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Buried Author C J Carmichael
ISBN-10 0987861336
Release 2015-04-02
Pages 250
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Justice is overdue in the coastal town of Twisted Cedars where two unsolved mysteries lay buried in the past. Over thirty years ago a series of murders targeting Oregon librarians was never solved. Now someone with inside knowledge is feeding clues to true crime writer Dougal Lachlan, promising him the best story of his career. Pursuing the leads means returning to Twisted Cedars, where his sister Jamie is about to marry a man he deeply dislikes. Local Twisted Cedars librarian Charlotte Hammond prefers her mysteries-and her romances-between the covers of a good book, especially since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago. But then the dark and tortured soul who is Dougal Lachlan walks into the Twisted Cedars Library asking for her help. Before long Charlotte realizes there is no safe zone. Not even in libraries...and especially not in Twisted Cedars. "One of my favorite elements of Carmichael's books is her gripping portrayal of family dynamics." Kathy Altman, USA Today "Carmichael's dialogue sparkles..." Romantic Times Reviews "When I tally up the books I've read at the end of the year this book will stick out on the keeper shelf..." Debbie K. Gilbert, Amazon, on The Fourth Child "C.J. Carmichael's The Dad Next Door is remarkably well written. Her characters have depth...and her depiction of their emotions is spot-on..." Romantic Times "Really good book with great characters....I didn't want to put it down-" Ladyacct, Goodreads, on The Fourth Child


Forgotten Author Cj Carmichael
ISBN-10 0987861379
Release 2015-05-28
Pages 230
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Forgotten, Twisted Cedar Mysteries #2 After a shocking secret is uncovered in Twisted Cedars, Oregon, fresh trouble surfaces. Sheriff Wade MacKay is fishing on the Rogue River when he comes across a cargo truck crashed off the side of a winding mountain road. The driver is dead. The sole passenger, a woman in her early thirties, is unconscious with a severe head injury. When she comes to, the next day at the hospital, she is suffering from amnesia. Since she carried no ID, there is no clue to her identity. Judging by the woman's bruises, which pre-date the accident, Wade suspects she was running from danger when she hitched a ride with the truck driver. But how can he protect her, when he doesn't even know who she is? Wade's office is already working overtime, investigating the death of one of his former school friends. While true crime writer, Dougal Lachlan, is avoiding writing a book that would force him to confront his inner demons. Twisted Cedar Mysteries Buried (Book 1) Forgotten (Book 2) Exposed (Book 3)

Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781947636651
Release 2018-02-15
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Bitter Truth (Book 2 of Bitter Root Mysteries) Murder in a small town is always personal. In the isolated ranching community of Lost Trails, Montana, Lacy Stillman, a rich elderly rancher has died of a heart attack in her own bed. What could be more normal than that? As Zak Waller, dispatcher with the local Sheriff’s Office, joins the town in mourning the loss of the community matriarch, some disquieting information makes Zak wonder if Lacy’s death was not what it seemed. Meanwhile, Zak's friend Tiff Masterson is overwhelmed by her mother’s escalating mental breakdown and her aunt’s stubborn denial of the problem. Tiff assumes the root of the problem is the death of her brother and father sixteen years ago. But the real atrocity goes back much further than that. When the truth is revealed in a shocking twist, Tiff’s world is turned completely upside down. The ramifications affect many of the most prominent citizens and provide the missing clue to Lacy Stillman’s murder. Perfect for fans of the British television film Broadchurch.

Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781945879906
Release 2017-04-25
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Bitter Roots: A Bitter Root Mystery

A Bramble House Christmas

A Bramble House Christmas Author CJ Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781943963638
Release 2015-10-24
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Finn Knightly a.k.a. Finn Conrad wants to know why his recently deceased father left his nurse fifty thousand dollars after knowing her a mere six weeks. So he travels to Bramble House B&B in Marietta, Montana to find answers. But Willa Knightly is not the conniving woman he expects to find. Before he knows it, Willa-and her six-year-old son Scout-are stealing his heart. And that’s before he finds out Scout’s secret and the real reason this Christmas is so important.

Same Place Same Time

Same Place  Same Time Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781426860898
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 256
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Detective Morgan Forester's resolve is as steely as his gun and the badge he wears with pride. And he'd once belonged to Trista Emerson—until a tragedy drove them apart. Now, two of Trista's clients are dead, and Morgan is back, sexier than ever…and convinced Trista might be the killer's next victim. Faced with Morgan's twenty-four-hour brand of protection, Trista has to admit the truth—she still loves him. This time, she vows to reach the man behind the badge—and show him she was, and always will be, his woman.

Christmas with Daddy

Christmas with Daddy Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781426824548
Release 2008-11-01
Pages 256
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Detective Nick Gray loves his baby daughter, Mandy. But he's used to solving crimes--not changing diapers! So when he has sudden custody of Mandy, Nick is totally out of his element. Luckily his neighbor, Bridget Humphrey, is there to lend a hand. Bridget has had feelings for Nick forever, but she's nothing like the glamorous women he dates. Then a funny thing happens. As they care for Mandy together, and as Bridget uses her skills to help him solve a case, it turns out she and Nick have a lot in common. In fact, their relationship could get serious. But is this fun-loving bachelor a candidate for happy ever after? In the season of miracles, anything can happen!

A Second Chance Proposal

A Second Chance Proposal Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781459243583
Release 2012-05-15
Pages 288
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He's back! Two years ago, almost everyone in Canmore, Alberta, thought Dylan McLean was responsible for the death of a teenage girl on his father's ranch. Only Cathleen Shannon believed he was innocent. Then he left her at the altar and fled town. Now Dylan has returned, and he wants a second chance—from the townspeople and Cathleen! Having been jilted on her wedding day, Cathleen is furious when Dylan shows up asking for assistance. But that doesn't mean she wants him paying for a crime he didn't commit. So maybe she will help him clear his name. A second chance at love, though? That's out of the question…. Or is it?

