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Euphoria Author Lily King
ISBN-10 9780802192516
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 256
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A New York Times Bestseller Winner of the 2014 Kirkus Prize Winner of the 2014 New England Book Award for Fiction A Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award A Best Book of the Year for: New York Times Book Review, Time, NPR, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Newsday, Vogue, New York Magazine, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, The Guardian, Kirkus Reviews, Amazon, Publishers Weekly, Our Man in Boston,, Salon Euphoria is Lily King’s nationally bestselling breakout novel of three young, gifted anthropologists of the ‘30’s caught in a passionate love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and, ultimately, their lives. Inspired by events in the life of revolutionary anthropologist Margaret Mead, Euphoria is "dazzling ... suspenseful ... exhilarating novel.”—Boston Globe


Euphoria Author Luis Reynoso
ISBN-10 9780595277315
Release 2003-07-01
Pages 88
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Yahwehche is a prophet and the brother of Jesus Christ, who comes to poverty-stricken Haiti with a message of peace and redemption for all mankind. He quickly gathers a devoted following as he ministers to the poor and heals the sick. But just as rapidly, he attracts the censorious attention of the ruthlessly faithless, who persecute and torture Yahwehche when they cannot use his gifts to fuel their own ambitions. Yet Yahwehche, the celestially-radiant being who can withstand every degradation imposed by man, is unable to resist the charms of the seductive prostitute Maria Magdalena. After enduring torture at the hands of the powerful in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic and surviving a howling hurricane, he goes with Maria to a secluded village for physical recuperation and spiritual renewal. But instead, he is intoxicated by their carnal relationship, which causes him to forget the promises made to his disciples and abandon his heavenly mission. Euphoria is a mesmerizing contemporary parable written in luminous prose that depicts a would-be savior's fall from grace. Author Luis Reynoso evokes the inland setting of his story in a way that captures the cultural diversity, political cynicism and hopeful spirit of the people.


Euphoria Author Connie Gault
ISBN-10 9781550504095
Release 2009
Pages 351
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Euphoria has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Euphoria also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Euphoria book for free.


Euphoria Author David Selvin
ISBN-10 9781434993229
Release 2009-04-01
Pages 116
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Euphoria has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Euphoria also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Euphoria book for free.


Euphoria Author Heinz Helle
ISBN-10 9781782832775
Release 2017-02-16
Pages 110
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Somewhere in the Austrian Alps, a group of men in their thirties have gathered for a weekend away. When they come down from their cabin, the world has ended. As the men wander through this destroyed human landscape, Euphoria's nameless narrator reveals only small, shocking details - a crashed helicopter, a boy sitting impassively beside his murdered parents, a provincial nightclub full of charred bodies. Seeking food and fuel for the fire, but finding only the pointless remnants of their suddenly vanished world, the men realise that all they have left is their lives. And are those really worth anything in a world where their future has crumbled away, their past remains only as an empty taunt and their present is reduced to the monotonous trudge of animal survival? An austere, troubling tale of how quickly men become beasts, Euphoria explores the repressed savagery of human nature and the disturbing meaningless of a world run free from society's restraints.

Euphoria and Exhaustion

Euphoria and Exhaustion Author Nikolaus Katzer
ISBN-10 9783593392905
Release 2010-10-04
Pages 359
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The architects of the Soviet Union intended not merely to remake their society—they also had an ambitious plan to remake the citizenry physically, with the goal of perfecting the socialist ideal of man. As Euphoria and Exhaustion shows, the Soviet leadership used sport as one of the primary arenas in which to deploy and test their efforts to mechanize and perfect the human body, drawing on knowledge from physiology, biology, medicine, and hygiene. At the same time, however, such efforts, like any form of social control, could easily lead to discontent—and thus, the editors show, a study of changes in public attitude towards sport can offer insight into overall levels of integration, dissatisfaction, and social exhaustion in the Soviet Union.


Euphoria Author David J. Rouzzo
ISBN-10 9781387372386
Release 2017-11-15
Pages 254
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Damien Williams is just an average guy working a dead-end job and tolerating a miserable relationship. His life takes a quick turn as he stumbles into another world called Euphoria - a beautiful world full of elves, witches, pirates, mermaids, dragons and so much more. Damien soon finds that this world is more like home to him than anything he's ever known before, and is quickly recruited on a journey to save it from a threat that could remove the entire world from existence - a bitter witch and a man seeking control and power over the creatures of this new world. Damien discovers that he is capable of so much more than he once believed, and realizes that sometimes what's best for us is to step out of our comfort zone and find the place we belong - and when we do, to never let anything destroy that special world.


Euphoria Author Amity Cross
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 250
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Euphoria has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Euphoria also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Euphoria book for free.


Euphoria Author Jayne Lockwood
ISBN-10 9781640807761
Release 2018-08-14
Pages 310
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Nonbinary extraterrestrial Vardam watched their world destroyed and is determined to save Earth from the same fate. Vardam develops feelings for isolated scientist Kurt Lomax... feelings Kurt is surprised to reciprocate. But will a misunderstanding ruin the hope for peace?

A Peek at True Colors by Euphoria

A Peek at True Colors by Euphoria Author Euphoria
ISBN-10 9781465378323
Release 2011-06-30
Pages 74
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A TEAR JERKING BUT ENCOURAING TALE about a police officer and his friends. An unsolved mystery occurs in a small town and Officer Dolopis gets hurt in the process. While in a comma, Officer Dolopis takes a long journey. He realizes that there is a brighter future to all the dilemma and tragedy in his life. He also manages to put hope into the hearts of a couple who has lost a child. THIS STORY IS NOT ONLY WARM BUT HEARTFELT AND HUMOROUS.


