing, Evolving, and Transforming Legacy IT Systems For every IT executive, manager, architect, program leader, project leader, and lead analyst “Richard and Kevin introduce us to a reality that’s often neglected in our industry: the problem of evolving legacy systems, a domain they call ‘Brownfield development.’ The authors identify the root of the problem as that of complexity, and offer an approach that focuses on the fundamentals of abstraction and efficient communication to nibble at this problem of transformation bit by bit. As the old saying goes, the way you eat the elephant is one bite at a time. Richard and Kevin bring us to the table with knife and fork and other tools, and show us a way to devour this elephant in the room.” Grady Booch, IBM Fellow, co-creator of UML “Most organizations in the 21st century have an existing, complex systems landscape. It is time that the IT industry face up to the reality of the situation and the need for new development methods and tools that address it. This book describes a new approach to the development of future systems: a structured approach that recognizes the challenges of ‘Brownfield’ development, is based on engineering principles, and is supported by appropriate tooling.” Chris Winter, CEng CITP FBCS FIET, IBM Fellow, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology Most conventional approaches to IT development assume that you’re building entirely new systems. Today, “Greenfield” development is a rarity. Nearly every project exists in the context of existing, complex system landscapes--often poorly documented and poorly understood. Now, two of IBM’s most experienced senior architects offer a new approach that is fully optimized for the unique realities of “Brownfield” development. Richard Hopkins and Kevin Jenkins explain why accumulated business and IT complexity is the root cause of large-scale project failure and show how to overcome that complexity “one bite of the elephant at a time.” You’ll learn how to manage every phase of the Brownfield project, leveraging breakthrough collaboration, communication, and visualization tools--including Web 2.0, semantic software engineering, model-driven development and architecture, and even virtual worlds. This book will help you reengineer new flexibility and agility into your IT environment…integrate more effectively with partners…prepare for emerging business challenges… improve system reuse and value…reduce project failure rates…meet any business or IT challenge that requires the evolution or transformation of legacy systems. · System complexity: understand it, and harness it Go beyond the comforting illusion of your high-level architecture diagrams · How conventional development techniques actually make things worse Why traditional decomposition and abstraction don’t work--and what to do instead · Reliably reengineer your IT in line with your business priorities New ways to understand, communicate, visualize, collaborate, and solve complex IT problems · Cut the elephant down to size, one step at a time Master all four phases of a Brownfield project: survey, engineer, accept, and deploy

Companies Act 2006

Companies Act 2006 Author Peter G. Van Duzer
ISBN-10 1846610389
Release 2007
Pages 448
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The Companies Act 2006 will be the most radical reform of UK company law for decades. All companies will be affected. Focusing on the provisions of particular relevance to private companies, this practical guide highlights changes to UK company procedure, obligations, and liabilities including the new Table A and model forms of articles, the ending of the requirement for a company secretary, the new code of directors' duties, new procedures for company meetings, resolutions, and notices. The book offers the director or company secretary a concise and helpful guide to interpreting and implementing the new UK law.

The Splendid Idle Forties

The Splendid Idle Forties Author Gertrude Atherton
ISBN-10 1720738491
Release 2018-07-08
Pages 230
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Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton was an American author. Many of her novels are set in her home state of California. Her bestseller Black Oxen was made into a silent movie of the same name

Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank Author D. Harlan Wilson
ISBN-10 1933293578
Release 2009-01
Pages 188
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Rutger Van Trout has worse problems than his mundane existence in the all-consuming, all-suppressing Vulgaria of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's not that his son might be turning into a werewolf, or that his daughter might be a nymphomaniac. The problem does not lie in his obsession with transforming his middle-class estate into a three-ring barnyard. He doesn't even mind his wife's (possibly) haunted skeleton or the freak-of-the-week superheroes and window-jumpers populating his neighborhood. The complication has invaded his community in the form of a new breed of serial killer named Mr. Blankety Blank, who stalks from house to house throughout the Vulgaria leaving a bloodbath that would make Jack the Ripper himself blush.

Making the Case for Your Library

Making the Case for Your Library Author Sally Gardner Reed
ISBN-10 1555703992
Release 2001
Pages 143
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This practical guide is designed for library directors, staff, trustees and supporters who want to assertively advocate for, promote, defend and ensure funding for their libraries. All the basics for planning, targeting and implementing advocacy campaigns that work are covered.

What s in Washington D C

What s in Washington  D C  Author Laine Falk
ISBN-10 0531224295
Release 2009
Pages 24
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An introduction to sightseeing in the U.S.'s capitol.

Life Skills for College

Life Skills for College Author Earl J. Ginter
ISBN-10 0757597505
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 344
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Life Skills for College has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Life Skills for College also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Life Skills for College book for free.

Glitter Ballerina Sticker Paper Doll

Glitter Ballerina Sticker Paper Doll Author Barbara Steadman
ISBN-10 0486444791
Release 2005
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One prima ballerina and costumes enhanced with sparkling feathers, stars, and floral designs. 21 full-color stickers.

To Canterbury with Love

To Canterbury with Love Author Gavin Reid
ISBN-10 1842910663
Release 2002
Pages 288
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The author is passionate about the Church of England but is not blind to its faults and longs to see it discover new ways of being "the people's church". He talks about the good things to be found but also discusses the difficulties and challenges the church is currently facing. He pinpoints the problem areas and shares his views on the measures that need to be taken.

Wheat Weaving Straw Art

Wheat Weaving   Straw Art Author Linda D. Beiler
ISBN-10 0811704920
Release 2009
Pages 164
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Wheat weaving is an ancient folk art made to celebrate a successful harvest. Today straw designs are admired for their beauty and intricacy. In this volume, professional straw artist Linda D. Beiler provides expert advice on the tools and materials needed to get started, tips on preparing the straw, and 22 step-by-step projects for mastering the techniques of plaiting, folding, and spiraling, and for combining techniques and adding decorative touches. Helpful series photographs demonstrate the process for creating hearts, bows, Arabic cages, Welsh fans, and a variety of abstract pieces.

The Promise of Power

The Promise of Power Author Jamie Buckingham
ISBN-10 1569550794
Release 1998
Pages 195
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In this devotional drawn from his nonfiction works, Jamie Buckingham inspires us to exercise "gospel power" by walking with God, traveling the wilderness, and believing for miracles. "I have written in hopes you will become the person you are, which is the essence of salvation, " he explained, "and to know the joy, the thrill, of letting the Holy Spirit control your life as you soar like the eagle through the tough ventures of life."