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Danger Truth at Work

Danger  Truth at Work Author Osho
ISBN-10 9780880507646
Release 2010-05-10
Pages 224
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Danger: Truth at Work goes to the heart of our most fundamental human issues. Why can’t we just live happily and be content? While we seem to have all the knowledge we need to solve our problems, we haven't. In this timely book, Osho explains that religious conditioning has held us back. Each chapter covers a different aspect of this conditioning, and, in gentle but persuasive language, shows readers how to transcend it. Individual chapters cover such subjects as The Nuclear Family: The Imminent Meltdown; Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul; They Say Believe, I Say Explore; and Ecstasy Is Now: Why Wait? and others. The enclosed DVD gives a firsthand experience of the process of spiritual renewal, which Osho calls a "dry cleaning of the mind." While Osho passed away in 1990, he left a rich legacy of video recordings that form the basis of this important book and video.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Get Out of Your Own Way Author Osho
ISBN-10 0880500662
Release 1977-01-01
Pages 362
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Get Out of Your Own Way has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Get Out of Your Own Way also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Get Out of Your Own Way book for free.

Body Mind Balancing

Body Mind Balancing Author Osho
ISBN-10 9781466867086
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 192
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Many everyday discomforts and tensions arise from the fact that we are alienated from our bodies. With the help of Body Mind Balancing, readers will learn to talk to and reconnect with their bodies. After just a short time, readers will begin to appreciate how much the body has been working for them and supporting them, and from this new perspective one can find new ways to work with the body and create a more harmonious balance of body and mind.


Zen Author Osho
ISBN-10 9788184759280
Release 2013-02-15
Pages 256
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Learn how to free your mind In these lectures on Zen, Osho shows the way to self-realization without believing in any God. He argues that the mind is increasingly our barrier to happiness and truth and that Zen teaches you how to detach yourself from it. By doing so, you have the chance to truly experience yourself and to connect with your own being. This is the heart of Zen thought and Osho calls it the religion of the future—a vision that goes beyond organized religion to an individual ‘religiousness’. Lucid and profound, and told with great simplicity, Zen: Dang Dang Doko Dang is an utterly inspiring book from one of our great spiritual masters. It will transform the way you live and perceive the world.

The Book of Children

The Book of Children Author Osho
ISBN-10 9781250006202
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 240
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A first entry in a new series by the spiritual teacher and author of The Journey of Being Human describes how the natural freedom and creativity of childhood is typically sacrificed in favor of productivity, calling for more liberating approaches that enable parents to become aware of their own negative conditioning. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Living on Your Own Terms

Living on Your Own Terms Author Osho
ISBN-10 9781250036889
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 208
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"People can be happy only in one way, and that is if they are authentically themselves. Then the springs of happiness start flowing; they become more alive, they become a joy to see, a joy to be with; they are a song, they are a dance." – Osho Decades after the rebellions of the 1960s a new generation is again challenging and rebelling against outdated structures and values, focusing on political and economic systems and their failings. But this generation has the opportunity and responsibility to move the development of human freedom to the next level. Living on Your Own Terms will support this new generation in expanding its understanding of freedom and pushing toward new systems for humanity. The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose, focusing on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence.

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds Or Less

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds Or Less Author Nicholas Boothman
ISBN-10 9780761153597
Release 2002-06-03
Pages 256
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The author brings his innovative system of forging instant connections to the workplace, providing the fundamentals for creating and maintaining effective business relationships.

Creatividad e innovaci n

Creatividad e innovaci  n Author Fernando de Haro
ISBN-10 6074370273
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 175
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Interiors: Creativity and Innovation is an illuminating look at how interior designers succeed in reinventing or adapting classic styles to fall in line with current design trends. It also describes the different ways in which designers approach decorating projects, and how they make use of existing spaces and architectural elements to create comfortable living areas. The projects Illustrated in the book are the work of top interior designers, decorators, and architects from around the world, and serve as both inspiration and an example of the quality that interior design has reached in the international arena. Combining form and function, these highly original spaces surprise and delight the reader while offering the owner an irresistible invitation to enjoy the finished product. Featuring more than 150 gorgeous full-color photographs, Interiors: Creativity and Innovation is a design sourcebook that is at once practical and inspirational.

The Book of Woman

The Book of Woman Author Osho
ISBN-10 0143028618
Release 2002
Pages 226
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A Guide To Understanding The Essential Woman A Woman, According To Osho, Is A Mystery; Trying To Understand Her Is Futile. In This Book, Based On His Discourses, Osho Talks About Woman Not In His Capacity As A Man, But As A Consciousness, An Awareness . In Order To Find Her True Potential, He Says, A Woman Should Search Within Her Own Soul And Rebel Against Any Repression. Unless You Have A Rebellious Soul, You Are Not Alive In The True Sense Of The Word. Osho Talks About Various Issues Like Motherhood, Relationships, Family And Birth Control. Questioning The Concept Of Marriage, He Says It Is The Ugliest Institution Invented By Man As Its Aim Is To Monopolize A Woman. He Is Equally Critical Of The Institution Of Family Which Corrupts The Human Mind. A Woman, He Says, Should Not Imitate Man: Rejoice In Your Feminine Qualities, Make A Poetry Out Of Them. The Perfect State Of Being, According To Osho, Is A Synthesis Between The Head And The Heart, With The Heart Remaining The Master. The Rare Sensitivity Of Osho S Words Will Appeal To Both Men And Women.

