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Exuberant Animal

Exuberant Animal Author Frank Forencich
ISBN-10 1452016410
Release 2006-08-30
Pages 328
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Move to live, live to move! Health and fitness is a bushy, multi-disciplinary practice that includes body, mind, spirit and the creative imagination. Exuberant Animal explores the totality of human health and promotes a truly integrated approach that spans culture, biology, psychology and animal behavior. You’ll discover powerful new ideas for movement and living that will stimulate your vitality, creativity and enthusiasm. “Frank is a superb writer. His voice is clear, accurate and accessible.” Robert Sapolsky "No joy, no gain!–that might well be Frank Forencich's exercise motto. A nation filled with fit, playful hominids fully in touch with their evolutionary heritage is a true pleasure to contemplate." Bill McKibben “I really appreciate Frank’s innovative approach. His method is sophisticated, playful and holistic.” Debbie Armstrong 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist

Biological Exuberance

Biological Exuberance Author Bruce Bagemihl
ISBN-10 9781466809277
Release 2000-04-10
Pages 768
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A Publishers Weekly Best Book One of the New York Public Library's "25 Books to Remember" for 1999 Homosexuality in its myriad forms has been scientifically documented in more than 450 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and other animals worldwide. Biological Exuberance is the first comprehensive account of the subject, bringing together accurate, accessible, and nonsensationalized information. Drawing upon a rich body of zoological research spanning more than two centuries, Bruce Bagemihl shows that animals engage in all types of nonreproductive sexual behavior. Sexual and gender expression in the animal world displays exuberant variety, including same-sex courtship, pair-bonding, sex, and co-parenting—even instances of lifelong homosexual bonding in species that do not have lifelong heterosexual bonding. Part 1, "A Polysexual, Polygendered World," begins with a survey of homosexuality, transgender, and nonreproductive heterosexuality in animals and then delves into the broader implications of these findings, including a valuable perspective on human diversity. Bagemihl also examines the hidden assumptions behind the way biologists look at natural systems and suggests a fresh perspective based on the synthesis of contemporary scientific insights with traditional knowledge from indigenous cultures. Part 2, "A Wondrous Bestiary," profiles more than 190 species in which scientific observers have noted homosexual or transgender behavior. Each profile is a verbal and visual "snapshot" of one or more closely related bird or mammal species, containing all the documentation required to support the author's often controversial conclusions. Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, filled with fascinating facts and astonishing descriptions of animal behavior, Biological Exuberance is a landmark book that will change forever how we look at nature.

Exuberant Animal Play Book

Exuberant Animal Play Book Author Frank Forencich
ISBN-10 0972335846
Release 2010
Pages 191
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Move to live, live to move! The Exuberant Animal Play Book is a unique collection of functional fitness games and movements that will promote your fitness and physical happiness. Created and refined by "The Play Masters," a secretive group of physical trainers, educators, martial artists and coaches, this guide will take your health to a new level of vitality and exhilaration.

Beautiful Practice

Beautiful Practice Author Frank Forencich
ISBN-10 0985126302
Release 2014-03
Pages 276
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As we all know, today's world presents us with an unprecedented set of perplexing challenges: habitat destruction, lifestyle disease, crushing stress, fragmented attention, anxiety and social conflict. Our bodies are suffering, our minds are confused and our spirits are in turmoil. We need knowledge and understanding, but we also need experience, participation and engagement. In other words, we need a practice. " Beautiful Practice " is a multi-disciplinary guide to the art of living skillfully and mindfully in the modern world. This book will lead you through a progressive series of lessons, each designed to reveal one crucial aspect of living our beautiful adventure. Use these lessons to develop a personal practice, refine an existing program or create a new practice from scratch. This book is for trainers, coaches, classroom teachers, yoga teachers, martial artists, professionals, managers and parents; the ideas in this book will enhance your efforts in any discipline. So please join in. Sweep the dojo, empty your cup, bow to the mat and let's begin.

National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry

National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry Author J. Patrick Lewis
ISBN-10 9781426310096
Release 2012
Pages 183
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Combines photography with lyrical text celebrating the animal world, in a compilation that includes works by such poets as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Rudyard Kipling.


