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Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Author Qing Han
ISBN-10 9780821853139
Release 2011
Pages 147
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Elliptic Partial Differential Equations by Qing Han and FangHua Lin is one of the best textbooks I know. It is the perfect introduction to PDE. In 150 pages or so it covers an amazing amount of wonderful and extraordinary useful material. I have used it as a textbook at both graduate and undergraduate levels which is possible since it only requires very little background material yet it covers an enormous amount of material. In my opinion it is a must read for all interested in analysis and geometry, and for all of my own PhD students it is indeed just that. I cannot say enough good things about it--it is a wonderful book. --Tobias Colding This volume is based on PDE courses given by the authors at the Courant Institute and at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. Presented are basic methods for obtaining various a priori estimates for second-order equations of elliptic type with particular emphasis on maximal principles, Harnack inequalities, and their applications. The equations considered in the book are linear; however, the presented methods also apply to nonlinear problems. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and in a new chapter the authors discuss several methods for proving the existence of solutions of primarily the Dirichlet problem for various types of elliptic equations.

Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order

Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order Author David Gilbarg
ISBN-10 9783642617980
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 518
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From the reviews: "This is a book of interest to any having to work with differential equations, either as a reference or as a book to learn from. The authors have taken trouble to make the treatment self-contained. It (is) suitable required reading for a PhD student." --New Zealand Mathematical Society, 1985

Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations Author Peter D. Lax
ISBN-10 9780821835760
Release 2006
Pages 217
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The theory of hyperbolic equations is a large subject, and its applications are many: fluid dynamics and aerodynamics, the theory of elasticity, optics, electromagnetic waves, direct and inverse scattering, and the general theory of relativity. This book is an introduction to most facets of the theory and is an ideal text for a second-year graduate course on the subject. The first part deals with the basic theory: the relation of hyperbolicity to the finite propagation of signals, the concept and role of characteristic surfaces and rays, energy, and energy inequalities. The structure of solutions of equations with constant coefficients is explored with the help of the Fourier and Radon transforms. The existence of solutions of equations with variable coefficients with prescribed initial values is proved using energy inequalities. The propagation of singularities is studied with the help of progressing waves. The second part describes finite difference approximations of hyperbolic equations, presents a streamlined version of the Lax-Phillips scattering theory, and covers basic concepts and results for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, an active research area today. Four brief appendices sketch topics that are important or amusing, such as Huygens' principle and a theory of mixed initial and boundary value problems. A fifth appendix by Cathleen Morawetz describes a nonstandard energy identity and its uses.

A Basic Course in Partial Differential Equations

A Basic Course in Partial Differential Equations Author Qing Han
ISBN-10 9780821852552
Release 2011
Pages 293
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This is a textbook for an introductory graduate course on partial differential equations. Han focuses on linear equations of first and second order. An important feature of his treatment is that the majority of the techniques are applicable more generally. In particular, Han emphasizes a priori estimates throughout the text, even for those equations that can be solved explicitly. Such estimates are indispensable tools for proving the existence and uniqueness of solutions to PDEs, being especially important for nonlinear equations. The estimates are also crucial to establishing properties of the solutions, such as the continuous dependence on parameters. Han's book is suitable for students interested in the mathematical theory of partial differential equations, either as an overview of the subject or as an introduction leading to further study.

Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Sobolev Spaces

Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Sobolev Spaces Author Nikolaĭ Vladimirovich Krylov
ISBN-10 9780821846841
Release 2008
Pages 357
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This book concentrates on the basic facts and ideas of the modern theory of linear elliptic and parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces. The main areas covered in this book are the first boundary-value problem for elliptic equations and the Cauchy problem for parabolic equations. In addition, other boundary-value problems such as the Neumann or oblique derivative problems are briefly covered. As is natural for a textbook, the main emphasis is on organizing well-known ideas in a self-contained exposition. Among the topics included that are not usually covered in a textbook are a relatively recent development concerning equations with $\mathsf{VMO}$ coefficients and the study of parabolic equations with coefficients measurable only with respect to the time variable. There are numerous exercises which help the reader better understand the material. After going through the book, the reader will have a good understanding of results available in the modern theory of partial differential equations and the technique used to obtain them. Prerequisites are basics of measure theory, the theory of $L_p$ spaces, and the Fourier transform.

Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in H lder Spaces

Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in H  lder Spaces Author Nikolaĭ Vladimirovich Krylov
ISBN-10 9780821805695
Release 1996
Pages 164
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These lectures concentrate on fundamentals of the modern theory of linear elliptic and parabolic equations in H older spaces. Krylov shows that this theory - including some issues of the theory of nonlinear equations - is based on some general and extremely powerful ideas and some simple computations. The main object of study is the first boundary-value problems for elliptic and parabolic equations, with some guidelines concerning other boundary-value problems such as the Neumann or oblique derivative problems or problems involving higher-order elliptic operators acting on the boundary. Numerical approximations are also discussed. This book, containing 200 exercises, aims to provide a good understanding of what kind of results are available and what kinds of techniques are used to obtain them.

Lectures on Nonlinear Hyperbolic Differential Equations

Lectures on Nonlinear Hyperbolic Differential Equations Author Lars Hörmander
ISBN-10 3540629211
Release 1997-07-17
Pages 289
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In this introductory textbook, a revised and extended version of well-known lectures by L. Hörmander from 1986, four chapters are devoted to weak solutions of systems of conservation laws. Apart from that the book only studies classical solutions. Two chapters concern the existence of global solutions or estimates of the lifespan for solutions of nonlinear perturbations of the wave or Klein-Gordon equation with small initial data. Four chapters are devoted to microanalysis of the singularities of the solutions. This part assumes some familiarity with pseudodifferential operators which are standard in the theory of linear differential operators, but the extension to the more exotic classes of opertors needed in the nonlinear theory is presented in complete detail.

An Introduction to Theoretical Fluid Mechanics

An Introduction to Theoretical Fluid Mechanics Author Stephen Childress
ISBN-10 9780821848883
Release 2009-10-09
Pages 201
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This book gives an overview of classical topics in fluid dynamics, focusing on the kinematics and dynamics of incompressible inviscid and Newtonian viscous fluids, but also including some material on compressible flow. The topics are chosen to illustrate the mathematical methods of classical fluid dynamics. The book is intended to prepare the reader for more advanced topics of current research interest.

Nonlinear Elliptic Equations of the Second Order

Nonlinear Elliptic Equations of the Second Order Author Qing Han
ISBN-10 9781470426071
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 368
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Nonlinear elliptic differential equations are a diverse subject with important applications to the physical and social sciences and engineering. They also arise naturally in geometry. In particular, much of the progress in the area in the twentieth century was driven by geometric applications, from the Bernstein problem to the existence of Kähler–Einstein metrics. This book, designed as a textbook, provides a detailed discussion of the Dirichlet problems for quasilinear and fully nonlinear elliptic differential equations of the second order with an emphasis on mean curvature equations and on Monge–Ampère equations. It gives a user-friendly introduction to the theory of nonlinear elliptic equations with special attention given to basic results and the most important techniques. Rather than presenting the topics in their full generality, the book aims at providing self-contained, clear, and “elementary” proofs for results in important special cases. This book will serve as a valuable resource for graduate students or anyone interested in this subject.

Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds

Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds Author Emmanuel Hebey
ISBN-10 9780821827000
Release 2000-10-27
Pages 290
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This volume offers an expanded version of lectures given at the Courant Institute on the theory of Sobolev spaces on Riemannian manifolds. ``Several surprising phenomena appear when studying Sobolev spaces on manifolds,'' according to the author. ``Questions that are elementary for Euclidean space become challenging and give rise to sophisticated mathematics, where the geometry of the manifold plays a central role.'' The volume is organized into nine chapters. Chapter 1 offers a brief introduction to differential and Riemannian geometry. Chapter 2 deals with the general theory of Sobolev spaces for compact manifolds. Chapter 3 presents the general theory of Sobolev spaces for complete, noncompact manifolds. Best constants problems for compact manifolds are discussed in Chapters 4 and 5. Chapter 6 presents special types of Sobolev inequalities under constraints. Best constants problems for complete noncompact manifolds are discussed in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 deals with Euclidean-type Sobolev inequalities. And Chapter 9 discusses the influence of symmetries on Sobolev embeddings. An appendix offers brief notes on the case of manifolds with boundaries. This topic is a field undergoing great development at this time. However, several important questions remain open. So a substantial part of the book is devoted to the concept of best constants, which appeared to be crucial for solving limiting cases of some classes of PDEs. The volume is highly self-contained. No familiarity is assumed with differentiable manifolds and Riemannian geometry, making the book accessible to a broad audience of readers, including graduate students and researchers.

Second Order Parabolic Differential Equations

Second Order Parabolic Differential Equations Author Gary M. Lieberman
ISBN-10 981022883X
Release 1996
Pages 439
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Introduction. Maximum principles. Introduction to the theory of weak solutions. Hölder estimates. Existence, uniqueness, and regularity of solutions. Further theory of weak solutions. Strong solutions. Fixed point theorems and their applications. Comparison and maximum principles. Boundary gradient estimates. Global and local gradient bounds. Hölder gradient estimates and existence theorems. The oblique derivative problem for quasilinear parabolic equations. Fully nonlinear equations. Introduction. Monge-Ampère and Hessian equations.

