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Elegant Chaos

Elegant Chaos Author Julien C. Sprott
ISBN-10 9789812838827
Release 2010
Pages 304
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This heavily illustrated book collects in one source most of the mathematically simple systems of differential equations whose solutions are chaotic. It includes the historically important systems of van der Pol, Duffing, Ueda, Lorenz, Rossler, and many others, but it goes on to show that there are many other systems that are simpler and more elegant. Many of these systems have been only recently discovered and are not widely known. Most cases include plots of the attractor and calculations of the spectra of Lyapunov exponents. Some important cases include graphs showing the route to chaos.The book includes many cases not previously published as well as examples of simple electronic circuits that exhibit chaos. No existing book thus far focuses on mathematically elegant chaotic systems. This book should therefore be of interest to chaos researchers looking for simple systems to use in their studies, to instructors who want examples to teach and motivate students, and to students doing independent study.

Systems with Hidden Attractors

Systems with Hidden Attractors Author Viet-Thanh Pham
ISBN-10 9783319537214
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 105
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This brief provides a general overview of nonlinear systems that exhibit hidden-attractor behavior, a topic of interest in subjects as divers as physics, mechanics, electronics and secure communications. The brief is intended for readers who want to understand the concepts of the hidden attractor and hidden-attractor systems and to implement such systems experimentally using common electronic components. Emergent topics in circuit implementation of systems with hidden attractors are included. The brief serves as an up-to-date reference on an important research topic for undergraduate/graduate students, laboratory researchers and lecturers in various areas of engineering and physics.

Advances in Chaos Theory and Intelligent Control

Advances in Chaos Theory and Intelligent Control Author Ahmad Taher Azar
ISBN-10 9783319303406
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 873
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The book reports on the latest advances in and applications of chaos theory and intelligent control. Written by eminent scientists and active researchers and using a clear, matter-of-fact style, it covers advanced theories, methods, and applications in a variety of research areas, and explains key concepts in modeling, analysis, and control of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems. Topics include fractional chaotic systems, chaos control, chaos synchronization, memristors, jerk circuits, chaotic systems with hidden attractors, mechanical and biological chaos, and circuit realization of chaotic systems. The book further covers fuzzy logic controllers, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence, and petri nets among other topics. Not only does it provide the readers with chaos fundamentals and intelligent control-based algorithms; it also discusses key applications of chaos as well as multidisciplinary solutions developed via intelligent control. The book is a timely and comprehensive reference guide for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in the areas of chaos theory and intelligent control.

Fractional Dynamics

Fractional Dynamics Author Carlo Cattani
ISBN-10 9783110472097
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 392
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The book is devoted to recent developments in the theory of fractional calculus and its applications. Particular attention is paid to the applicability of this currently popular research field in various branches of pure and applied mathematics.

Advances in Memristors Memristive Devices and Systems

Advances in Memristors  Memristive Devices and Systems Author Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan
ISBN-10 9783319517247
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 511
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This book reports on the latest advances in and applications of memristors, memristive devices and systems. It gathers 20 contributed chapters by subject experts, including pioneers in the field such as Leon Chua (UC Berkeley, USA) and R.S. Williams (HP Labs, USA), who are specialized in the various topics addressed in this book, and covers broad areas of memristors and memristive devices such as: memristor emulators, oscillators, chaotic and hyperchaotic memristive systems, control of memristive systems, memristor-based min-max circuits, canonic memristors, memristive-based neuromorphic applications, implementation of memristor-based chaotic oscillators, inverse memristors, linear memristor devices, delayed memristive systems, flux-controlled memristive emulators, etc. Throughout the book, special emphasis is given to papers offering practical solutions and design, modeling, and implementation insights to address current research problems in memristors, memristive devices and systems. As such, it offers a valuable reference book on memristors and memristive devices for graduate students and researchers with a basic knowledge of electrical and control systems engineering.

