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Extreme Environment

Extreme Environment Author Ivo Vegter
ISBN-10 9781770223653
Release 2012-09-05
Pages 345
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Extreme Environment promises to provoke fresh – and spirited – debate about the modern environmental movement and the many ways in which environmentalism, media, economics, public policy and the politics of liberty intersect. In order to reduce poverty and continue to raise living standards requires a sensible, balanced approach to a healthy, productive environment. No country, but especially not those in the developing world, can afford to be manipulated by the self-interested moralising and alarmism perpetrated by some special interest groups. Exaggeration by environmentalists, many journalists and even some scientists causes undue fear and anxiety among those who don’t already dismiss the green lobby for crying wolf. Worse, misinformation affects regulation and policymaking in ways that actively harm developing economies. Starting with well-researched work questioning the claims of opponents to shale-gas drilling, or ‘fracking’, Ivo Vegter argues that public opinion and policy ought to be informed by accurate data and reasoned argument. Using a wide range of examples, from nuclear accidents and oil spills to food additives and agricultural chemicals, he demonstrates why we should be as sceptical of the emotive rhetoric of environmentalists, which just as often turns out to be alarmist, or even false, as we are of corporate spin. Globally relevant, but offering a unique perspective from a developing country – South Africa – this book is a must-read for every thinking person who cares about the world we live in.

The Humanure Handbook

The Humanure Handbook Author Joseph C. Jenkins
ISBN-10 UVA:X030197209
Release 2005
Pages 255
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The Humanure Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Humanure Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Humanure Handbook book for free.

Emerging Economies and Multinational Enterprises

Emerging Economies and Multinational Enterprises Author
ISBN-10 9781784417390
Release 2015-06-25
Pages 568
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Volume 28 of the Advances in International Management focuses on the opportunities and challenges for multinational enterprises that consider emerging economies and their destinations. It provides a forum for thought-provoking idea and empirical research, and is ideal for researchers and doctoral students whose work touches emerging markets.

Biodiversity and the Law

Biodiversity and the Law Author Charles R. McManis
ISBN-10 9781136571060
Release 2012-05-04
Pages 520
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How do we promote global economic development, while simultaneously preserving local biological and cultural diversity? This authoritative volume, written by leading legal experts and biological and social scientists from around the world, aims to address this question in all of its complexity. The first part of the book focuses on biodiversity and examines what we are losing, why and what is to be done. The second part addresses biotechnology and looks at whether it is part of the solution or part of the problem, or perhaps both. The third section examines traditional knowledge, explains what it is and how, if at all, it should be protected. The fourth and final part looks at ethnobotany and bioprospecting and offers practical lessons from the vast and diverse experiences of the contributors.

Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation

Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1039853905
Release 2011
Pages 29
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Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation book for free.

Enabling America

Enabling America Author Committee on Assessing Rehabilitation Science and Engineering
ISBN-10 9780309063746
Release 1997-11-24
Pages 424
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The most recent high-profile advocate for Americans with disabilities, actor Christopher Reeve, has highlighted for the public the economic and social costs of disability and the importance of rehabilitation. Enabling America is a major analysis of the field of rehabilitation science and engineering. The book explains how to achieve recognition for this evolving field of study, how to set priorities, and how to improve the organization and administration of the numerous federal research programs in this area. The committee introduces the "enabling-disability process" model, which enhances the concepts of disability and rehabilitation, and reviews what is known and what research priorities are emerging in the areas of: Pathology and impairment, including differences between children and adults. Functional limitations--in a person's ability to eat or walk, for example. Disability as the interaction between a person's pathologies, impairments, and functional limitations and the surrounding physical and social environments. This landmark volume will be of special interest to anyone involved in rehabilitation science and engineering: federal policymakers, rehabilitation practitioners and administrators, researchers, and advocates for persons with disabilities.

