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Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics Author Gail Baura
ISBN-10 9780080458021
Release 2006-04-11
Pages 256
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Engineering Ethics is the application of philosophical and moral systems to the proper judgment and behavior by engineers in conducting their work, including the products and systems they design and the consulting services they provide. In light of the work environment that inspired the new Sarbanes/Oxley federal legislation on “whistle-blowing protections, a clear understanding of Engineering Ethics is needed like never before. Beginning with a concise overview of various approaches to engineering ethics, the real heart of the book will be some 13 detailed case studies, delving into the history behind each one, the official outcome and the “real story behind what happened. Using a consistent format and organization for each one—giving background, historical summary, news media effects, outcome and interpretation--these case histories will be used to clearly illustrate the ethics issues at play and what should or should not have been done by the engineers, scientists and managers involved in each instance. Covers importance and practical benefits of systematic ethical behavior in any engineering work environment Only book to explain implications of the Sarbanes/Oxley "Whistle-Blowing" federal legislation 13 actual case histories, plus 10 additional "anonymous" case histories-in consistent format-will clearly demonstrate the relevance of ethics in the outcomes of each one Offers actual investigative reports, with evidentiary material, legal proceedings, outcome and follow-up analysis Appendix offers copies of the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics for Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Code of Ethics

Global Engineering Ethics

Global Engineering Ethics Author Heinz Luegenbiehl
ISBN-10 9780128112199
Release 2017-07-07
Pages 222
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Global Engineering Ethics introduces the fundamentals of ethics in a context specific to engineering without privileging any one national or cultural conception of ethics. Numerous case studies from around the world help the reader to see clearly the relevance of design, safety, and professionalism to engineers. Engineering increasingly takes place in global contexts, with industrial and research teams operating across national and cultural borders. This adds a layer of complexity to already challenging ethical issues. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand or communicate the ethics of engineering, including students, academics, and researchers, and is indispensable for those involved in international and cross-cultural environments. Takes a global-values approach to engineering ethics rather than prioritizing any one national or regional culture Uses engineering case studies to explain ethical issues and principles in relatable, practical contexts Approaches engineering from a business perspective, emphasizing the extent to which engineering occurs in terms of profit-driven markets, addressing potential conflicts that arise as a result Provides extensive guidance on how to carry out ethical analysis by using case studies, to practice addressing and thinking through issues before confronting them in the world

Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics Author George Dominic Catalano
ISBN-10 9781598290905
Release 2006
Pages 69
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Engineering Ethics: Peace, Justice, and the Earth offers a new ethical foundation for the engineering profession. Modern engineering codes of ethics have primarily been developed using a Utilitarian approach. This book adopts a morally deep world view from environmental ethics as the basis for engineering practice. The fundamental canon of the new code of ethics is the following: Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the identified integral community. The key difference between the new code and existing codes is in the inclusion of an identified integral community. Several case studies are examined in light of the new code including the development of new tools for Mexican farmers, the design and fabrication of devices for the physically challenged, the mechanization of grape-picking in California and the development of transportations systems for the tourist industry in Churchill, Ontario, Canada. Using the new ethical code, a design methodology is developed based on the implicit notion of promoting justice and peace and reducing suffering. Implications of these developments for engineering education are also explored with a new paradigm for engineering education based upon the Integral Model. The present work is intended for practicing engineers and engineering educators as well as ethicists and philosophers.

Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics Author George D. Catalano
ISBN-10 9781627055420
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 85
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A response of the engineering profession to the challenges of security, poverty and underdevelopment, environmental sustainability, and native cultures is described. Ethical codes, which govern the behavior of engineers, are examined from a historical perspective linking the prevailing codes to models of the natural world. A new ethical code based on a recently introduced model of Nature as an integral community is provided and discussed. Applications of the new code are described using a case study approach. With the ethical code based on an integral community in place, new design algorithms are developed and also explored using case studies. Implications of the proposed changes in ethics and design on engineering education are considered. Table of Contents: Preface / Acknowledgments / Introduction / Engineering Ethics / Models of the Earth / Engineering in a Morally Deep World / Engineering Design in a Morally Deep World / Implications for Engineering Education / Final Thoughts / References / Author's Biography

Tragedy in the Gulf

Tragedy in the Gulf Author George D. Catalano
ISBN-10 9781608456284
Release 2011
Pages 79
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The recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico and resultant ethical consequences for the engineering profession are introduced and discussed. The need for a new engineering ethic is identified and introduced based upon advancements in science, complex systems and eco-philosophy. Motivations for introducing a new ethic rather than modifying existing ethics are also discussed. Table of Contents: Tragedy in the Gulf / Tragedy Unfolding / Engineering Ethics / Complex Systems / Quantum Mechanics / Evolving Principles of the Universe / A New Engineering Ethic / Epilogue

Introduction to Engineering Ethics

Introduction to Engineering Ethics Author
ISBN-10 9780077417123
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Introduction to Engineering Ethics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Introduction to Engineering Ethics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Introduction to Engineering Ethics book for free.

Ethics in Science and Engineering

Ethics in Science and Engineering Author James G. Speight
ISBN-10 1118104846
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 318
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For engineering and scientific endeavors to progress there must be generally accepted ethical guidelines in place to which engineers and scientists must adhere. This book explores the various scientific and engineering disciplines, examining the potential for unethical behavior by professionals. Documented examples are presented to show where unethical behavior could have been halted before it became an issue. The authors also look to the future to see what is in store for professionals in the scientific and engineering disciplines and how the potential for unethical behavior can be negated.

Professionals Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility

Professionals    Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility Author Samuel O. Idowu
ISBN-10 3642026303
Release 2009-10-21
Pages 445
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Since the general acceptance of the field of corporate social responsibility worldwide, corporate entities and those who act for them either as executives or "ordinary" employees are expected to be socially responsible. Being socially responsible has a number of quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits for the entity and its stakeholders. It improves the entity’s bottom line results, protects jobs, and is also better for the environment. As such, it makes good sense for professionals and those that they interact with as colleagues, suppliers of goods and services, lenders etc to want to take the issue of CSR seriously. This perhaps explains why this book has chosen to explore how 19 professions across the world have integrated and continue to impress upon their staff the importance of CSR in their operational activities. We are constantly reminded that our world’s natural resources are exhaustible; we can therefore no longer live for today alone if we do not want to cause substantial problems for future generations.

Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest

Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433069058554
Release 1912
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Contains each month an "Index to current technical literature."

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822036007953
Release 2006
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Chemical Engineering has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chemical Engineering also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chemical Engineering book for free.

Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest

Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest Author William Kent
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105027591036
Release 1912
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Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest book for free.

Engineering and Environmental Ethics

Engineering and Environmental Ethics Author John R. Wilcox
ISBN-10 0471292362
Release 1998-06-23
Pages 303
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A guide to understanding and resolving the knotty ethical issues confronting today's engineering professional Little in an engineer's formal training offers adequate preparation for navigating the murky waters of professional ethics. Engineering and Environmental Ethics fills this critical gap, providing you with a reliable compass to help steer a safe course through the welter of governing laws and regulations, while balancing personal and professional obligations with the more global concerns of the environment and society. This book offers the opportunity to learn directly from your colleagues' experiences through more than 100 absorbing case studies that typify common ethical problems encountered by engineers. Taking a neutral viewpoint for each case, the authors supply helpful commentaries in which they address underlying philosophical issues, weigh the various pros and cons of possible responses, and offer expert opinions on how the problem could have been resolved better or differently. The cases are organized both by engineering specialty (chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical) and by environmental concerns (air, water, solid waste, domestic, and safety and accident management). Engineering and Environmental Ethics is a valuable professional resource for practitioners in all engineering specialties, as well as corporate policymakers and environmental managers. It can also serve as an excellent primary or secondary text for engineering students enrolled in professional ethics courses.