Euphoria Author Marian Dujsik
ISBN-10 9781483612461
Release 2013-04-29
Pages 60
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This is a story of five people coming together to live contentedly in a house they call, "Euphoria", all of them responsible adults who work together and smoke together.

Euphoria The Story Of Palash Sen

Euphoria   The Story Of Palash Sen Author Ashish Kate
ISBN-10 9789351362067
Release 2015-07-31
Pages 264
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A compilation of conversations between Dr Palash Sen of the enormously popular band Euphoria, and Pune-based visual artist Ashish Kate, this book acts as the official biography of Palash Sen, and is the first Rock-Book to come out of India. Palash muses about his life and music, his childhood and schooldays, and shares his life for another generation of musicians and doctors. The engaging tete-a-tete covers almost every subject under the sun - the Indian music industry, education, politics, life and art. It also includes the views of Palash's friends and peers from the industry such as Shubha Mudgal, Vidya Balan, Pradeep Sarkar, Shaan, and many more, which provide a fascinating insight into one of India's best known pop singers.

The Oslo Idea

The Oslo Idea Author Raphael Israeli
ISBN-10 9781412846530
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 244
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The idea of peace is always enchanting, for it encompasses the tranquility and serenity for which every human yearns. The nation of Israel has never known peace, but it dreams of peace. In practice Israel navigates between the poles of war and peace, with endless middle-of the-road situations like cease-fire, truce, armistice, and other temporary cessations of hostilities. The Oslo Idea traces the roots of the current campaign to delegitimize Israel. The campaign is not linked to Israeli resistance, to the absence of an acceptable settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, or to Israel’s reluctance to abandon territory. It results from a change of tactics by the Palestinian leadership. Israeli argues that these tactics have been used to exhaust, reduce, and replace Israel rather than produce a compromise. Half the Palestinian people and other uncompromising Arabs and Muslims have stated that goal openly and act to achieve it. Raphael Israeli deconstructs the immense illusion of the Oslo peace accords, which initiated the so-called “peace process.” He shows how Oslo lured a naive Israeli leadership into a trap. He shows how outside factors, bent on finding and supporting an evasive peace, have helped perpetuate the fiasco Oslo represents. He shows how Oslo’s supporters have advanced the “peace process” by coaxing and threatening Israel behind the scenes, and binding Israel alone with the Oslo commitments and their derivatives. More importantly, the author outlines and analyzes the basic and seemingly unbridgeable points of contention that remain: security, refugees, settlements, water, borders, and the status of Jerusalem itself.

Business Euphoria

Business Euphoria Author Duncan Robins
ISBN-10 9781401095086
Release 2003
Pages 188
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In the Networked Economy, organizational creativity and flexibility are imperative. Accelerating commercial and social changes coupled with the compounding demands of more powerful stakeholders will obsolete many traditional, rigid, hierarchical organizations. Networked groups of "small", entrepreneurial teams will be the dominant model of high-performance organizations. "Gangs, gall and gossip" will power these Relational teams, and destroy many others, based on how they address the fundamental social needs of people (to belong, to have purpose, and to communicate). By practicing Relational Management, as described in this book, organizations of all types will become "small", entrepreneurial, flexible and creative. They will tap their abundant social energy to build substantial economic and social value. And, they may even experience "Business Euphoria".

Perpetual Euphoria

Perpetual Euphoria Author Pascal Bruckner
ISBN-10 1400835976
Release 2011-01-10
Pages 256
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Happiness today is not just a possibility or an option but a requirement and a duty. To fail to be happy is to fail utterly. Happiness has become a religion--one whose smiley-faced god looks down in rebuke upon everyone who hasn't yet attained the blessed state of perpetual euphoria. How has a liberating principle of the Enlightenment--the right to pursue happiness--become the unavoidable and burdensome responsibility to be happy? How did we become unhappy about not being happy--and what might we do to escape this predicament? In Perpetual Euphoria, Pascal Bruckner takes up these questions with all his unconventional wit, force, and brilliance, arguing that we might be happier if we simply abandoned our mad pursuit of happiness. Gripped by the twin illusions that we are responsible for being happy or unhappy and that happiness can be produced by effort, many of us are now martyring ourselves--sacrificing our time, fortunes, health, and peace of mind--in the hope of entering an earthly paradise. Much better, Bruckner argues, would be to accept that happiness is an unbidden and fragile gift that arrives only by grace and luck. A stimulating and entertaining meditation on the unhappiness at the heart of the modern cult of happiness, Perpetual Euphoria is a book for everyone who has ever bristled at the command to "be happy."

The Tale of Euphoria

The Tale of Euphoria Author Brian E. Bruner, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780989588515
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 32
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In this touching, poetic tale, a determined little girl sets out on an adventure to find her parents, while people and nature itself tries to stand in her way.


Euphoria Author Scott J. Kramer
ISBN-10 1542671035
Release 2017-02-11
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The kingdom of Faldoa has thrived under its new queen. Euphoria has changed the land, yet evil lies in wait. During a mission to dispose of the last pieces of the magic mirror, she is attacked by a dark elf assassin using a mysterious box. Taylon, her captain of the Royal Guard is able to fight off the assailant, but not before damage is done to the queen, and the shards are stolen. Deep in the Territories, a strange prophecy comes forth from the elves, and Council Member Gantha on a mission to find a wizard of races. Little does he know that this little foretelling speaks of resurrection of pure evil. Soon the whole land will discover that leaving evil unchecked, is not a wise move.