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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Enemies  Foreign and Domestic Author Carl Higbie
ISBN-10 9781618688118
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 224
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As seen on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly. Carl Higbie was a member of the the Navy Seal team that captured the Butcher of Fallujah, only to later be accused of prisoner abuse. Carl Higbie was on the Navy Seal assault team that captured the most wanted man in the Middle East–the Butcher of Fallujah, Ahmed Hashim Abd Al-Isawi. But instead of receiving the hero's welcome the SEALs deserved, they were charged with prisoner abuse after Al-Isawi alleged they'd beaten him up. Carl Higbie was a witness for their defense at the courts martial. When he went public with his account of what happened, the Navy fought him tooth and nail. But Higbie fought back–and he won.

9 11 Enemies Foreign and Domestic

9 11 Enemies Foreign and Domestic Author Edward Hendrie
ISBN-10 9780983262732
Release 2011-06-26
Pages 303
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Hendrie proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.S. government's conspiracy theory of the attacks on September 11, 2001, is a preposterous cover story. The evidence proves that powerful Zionists ordered the 9/11 attacks, which were perpetrated by Israel's Mossad, aided and abetted by treacherous high officials in the U.S. government.

All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

All Enemies Foreign and Domestic Author Kit Cessna
ISBN-10 1581607180
Release 2009-11-01
Pages 142
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For the first time since World War II, the United States faces an enemy fully capable of defeating it. Contrary to popular belief, this war did not begin with the attacks of September 11, 2001, and it will not end in Iraq or Afghanistan or with an election here at home. This fight is going to be with us for a very long time. When you are in a fight for your life, you can either be the winner or the loser – there is no middle ground. If we are going to be the winner, we will have to realize the true nature of this conflict and our enemy. You will not see landing crafts full of al-Qaeda operatives coming ashore on U.S. beaches, nor battalions of radical fanatics parachuting onto your lawn. It is just not that kind of fight. If America loses this war, it will not be because what our enemy was able to do; it will be because of what we have done or failed to do. Within these pages, Delta Force veteran, Kit Cessna, offers his unapologetic, no-punches-pulled assessment of what this war is really about and why we must defeat these radicals. He explains their history and motivations, and outlines their strengths and weaknesses (yes, they do have weaknesses). Most important, he discusses the role and duties all Americans must embrace in this fight for our survival‹cultural and physical. If you are an American concerned with the future of our nation, this is a must read.

Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic Author Barrye L. Price
ISBN-10 0759609659
Release 2001-02-01
Pages 288
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Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic book for free.

Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies Author Richard A. Clarke
ISBN-10 9781847375889
Release 2008-12-09
Pages 320
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Richard Clarke has been one of America's foremost experts on counterterrorism measures for more than two decades. He has served under four presidents from both parties, beginning in Ronald Reagan's State Department becoming America's first Counter-terrorism Czar under Bill Clinton and remaining for the first two years of George W. Bush's administration. He has seen every piece of intelligence on Al-Qaeda from the beginning; he was in the Situation Room on September 11th and he knows exactly what has taken place under the United State's new Department of Homeland Security. Through gripping, thriller-like scenes, he tells the full story for the first time and explains what the Bush Administration are doing.

Domestic Enemies

Domestic Enemies Author Matthew Bracken
ISBN-10 0972831029
Release 2006
Pages 539
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Domestic Enemies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Domestic Enemies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Domestic Enemies book for free.

Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences Author John Ross
ISBN-10 1888118040
Release 1996-01
Pages 863
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A rising by the pro-gun lobby brings the government to its knees. The story begins when Henry Bowman, a geologist in Iowa, fires on federal agents, thinking they are terrorists. The conflict escalates, agents and congressmen die, and to bring peace the president agrees to repeal anti-gun laws and pardon the rebels.

