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Eurasian Author Emma Jinhua Teng
ISBN-10 9780520957008
Release 2013-07-13
Pages 352
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In the second half of the nineteenth century, global labor migration, trade, and overseas study brought China and the United States into close contact, leading to new cross-cultural encounters that brought mixed-race families into being. Yet the stories of these families remain largely unknown. How did interracial families negotiate their identities within these societies when mixed-race marriage was taboo and "Eurasian" often a derisive term? In Eurasian, Emma Jinhua Teng compares Chinese-Western mixed-race families in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, examining both the range of ideas that shaped the formation of Eurasian identities in these diverse contexts and the claims set forth by individual Eurasians concerning their own identities. Teng argues that Eurasians were not universally marginalized during this era, as is often asserted. Rather, Eurasians often found themselves facing contradictions between exclusionary and inclusive ideologies of race and nationality, and between overt racism and more subtle forms of prejudice that were counterbalanced by partial acceptance and privilege. By tracing the stories of mixed and transnational families during an earlier era of globalization, Eurasian also demonstrates to students, faculty, scholars, and researchers how changes in interracial ideology have allowed the descendants of some of these families to reclaim their dual heritage with pride.

Portuguese Eurasian Communities in Southeast Asia

Portuguese Eurasian Communities in Southeast Asia Author Ronald Daus
ISBN-10 9789813035171
Release 1989
Pages 83
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Chapters on Malacca, Tugu (Java), Larantuka (Flores) and Singapore.

Eurasian Crossroads

Eurasian Crossroads Author James A. Millward
ISBN-10 0231139241
Release 2007
Pages 440
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Presents a comprehensive study of the central Asian region of Xinjiang's history and people from antiquity to the present. Discusses Xinjiang's rich environmental, cultural and ethno-political heritage.

The Dawn of Eurasia

The Dawn of Eurasia Author Bruno Maçães
ISBN-10 9780241309261
Release 2018-01-25
Pages 320
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In this original and timely book, Bruno Maçães argues that the best word for the emerging global order is 'Eurasian', and shows why we need to begin thinking on a super-continental scale. While China and Russia have been quicker to recognise the increasing strategic significance of Eurasia, even Europeans are realizing that their political project is intimately linked to the rest of the supercontinent - and as Maçães shows, they will be stronger for it. Weaving together history, diplomacy and vivid reports from his six-month overland journey across Eurasia from Baku to Samarkand, Vladivostock to Beijing, Maçães provides a fascinating portrait of this shifting geopolitical landscape. As he demonstrates, we can already see the coming Eurasianism in China's bold infrastructure project reopening the historic Silk Road, in the success of cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, in Turkey's increasing global role and in the fact that, revealingly, the United States is redefining its place as between Europe and Asia. An insightful and clarifying book for our turbulent times, The Dawn of Eurasia argues that the artificial separation of the world's largest island cannot hold, and the sooner we realise it, the better.

Eurasian Integration The View from Within

Eurasian Integration     The View from Within Author Piotr Dutkiewicz
ISBN-10 9781317572848
Release 2014-10-17
Pages 318
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As Eurasia and the adjacent territories become more important to the world, there is increasing interest from international powers, accompanied by attempts to give institutional form to traditional economic and security links within the region. This book includes a range of substantive work from scholars based in the region, offering contrasting perspectives on the process of Eurasian integration and its place in the world. Chapters consider economic, political, social and security developments, with notable studies of the major countries involved in the development of the Eurasian Economic Union. The work also examines the connections between the region and China, greater Asia and the European Union. It outlines the varying dynamics, with populations growing in Central Asia while at best stagnant elsewhere. The book discusses the increasing strategic significance of the region and explores how the new post-Soviet states are growing in national cohesion and political self-confidence. Above all, the book examines the concept of ’Eurasia’, outlining the debates about the concept and how various aspects of the legacy of ‘Eurasianism’ contribute to contemporary plans for integration. The book argues that although regional integration is very much a popular idea in our age, with the potential for economic benefits and increased international influence, in practice contemporary projects for Eurasian integration have been highly ambiguous and contested. Nevertheless, significant steps have been taken towards the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union. The book analyses developments to date, noting the achievements as well as the challenges.