Exuberance Author Kay R. Jamison
ISBN-10 9780375701481
Release 2005
Pages 405
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Explores the role of exuberance in humankind's most important creative and scientific accomplishments, discussing the nature of joy and its relationship to intellectual curiosity, creativity, risk-taking, and survival.

100 Animals on Parade

100 Animals on Parade Author Masayuki Sebe
ISBN-10 9781554538713
Release 2013
Pages 24
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An unconventional counting book is comprised of engaging spreads that feature hundreds of colorful animals to count and whimsical details to explore.

The Art Is Long

The Art Is Long Author Frank Forencich
ISBN-10 0972335870
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 368
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Climate change, habitat destruction and species extinctions threaten our biosphere. Political chaos, inequality and extremism wreak havoc with our societies and culture. Obesity, diabetes, depression and stress-related disorders cause our bodies pain and unhappiness. As ecopsychologist Theodore Roszak put it, "The earth hurts, and we hurt with it." Our bodies are the canaries in the coal mine of the modern world. Health and medical industries focus on the well-being of the canary, but miss the larger message. Something is tragically wrong with the way we're living. We need another way. "The Art is Long" takes a big-picture view of human health and the human experience. This is an exploration of the "long body," the totality of our individual bodies plus our life-supporting systems of habitat, tribe and culture. Being healthy is just a beginning.

Oodles of Animals

Oodles of Animals Author Lois Ehlert
ISBN-10 0152062742
Release 2008
Pages 52
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Short, easy to read rhymes reveal what is unique about various animals, from ape to wolf.

The Exultant Ark

The Exultant Ark Author Jonathan Peter Balcombe
ISBN-10 9780520948648
Release 2011-05-09
Pages 224
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Nature documentaries often depict animal life as a grim struggle for survival, but this visually stunning book opens our eyes to a different, more scientifically up-to-date way of looking at the animal kingdom. In more than one hundred thirty striking images, The Exultant Ark celebrates the full range of animal experience with dramatic portraits of animal pleasure ranging from the charismatic and familiar to the obscure and bizarre. These photographs, windows onto the inner lives of pleasure seekers, show two polar bears engaged in a bout of wrestling, hoary marmots taking time for a friendly chase, Japanese macaques enjoying a soak in a hot spring, a young bull elk sticking out his tongue to catch snowflakes, and many other rewarding moments. Biologist and best-selling author Jonathan Balcombe is our guide, interpreting the images within the scientific context of what is known about animal behavior. In the end, old attitudes fall away as we gain a heightened sense of animal individuality and of the pleasures that make life worth living for all sentient beings.

Irrational Exuberance

Irrational Exuberance Author Robert J. Shiller
ISBN-10 9781400865536
Release 2015-01-25
Pages 392
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In this revised, updated, and expanded edition of his New York Times bestseller, Nobel Prize–winning economist Robert Shiller, who warned of both the tech and housing bubbles, cautions that signs of irrational exuberance among investors have only increased since the 2008–9 financial crisis. With high stock and bond prices and the rising cost of housing, the post-subprime boom may well turn out to be another illustration of Shiller's influential argument that psychologically driven volatility is an inherent characteristic of all asset markets. In other words, Irrational Exuberance is as relevant as ever. Previous editions covered the stock and housing markets—and famously predicted their crashes. This edition expands its coverage to include the bond market, so that the book now addresses all of the major investment markets. It also includes updated data throughout, as well as Shiller's 2013 Nobel Prize lecture, which places the book in broader context. In addition to diagnosing the causes of asset bubbles, Irrational Exuberance recommends urgent policy changes to lessen their likelihood and severity—and suggests ways that individuals can decrease their risk before the next bubble bursts. No one whose future depends on a retirement account, a house, or other investments can afford not to read this book.

