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Elkmont s Uncle Lem Ownby

Elkmont s Uncle Lem Ownby Author F. Carroll McMahan
ISBN-10 9781625845733
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 128
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Born in 1889 in the Smoky Mountains, Lem Ownby became one of the region's most recognized figures. Sight-impaired from an early age, Lem spent his life logging, bear hunting, farming and tending his beehives. He welcomed the arrival of logging operations into the pristine wilderness but became an eyewitness to the devastation it brought to land, streams and wildlife. As the last leaseholder living within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Lem became a legend, selling his honey and offering pearls of wisdom to hikers, writers and even the governor. Lem's principles remained solid, his opinions so unwavering that he once refused to entertain two Supreme Court justices. Enter the forest with author F. Carroll McMahan as he tells dramatic, fascinating and sometimes humorous stories of a man who lived truly on his own terms.

Last Train to Elkmont

Last Train to Elkmont Author Vic Weals
ISBN-10 UOM:49015003167153
Release 1993
Pages 160
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Last Train to Elkmont has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Last Train to Elkmont also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Last Train to Elkmont book for free.

Lost Elkmont

Lost Elkmont Author Daniel L. Paulin
ISBN-10 9781467113823
Release 2015
Pages 128
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Prior to the formation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) in 1934, the small community of Elkmont was established as a logging camp by Col. Wilson B. Townsend's Little River Lumber Company around 1908. This was after he purchased 86,000 acres of mostly virgin forest. The area that was previously inhabited by various American Indian groups, and later by European-American settlers beginning around 1830, was to become for a time the second largest town in Sevier County, Tennessee. Colonel Townsend's business ventures proved successful beyond expectation, as he skillfully exploited the area's valuable hardwood forests. His logging company and railroad provided a mountain population with jobs and steady wages. Once all the valuable timber was harvested, Townsend sold land to private citizens who established what was to become an exclusive summer community that included both the Appalachian and Wonderland Clubs. These coexisted inside the GSMNP until 1992. This is the story of Elkmont.

A Lifetime in Gatlinburg

A Lifetime in Gatlinburg Author Marie Maddox
ISBN-10 9781625852182
Release 2014-08-12
Pages 176
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Today, Gatlinburg is an idyllic mountain resort. But the Sugarlands Valley in the 1910s couldn't have been more different. Martha Cole Whaley began her life on the outskirts of the city and has witnessed firsthand the joy and struggle of more than one hundred years in the area. Her rich experiences include what it was like to eat onion tops for an after-school snack, bathe in a washtub behind the stove and see a zipper for the first time on the boots of the mailman. Join author Marie Maddox as she captures an amazing century of Martha's life in Gatlinburg through stories, interviews and even a few of her favorite recipes from now and then.

The Walker Sisters

The Walker Sisters Author Bonnie Trentham Myers
ISBN-10 0972783938
Release 2004
Pages 120
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"The Walker Sisters" describes the lives of five unmarried women who remain in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park after their neighbors move away when the park is created.

A Cades Cove Childhood

A Cades Cove Childhood Author Margaret McCaulley
ISBN-10 9781625843777
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 96
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The remote Smoky Mountain community of Cades Cove still lives in the memory of J.C. McCaulley, one of the few remaining former residents, who offers an exclusive glimpse into a childhood in the Cove. His stories, compiled by his wife Margaret, are a testament to a way of life long abandoned—a life before automobiles, television and perhaps too much exposure to the outside world; a life of hard work and caring for your neighbors. Join the McCaulleys in their quest to preserve the beauty, tranquility and traditions of this pristine community, and dare to dream of a way of life that encouraged independence, integrity and the courage to overcome adversity.

Tennessee Centennial

Tennessee Centennial Author Bobby Lawrence
ISBN-10 0738568694
Release 1998-10-01
Pages 128
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The Tennessee Centennial Exposition, which celebrated Tennessee's 100th year of statehood, opened May 1, 1897, at Nashville's Centennial Park and enjoyed tremendous success during its six-month run. Citizens from all over Tennessee--and the nation--honored the state's history by sponsoring exhibits at the event, and thousands of visitors flocked to the fairgrounds each day to experience the excitement it offered. In this fascinating collection of over 200 images combined with informative, well-researched text, author Bobby Lawrence takes us on a journey into the past to relive the optimism and wonders of another time. Take a relaxing gondola ride on one of the park's four lakes or stroll the 200-acre grounds and visit a variety of buildings and exhibits featuring everything from ancient artifacts to scientific inventions, from on-site farms to international restaurants, from the thrilling Vanity Fair, a midway attraction comparable to today's amusement parks, to one of the first large displays of electric lights.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus Author Dennis B. Fradin
ISBN-10 1593360061
Release 2003
Pages 32
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A biography of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who challenged the belief of his age that Earth was the center of the universe and proved that it is, instead, a planet orbiting the Sun.

Stories from the White Mountains

Stories from the White Mountains Author Mike Dickerman
ISBN-10 9781625845320
Release 2013-09-24
Pages 128
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Throughout its rich and varied history, New Hampshire's White Mountains region has played host to explorers and adventurers, lumberjacks and locomotives, as well as grand hotels and their well-heeled guests. In this new anthology of historical writing, local author Mike Dickerman captures the spirit, tenacity and resourcefulness of those who have lived, worked and played in these Great White Hills. His stories also bring to life dramatic events that scarred the landscape long ago, such as tragic plane crashes and the devastating Hurricane of 1938. The book spans the ages, from the logging railroads of yesteryear to the forest fire lookout towers of the mid-twentieth century, and covers the expanse of these environs, from the snow-laden heights of Mount Washington to the stately grounds of the Mountain View House in Whitefield.