Inner War and Peace

Inner War and Peace Author Osho
ISBN-10 1842931318
Release 2005
Pages 280
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“When a battle is raging within, enemies appear on the outside.” Osho—the provocative spiritual teacher whom novelist Tom Robbins called “the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ”—provides illuminating commentary on the classic Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. His eye-opening interpretation exposes the roots of our contemporary personal and global problems and reveals how the patterns and conditionings of our minds create misery, dilemma, conflict, and war. Most important, Osho offers his timeless solution to the problem by expanding on Krishna’s psychological vision and drawing wisdom from the sacred text.

Las alergias no existen

Las alergias no existen Author Dr. Salomon Sellam
ISBN-10 9788490198025
Release 2014-06-05
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«¿Cuál es el verdadero sentido de la alergia?» Un libro que va más allá de las explicaciones tradicionales sobre las alergias. Este libro describe los fenómenos alérgicos más comunes, tales como las alergias a los alimentos, las plantas, el polen, el polvo doméstico, las plumas, los medicamentos y los metales, así como las alergias oculares, la rinitis, la sinusitis y la fiebre del heno. La versión tradicional de la alergia nos habla de una deficiencia del sistema inmunitario y la califica como enfermedad «que en la actualidad afecta a un número cada vez mayor de personas, pero que sigue siendo una desconocida». Otras interpretaciones consideran que lo más importante es la «predisposición del terreno» para esta enfermedad. La presente obra propone una visión psicosomática que intenta ir más allá de tales afirmaciones y desarrolla los factores psíquicos que pueden estar en el origen de esta patología tan frecuente, dando respuesta a la siguiente pregunta: ¿Cuál es el verdadero sentido dela alergia?

No Water No Moon

No Water No Moon Author Osho
ISBN-10 1852304901
Release 1994
Pages 275
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In this volume, the author brings readers a fresh understanding of Zen and the nature of true enlightenment. Through these Zen teaching stories, he explores the essence of Zen in al its beauty and mystery. Woven throughout are Zen shocks, Zen knocks and great laughter, which can shake readers from the sameness of everyday life into an awareness of the essence of existence and their true selves.

The Old Gringo

The Old Gringo Author Carlos Fuentes
ISBN-10 9781466840140
Release 2013-05-14
Pages 208
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In The Old Gringo, Carlos Fuentes brings the Mexico of 1916 uncannily to life. This novel is wise book, full of toughness and humanity and is without question one of the finest works of modern Latin American fiction. One of Fuentes's greatest works, the novel tells the story of Ambrose Bierce, the American writer, soldier, and journalist, and of his last mysterious days in Mexico living among Pancho Villa's soldiers, particularly his encounter with General Tomas Arroyo. In the end, the incompatibility of the two countries (or, paradoxically, their intimacy) claims both men, in a novel that is, most of all, about the tragic history of two cultures in conflict.

Una Fuerza Para El Bien La Visi n Del Dalai Lama Para Nuestro Mundo A Force for Good

Una Fuerza Para El Bien  La Visi  n Del Dalai Lama Para Nuestro Mundo   A Force for Good Author Daniel Goleman
ISBN-10 6074809151
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 276
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Presents the values that are central to the Dalai Lama's philosophy, highlights science that supports his beliefs, and offers instructive anecdotes of people and projects already bringing his vision into reality.


Intuition Author Osho
ISBN-10 1429907673
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 208
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Intuition deals with the difference between the intellectual, logical mind and the more encompassing realm of spirit. Logic is how the mind knows reality, intuition is how the spirit experiences reality. Osho's discussion of these matters is wonderfully lucid, occasionally funny, and thoroughly engrossing. All people have a natural capacity for intuition, but often social conditioning and formal education work against it. People are taught to ignore their instincts rather than to understand and use them as a foundation for individual growth and development-and in the process they undermine the very roots of the innate wisdom that is meant to flower into intuition. In this volume, Osho pinpoints exactly what intuition is and gives guidelines for how to identify its functioning in others and ourselves. You will learn to distinguish between genuine intuitive insight and the "wishful thinking" that can often lead to mistaken choices and unwanted consequences. Includes many specific exercises and meditations designed to nourish and support each individual's natural intuitive gifts. OSHO challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to experience life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the "1000 Makers of the 20th Century" and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people-along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha-who have changed the destiny of India. More than a decade after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear Author Mary Carroll Nelson
ISBN-10 1571780386
Release 1997
Pages 208
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The wisdom in this life-changing book has the power to replace fear with joy. Fear, the source of all the negative agreements we've made in life, can alienate us from the joy that is our birthright. When we are able to look at our lives and our worlds without fear or judgment, we realize that this dream we are dreaming - reality - can be whatever we want it to be.


Awareness Author Osho
ISBN-10 1429907657
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 192
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Underlying all meditation techniques, including martial arts-and in fact underlying all great athletic performances-is a quality of being awake and present to the moment, a quality that Osho calls awareness. Once we can identify and understand what this quality of awareness is, we have the key to self-mastery in virtually every area of our lives. According to great masters like Lao Tzu or Buddha, most of us move through our lives like sleepwalkers. Never really present in what we are doing, never fully alert to our environment, and not even aware of what motivates us to do and say the things we do. At the same time, all of us have experienced moments of awareness-or awakening, to use another-in extraordinary circumstances. On the road, in a sudden and unexpected accident, time seems to stop and one is suddenly aware of every movement, every sound, every thought. Or in moments that touch us deeply-welcoming a new baby into the world for the first time, or being with someone at the moment of death. Awareness, says Osho, is the key to being self-directed, centered, and free in every aspect of our lives. In this book, Osho teaches how to live life more attentively, mindfully, and meditatively, with love, caring and consciousness. OSHO challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the "1000 Makers of the 20th Century" and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people-along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha-who have changed the destiny of India. More than a decade after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.