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Ethics and the University

Ethics and the University Author Michael Davis
ISBN-10 9781134677504
Release 2002-01-04
Pages 288
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Ethics and the University brings together two closely related topics, the practice of ethics in the university ("academic ethics") and the teaching of practical or applied ethics in the university. This volume is divided into four parts: * A survey of practical ethics, offering an explanation of its recent emergence as a university subject, situating that subject into a wider social and historical context and identifying some problems that the subject generates for universities * An examination of research ethics, including the problem of plagiarism * A discussion of the teaching of practical ethics. Michael Davis explores how ethics can be integrated into the university curriculum and what part particular cases should play in the teaching of ethics * An exploration of sexual ethics Ethics and the University provides a stimulating and provocative analysis of academic ethics which will be useful to students, academics and practitioners.

Higher Education and Professional Ethics

Higher Education and Professional Ethics Author Satya Sundar Sethy
ISBN-10 9781351173780
Release 2018-03-28
Pages 272
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This book discusses the significance, relevance, and usefulness of professional ethics in the context of higher education. It highlights the pivotal role of professional ethics in offering teachers a better understanding of their responsibilities, duties, rights, and institutional obligations as they work to provide quality education. The volume investigates the connection between the adoption of professional ethics by individual faculty members in higher education and the development of work cultures in higher educational institutions. It explores the requisite modifications of the Teachers’ Code of Ethics in relation to the usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching–learning platforms. While examining the validity, reliability, and application of professional ethics in the higher education sector, the book also illustrates the application of codes of ethics to resolve conflicting interests and commitments. This book will be useful to scholars and researchers in higher education, the philosophy of education, applied ethics, public policy, and the social sciences.

University Ethics

University Ethics Author James F. Keenan, SJ
ISBN-10 9781442223738
Release 2015-05-14
Pages 296
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University Ethics not only highlights the ethical shortfalls of colleges today on topics ranging from sexual violence to the treatment of adjuncts but also proposes solutions based on best practices. Essential reading for anyone connected to higher education, the book proposes creating an integrated culture of ethics university-wide.

Applied Professional Ethics

Applied Professional Ethics Author Gregory R. Beabout
ISBN-10 9781461677420
Release 1993-12-09
Pages 188
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This innovative book is written in an accessible, compact style that sets forth and explains a sound framework for professional ethics that readers can quickly put into practice in analyzing and writing about cases. Through a series of moral conflicts, it aims at improving the skills of moral reasoning and achieving moral development.

Engineering Business Professional Ethics

Engineering  Business   Professional Ethics Author Simon Robinson
ISBN-10 9781136405983
Release 2007-02-19
Pages 256
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Engineering, as a profession and business, is at the sharp end of the ethical practice. Far from being a bolt on extra to the ‘real work’ of the engineer it is at the heart of how he or she relates to the many different stakeholders in the engineering project. Engineering, Business and Professional Ethics highlights the ethical dimension of engineering and shows how values and responsibility relate to everyday practice. Looking at the underlying value systems that inform practical thinking the book offers a framework for ethical decision-making. Covering global corporate responsibility to the increasing concern for the environment within the engineering business, the book offers ways in which value conflict can be handled. Integrating practice, value and diversity the book helps to prepare the engineer for the ethical challenges of the 21st century. This book is essential reading for all students on courses accredited by the Engineering Council e.g. Civil, Chemical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering who need to be aware of ethics. Also of interest to practicing engineers and professionals such as Sustainability Managers and Community Workers involved in engineering projects. The authors have worked together in the area of engineering, professional and business ethics for many years and are all members of the National Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of Leeds.

Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values

Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values Author R.S. Naagarazan
ISBN-10 9788122419382
Release 2006
Pages 184
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Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values book for free.

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility Author Daniel E. Wueste
ISBN-10 0847678164
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 324
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Edmund Burke: Modernity, Politics, and Aesthetics examines the philosophy of Burke in view of its contribution to our understanding of modernity. Stephen K. White argues that Burke shows us how modernity engenders an implicit forgetfulness of human finitude. White illustrates this theme by showing how Burke's political thought, his judgment of the modern system of morality and policy, and its taste for a false sublime are structured by his aesthetics.

Straight Talk about Professional Ethics

Straight Talk about Professional Ethics Author Kim Strom-Gottfried
ISBN-10 9780190615475
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 272
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How does one make the right choices when faced with ethical dilemmas? Social service professionals use a unique set of principles to guide their decisions within a broad and complex array of situations. Straight Talk about Professional Ethics, Second Edition provides readers with the guidelines that will help them make decisions in a manner that is clinically and ethically effective. This book explains the seven core concepts that guide ethical practice in the helping professions: self-determination, informed consent, competence, confidentiality and privacy, attention to conflicts of interest, maintenance of professional boundaries, and professionalism and integrity. Developing a commitment to the ethics of a profession and an understanding of how those ethics apply to commonly occurring workplace situations is a major element of professional preparation.

International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics

International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics Author Dr Vesselin Popovski
ISBN-10 9781472428059
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 232
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This book examines an interesting and relatively understudied area of the evolution of the international rule of law and the role of professional ethics. The rule of law has been gradually developed and promoted at the national level over centuries, however at the international level it has only recently received (more in rhetoric than in implementation) support from a macro perspective - developments of international rules and institutions, and from a micro perspective - ethical codes, independence and un-bias of professionals, working in international organizations and tribunals. The book offers analysis and recommends policies to strengthen the rule of law at international level to meet a major global governance demand in ensuring equity, justice, stability and consistency in international affairs.

