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Encyclopedia of Separation Science

Encyclopedia of Separation Science Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015043253395
Release 2000
Pages 4954
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Encyclopedia of Separation Science has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Encyclopedia of Separation Science also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Encyclopedia of Separation Science book for free.

Handbook of Methods and Instrumentation in Separation Science

Handbook of Methods and Instrumentation in Separation Science Author
ISBN-10 0123757274
Release 2009-11-11
Pages 880
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Handbook of Methods and Instrumentation in Separation Science, Volume 1 provides concise overviews and summaries of the main methods used for separation. It is based on the Encyclopedia of Separation Science. The handbook focuses on the principles of methods and instrumentation. It provides general concepts concerning the subject matter; it does not present specific procedures. This volume discusses the separation processes including affinity methods, analytical ultracentrifugation, centrifugation, chromatography, and use of decanter centrifuge and dye. Each methodology is defined and compared with other separation processes. It also provides specific techniques, principles, and theories concerning each process. Furthermore, the handbook presents the applications, benefits, and validation of the processes described in this book. This handbook is an excellent reference for biomedical researchers, environmental and production chemists, flavor and fragrance technologists, food and beverage technologists, academic and industrial librarians, and nuclear researchers. Students and novices will also find this handbook useful for practice and learning. One-stop source for information on separation methods General overviews for quick orientation Ease of use for finding results fast Expert coverage of major separation methods Coverage of techniques for all sizes of samples, pico-level to kilo-level

Encyclopedia of Agricultural Food and Biological Engineering Second Edition 2 Volume Set Print Version

Encyclopedia of Agricultural  Food  and Biological Engineering  Second Edition   2 Volume Set  Print Version Author Dennis R. Heldman
ISBN-10 9781498711074
Release 2014-07-29
Pages 2114
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The Definitive Reference for Food Scientists & Engineers The Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering focuses on the processes used to produce raw agricultural materials and convert the raw materials into consumer products for distribution. It provides an improved understanding of the processes used in the production and manufacture of consumer products of agricultural origin. With more than 400 entries, the encyclopedia examines the processes used to convert raw materials info safe, convenient, and nutritious foods as well as the many other consumer products manufactured from raw agricultural materials. In addition to completely new entries based on new developments in the field, this second edition provides updates to existing entries. Applies engineering concepts and principles to production agriculture, including the design of machinery and structures used and the management of water required for these operations Gives specific attention to crop production, including the harvesting, storage, and handling of major and minor crops Focuses on animal production, including all aspects requiring engineering inputs Covers food handling, storage, processing, packaging, and distribution, with specific emphasis on the design of facilities, equipment, and processes needed to deliver safe and high-quality food products to the consumer Addresses unique processes associated with the preservation of foods, using thermal processes, refrigeration, dehydration, and similar processes Explores the more basic engineering concepts associated with biological systems Presents the common fundamentals that have evolved with other biological systems, including those in the environment and in humans The encyclopedia emphasizes the significant role of engineering in the development and design of the processes and equipment for the production and manufacturing of products of agricultural origin. The entries expand on the original concepts and introduce many new topics based on the evolution of developments in agricultural production, the conversion of raw materials into food products and the biological processes used throughout the system. The second edition continues to address critical components of a system with the capacity to deliver food and other consumer products to an expanding world population. This encyclopedia provides the knowledge necessary for readers to contribute to the safety and nutrition of the global food supply as well as the other products that contribute to a quality of life for consumers. ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE This Taylor & Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for both researchers, students, and librarians, including: Citation tracking and alerts Active reference linking Saved searches and marked lists HTML and PDF format options Contact Taylor and Francis for more information or to inquire about subscription options and print/online combination packages. US: (Tel) 1.888.318.2367; (E-mail) [email protected] International: (Tel) +44 (0) 20 7017 6062; (E-mail) [email protected] Dennis R. Heldman speaks about his book on the CRC Press YouTube Channel.