Memoirs of a Eurasian

Memoirs of a Eurasian Author Vivian Yang
ISBN-10 1542369967
Release 2017-01-04
Pages 214
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With Book Club Guide and Chinese excerpts, Vivian Yang's award-winning novel depicting the turmoil of 20th-century Chinese and Russian diasporas is called by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY as "an engaging exploration of a world unknown to most Westerners. ... Readers will find this fascinating novel very enjoyable and readable." As the plot of this evocative novel set in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw twists and turns through the lost glorious days of Old Shanghai, the Sino-Soviet ideological split, the Cultural Revolution, the economic reform that ensued, Japan's bubble years, and the 20th century immigration, a captivating tale of one girl's extraordinary journey unfolds. Themes of beauty, identity, race, romance, friendship, food, and cannibalism are vividly fleshed out in this unique tale of a private life heretofore untold in English literature. This is a triumphant work of fiction: utterly captivating, seductive, and original. Editorial ReviewsVivian Yang is "one of the Most Important English-Writing Chinese Authors" writing today. -- San Diego Chinese Historical Museum"This latest novel (Memoirs of a Eurasian) from Yang (Shanghai Girl) is an engaging exploration of a world unknown to most Westerners. ... Readers will find this fascinating novel very enjoyable and readable." -- Publishers Weekly "The reader experiences 20th-century China -- the Cultural Revolution, the industrialization of the coastal regions and the transformation of Hong Kong - through (Memoirs of a Eurasian protagonist)'s struggles and triumphs and the novel progresses competently from episode to episode. This gives Memoirs of a Eurasian a pleasing, consistent tension ... The novel is structured as an Asian woman recounting her life story to a Westerner, and as such brings to mind Arthur Golden's massively successful Memoirs of a Geisha. Despite these superficial likenesses, the protagonists of the novels are entirely different. While Geisha gave a delicately crafted look at the exotic, Yang's tale is more relatable ... (and) provides a unique perspective on an under-explored era." -- Kirkus Review"Memoirs of a Eurasian is a complex novel spanning four decades of cultural upheaval in China. ... One particularly bold narrative detour is when a character leaves for Japan and then falls prey to cannibalism. Yang presents the event with little sensationalism. ... The moments of sensuality in the novel are recounted less as sexual awakenings and more as empowering moments for the female characters of the story. These moments serve as some of the most powerful of the story, and demonstrate Yang's willingness to take her narrative beyond a comfortable zone." -- Hyphen Magazine"Shanghai Girl is superb literature ... one of the best of contemporary novels written by Chinese authors ... (Yang is a) Shanghai success ... We eagerly await Yang's next literary feat." -- EVE Magazine"Shanghai Girl - a feat in itself ... Yang puts a new, often lighthearted spin on frequently covered topics like Chinese identity, the U.S. immigrant experience and reverberations of the Cultural Revolution. -- HK Magazine "A novel that is hard to put down once you've picked it up ... Yang masterfully transports the living onto the page in a way that is sure to make any writer jealous and any reader sit up and take notice." --"Yang brings with her an expanded array of journeys and experiences, reflective of not only a changing America, but also of a world in transition." -- The Museum of Chinese in America"Compelling story ... Fiercely feminine voice ... Great description ... Inherently fascinating locale ... Very likable narrator ... Strong language ... A pleasure to read." -- The New Jersey State Council on the Arts "Another 'Tale of Two Cities' ... Paris and London played roles in Dickens' famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. In Shanghai Girl, it is Shanghai and New York." -- The Sampan (Boston)"A new voice from Shanghai." -- The Hong Kong Standard

First Globalization

First Globalization Author Geoffrey C. Gunn
ISBN-10 UVA:X004706245
Release 2003
Pages 342
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First Globalization presents an original and sweeping conceptualization of the grand cultural-civilizational encounter between Asia and Europe. With his 'metageography' of the vast Eurasian zone, Gunn shows how between 1500 and 1800, a lively two-way flow in ideas, philosophies, and cultural products brought competing civilizations into serious dialogue and mostly peaceful exchange. Ranging from discussions of the natural world, livelihoods, and religious and intellectual encounters to language, play, crime and punishment, gender, and governance, this book replays the themes of enduring hybridity and 'creolization' of cultures.

Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade 1600 1750

Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade  1600 1750 Author Stephen Frederic Dale
ISBN-10 0521525977
Release 2002-08-15
Pages 180
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This 1994 book assesses the economic significance of Indian, mercantile communities trading in Iran, Central Asia and Russia.

The Social World of Batavia

The Social World of Batavia Author Jean Gelman Taylor
ISBN-10 0299094707
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 249
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The Social World of Batavia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Social World of Batavia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Social World of Batavia book for free.