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics ICAND 2016

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics  ICAND 2016 Author Visarath In
ISBN-10 9783319526218
Release 2017-04-08
Pages 302
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This book presents collaborative research works carried out by experimentalists and theorists around the world in the field of nonlinear dynamical systems. It provides a forum for applications of nonlinear systems while solving practical problems in science and engineering. Topics include: Applied Nonlinear Optics, Sensor, Radar & Communication Signal Processing, Nano Devices, Nonlinear Biomedical Applications, Circuits & Systems, Coupled Nonlinear Oscillator, Precision Timing Devices, Networks, and other contemporary topics in the general field of Nonlinear Science. This book provides a comprehensive report of the various research projects presented at the International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2016) held in Denver, Colorado, 2016. It can be a valuable tool for scientists and engineering interested in connecting ideas and methods in nonlinear dynamics with actual design, fabrication and implementation of engineering applications or devices.>

Chaos CNN Memristors and Beyond

Chaos  CNN  Memristors and Beyond Author Andrew Adamatzky
ISBN-10 9789814434805
Release 2013
Pages 549
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This invaluable book is a unique collection of tributes to outstanding discoveries pioneered by Leon Chua in nonlinear circuits, cellular neural networks, and chaos. It is comprised of three parts. The first OCo cellular nonlinear networks, nonlinear circuits and cellular automata OCo deals with Chua''s Lagrangian circuits, cellular wave computers, bio-inspired robotics and neuro-morphic architectures, toroidal chaos, synaptic cellular automata, history of Chua''s circuits, cardiac arrhythmias, local activity principle, symmetry breaking and complexity, bifurcation trees, and Chua''s views on nonlinear dynamics of cellular automata. Dynamical systems and chaos is the scope of the second part of the book, where we find genius accounts on theory and application of Julia set, stability of dynamical networks, chaotic neural networks and neocortical dynamics, dynamics of piecewise linear systems, chaotic mathematical circuitry, synchronization of oscillators, models of catastrophic events, control of chaotic systems, symbolic dynamics, and solitons. First hand accounts on the discovery of memristors in HP Labs, historical excursions into OCyancient memristorsOCO, analytical analysis of memristors, and hardware memristor emulators are presented in the third and final part of the book.The book is quintessence of ideas on future and emergent hardware, analytic theories of complex dynamical systems and interdisciplinary physics. It is a true Renaissance volume where bright ideas of electronics, mathematics and physics enlighten facets of modern science.The unique DVD covers the artistic aspects of chaos, such as several stunningly melodious musical compositions using chaotic atttractors, a virtual gallery of hundreds of colorful attractors, and even a cartoon-like play on the genesis of Chua''s circuit that was based on a widely acclaimed performance in Rome and other venues in Italy. In short, it is a veritable kaleiscope of never-before-published historical, pedagogical, and futuristic technical visions on three timely topics of intense interest for both lay readers and experts alike."

Chaos and Time series Analysis

Chaos and Time series Analysis Author Julien C. Sprott
ISBN-10 0198508409
Release 2003
Pages 507
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This book provides a broad coverage and has acessible style of exposition. Emphasis is on physical concepts and useful results, rather than rigorous mathematical proofs. Completeing this volume is free and user-friendly software.

Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors Author Julien C. Sprott
ISBN-10 1558512985
Release 1993
Pages 426
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Chaos and fractals are new mathematical ideas that have revolutionized our view of the world. They have application in virtually every academic discipline. This book shows examples of the artistic beauty that can arise from very simple equations, and teaches the reader how to produce an endless variety of such patterns. Disk includes a full working version of the program.

Fractal Physiology and Chaos in Medicine

Fractal Physiology and Chaos in Medicine Author Bruce J. West
ISBN-10 9789814417808
Release 2012
Pages 345
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This exceptional book is concerned with the application of fractals and chaos, as well as other concepts from nonlinear dynamics to biomedical phenomena. Herein we seek to communicate the excitement being experienced by scientists upon making application of these concepts within the life sciences. Mathematical concepts are introduced using biomedical data sets and the phenomena being explained take precedence over the mathematics.In this new edition what has withstood the test of time has been updated and modernized; speculations that were not borne out have been expunged and the breakthroughs that have occurred in the intervening years are emphasized. The book provides a comprehensive overview of a nascent theory of medicine, including a new chapter on the theory of complex networks as they pertain to medicine.