Analytical Separation Science

Analytical Separation Science Author Jared Anderson
ISBN-10 9783527333745
Release 2016-02-08
Pages 2220
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Leading the way for analytical chemists developing new techniques. Introductory Price Available! Order your print copy before 30th April 2016 and save! £650 / $1,075 / €799 List price thereafter: £735 / $1,210 / €899 This new comprehensive 5 volume set on separation science provides a much needed research-level text for both academic users and researchers who are working with and developing the most current methods, as well as serving as a valuable resource for graduate and post-graduate students. Comprising of five topical volumes it provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, highlighting aspects that will drive research in this field in the years to come. Volume 1: Liquid Chromatography Volume 2: Special Liquid Chromatography Modes and Capillary Electromigration Techniques Volume 3: Gas, Supercritical and Chiral Chromatography Volume 4: Chromatographic and Related Techniques Volume 5: Sample Treatment, Method Validation, and Applications Key Features: - Comprises over 2,100 pages in 5 volumes – available in print and online - Edited by an international editorial team which has both prominent and experienced senior researchers as well as young and dynamic rising stars - Individual chapters are labeled as either introductory or advanced, in order to guide readers in finding the content at the appropriate level - Fully indexed with cross referencing within and between all 5 volumes

Encyclopedia of Chromatography

Encyclopedia of Chromatography Author Jack Cazes
ISBN-10 082472786X
Release 2005
Pages 800
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Offering information for workers in analytical chemistry, experimental biology, physics, and engineering, this is a guide to specific chromatographic techniques and principles. It provides a basic introduction to the science and technology of the method.

Practical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction

Practical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction Author Thomas Caudell
ISBN-10 9057024098
Release 1999-03-08
Pages 456
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Practical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Practical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Practical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction book for free.

Membrane Processes in Separation and Purification

Membrane Processes in Separation and Purification Author J.G. Crespo
ISBN-10 0792329295
Release 1994-06-30
Pages 505
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The current vigour in separations research principally derives from the need for pioneering separations processes in an emerging technology (biotechnology), from new societal emphases (reduction of chemical emissions into the environment), as well as from opportunities for achieving dramatic improvements in the efficiency of a number of manufacturing technologies through the development of a new generation of membranes (novel membrane applications). Accordingly, the contributions to this volume are grouped into `Membranes in Biotechnology' (11 papers), `Membranes in Environmental Technology' (6 papers), and `New Concepts' (4 papers). This is followed by one contribution each on `Energy Requirements' and `Education', i.e. membrane processes within an academic curriculum. The book thus amounts to a state-of-the-art review of applied membrane processes. Even though other texts have appeared in recent years, a more documented, practical book is needed, with a strong interaction with the collateral disciplines of materials sciences, life sciences and environmental science. This book emphasizes the need for such an integrated approach to membrane processes.

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics Author M. E. Hawkesworth
ISBN-10 0415072255
Release 1992
Pages 1404
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Encyclopedia of Government and Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Encyclopedia of Government and Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Encyclopedia of Government and Politics book for free.

Affinity separations

Affinity separations Author Paul Matejtschuk
ISBN-10 019963551X
Release 1997
Pages 253
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Affinity Separations: A Practical Approach is a new collection of affinity-based purification protocols with an international authorship from across the life sciences. The introductory chapter outlines recent advances in ligand-coupling, matrix choice, and operating modes. The second chapterdescribes methods for obtaining quantitative data from affinity processes. There are specific chapters describing methods for the affinity separation of proteins, nucleic acids, and oligosaccharides. Methods for immunoglobulin purification and immunoaffinity protocols are discussed in a furtherchapter, and the use of affinity tags in the recovery of engineered proteins in another. Finally, modern techniques for cell separations are outlined. The book presents detailed laboratory protocols together with troubleshooting advice and reviews of recent developments. It is aimed at benchscientists, both those in analytical research laboratories, and those non-specialists looking to apply affinity methods in their work.

Multidimensional Chromatography

Multidimensional Chromatography Author Cortes
ISBN-10 0824781368
Release 1989-12-11
Pages 424
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Multidimensional Chromatography furnishes, for the first time, a comprehensive multidisciplined evaluation of state-of-the-art multidimensional chromatographic separation techniques -- including detailed discussions by leading international authorities on theoretical principles, instrumentation, and practical applications. Organized in a convenient manner, this current reference presents chapters dealing with multidimensional separations by thin-layer, gas, liquid, coupled LC-GC, supercritical fluid chromatographies, and extractions ... contains over 650 references and more than 150 illustrations ... offers large numbers of practical examples ... and introduces areas that require further study and suggest future trends. Multidimensional Chromatography is a timely, comprehensive source for analytical, bioanalytical, pharmaceutical, organic, physical, and industrial chemists and biochemists; chromatographers; pharmaceutical scientists; and professional seminars and graduate-level courses in the above disciplines. Book jacket.

Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies

Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies Author Suvendu Bhattacharya
ISBN-10 9781118406304
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 744
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Food processing technologies are an essential link in the food chain. These technologies are many and varied, changing in popularity with changing consumption patterns and product popularity. Newer process technologies are also being evolved to provide the added advantages. Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies fuses the practical (application, machinery), theoretical (model, equation) and cutting-edge (recent trends), making it ideal for industrial, academic and reference use. It consists of two sections, one covering conventional or well-established existing processes and the other covering emerging or novel process technologies that are expected to be employed in the near future for the processing of foods in the commercial sector. All are examined in great detail, considering their current and future applications with added examples and the very latest data. Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies is a comprehensive treatment of the current state of knowledge on food processing technology. In its extensive coverage, and the selection of reputed research scientists who have contributed to each topic, this book will be a definitive text in this field for students, food professionals and researchers.

Low Abundance Proteome Discovery

Low Abundance Proteome Discovery Author Egisto Boschetti
ISBN-10 9780124045965
Release 2013-03-26
Pages 364
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Low-Abundance Proteome Discovery addresses the most critical challenge in biomarker discovery and progress: the identification of low-abundance proteins. The book describes an original strategy developed by the authors that permits the detection of protein species typically found in very low abundance and that may yield valuable clues to future discoveries. Known as combinatorial peptide ligand libraries, these new methodologies are one of the hottest topics related to the study of proteomics and have applications in medical diagnostics, food quality, and plant analysis. The book is written for university and industry scientists starting proteomic studies of complex matrices (e.g., biological fluids, biopsies, recalcitrant plant tissues, foodstuff, and beverage analysis), researchers doing wet chemistry, and graduate-level students in the areas of analytical and biochemistry, biology, and genetics. Covers methodologies for enhancing the visibility of low-abundance proteins which, until now, has been the biggest challenge in biomarker progress Includes detailed protocols that address real-life needs in laboratory practice Addresses all applications, including human disease, food and beverage safety, and the discovery of new proteins/peptides of importance in nutraceutics Compiles the research and analytic protocols of the two scientists who are credited with the discovery of these landmark methodologies, also known as combinatorial peptide ligand libraries, for the identification of low-abundance proteins

High Performance Chelation Ion Chromatography

High Performance Chelation Ion Chromatography Author Pavel N. Nesterenko
ISBN-10 9781849730419
Release 2010
Pages 303
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Established ion chromatography techniques have changed little since the 1980s but a new technique, high performance chelation ion chromatography (HPCIC), has revolutionized the area. HPCIC enables a much greater range of complex samples to be analyzed and this is the first comprehensive description of its use in the trace determination of metals. Written by world leaders in the field, it is aimed at professionals, postgraduates, chromatographers, analytical chemists, and industrial chemists. The book describes the underlying principles which give rise to the special selectivities that can be chosen for separating specific groups of metals. It also covers the latest research and gives many examples of its application to real samples. The very latest developments in detection techniques are included showing that HPCIC can rival atomic spectroscopic techniques such as ICP-MS. The detailed description of the fundamental principles controlling the separation of trace metals using chelating substrates is unique to this book. It shows how HPCIC differs from the commonly used simple ion exchange techniques and how these chelation characteristics give rise to a much more useful and versatile metal separation system. Readers will also be interested in the analysis of extremely difficult matrices, such as saturated brines, easily achieved by HPCIC but requiring very complex multi column systems using other ion chromatography methods.

The Essence of Chromatography

The Essence of Chromatography Author C. F. Poole
ISBN-10 0444501983
Release 2003
Pages 925
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This book presents a comprehensive survey of modern chromatography and is intended as a suitable text for graduate level courses in the separation sciences and as a self-study guide for professional chromatographers wishing to refresh their background in this rapidly expanding field. (Midwest).

