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The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax

The Unexpected Mrs  Pollifax Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780804151764
Release 2014-01-22
Pages 208
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"Mrs. Pollifax is an enchantress." THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Mrs. Virgil (Emily) Pollifax of New Brunswick, New Jersey, was a widow with grown children. She was tired of attending her Garden Club meetings. She wanted to do something good for her country. So, naturally, she became a CIA agent. This time, the assignment sounds as tasty as a taco. A quick trip to Mexico City is on her agenda. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and our dear Mrs. Pollifax finds herself embroilied in quite a hot Cold War--and her country's enemies find themsleves entangled with one unbelievably feisty lady.

Mrs Pollifax on Safari

Mrs  Pollifax on Safari Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780804151856
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 224
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"Mrs. Pollifax is the American cousin to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple." TORONTO STAR Mrs. Pollifax has been sent on safari by the C.I.A. and told only to take pictures of all of her companions, in order to find the international assassin whose next target is the president of Zambia. It sounded so simple, but shortly after Mrs. Pollifax started taking pictures, someone stole her film. And right after that she was kidnapped by Rhodesian terrorists. And right after that--well, read for yourself....

The Amazing Mrs Pollifax

The Amazing Mrs  Pollifax Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780804151795
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 176
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When Emily Pollifax answers the phone that Sunday morning, she quickly forgets all about her Garden Club tea that afternoon. For the voice on the other end belonged to a man she had never seen, a man from the CIA who asked her if she could leave immediately on a mission that would take her halfway across the world! What could Mrs. Pollifax say but yes?

Three complete Mrs Pollifax mysteries

Three complete Mrs  Pollifax mysteries Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 1566194709
Release 1994
Pages 537
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Three complete Mrs Pollifax mysteries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Three complete Mrs Pollifax mysteries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Three complete Mrs Pollifax mysteries book for free.

Mrs Pollifax and the Golden Triangle

Mrs  Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780449215159
Release 1989-01
Pages 199
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After agreeing to pick up a package from an informant in Thailand for the CIA, Emily discovers that the informant has been murdered and her husband, Cyrus, has been kidnapped

Mrs Pollifax Pursued

Mrs  Pollifax Pursued Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780449149560
Release 1995
Pages 240
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When she discovers a terrified woman hiding in her closet, Mrs. Pollifax learns that young Hadi Hopkirk has obtained important information from an assassined president's son, and the pair hides out at a carnival. Reprint.

Elusive Mrs Pollifax

Elusive Mrs  Pollifax Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780804151849
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 208
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While waiting for a view of her night-blooming cereus, the mild-seeming Mrs. Pollifax received urgent orders for a daring mission to aid an escape. Soon, the unlikely-looking international spy was sporting a beautiful new hat that hid eight forged passports....

Mrs Pollifax Unveiled

Mrs  Pollifax Unveiled Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780345443076
Release 2000-05-31
Pages 208
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After facing down hijackers on a flight to the Middle East and saving the lives of the passengers on board, a young American woman steps off the plane in Damascus in a blaze of celebrity and disappears. The CIA believes Amanda Pym was kidnapped, possibly murdered. Masquerading as Amanda Pym’s worried aunt, Mrs. Pollifax begins her determined search, slipping through Damascus’s crooked streets and crowded souks . . . and trekking deep into the desert. Yet she is shadowed by deadly enemies, whose sinister agenda threatens not only Mrs. P. but the fragile stability of the entire Middle East. Only a miracle–or a brilliant counterplot– can forestall a disaster that will send shock waves around the world.

Mrs Pollifax Innocent Tourist

Mrs  Pollifax  Innocent Tourist Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 0449911373
Release 1997
Pages 203
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The spry Connecticut matron and secret weapon for the CIA, Mrs. Pollifax, poses as a New York City bag lady in order to catch a Middle Eastern smuggler who holds the key to the power of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein

Uncertain Voyage

Uncertain Voyage Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780449216286
Release 1967
Pages 184
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With a broken marriage and a nervous breakdown barely behind her, Melissa sails for Europe. When a strange traveler urgently asks her to deliver a book to a secret address, Melissa agrees -- much against her better judgment. Soon Melissa realizes she's being followed. Her life is suddenly in danger. And as she finds herself forced to fight alone against an enemy she cannot understand, Melissa discovers something extraordinary about herself, something she never suspected . . .

Mrs Pollifax and the Lion Killer

Mrs  Pollifax and the Lion Killer Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780449150047
Release 1996
Pages 218
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Accompanying Kadi Hopkirk to Africa, where they are to witness the coronation of a childhood friend, Mrs. Pollifax discovers that the prince has dangerous enemies who are spreading deadly rumors about him. Reprint.

Thale s Folly

Thale s Folly Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 0345432967
Release 1999
Pages 199
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The author of the Mrs. Pollifax mysteries presents a novel of romantic suspense featuring New York novelist Andrew Thale, who journeys to rural Massachusetts to look over a dilapidated family property and discovers a beautiful girl and an odd puzzle.

Mrs Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha

Mrs  Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 9780804151801
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 224
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"Like the proverbial first potato chip [this book] gives you an irresistible craving for the first six Mrs. Pollifax books." Newport News DAILY PRESS Although recently married, Mrs. Pollifax is packed and ready to go to China, where a young agent, Sheng Ti, holds the answers to goings on at the sinister Feng Imports--a one-time agency front. Only Mrs. Pollifax has earned Sheng's trust, and only she can possibly stop what turns out to be a frightening and ominous plot involving drugs, smuggled diamonds, a famous cat burglar turned Interpol agent, a mysterious psychic, and, of course, murder.....possibly her own!

The Pyramid

The Pyramid Author Ismail Kadare
ISBN-10 1559703148
Release 1996
Pages 161
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Young Pharoah Cheops is persuaded of the necessity of building a pyramid as a means of controlling his subjects and keeping them busy, poor, and docile, but as the project advances he becomes more and more brutal

Mrs Pollifax and the Second Thief

Mrs  Pollifax and the Second Thief Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 0449149056
Release 1995-01
Pages 197
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Emily Pollifax, a suburban New Jersey grandmother and part-time CIA agent, is sent to Sicily to investigate an ancient document, leading her into a deadly confrontation with international arms dealers

Tuesday Night Miracles

Tuesday Night Miracles Author Kris Radish
ISBN-10 9780345532411
Release 2012-01-03
Pages 496
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In this poignant and transformative novel, bestselling author Kris Radish weaves a tale of five women yearning for change—and the potential for happiness that lies within every heart. Free-spirited psychologist Dr. Olivia Bayer suspects she’ll need a miracle to help the four wildly different women in her anger management class. Grace, a single working mother, can barely find a moment’s rest. Jane, a high-profile real estate agent, is struggling in the recession. Kit, in her fifties, has had it with her taunting older brothers. And Leah, a young mother of two, is starting over after ending a troubled relationship. All have reached a crossroads, and Dr. Bayer has an unconventional plan to steer them on the right track. As the class gets taken everywhere from a bowling alley to a shooting range, the women’s Tuesday meetings transform from tense, reluctant gatherings into richly rewarding experiments in female bonding. As Grace, Jane, Kit, and Leah open up—revealing secrets, swapping stories, and recovering long-lost dreams—old wounds begin to heal, new friendships are forged, and miracles manifest in the most surprising ways. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Incident At Badamya

Incident At Badamya Author Dorothy Gilman
ISBN-10 0606299955
Release 2004-02-01
Pages 216
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Gen Ferris's desperate effort to reach Rangoon seems doomed when she and her bizarre travelling companions are captured by a renegade army group