Advances and Applications in Chaotic Systems

Advances and Applications in Chaotic Systems Author Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan
ISBN-10 9783319302799
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 600
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This book reports on the latest advances and applications of chaotic systems. It consists of 25 contributed chapters by experts who are specialized in the various topics addressed in this book. The chapters cover a broad range of topics of chaotic systems such as chaos, hyperchaos, jerk systems, hyperjerk systems, conservative and dissipative systems, circulant chaotic systems, multi-scroll chaotic systems, finance chaotic system, highly chaotic systems, chaos control, chaos synchronization, circuit realization and applications of chaos theory in secure communications, mobile robot, memristors, cellular neural networks, etc. Special importance was given to chapters offering practical solutions, modeling and novel control methods for the recent research problems in chaos theory. This book will serve as a reference book for graduate students and researchers with a basic knowledge of chaos theory and control systems. The resulting design procedures on the chaotic systems are emphasized using MATLAB software.

Chaos Information Processing and Paradoxical Games

Chaos  Information Processing and Paradoxical Games Author Gregoire Nicolis
ISBN-10 9789814602143
Release 2014-12-30
Pages 476
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This volume provides a self-contained survey of the mechanisms presiding information processing and communication. The main thesis is that chaos and complexity are the basic ingredients allowing systems composed of interesting subunits to generate and process information and communicate in a meaningful way. Emphasis is placed on communication in the form of games and on the related issue of decision making under conditions of uncertainty. Biological, cognitive, physical, engineering and societal systems are approached from a unifying point of view, both analytically and by numerical simulation, using the methods of nonlinear dynamics and probability theory. Epistemological issues in connection with incompleteness and self-reference are also addressed. Contents:Glimpses at Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos:Bohmian Trajectories in the Scattering Problem (G Contopoulos, N Delis and C Efthymiopoulos)Scaling Properties of the Lorenz System and Dissipative Nambu Mechanics (Minos Axenides and Emmanuel Floratos)Extreme Events in Nonlinear Lattices (G P Tsironis, N Lazarides, A Maluckov and Lj Hadžievski)Coarse Graining Approach to Chaos (Donal MacKernan)Fractal Parameter Space of Lorenz-like Attractors: A Hierarchical Approach (Tingli Xing, Jeremy Wojcik, Michael A Zaks and Andrey Shilnikov)Chaos and Information:Quantum Theory of Jaynes' Principle, Bayes' Theorem, and Information (Hermann Haken)Information Processing with Page–Wootters States (Stam Nicolis)Stochastic Resonance and Information Processing (C Nicolis)Selforganization of Symbols and Information (Werner Ebeling and Rainer Feistel)Biological Information Processing:Historical Contingency in Controlled Evolution (Peter Schuster)Long-Range Order and Fractality in the Structure and Organization of Eukaryotic Genomes (Dimitris Polychronopoulos, Giannis Tsiagkas, Labrini Athanasopoulou, Diamantis Sellis and Yannis Almirantis)Towards Resolving the Enigma of HOX Gene Collinearity (Spyros Papageorgiou)Complexity, Chaos & Cognition:Thermodynamics of Cerebral Cortex Assayed by Measures of Mass Action (Walter J Freeman)Describing the Neuron Axons Network of the Human Brain by Continuous Flow Models (J Hizanidis, P Katsaloulis, D A Verganelakis and A Provata)Cognition and Language: From Apprehension to Judgment — Quantum Conjectures (F T Arecchi)Dynamical Systems++ for a Theory of Biological System (Kunihiko Kaneko)Logic Dynamics for Deductive Inference — Its Stability and Neural Basis (Ichiro Tsuda)Dynamical Games and Collective Behaviours:Microscopic Approach to Species Coexistence Based on Evolutionary Game Dynamics (Celso Grebogi, Ying-Cheng Lai and Wen-Xu Wang)Phase Transitions in Models of Bird Flocking (H Christodoulidi, K van der Weele, Ch G Antonopoulos and T Bountis)Animal Construction as a Free Boundary Problem: Evidence of Fractal Scaling Laws (S C Nicolis)Extended Self Organised Criticality in Asynchronously Tuned Cellular Automata (Yukio-Pegio Gunji)Epilogue:A Posthumous Dialogue with John Nicolis: IERU (Otto E Rössler)Appendix:Selected References from John Nicolis' Bibliography Readership: Graduate students, researchers, and academics from various fields interested in chaos, information processing and complexity science. Key Features:Highlights the universality, relevance and interdisciplinary dimension of chaos and complexityBrings together topics and issues that have so far been addressed independently of each other and establishes unexpected connectionsProvides complementary coverage of problems of concern as viewed by different well-established expertsKeywords:Nonlinear Dynamics;Chaos;Self-Organization;Emergence;Probability and Information;Predictability;Non-Equilibrium Systems;Irreversibility;Systems Biology