Robin s Eurasian Recipes

Robin   s Eurasian Recipes Author Robin Pereira
ISBN-10 9789810762919
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Growing up, Quentin and his five siblings—no matter what they were doing—were always home on Sunday for lunch and dinner. Those two meals were always cooked by their father, Robin Pereira. Robin took to cooking after his father and brother were killed in action. He did so because his mother went to work and he was left to care for his sister. The dishes he prepared were passed on to him by his mother, Charlotte, who along with her sisters catered for Eurasian weddings.The word Eurasian is a portmanteau of European and Asian. Literally, it means a person born of a European and an Asian. In Singapore, the term Eurasian is recognised officially, and the people are considered a race in and of themselves. Eurasian food is an exotic blend of East and West. It is quintessential fusion food, going back to the 16th century.As executive chef and owner of Quentin’s—the Eurasian Restaurant, Quentin Pereira carries on his father’s legacy, satisfying exotic cravings of epicureans from all corners of the world. This book is a collection of his dad’s well-guarded secret recipes, published as an easy-to-follow, elegantly designed cookbook. Robin’s Eurasian Recipes is part of Epigram Books’ award-winning Heritage Cookbook series, which showcases the best of Singapore’s major cuisines through authentic family recipes.

Eurasian Corridors of Interconnection

Eurasian Corridors of Interconnection Author Susan M. Walcott
ISBN-10 9781135078751
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 172
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Connectivity, as well as conflict, characterizes Eurasia. This edited volume explores dynamic geopolitical and geo-economic links reconfiguring spaces from the eastern edge of Europe through the western edge of Asia, seeking explanation beyond description. The ancient Silk Road tied together space, much as pipelines, railroads, telecommunications infrastructure, and similar cultural and constructed links ease the mobility of people and products in modern Eurasia. This book considers Eurasia along an interlinked corridor, with chapters illustrating the connections as a discussion foundation focusing on the shared interactions of a set of nation states through time and across space, generating more positive considerations of the resurgently important region of Eurasia. China’s interests fall into three chapters: the southeastern border with Vietnam, the southwestern Himalayan edge, and the western Muslim regions. Russia’s recovery relates events to a larger landmass context and focuses on the importance of historic mobility. A geo-history of the Caspian considers this petroleum-rich area as a zone of cultural and economic interconnection. The final focus on Central Asia treats the traditional heart of “Eurasia”. The concluding chapter pulls together strands linking subregions for a new concept of “Eurasia” as an area linked by vital interests and overlapping histories.

The Eurasian Connection

The Eurasian Connection Author Cordula Rastogi
ISBN-10 9780821399132
Release 2014-06-23
Pages 128
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The Modern Silk Route is critical to the development and integration of Central Asian countries. The book argues that to overcome current supply chain inefficiencies the traditional focus on physical corridors needs to be complemented by a consistent and ambitious set of national reforms in trade and transport facilitation.

Action Plan for the Conservation of the Eurasian Lynx in Europe Lynx Lynx

Action Plan for the Conservation of the Eurasian Lynx in Europe  Lynx Lynx Author Urs Breitenmoser
ISBN-10 9287144249
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 69
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The action plan for the conservation of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in Europe was prepared for the Large Carnivore Initiative in Europe, a voluntary organisation supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The plan was discussed and endorsed in the framework of the Council of Europe's Wildlife Convention (Bern Convention). It contains valuable information on the status of the species and useful recommendations and guidelines for its conservation and management

That s how it Goes

That s how it Goes Author
ISBN-10 9789814022392
Release 2008
Pages 235
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That s how it Goes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from That s how it Goes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full That s how it Goes book for free.

Gateway to Eurasian Culture

Gateway to Eurasian Culture Author Asiapac Editorial
ISBN-10 9789813170124
Release 2013-11-05
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Bridging the traditional divide between East and West, the Eurasian people are able to draw on an unmatched wealth of traditions for inspiration in the arts and cuisine. Join us on a voyage of discovery as we explore the rich and unique heritage of a true world culture in this part of the Montage Culture series!

The World Island Eurasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West

The World Island  Eurasian Geopolitics and the Fate of the West Author Alexandros Petersen
ISBN-10 9780313391385
Release 2011-02-18
Pages 176
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Both a historical analysis and a call to arms, this is the comprehensive policy guide to understanding and engaging in the geopolitics of Eurasia. • Five maps showing Mackinder's Heartland of the World Island, Kennan's Containment of the World Island, Pilsudski's Prometheism, Pilsudski's Intermarum, and Petersen's 21st Century Geopolitical Strategy for Eurasia • Illustrations • A chronology

Russian and Eurasian Custom Union Markets Guideline to Food Contact Materials FCM and articles designed to contact food substances

Russian and Eurasian Custom Union Markets   Guideline to Food Contact Materials  FCM  and articles designed to contact food substances Author Foltran Luca
ISBN-10 9786050456899
Release 2016-06-13
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The process of globalization of markets has led to a situation in which the distances between the various countries have been significantly reduced. This guide is designed to understand the legislative situation for materials and packaging in contact with food in Russia and in Eurasian Custom Union and the requirements to be satisfied in order to place food contact materials on this market. The guideline also includes links to the main Russian and Custom Union legislation for direct consultation and in-depth evaluation.