Handbook of Professional Ethics for Psychologists

Handbook of Professional Ethics for Psychologists Author William O'Donohue
ISBN-10 0761911898
Release 2003-01-23
Pages 474
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Designed to fill a gap in the literature on professional ethics for psychologists, this book covers topics typically neglected in existing books, being more radical and controversial than much of the literature in this area. Rather than take ethical pronouncements associated with some organizations as dogma not to be questioned but simply understood and observed, the editors of this Handbook have encouraged a questioning, critical attitude. This book is therefore in part an attempt to push harder on the ethical impulse in psychologists, pushing beyond `comfort zones' to encourage positions of moral leadership.

Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics Author Terrence M. Kelly
ISBN-10 9781498513630
Release 2018-03-01
Pages 184
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It is widely recognized that professionals such as doctors, nurses, engineers, and teachers have duties that go far beyond those of ordinary citizens, but there is much disagreement as to why they have such duties. In Professional Ethics: A Trust-Based Approach, Terrence Kelly argues that such duties come from the unique trust that professionals must invite, develop, and honor from those they serve. Without trust, professional practice would be significantly impoverished—both ethically and instrumentally— and the autonomy enjoyed by many professions would evaporate. Professionals therefore have good reasons to be “effectively trustworthy”— that is, to develop the virtues necessary to be responsive to the vulnerability of those they serve; and effectively communicate that responsiveness to others. Being effectively trustworthy requires a commitment by professionals as individual practitioners and as members of ethical communities committed to building a culture of trust. Such communities can, and should, design virtue-based professional education that promotes trustworthy character formation, and articulate an ethical vision of the trustworthy professional that has real credibility in the practical conditions of profession. Because of the importance of trust, professional communities also have good reasons to develop conduct standards, such as those regarding conflict of interest, that promote professional trustworthiness in both fact and appearance.

Professional Ethics for the Construction Industry

Professional Ethics for the Construction Industry Author Rebecca Mirsky
ISBN-10 9781136667596
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 150
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Construction professionals have a range of demanding responsibilities; towards clients, their companies, and to abide by government regulations. It is understandable that busy practitioners could forget their ethical responsibilities in the face of these pressures, but maintaining a rigorous ethical standard is crucial to long-term success. Written to meet the ACCE’s requirements for all construction students, this textbook draws on the authors’ industry experience, as well as detailed case studies to introduce and explore ethics in the construction industry. Within each chapter, the authors present the key ethical issues in important areas of construction management such as: Contracts and bidding Documentation Codes and Compliance Discrimination and Harassment Client Relations Lists of further reading and discussion questions will help readers at all levels to develop their understanding of this issue. Written as a resource to accompany students throughout their degrees, this is the ideal book to give students or practitioners the breadth and depth of understanding required to successfully negotiate the ethical challenges facing the construction organization of today.

Conflict of Interest in the Professions

Conflict of Interest in the Professions Author Michael Davis
ISBN-10 9780195128635
Release 2001
Pages 355
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Ethical sensitivities about the relationship between professionals and those they serve is a source of constant debate. This book sets a new standard for work on this perennial topic, collecting a set of practical essays by top applied ethicists on a wide variety of professions and occupations.

Ethics in Planning

Ethics in Planning Author Martin Wachs
ISBN-10 9781351311342
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 393
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Some planners limit discussions of ethics to simple, though important, questions about the propriety of their daily activities. This approach to ethics restricts discussion of professional ethics to the propriety of everyday social and professional relationships. It ignores the broader ethical content of planning practice, methods, and policies. While narrow definitions of ethical behavior can easily preoccupy public officials and professional associations, they divert attention from more profound moral issues.Martin Wachs argues that ethical issues are implicit in nearly all planning decisions. For illustrative and educational reasons, it is useful to divide ethics in planning into four distinct categories. The first category includes the moral implications of bureaucratic practices and rules of behavior regarding clients and supervisors. The second category includes ethical judgments which planners make in exercising their "administrative discretion." More complex, and represented by a third category, are the moral implications of methods and the ethical content of criteria built into planning techniques and models. The final type represents the basic choices which society makes - those inherent in the consideration of major policy alternatives.Ethics in Planning contains a variety of representative papers to capture the current state of thinking. This book will be important as a text for survey classes in professional ethics given by university planning programs. It should also supplement short courses in planning ethics for practicing professionals and provide source materials for discussions of planning ethics sponsored by local chapters of the American Planning Association and similar organizations. It gathers together exemplary and critical works, thus it will also interest individual planners in a field that only continues to grow in recognition and importance.

Journalism Ethics

Journalism Ethics Author Fred Brown
ISBN-10 9781933338804
Release 2011
Pages 311
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Accuracy and Fairness.

Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics Author Karen Lebacoz
ISBN-10 0687270359
Release 1985-01-01
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Professional Ethics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Professional Ethics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Professional Ethics book for free.

Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work Author Mike W. Martin
ISBN-10 019535091X
Release 2000-03-16
Pages 272
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As commonly understood, professional ethics consists of shared duties and episodic dilemmas--the responsibilities incumbent on all members of specific professions joined together with the dilemmas that arise when these responsibilities conflict. Martin challenges this "consensus paradigm" as he rethinks professional ethics to include personal commitments and ideals, of which many are not mandatory. Using specific examples from a wide range of professions, including medicine, law, high school teaching, journalism, engineering, and ministry, he explores how personal commitments motivate, guide, and give meaning to work.