Nonlinearity Chaos and Complexity

Nonlinearity  Chaos  and Complexity Author Cristoforo Sergio Bertuglia
ISBN-10 9780198567905
Release 2005
Pages 387
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Covering a broad range of topics and adopting a detailed philosophical approach to the subject, this text provides a comprehensive survey of the modelling of chaotic dynamics and complexity in the natural and social sciences.

Instabilities Chaos and Turbulence

Instabilities  Chaos and Turbulence Author Paul Manneville
ISBN-10 9781848163928
Release 2010
Pages 439
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This book (2nd edition) is a self-contained introduction to a wide body of knowledge on nonlinear dynamics and chaos. Manneville emphasises the understanding of basic concepts and the nontrivial character of nonlinear response, contrasting it with the intuitively simple linear response. He explains the theoretical framework using pedagogical examples from fluid dynamics, though prior knowledge of this field is not required. Heuristic arguments and worked examples replace most esoteric technicalities. Only basic understanding of mathematics and physics is required, at the level of what is currently known after one or two years of undergraduate training: elementary calculus, basic notions of linear algebra and ordinary differential calculus, and a few fundamental physical equations (specific complements are provided when necessary). Methods presented are of fully general use, which opens up ample windows on topics of contemporary interest. These include complex dynamical processes such as patterning, chaos control, mixing, and even the Earth's climate. Numerical simulations are proposed as a means to obtain deeper understanding of the intricacies induced by nonlinearities in our everyday environment, with hints on adapted modelling strategies and their implementation.

Engineering of Chemical Complexity

Engineering of Chemical Complexity Author Alexander S. Mikhailov
ISBN-10 9789814390453
Release 2013
Pages 402
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This review volume, co-edited by Nobel laureate G Ertl, provides a broad overview on current studies in the understanding of design and control of complex chemical systems of various origins, on scales ranging from single molecules and nano-phenomena to macroscopic chemical reactors. Self-organizational behavior and the emergence of coherent collective dynamics in reaction diffusion systems, reactive soft matter and chemical networks are covered. Special attention is paid to the applications in molecular cell biology and to the problems of biological evolution, synthetic biology and design of artificial living cells. Starting with a detailed introduction on the history of research on complex chemical systems, its current state of the art and perspectives, the book comprises 19 chapters that survey the current progress in particular research fields. The reviews, prepared by leading international experts, yield together a fascinating picture of a rapidly developing research discipline that brings chemical engineering to new frontiers.

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Self Excited and Hidden Attractors

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Self Excited and Hidden Attractors Author Viet-Thanh Pham
ISBN-10 9783319712437
Release 2018-02-26
Pages 497
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This book highlights the latest findings on nonlinear dynamical systems including two types of attractors: self-excited and hidden attractors. Further, it presents both theoretical and practical approaches to investigating nonlinear dynamical systems with self-excited and hidden attractors. The book includes 20 chapters contributed by respected experts, which focus on various applications such as biological systems, memristor-based systems, fractional-order systems, finance systems, business cycles, oscillators, coupled systems, hyperchaotic systems, flexible robot manipulators, electronic circuits, and control models. Special attention is given to modeling, design, circuit realization, and practical applications to address recent research problems in nonlinear dynamical systems. The book provides a valuable reference guide to nonlinear dynamical systems for engineers, researchers, and graduate students, especially those whose work involves mechanics, electrical engineering, and control systems.

Python Programming

Python Programming Author John M. Zelle
ISBN-10 9781887902991
Release 2004
Pages 517
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This book is suitable for use in a university-level first course in computing (CS1), as well as the increasingly popular course known as CS0. It is difficult for many students to master basic concepts in computer science and programming. A large portion of the confusion can be blamed on the complexity of the tools and materials that are traditionally used to teach CS1 and CS2. This textbook was written with a single overarching goal: to present the core concepts of computer science as simply as possible without being simplistic.