Need to Know

Need to Know Author Karen Cleveland
ISBN-10 9781524797034
Release 2018-01-23
Pages 336
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Perfect husband. Perfect father. Perfect liar? “Terrific.”—John Grisham “Superb.”—Lee Child “Breathtaking, heart-pounding.”—Louise Penny “A fast-paced, relentlessly gripping read.”—Chris Pavone Vivian Miller. High-powered CIA analyst, happily married to a man she adores, mother of four beautiful children. Until the moment she makes a shocking discovery that makes her question everything she believes. She thought she knew her husband inside and out. But now she wonders if it was all a lie. How far will she go to learn the truth? And does she really . . . . . . NEED TO KNOW? Film rights sold to Universal Pictures for Charlize Theron • Rights sold in more than 20 markets “Shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest new thrillers.”—Entertainment Weekly “So timely . . . Think of the perfect mix of Homeland and The Americans. . . . Need to Know needs to be read by all who relish spy novels. As entertaining as it is informative and as irresistible as it is impossible to put down.”—Providence Journal “Pulse-pounding.”—O: The Oprah Magazine “Accomplished . . . a nonstop thriller tapping into a hot mix of contemporary digital counterintelligence, old-school spying and ageless family drama.”—Shelf Awareness “An early contender for next year’s Gone Girl.”—GQ (UK) “The Russia page-turner that should be on everyone’s list.”—New York Post

Bloody Zion

Bloody Zion Author Edward Hendrie
ISBN-10 9780983262763
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 544
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Jesus told Pontius Pilate: "My kingdom is not of this world." John 18:36. God has a spiritual Zion that is in a heavenly Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22; Revelation 21:10. Jesus Christ is the chief corner stone laid by God in Zion. 1 Peter 2:6. Those who believe in Jesus Christ are living stones in the spiritual house of God. 1 Peter 2:5; Ephesians 2:20-22. Believers are in Jesus and Jesus is in believers. John 14:20; 17:20-23. All who are elected by God to believe in Jesus Christ are part of the heavenly Zion, without regard to whether they are Jews or Gentiles. Romans 10:12. Satan is a great adversary of God, who has created his own mystery religions. During the Babylonian captivity (2 Chronicles 36:20), an occult society of Jews replaced God's commands with Satan's Babylonian dogma. Their new religion became Judaism. Jesus explained the corruption of the Judaic religion: "Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Mark 7:7. Jesus revealed the Satanic origin of Judaism when he stated: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." John 8:44. Babylonian Judaism remains the religion of the Jews today. Satan has infected many nominal "Christian" denominations with his Babylonian occultism, which has given rise to "Christian" Zionism. "Christian" Zionism advocates a counterfeit, earthly Zion, within which fleshly Jews take primacy over the spiritual church of Jesus Christ. This book exposes "Christian" Zionism as a false gospel and subversive political movement that sustains Israel's war against God and man.

Kwajalein Chaos

Kwajalein Chaos Author Scott Cottrell
ISBN-10 1640285903
Release 2017-07-09
Pages 328
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A Latin American drug cartel, an Islamic terrorist group, and China and Russia form a secret cabal bent on shocking the US while they take what they want across the globe. With the President focused on securing a trade agreement with China, with or without Senate approval, his actions put Reagan Test Site at risk and ignite the tinderbox of the South China Sea. Colonel Seth Grayson and the senior officers at the Pentagon must weigh their oath of office to support and defend the constitution against orders from their commander in chief which run contrary to the constitution. Their faith is tested as they move to defend Kwajalein and secure international trade routes in the South China Sea against the wishes of the POTUS.

The Inspector General Handbook

The Inspector General Handbook Author Joseph E. Schmitz
ISBN-10 0578004364
Release 2013
Pages 575
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This book is an in-depth look at the experiences of the former head of the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General-the most expansive IG organization in the world-from 2002-2005. The Handbook is designed not only for teaching and training professionals assigned to Offices of Inspector General throughout the US federal and state governments, but also for the benefit of government and corporate leaders who will need, sooner or later, to deal intelligently with an IG. "Important reading for every inspector general."-DONALD RUMSFELD Secretary of Defense of the United States, 1975-1977 and 2001-2006 "Nobody knows the history, traditions, and functions of an Inspector General better than Joe Schmitz. The Inspector General Handbook is a practical guide for anyone working within an IG office who wants to serve in a constitutionally sound role as part of the leadership team. The IG in any organization should detect organizational performance problems early, and should enable rapid responses so that systemic problems can be addressed before they spread further or cause irreversible damage. This first-ever IG Handbook sheds light on an area of American government that is often misunderstood, frequently maligned, and yet indispensable to the functioning of our republic. This book is a 'must read' for all government leaders and for every lawyer who needs to know by what authority and for what purposes an Inspector General serves 'We the People' of these United States." -JOHN ASHCROFT former U.S. Senator and Attorney General of the United States, 2001-2005 "The office of Inspector General can seem highly problematic, located within each executive department but reporting not only to the head of the department but also to Congress and, through Congress, to the public. Schmitz carefully examines the nature of the institution, and demystifies it while at the same time promoting respect for it. The Inspector General Handbook is a work of lasting value." -MICHAEL B. MUKASEY Attorney General of the United States, 2007-2009, and U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York, 1988- 2006 "Joe Schmitz' Handbook delivers a previously missing link in the understanding of post-9/11 law enforcement professionals who take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Of all public sector professionals, Inspectors General should be transparent; the American People ought never to wonder why an IG does what he or she does. And with Joe's Inspector General Handbook, that transparency is now achieved." -LOUIS J. FREEH Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1993-2001

Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies Author John Gilstrap
ISBN-10 9780786035069
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 512
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Jonathan Grave finds it hard to believe that a fellow combat vet has gone rogue, killing American agents and leaking sensitive intel to hostile foreign interests. With black ops assassins on the trail of his old friend, Grave sets out to get to him first. He finds far more than he bargained for. Not only the wily operative, but evidence of a conspiracy so dangerous, so far-reaching, that an unthinkable tragedy is in-motion. Grave and his elite team of specialists must expose a deadly high-level secret —and do it in time to avert a catastrophe of historic proportions…

To Defend Against All Enemies

To Defend Against All Enemies Author Carl R. Baker
ISBN-10 0982842546
Release 2010-08
Pages 206
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U.S. President Robert Sanchez seems to espouse views and visions for America that are in direct contrast with the populace, as well as circumventing the Constitution, six men come together to save the nation from what they consider an unconventional effort to centralize all power in the White House.

The War After Armageddon

The War After Armageddon Author Ralph Peters
ISBN-10 0765363402
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 480
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The best-selling author of The War in 2020 imagines a post-apocalyptic war launched by America in retaliation against Islamic extremists who have used nuclear weapons to destroy Los Angeles, Israel and parts of Europe, a battle that is complicated by anti-Muslim Christian zealots. Reprint. A best-selling novel.

Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies Author Tom Clancy
ISBN-10 110153687X
Release 2011-06-14
Pages 720
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Tom Clancy, the master of international intrigue and explosive action, introduces a new hero for a new era of warfare-against a new kind of threat.

Enemies of the American Way

Enemies of the American Way Author David Bell Mislan
ISBN-10 9781441175540
Release 2012-10-04
Pages 240
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Why do presidents, when facing the same circumstances, focus on different threats to national security? Enemies of the American Way attempts to answer this question by investigating the role of identity in presidential decision making. The book explains why presidents disagree on what constitute a threat to the US security via the study of three US presidencies in the 19th century (Cleveland, Harrison and McKinley). These case studies help draw a theory of threat identification to understand how and why specific actions are taken, including the decision to wage war. Using a constructivist approach, the book develops a rule-based identity theory to posit that American identity defines potential national security threats, i.e., how a policymaker defines Americans also defines the threats to Americans. Enemies of the American Way offers a new means of understanding a key period when America rose to prominence in international relations while proposing a template that can be used to explain American foreign policy today. It will appeal to students of international relations and foreign policy.

God and Man in Tehran

God and Man in Tehran Author Hossein Kamaly
ISBN-10 9780231541084
Release 2018-04-17
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In God and Man in Tehran, Hossein Kamaly explores the historical processes that have made and unmade contending visions of God in Iran’s capital throughout the past two hundred years. Kamaly examines how ideas of God have been mobilized, contested, and transformed, emphasizing how notions of the divine have given shape to and in turn have been shaped by divergent conceptualizations of nature, reason, law, morality, and authority. God and Man in Tehran analyzes official government policies, modern textbooks, and university curricula; popular beliefs and ritual practices; and philosophical and juridical attitudes toward theological questions in traditional institutions. Kamaly considers continuity and change in religiosity under the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties; the significance of outbreaks of messianic expectations; why a modernizing nation took a sudden turn toward state religiosity; and how the Islamic Republic deploys visions of God against foreign enemies and domestic critics. Beyond the majority Shia Muslim population, the book includes minority and suppressed voices, discussing the views of Sunni Muslims, Armenian and Assyrian Christians, Jews, Bahais, and Zoroastrians and investigating issues of gender and class. With a focus on the diversity of ideas of the divine, God and Man in Tehran offers a novel perspective on the intellectual movements that have shaped Iranian modernity.