Play As If Your Life Depends on It

Play As If Your Life Depends on It Author Frank Forencich
ISBN-10 0972335803
Release 2003
Pages 318
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Play as if Your Life Depends on It is an innovative and comprehensive look at human physical fitness and health. The orientation is primal, practical, and playful. It’s primal because it connects us with our hunting and gathering origins. Practical, because it teaches us how to integrate movement into our daily lives and train for the way we actually live. Playful, in the way that it creates new games and looks for humor at every opportunity. This book offers a perspective that is both wide-ranging and powerful. You'll gain a new orientation toward fitness as you develop a renewed enthusiasm for movement and your body.

Evolution s Rainbow

Evolution   s Rainbow Author Joan Roughgarden
ISBN-10 0520240731
Release 2004-05-17
Pages 474
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Challenges traditional views of gender identity and sexual orientation in animals and humans, explaining how diversity is developed from genes and hormones and why it should be celebrated and affirmed.

The Social Animal

The Social Animal Author David Brooks
ISBN-10 9780812979374
Release 2012-01
Pages 448
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From the influential New York Times columnist and best-selling author of Bobos in Paradise comes a landmark exploration of how human beings and communities succeed. Reprint. A #1 best-seller.

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals Author Gary A. Kowalski
ISBN-10 9781590563649
Release 2012
Pages 150
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Come into the Cathedral of the Earth to worship and to... find out how "swarm intelligence" is creating smarter phone systems inspired by the creativity and collective wisdom of the common ant; discover what happens when a visionary artist travels to Africa to bury the portraits of 23 primates who died in a Philadelphia zoo; ponder how cultures as diverse as the Cherokee, Chinese, Egyptians, and ancient Hindus identified the night s brightest star with a canine spirit guide; explore how meditation practice helps a Buddhist beekeeper fend off a disease that threatens most of the world s honeybees. These true stories and many more will make you laugh, weep, and marvel at the amazing creatures who share our planet, from the earthworm to the elephant, all in Blessings of the Animals."

The Evolution of Beauty

The Evolution of Beauty Author Richard O. Prum
ISBN-10 9780385537223
Release 2017-05-09
Pages 448
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A FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE NAMED A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, SMITHSONIAN, AND WALL STREET JOURNAL A major reimagining of how evolutionary forces work, revealing how mating preferences—what Darwin termed "the taste for the beautiful"—create the extraordinary range of ornament in the animal world. In the great halls of science, dogma holds that Darwin's theory of natural selection explains every branch on the tree of life: which species thrive, which wither away to extinction, and what features each evolves. But can adaptation by natural selection really account for everything we see in nature? Yale University ornithologist Richard Prum—reviving Darwin's own views—thinks not. Deep in tropical jungles around the world are birds with a dizzying array of appearances and mating displays: Club-winged Manakins who sing with their wings, Great Argus Pheasants who dazzle prospective mates with a four-foot-wide cone of feathers covered in golden 3D spheres, Red-capped Manakins who moonwalk. In thirty years of fieldwork, Prum has seen numerous display traits that seem disconnected from, if not outright contrary to, selection for individual survival. To explain this, he dusts off Darwin's long-neglected theory of sexual selection in which the act of choosing a mate for purely aesthetic reasons—for the mere pleasure of it—is an independent engine of evolutionary change. Mate choice can drive ornamental traits from the constraints of adaptive evolution, allowing them to grow ever more elaborate. It also sets the stakes for sexual conflict, in which the sexual autonomy of the female evolves in response to male sexual control. Most crucially, this framework provides important insights into the evolution of human sexuality, particularly the ways in which female preferences have changed male bodies, and even maleness itself, through evolutionary time. The Evolution of Beauty presents a unique scientific vision for how nature's splendor contributes to a more complete understanding of evolution and of ourselves.

You re an Animal Viskovitz

You re an Animal  Viskovitz Author Alessandro Boffa
ISBN-10 9781841954936
Release 2004-06-28
Pages 160
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snail with two sexes, a parrot who speaks of love, a dormouse who has erotic dreams, a police dog who's a Buddhist, a microbe with an inferiority complex, a chameleon hoping to find himself, a lion in love with a gazelle, a scorpion with the fastest sting in the west . . . You're an Animal, Viskovitz! is a whirlwind of ironic fables: a series of hilarious metamorphoses like nothing else you've read before.