Handbook of Crystal Growth

Handbook of Crystal Growth Author Peter Rudolph
ISBN-10 9780444633064
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 1418
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Vol 2A: Basic Technologies Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition Volume IIA (Basic Technologies) presents basic growth technologies and modern crystal cutting methods. Particularly, the methodical fundamentals and development of technology in the field of bulk crystallization on both industrial and research scales are explored. After an introductory chapter on the formation of minerals, ruling historically the basic crystal formation parameters, advanced basic technologies from melt, solution, and vapour being applied for research and production of the today most important materials, like silicon, semiconductor compounds and oxides are presented in detail. The interdisciplinary and general importance of crystal growth for human live are illustrated. Vol 2B: Growth Mechanisms and Dynamics Handbook of Crystal Growth, 2nd Edition Volume IIB (Growth Mechanisms and Dynamics) deals with characteristic mechanisms and dynamics accompanying each bulk crystal growth method discussed in Volume IIA. Before the atoms or molecules pass over from a position in the fluid medium (gas, melt or solution) to their place in the crystalline face they must be transported in the fluid over macroscopic distances by diffusion, buoyancy-driven convection, surface-tension-driven convection, and forced convection (rotation, acceleration, vibration, magnetic mixing). Further, the heat of fusion and the part carried by the species on their way to the crystal by conductive and convective transport must be dissipated in the solid phase by well-organized thermal conduction and radiation to maintain a stable propagating interface. Additionally, segregation and capillary phenomena play a decisional role for chemical composition and crystal shaping, respectively. Today, the increase of high-quality crystal yield, its size enlargement and reproducibility are imperative conditions to match the strong economy. Volume 2A Presents the status and future of Czochralski and float zone growth of dislocation-free silicon Examines directional solidification of silicon ingots for photovoltaics, vertical gradient freeze of GaAs, CdTe for HF electronics and IR imaging as well as antiferromagnetic compounds and super alloys for turbine blades Focuses on growth of dielectric and conducting oxide crystals for lasers and non-linear optics Topics on hydrothermal, flux and vapour phase growth of III-nitrides, silicon carbide and diamond are explored Volume 2B Explores capillarity control of the crystal shape at the growth from the melt Highlights modeling of heat and mass transport dynamics Discusses control of convective melt processes by magnetic fields and vibration measures Includes imperative information on the segregation phenomenon and validation of compositional homogeneity Examines crystal defect generation mechanisms and their controllability Illustrates proper automation modes for ensuring constant crystal growth process Exhibits fundamentals of solution growth, gel growth of protein crystals, growth of superconductor materials and mass crystallization for food and pharmaceutical industries


HPLC Author Joel K. Swadesh
ISBN-10 0849326826
Release 1996-11-26
Pages 384
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High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a technique used in diverse laboratory and industrial settings for the separation of components of complex mixtures. HPLC: Practical and Industrial Applications is a trouble-shooting, problem-solving guide for scientists, engineers, and technicians who use HPLC in their day-to-day work. It provides the answers to specific problems and includes practical case studies. This case history approach to chromatography is an effective teaching tool and clearly illustrates how to use techniques such as reversed phase chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, and capillary electrophoresis. The book is organized to facilitate rapid understanding for those working with a particular area of chromatography: Introduces the reader to instrumentation, reviews basic chromatographic theory, and presents a brief survey of absorbance fluorescence and refractive index detectors. Provides a broad view of the role of the analytical laboratory in an industrial organization. Offers suggestions on optimizing the utilization of personnel and work flow in the laboratory. Covers process sampling and analysis · Describes process chromatography. The remaining chapters discuss specialties within separations technology, including an outline of the key features of each technique, a thorough bibliography, a list of precedents, and detailed examples of one or more applications presented from the viewpoint of industrial and basic scientists. Specialty detectors are also described. HPLC: Practical and Industrial Applications is an essential reference for those working in the industrial sector, as well as scientists, students, technicians interested in learning HPLC methods.

Practical Protein Chromatography

Practical Protein Chromatography Author Andrew Kenney
ISBN-10 9781592594986
Release 1992
Pages 327
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Practical Protein Chromatography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Practical Protein Chromatography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Practical Protein Chromatography book for free.