Engineering Ethics Concepts and Cases

Engineering Ethics  Concepts and Cases Author Charles E. Harris, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781337670746
Release 2018-01-01
Pages 50
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Packed with examples pulled straight from recent headlines, ENGINEERING ETHICS, Sixth Edition, helps engineers understand the importance of their conduct as professionals as well as reflect on how their actions can affect the health, safety and welfare of the public and the environment. Numerous case studies give readers plenty of hands-on experience grappling with modern-day ethical dilemmas, while the book's proven and structured method for analysis walks readers step by step through ethical problem-solving techniques. It also offers practical application of the Engineering Code of Ethics and thorough coverage of critical moral reasoning, effective organizational communication, sustainability and economic development, risk management, ethical responsibilities, globalized standards for engineering and emerging challenges relating to evolving technology. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Contracts for Engineers

Contracts for Engineers Author Robert D. Hunter
ISBN-10 9781351833233
Release 2017-12-21
Pages 368
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Engineers encounter different types of contracts at nearly every turn in their careers. Contracts for Engineers: Intellectual Property, Standards, and Ethics is a tool to enhance their ability to communicate contractual issues to lawyers—and then better understand the legal advice they receive. Building on its exploration of contracts, this book expands discussion to: Patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property issues Development of standards and the bodies that govern them, as well as conformity assessment and accreditation Ethics at both the micro and macro levels—a concept under major scrutiny after several major disasters, including the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the collapse of Boston’s Big Dig, and a coal-mining accident that resulted in many deaths With a brief introduction to common law contracts and their underlying principles, including basic examples, the book presents a sample of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regarding the sale of goods. It evaluates elements of the different contracts that engineers commonly encounter, such as employee and associated consulting agreements and contracts involved in construction and government. Approaching intellectual property from a contract perspective, this reference focuses on the many different types of patents and their role in commerce. It touches on the application of trademarks and recent developments in the use of copyright as a form of contract and explains the process of obtaining patents, including the rationale for investing in them. Ethical standards receive special attention, which includes a review of several prominent professional codes of ethics and conduct for both organizations and individual engineers, particularly officers and higher-level managers.

Theological and Ethical Perspectives on Climate Engineering

Theological and Ethical Perspectives on Climate Engineering Author Forrest Clingerman
ISBN-10 9781498523592
Release 2016-09-09
Pages 242
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Using the resources of theology and ethics to bring religion into the climate engineering debate, this book considers the moral questions raised by scientists, engineers, and philosophers while adding new questions and insights to the debate. Readers new to the discussion will be introduced in an engaging and thoughtful manner, while those who already work on this issue will wrestle with it in a new way.

Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences

Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences Author
ISBN-10 0080930743
Release 2009-11-27
Pages 1472
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The Handbook Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences addresses numerous issues in the emerging field of the philosophy of those sciences that are involved in the technological process of designing, developing and making of new technical artifacts and systems. These issues include the nature of design, of technological knowledge, and of technical artifacts, as well as the toolbox of engineers. Most of these have thus far not been analyzed in general philosophy of science, which has traditionally but inadequately regarded technology as mere applied science and focused on physics, biology, mathematics and the social sciences. • First comprehensive philosophical handbook on technology and the engineering sciences • Unparalleled in scope including explorative articles • In depth discussion of technical artifacts and their ontology • Provides extensive analysis of the nature of engineering design • Focuses in detail on the role of models in technology

Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics Author Charles Byrns Fleddermann
ISBN-10 0132145219
Release 2012
Pages 178
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Engineering Ethics is ideal for use in undergraduate engineering programs incorporating ethics topics. Engineering Ethics serves as both a textbook and a resource for the study of engineering ethics. It is written to help future engineers be prepared for confronting and resolving ethical dilemmas that they might encounter during their professional careers.