Isodose Atlas

Isodose Atlas Author Gy. Németh
ISBN-10 9789400982765
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 269
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When compiling the present atlas our aim has been to provide the practis ing radiotherapist with a handbook which would help him to plan the radiation therapy of tumours of individual organs. Apart from a few ex ceptions, all isodose charts in this atlas show dose distributions resulting from external irradiation. Combination of external irradiation with intra cavitary radium therapy is presented in the treatment of carcinoma of the uterine cervix, in which case the two techniques are complementary. Thd immense material of the pertinent literature could, naturally, not have been included in the atlas. As a result of scrupulous selection, the isod-.:se charts shown may not invariably be the optimum ones, and some of them may not be the most modern. However, the usefulness of the information they provide has made us to keep them all the same. We did not intend to change the original charts in any way and stan dardization of the isodoses was not undertaken. Radiation parameters are given in the figure captions and, if available, information has also been provided on the phantoms used by the authors. Naturally, the isodoses presented will not automatically apply to all situ ations and all apparatuses without due attention to the individual patient ::Jnd technical details such as penumbra and source diameter. They merely serve as a starting point and will help to save time and work during treat ment planning also with the computer.

Call the Darkness Light

Call the Darkness Light Author N. L. Zaroulis
ISBN-10 0939149982
Release 1993
Pages 560
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Call the Darkness Light has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Call the Darkness Light also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Call the Darkness Light book for free.

New England Life of Cartoonist Bob Montana

New England Life of Cartoonist Bob Montana Author Carol Lee Anderson
ISBN-10 9781625840233
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 160
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Bob Montana, creator of the "Archie" comic strip and one of America's greatest cartoonists, always considered himself a true New Englander. Filled with the antics of the rambunctious teenagers of the fictional Riverdale High, Montana's comic strip was based on his high school years in Haverhill, Massachusetts. At the height of his career, he lived as a beloved resident in the quaint, picturesque town of Meredith in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. For nearly thirty years, he was considered an extraordinarily respected contributor to the community. Drawing from the Yankee humor he saw around him, Montana deftly included local scenes, events and characters in the puns and pranks of Archie's comic-strip life. Join Lakes Region historian Carol Lee Anderson as she takes readers beyond the "Archie" comic strip and tells the story of the remarkable New England life of Bob Montana.

The Economic Cottage Builder

The Economic Cottage Builder Author Charles P. Dwyer
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433065865317
Release 1856
Pages 127
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The Economic Cottage Builder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Economic Cottage Builder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Economic Cottage Builder book for free.

Freshwater Game Fish of North America

Freshwater Game Fish of North America Author Herbert A. Schaffner
ISBN-10 IND:30000020667501
Release 1989
Pages 144
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Presents the major freshwater game fish of North America, from bass to whitefish, and provides information on fishing for each species, including tips on the best lures, bait, flies, and tackle

Imprinting the South

Imprinting the South Author Lynn Barstis Williams
ISBN-10 UOM:39015070761732
Release 2007
Pages 211
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In this book, Lynn Barstis Williams outlines the history of printmaking in the South, its rise in popularity, its variations from region to region, the different methods embraced by printmakers, the growth of the print society movement, and the influence of social realism, New Deal art programs, and the Arts and Crafts movement on the aesthetics of southern printmakers. She also reviews the motifs, imagery, and subject matter that predominated in the work of many southern printmakers—the natural world, farms and farmers at work, rural architecture and townscapes, African-American life, religious gatherings, and scenes of leisure and play (hunting, dancing, music-playing).

Cades Cove

Cades Cove Author Missy Tipton Green
ISBN-10 0738588229
Release 2011
Pages 128
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Cades Cove came into existence in 1821, when William "Fighting Billy" Tipton was granted 1,280 acres of fine fertile land in the first recorded legal land title to Cades Cove following the Calhoun Treaty of 1819. The area was established as the 16th Civil District of Blount County. At its peak in 1900, the census showed that there were 125 families living in the cove and over 700 individuals. The Cades Cove people were self-sufficient and had many conveniences that others did not. Some residents made their own water system, and there were blacksmiths, coffin makers, farmers, storekeepers, postmasters, and many more occupations--there was no need to go out of their beloved cove for anything. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, this land was obtained by the State of Tennessee through eminent domain, and it later became the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

International Public Finance

International Public Finance Author Ruben P. Mendez
ISBN-10 0195071956
Release 1992
Pages 339
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This pathbreaking text develops a seminal theory and discipline of international public finance, for the first time advancing public economics into the international arena. Offering a new post-Cold War approach that combines support for development, the environment, and international peacekeeping, it proposes an original system of global cooperation, resource allocation, taxation, and financing, focusing on the global commons and conflicts between environmental concerns and the economic needs of developing nations. Written to appeal to students at many levels, the book synthesizes and clarifies a wide range of theoretical, historical, and practical issues. It examines the very concept of finance and traces its development through its separation into private and public spheres. It then provides an overview of public finance theory, extending the main elements of the theory into an international context, with discussions of market failures, distributional equity, the political process, and coordination and stabilization among nations. Finally, the author shows how international public finance developed into its present patchwork of voluntary contributions and oligarchic power structures, and offers instead a comprehensive, systematic approach comprising international taxation, management of the global commons to generate revenues for international use, monetary and other measures, and international institutional reform. The book's theoretical framework puts important environmental, economic, and political issues into a fresh perspective, while its practical recommendations cover important subjects usually neglected, including disputed commons such as Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, the deep ocean bed, the high seas, air space, the electromagnetic spectrum, the geostationary orbit, and the pollution of what is apparently our last frontier--outer space--with high-speed "space junk." A pioneering exploration of a topic of vital and growing concern to most of the Earth's people, International Public Finance is a basic resource for a great variety of courses in development, finance, public administration, international relations, and environmental studies.