The Environmental Rights Revolution

The Environmental Rights Revolution Author David R. Boyd
ISBN-10 9780774821636
Release 2011-11-29
Pages 468
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The right to a healthy environment has been the subject of extensive philosophical debates that revolve around the question: Should rights to clean air, water, and soil be entrenched in law? David Boyd answers this by moving beyond theoretical debates to measure the practical effects of enshrining the right in constitutions. His pioneering analysis of 193 constitutions and the laws and court decisions of more than 100 nations in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa reveals a positive correlation between constitutional protection and stronger environmental laws, smaller ecological footprints, superior environmental performance, and improved quality of life.

Climate and Social Stress

Climate and Social Stress Author Committee on Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Social and Political Stresses
ISBN-10 9780309278560
Release 2013-01-14
Pages 252
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Climate change can reasonably be expected to increase the frequency and intensity of a variety of potentially disruptive environmental events--slowly at first, but then more quickly. It is prudent to expect to be surprised by the way in which these events may cascade, or have far-reaching effects. During the coming decade, certain climate-related events will produce consequences that exceed the capacity of the affected societies or global systems to manage; these may have global security implications. Although focused on events outside the United States, Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis recommends a range of research and policy actions to create a whole-of-government approach to increasing understanding of complex and contingent connections between climate and security, and to inform choices about adapting to and reducing vulnerability to climate change.

The African Dream

The African Dream Author Che Guevara
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173007681159
Release 2000
Pages 244
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In January 1965, Ernesto -~Che' Guevara, one of the heroes of the Cuban revolutionary war, and a minister in Fidel Castro's government, vanished. His sudden disappearance aroused conjecture all over the world. He eventually surfaced in Africa where, with a hundred Cuban guerrilla fighters to assist him, he put into action his revolutionary theories of how to help the oppressed people of Africa throw off the yoke of colonial imperialism. The African Dream consists of the hitherto unpublished diaries that Guevara kept while he was in Africa. The diaries record the first steps in the catastrophic, if heroic, adventure that was to lead ultimately to his death in the Bolivian jungle and to the creation of one of the most potent romantic legends of our time. They also offer a unique insight into a man who was one of the most compelling and charismatic figures in 20th century politics.

Globalization Growth and Poverty

Globalization  Growth  and Poverty Author Paul Collier
ISBN-10 082135048X
Release 2002
Pages 174
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Globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world, is a complex process. The focus of this research is the impact of economic integration on developing countries and especially the poor people living in these countries. Whether economic integration supports poverty reduction and how it can do so more effectively are key questions asked. The research yields 3 main findings with bearings on current policy debates about globalization. Firstly, poor countries with some 3 billion people have broken into the global market for manufactures and services, and this successful integration has generally supported poverty reduction. Secondly, inclusion both across countries and within them is important as a number of countries (pop. 2 billion) are failing as states, trading less and less, and becoming marginal to the world economy. Thirdly, standardization or homogenization is a concern - will economic integration lead to cultural or institutional homogenization?

How Long Will South Africa Survive

How Long Will South Africa Survive Author R.W. Johnson
ISBN-10 9781849046206
Release 2015-01-11
Pages 288
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In 1977, Johnson's best selling How Long Will South Africa Survive? offered a controversial and highly original analysis of the survival prospects of apartheid. Now, after more than two decades of the ANC in government, he believes the question must be posed again. "The big question about ANC rule," Johnson writes, "is whether African nationalism would be able to cope with the challenges of running a modern industrial economy. Twenty years of ANC rule have shown conclusively that the party is hopelessly ill equipped for this task. Indeed, everything suggests that South Africa under the ANC is fast slipping backward and that even the survival of South Africa as a unitary state cannot be taken for granted. The fundamental reason why the question of regime change has to be posed is that it is now clear that South Africa can either choose to have an ANC government or it can have a modern industrial economy. It cannot have both."

Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South

Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South Author Maarten Bavinck
ISBN-10 9781315778464
Release 2014-01-15
Pages 224
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Inhabitants of poor, rural areas in the Global South heavily depend on natural resources in their immediate vicinity. Conflicts over and exploitation of these resources – whether it is water, fish, wood fuel, minerals, or land – severely affect their livelihoods. The contributors to this volume leave behind the polarised debate, previously surrounding the relationship between natural resources and conflict, preferring a more nuanced approach that allows for multiple causes at various levels. The contributions cover a wide array of resources, geographical contexts (Africa, Asia and Latin America), and conflict dynamics. Most are of a comparative nature, exploring experiences of conflict as well as cooperation in multiple regions. This volume finds its origin in an innovative research programme with the acronym CoCooN, steered by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO/WOTRO) and involving universities and civil society partners in many countries. It presents the conceptual approaches adhered to by each of seven interdisciplinary projects, ranging from green criminology and political ecology to institutional analysis, legal pluralism and identity politics. The volume will be of interest to academics and practitioners concerned with an understanding of conflict as well as cooperation over natural resources.

The End of World Population Growth in the 21st Century

The End of World Population Growth in the 21st Century Author Warren C. Sanderson
ISBN-10 9781317973102
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 352
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The 20th century was the century of explosive population growth, resulting in unprecedented impacts; in contrast, the 21st century is likely to see the end of world population growth and become the century of population aging. We are currently at the crossroads of these demographic regimes. This book presents fresh evidence about our demographic future and provides a new framework for understanding the underlying unity in this diversity. It is an invaluable resource for those concerned with the implications of population change in the 21st century. The End of World Population Growth in the 21st Century is the first volume in a new series on Population and Sustainable Development. The series provides fresh ways of thinking about population trends and impacts.

At Risk

At Risk Author Piers Blaikie
ISBN-10 9781134887071
Release 2005-08-18
Pages 304
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Examines the significance of the human factor which is as much of a cause of disasters as the natural environment. Practical and policy conclusions are drawn with a view to disaster reduction and the promotion of safer environments.

The RFF Reader in Environmental and Resource Management

The RFF Reader in Environmental and Resource Management Author Wallace E. Oates
ISBN-10 0915707969
Release 1999
Pages 307
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This volume seeks to provide teachers and students, the public policy community and informed citizens with a broader and deeper perspective on natural resources and the environment. Much of the material in the reader comes from Resources, the Resources for the Future quarterly publication. Wallace E. Oates has supplemented this with other important RFF work in climate change and sustainability. He has assembled many of the most requested articles to emerge from RFF. The book includes sections on key environmental topics such as benefit-cost analysis, environmental regulation and environmental justice. There is a section devoted to environmental problems in developing nations and transitional economies. Natural resource topics include resource management, biodiversity, and sustainable development. The articles address many difficult public policy questions, such as: does environmental policy conflict with economic growth; and when is a life too costly to save? Among the other issues addressed are emissions trading, environmental damage assessment, Superfund, biodiversity, forest management, waste-facility siting, and sustainable agriculture.

Health and environment communicating the risks

Health and environment   communicating the risks Author Organisation mondiale de la santé. Bureau régional de l'Europe
ISBN-10 9289000511
Release 2013
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Health and environment communicating the risks has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Health and environment communicating the risks also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Health and environment communicating the risks book for free.

The Politics of the Environment

The Politics of the Environment Author Neil Carter
ISBN-10 113946440X
Release 2007-04-19
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The continuous rise in the profile of the environment in politics reflects growing concern that we may be facing a large-scale ecological crisis. The new edition of this highly acclaimed textbook surveys the politics of the environment, providing a comprehensive and comparative introduction to its three components: ideas, activism and policy. Part I explores environmental philosophy and green political thought; Part II considers parties and environmental movements; and Part III analyses policy-making and environmental issues at international, national and local levels. This second edition has been thoroughly updated with new and revised discussions of many topics including the ecological state, ecological citizenship, ecological modernisation and the Greens in government and also includes an additional chapter on 'Globalisation, Trade and the Environment'. As well as considering a wide variety of examples from around the world, this textbook features a glossary, guides to further study, chapter summaries and critical questions throughout.