A Cowgirl s Christmas

A Cowgirl s Christmas Author CJ Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781940296944
Release 2014-10-27
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For years Callan Carrigan has been her father's right hand man, so when her dad's will names city slicker Court McAllister the new owner of The Circle C Ranch, Callan feels betrayed on every level. Then she and her sisters find their mother's diaries, hidden from them by their father since their mother's accidental death 18 years ago, and the shocking revelations explain a lot. Reeling, Callan seeks refuge in the local saloon, where it seems no one can reach her, until Court offers her a challenge. If she agrees to be foreman at the Circle C for one year, he'll deed the ranch back to her and her sisters. The deal seems too sweet at first--until Callan realizes Court has his eyes on something she protects even more than her family's land--her heart.

Small Town Girl

Small Town Girl Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781459236349
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 288
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Will a small-town solution work for a big-city girl? After her son is seriously injured in a car accident, Julie Matthew wants two things: for him to regain his health and for her family to return to normal. What a shock when she learns that Russell, her husband, sees normal as a rut. His solution? To move their family from Vancouver back to the tiny rural town in Saskatchewan where he grew up. It's for the sake of their child, he claims, and a guilty conscience leads Julie, who loves big cities, to go along with his plan. But once in Chatsworth, she begins to suspect that Russell has his own interests at heart. Especially after she sees him and his former girlfriend together at the school where they'll both be teaching. And that's not the only surprise her husband has for her!

A Little Secret Between Friends

A Little Secret Between Friends Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781459224445
Release 2011-12-15
Pages 288
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It's amazing how one decision could change your life Back in law school Sally Stowe and Colin Foster argued in and out of class. One night, after a study session in the library, Colin offered to drive Sally home. They ended up in his dorm room making love. The next day Sally discovered that her best friend, Beth, was really into this guy in Sally's class—Colin. Sally stepped aside and started seeing someone new. Sixteen years later Sally is a distinguished lawyer, up for a judicial appointment, and Colin is Beth's widower. As Sally and Colin spend more and more time together, a horrible suspicion takes hold. Could Sally's daughter be Colin's?

Broken Slate

Broken Slate Author John A. Daly
ISBN-10 9781945448096
Release 2017-10-01
Pages 302
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Crackling with gunfire and suspense, the opening pages of BROKEN SLATE make clear that John A. Daly writes with assurance and style. . . Thirty years ago, Sean Coleman's father abandoned his family in the Colorado mountain town of Winston, and was never heard from again. The reason for his disappearance was always a mystery, but a lifetime of blaming himself put Sean on a rough, dark path that took him years to return from. Now content in his life, Sean receives unexpected word that his father has finally reemerged, on the other side of the country in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. . .as a murder victim. At the wishes of his sister, Sean flies out to retrieve the body, and hopefully find answers to why his father left, and the life he went on to lead. What Sean discovers is a second family, a web of deception, and a brutal killer who's still on the loose. . .and isn't finished killing.

Good Together

Good Together Author CJ Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781940296166
Release 2014-02-03
Pages 239
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Some love stories have to begin with a falling-out-of-love story... Mattie Carrigan's been helping her rodeo cowboy husband Wes Bishop run his family's Tennessee Walking Horse operation since they were married nineteen years ago. Blessed with twin daughters who've recently left for college, Mattie is looking forward to this new stage in her and Wes's life. But when she finds a strange key in her husband's jacket, she's forced to admit that Wes has been quiet and distant lately. Turns out he has been keeping secrets. And he's not the only one. Even the rancher next door, Nat Diamond--a friend Mattie could always count on in the past--seems to be holding something back from her. Good Together is for anyone who has ever pondered what it means to be married. Or had to reinvent her life when one breaks down. It's about having your heart broken but being strong enough to survive and love again.

Jessie s Father

Jessie s Father Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781459253551
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 304
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FAMILY MAN Jessie has a father. She wants a mother, too! Grace Hamilton is an unflappable businesswoman whose self-discipline helped her build a successful company and brought her a glamorous life. But even she is momentarily unhinged when fourteen-year-old Jessie Shanahan interrupts an important board meeting—and announces that Grace is her long-lost mother. Grace knows she's never had a child, and the quicker she and Levi Shanahan, Jessie's father and Grace's use-to-be lover, can straighten this out, the better. Seeing Levi again awakens in Grace a womanly yearning for a husband and family—awakens power feelings for him. And for his imaginative daughter, Jessie….

Perfect Partners

Perfect Partners Author C.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9781426846762
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 256
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Lindsay Fox and Nathan Fisher couldn't be more different. In fact, she knew after her one-year stint with the NYPD, she'd driven her former partner as crazy as he'd driven her. He was even part of the reason she left the force, although she'd never admit that to him! So she's more than a little surprised when Nathan answers her ad for a new investigator. Working together now they discover a delicious chemistry beneath their differences. Could they actually become more than partners? Then they take on the challenge of an unusual case—one that reminds Lindsay of her own painful past. Her instinct is to push Nathan away. But can she take a bigger risk and let him in?

A Daughter s Place

A Daughter s Place Author C. J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 0373709560
Release 2000
Pages 296
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A Daughter s Place has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Daughter s Place also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Daughter s Place book for free.

The Fourth Child

The Fourth Child Author C. J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 037370917X
Release 2002
Pages 298
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The Fourth Child has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Fourth Child also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Fourth Child book for free.