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations

Lectures on Partial Differential Equations Author I. G. Petrovsky
ISBN-10 9780486155081
Release 2012-12-13
Pages 272
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Graduate-level exposition by noted Russian mathematician offers rigorous, readable coverage of classification of equations, hyperbolic equations, elliptic equations, and parabolic equations. Translated from the Russian by A. Shenitzer.

Mathematical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Modeling Electrostatic MEMS

Mathematical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Modeling Electrostatic MEMS Author Pierpaolo Esposito
ISBN-10 9780821849576
Release 2010
Pages 318
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Micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS), which combine electronics with miniature-size mechanical devices, are essential components of modern technology. It is the mathematical model describing ``electrostatically actuated'' MEMS that is addressed in this monograph. Even the simplified models that the authors deal with still lead to very interesting second- and fourth-order nonlinear elliptic equations (in the stationary case) and to nonlinear parabolic equations (in the dynamic case). While nonlinear eigenvalue problems--where the stationary MEMS models fit--are a well-developed field of PDEs, the type of inverse square nonlinearity that appears here helps shed a new light on the class of singular supercritical problems and their specific challenges. Besides the practical considerations, the model is a rich source of interesting mathematical phenomena. Numerics, formal asymptotic analysis, and ODE methods give lots of information and point to many conjectures. However, even in the simplest idealized versions of electrostatic MEMS, one essentially needs the full available arsenal of modern PDE techniques to do the required rigorous mathematical analysis, which is the main objective of this volume. This monograph could therefore be used as an advanced graduate text for a motivational introduction to many recent methods of nonlinear analysis and PDEs through the analysis of a set of equations that have enormous practical significance.

Partial Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations Author András Vasy
ISBN-10 9781470418816
Release 2015-12-21
Pages 281
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This text on partial differential equations is intended for readers who want to understand the theoretical underpinnings of modern PDEs in settings that are important for the applications without using extensive analytic tools required by most advanced texts. The assumed mathematical background is at the level of multivariable calculus and basic metric space material, but the latter is recalled as relevant as the text progresses. The key goal of this book is to be mathematically complete without overwhelming the reader, and to develop PDE theory in a manner that reflects how researchers would think about the material. A concrete example is that distribution theory and the concept of weak solutions are introduced early because while these ideas take some time for the students to get used to, they are fundamentally easy and, on the other hand, play a central role in the field. Then, Hilbert spaces that are quite important in the later development are introduced via completions which give essentially all the features one wants without the overhead of measure theory. There is additional material provided for readers who would like to learn more than the core material, and there are numerous exercises to help solidify one's understanding. The text should be suitable for advanced undergraduates or for beginning graduate students including those in engineering or the sciences.

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle type Problems

Regularity of Free Boundaries in Obstacle type Problems Author Arshak Petrosyan
ISBN-10 9780821887943
Release 2012
Pages 221
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The regularity theory of free boundaries flourished during the late 1970s and early 1980s and had a major impact in several areas of mathematics, mathematical physics, and industrial mathematics, as well as in applications. Since then the theory continued to evolve. Numerous new ideas, techniques, and methods have been developed, and challenging new problems in applications have arisen. The main intention of the authors of this book is to give a coherent introduction to the study of the regularity properties of free boundaries for a particular type of problems, known as obstacle-type problems. The emphasis is on the methods developed in the past two decades. The topics include optimal regularity, nondegeneracy, rescalings and blowups, classification of global solutions, several types of monotonicity formulas, Lipschitz, $C^1$, as well as higher regularity of the free boundary, structure of the singular set, touch of the free and fixed boundaries, and more. The book is based on lecture notes for the courses and mini-courses given by the authors at various locations and should be accessible to advanced graduate students and researchers in analysis and partial differential equations.

Lectures on K hler Manifolds

Lectures on K  hler Manifolds Author Werner Ballmann
ISBN-10 3037190256
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 172
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These notes are based on lectures the author held at the University of Bonn and the Erwin-Schrodinger-Institute in Vienna. The aim is to give a thorough introduction to the theory of Kahler manifolds with special emphasis on the differential geometric side of Kahler geometry. Some familiarity with global analysis and partial differential equations is assumed, in particular in the part on the Calabi conjecture.

Geometric Analysis

Geometric Analysis Author Peter Li
ISBN-10 9781107020641
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 406
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Basic techniques for researchers interested in the field of geometric analysis.