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Errors of Justice

Errors of Justice Author Brian Forst
ISBN-10 0521528828
Release 2004
Pages 254
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Forst takes a new perspective on the assessment of criminal justice policy.

Criminologists on Terrorism and Homeland Security

Criminologists on Terrorism and Homeland Security Author Brian Forst
ISBN-10 9781139497060
Release 2011-02-07
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This volume presents 19 original essays addressing what is widely regarded as the most serious problem confronting America today and for years to come – terrorism – from the unique perspective of criminology. The chapters collected here address such issues as the prevention of terrorism, the applicability of community policing and routine activities models of crime to the problem of terrorism, how to balance liberty and security, and how to think about and manage the fear of terrorism, as well as the coordination of federal and local efforts to prevent and counter terrorism. Criminologists on Terrorism and Homeland Security will be of interest to anyone concerned about violence prevention in general and terrorism in particular, policing, prosecution, adjudication, sentencing and restorative justice.

Out of Control Criminal Justice

Out of Control Criminal Justice Author Daniel P. Mears
ISBN-10 9781108515719
Release 2017-09-28
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Out-of-Control Criminal Justice shows that our system of criminal justice is broken; it is out of control. The author writes that a research-based strategy is needed that builds on the insights of those who work within criminal justice or are affected by it. Such a strategy must entail continuous evaluation and improvement, so that what works can be expanded and what does not can be eliminated. Out-of-Control Criminal Justice identifies how systems problems plague our criminal justice systems. It then presents a comprehensive strategy for bringing these systems under control to reduce crime, to increase justice and accountability, and to do so at less cost. The strategy can be used, too, to create greater responsiveness to victims and communities, effectiveness in reducing racial and ethnic disparities, and understanding of the causes and consequences of crime. After describing this new approach, the book identifies the tools needed to implement a systems solution to create a safer and more just society.

American Criminal Justice Policy

American Criminal Justice Policy Author Daniel P. Mears
ISBN-10 9780521762465
Release 2010-04-12
Pages 321
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Examines the most prominent criminal justice policies, finding that they fall short of achieving the effectiveness that policymakers have advocated.

The Socio economics of Crime and Justice

The Socio economics of Crime and Justice Author Brian Forst
ISBN-10 1563240742
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 329
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This book on crime and justice is motivated primarily by the idea that individual behaviour is influenced both by self-interest and by conscience, or by a sense of community responsibility. Forst has assembled a collection of authors who are writing in four parts: (1) the philosophical foundations and the moral dimension of crime and punishment; (2) the sense of community and the way it influences the problem of crime; (3) on offenders and offences; and (4) on the response of the criminal justice system.

Criminal Investigative Failures

Criminal Investigative Failures Author D. Kim Rossmo
ISBN-10 1420047523
Release 2008-12-15
Pages 400
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Avoid Major Investigative Traps What causes competent and dedicated investigators to make avoidable mistakes, jeopardizing the successful resolution of their cases? Authored by a 21-year police veteran and university research professor, Criminal Investigative Failures comprehensively defines and discusses the causes and problems most common to failed investigations. More importantly, it outlines realistic strategies for avoiding investigative pitfalls. Illuminated with case studies, this practical resource examines three main reasons for investigative failure: Cognitive biases, such as tunnel vision, that lead to mistakes in reasoning Organizational traps, such as groupthink, that investigators fall prey to within their agencies Probability errors, such as the prosecutor’s fallacy, in forensic science and criminal profiling The Dangers of Assumptions and Organizational Ego Authoritative contributors from a variety of disciplines elaborate on the aforementioned core points with commentary and case studies of well-known crimes. Written in a quick-to-grasp style, this useful text provides practical advice for avoiding investigative failures. It is an invaluable reference for investigators looking to prevent future failures of justice and find the truth.


Courts Author Cassia Spohn
ISBN-10 9781412997188
Release 2011-11-09
Pages 641
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Courts: A Text/Reader provides the best of both worlds— authored text sections with carefully selected accompanying readings that illustrate the questions and controversies legal scholars and court researchers are investigating in the 21st century. The articles, from leading journals in criminology and criminal justice, reflect both classic studies of the criminal court system and state-of-the-art research, and often have a policy perspective that makes them more applied, less theoretical, and more interesting to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Police Problem Solving

Police Problem Solving Author Quint Thurman
ISBN-10 9781317522003
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 175
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Offering a balanced approach to problem-solving issues in a complex and changing world, this book focuses specifically on the subject of problem solving in policing. Featured selections include chapters on domestic security, disorderly youth, auto theft, prostitution, gang delinquency and crime in public housing. Other notable selections discuss the role of supervising police personnel engaged in problem solving, advances in using this approach in criminal investigations, solving serial crimes, preparing for terrorism, and developing patrol officers as effective first responders to active violence.

American Corrections Theory Research Policy and Practice

American Corrections  Theory  Research  Policy  and Practice Author Matt DeLisi
ISBN-10 9781449645403
Release 2011-12-29
Pages 554
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Rev. ed. of: American corrections: theory, research, policy, and practice. c2010.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

The Better Angels of Our Nature Author Steven Pinker
ISBN-10 9780143122012
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 802
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Presents a controversial history of violence which argues that today's world is the most peaceful time in human existence, drawing on psychological insights into intrinsic values that are causing people to condemn violence as an acceptable measure.

Fixing Broken Windows

Fixing Broken Windows Author George L. Kelling
ISBN-10 9780684837383
Release 1997
Pages 319
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Cites successful examples of community-based policing

White Collar Crime and Criminal Careers

White Collar Crime and Criminal Careers Author David Weisburd
ISBN-10 0521777631
Release 2001-02-12
Pages 189
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Weisburd and Waring offer here the first detailed examination of the white-collar criminal career.

Terrorism Crime and Public Policy

Terrorism  Crime  and Public Policy Author Brian Forst
ISBN-10 0521859247
Release 2009
Pages 495
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This textbook is a reference on current questions and topics about terrorism.

Books in Series

Books in Series Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015021462695
Release 1985
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Books in Series has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Books in Series also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Books in Series book for free.

Forthcoming Books

Forthcoming Books Author Rose Arny
ISBN-10 UOM:39015054037059
Release 2003
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Forthcoming Books has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Forthcoming Books also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Forthcoming Books book for free.

Crime and Family

Crime and Family Author Joan McCord
ISBN-10 1592135587
Release 2007-01
Pages 310
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Joan McCord was one of the most-respected criminologists of her generation. Dr McCord was best known for her work on the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study, the first large-scale, longitudinal experimental study in the field of criminology. This book collects together seminal essays.

Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful Conviction Author C. Ronald Huff
ISBN-10 9781592136469
Release 2010-01-28
Pages 326
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Imperfections in the criminal justice system have long intrigued the general public and worried scholars and legal practitioners. In Wrongful Conviction, criminologists C. Ronald Huff and Martin Killias present an important collection of essays that analyzes cases of injustice across an array of legal systems, with contributors from North America, Europe and Israel. This collection includes a number of well-developed public-policy recommendations intended to reduce the instances of courts punishing innocents. It also offers suggestions for compensating more fairly those who are wrongfully convicted.