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Facing Codependence

Facing Codependence Author Pia Mellody
ISBN-10 9780062031808
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 272
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Pia Mellody creates a framework for identifying codependent thinking, emotions and behaviour and provides an effective approach to recovery. Mellody sets forth five primary adult symptoms of this crippling condition, then traces their origin to emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual abuses that occur in childhood. Central to Mellody's approach is the concept that the codependent adult's injured inner child needs healing. Recovery from codependence, therefore, involves clearing up the toxic emotions left over from these painful childhood experiences.

ILL Facing codependence what it is where it comes from how it sabotages our lives

ILL  Facing codependence   what it is  where it comes from  how it sabotages our lives Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1026271620
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ILL Facing codependence what it is where it comes from how it sabotages our lives has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ILL Facing codependence what it is where it comes from how it sabotages our lives also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ILL Facing codependence what it is where it comes from how it sabotages our lives book for free.

Confessions of a Codependent

Confessions of a Codependent Author Jacqueline Williams
ISBN-10 9780595400867
Release 2006
Pages 116
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After enduring more than her share of codependent relationships, author Jacqueline Williams knew she needed to change her behavior patterns. Through a great deal of soul-searching, therapy, and prayer, Williams came to understand her codependency and how to eradicate it from her relationships.Written especially for women, Confessions of a Codependent: How to Identify and Eliminate Unhealthy Relationships defines codependent relationships, explains why they are so self-destructive, and explores why these relationships can at times lead to physical violence.Confessions of a Codependent shares other women's stories of codependent, abusive, and/or dysfunctional relationships, as well as the ways these women were able to leave them and move on to healthier partnerships. Confessions of a Codependent also includes practical advice on how to recognize signs that your relationship may be heading toward emotional and/or physical abuse, how to move away from self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors, and resources that you can use to escape a codependent relationship.If you're struggling in your current relationship and feel trapped by codependency, break the cycle with Confessions of a Codependent!

Self on the Shelf The

Self on the Shelf  The Author Gary Greenberg
ISBN-10 9781438404752
Pages 287
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The Self on the Shelf examines the cultural and philosophical determinants of popular “recovery” books. Greenberg argues that this literature can be read as documents of the prevailing understanding of the self in American society. The construction of the self promoted by recovery literature is seen as a nihilistic one insofar as it denies the significance of what continental philosophy calls the Other. In this sense the self-help books are correct in their assertion that we have lost sight of how to love, but their proposed solution shows up as a recapitulation and strengthening of the conditions that gave rise to this situation in the first place. Greenberg’s critique provides a commentary on the difficulties that face our culture in achieving any sense of meaningful community, and on the way that this problem surfaces in a highly popular discourse.

How Can I Get Through to You

How Can I Get Through to You Author Terrence Real
ISBN-10 9781439106761
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 304
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"What happened to the passion we started with? Why aren't we as close as we used to be?" PROBLEM: If you are a woman who is unfulfilled in your marriage...if you feel unheard or overburdened...if you quietly live in a state of slow-burn resentment... PROBLEM: If you are a man unhappy that your partner seems so unhappy with you...if you feel bewildered, unappreciated, or betrayed... This book offers a solution Bestselling author and nationally renowned therapist Terrence Real unearths the causes of communication blocks between men and women in this groundbreaking work. Relationships are in trouble; the demand for intimacy today must be met with new skills, and Real -- drawing on his pioneering work on male depression -- gives both men and women those skills, empowering women and connecting men, radically reversing the attitudes and emotional stumbling blocks of the patriarchal culture in which we were raised. Filled with powerful stories of the couples Real treats, no other relationship book is as straight talking or compelling in its innovative approach to healing wounds and reconnecting partners with a new strength and understanding.

Why Is My Partner Sexually Addicted

Why Is My Partner Sexually Addicted Author Paul Becker, LPC
ISBN-10 9781468550108
Release 2012-02-21
Pages 140
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Why is My Partner Sexually Addicted,? provides critical insight into the nature of sexual addiction. A woman rarely need to probe the origin and consequences of sexual addiction until her partner is “found-out.” Each chapter reveals aspects of sexual addiction, all to help a woman decide how she will live after she discovers her partner’s aberrant sexual behavior. Meet a Reviewer: “This book is outstanding. It's wildly packed with valuable information. I learned a lot and feel every woman married to a sex addict should get this book in order to have a very deep understanding about what is likely going on in her husband's mind/brain.” Darcy H. Meet the Author: For Paul Becker, LPC, counseling and writing are second careers. He was a federal government economist and executive for over 36 years. Working with men in prison led him back to school where he earned a Master's degree in counseling education. He works in Virginia in private practice.

Stand Up For Your Life

Stand Up For Your Life Author Cheryl Richardson
ISBN-10 9780743234580
Release 2002-03-26
Pages 256
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In her most provocative work to date, Cheryl Richardson, the New York Times bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life and Life Makeovers, challenges readers to begin an interactive training program that will transform internal obstacles such as self-doubt, conflict phobia, and a fear of what others think, into a new foundation of courage, confidence, and self-esteem. By investing in their personal and spiritual development, readers will build a strong character that allows them to create a larger vision for their lives -- a vision of service and contribution to themselves and the world. Part mentor/part best friend, Cheryl Richardson picks up where her two earlier books leave off, by offering new "inner life skills" to readers who are ready to stop hiding their power and start living according to their Divine assignment. Using real life stories and examples (including her own), she offers a practical, step-by-step plan to: Build self-trust and inner confidence by strengthening your relationship with yourself and your inner life. Identify and eliminate the thoughts, words, and actions that rob you of power and self-esteem. Face "conflict phobia" head-on by telling the truth with grace and love. Use fear as an ally to build your courage muscles. Pass up good for great by centering your life around your values. As readers work through each phase of the program, they will find that they have not only the power and vision to fulfill their greatest potential but the ability to help others do the same. Stand Up for Your Life is a practical, hands-on guide that will inspire readers to own (and use) their talents and gifts so they can lead passionate, more fulfilling lives.

Thawing Toxic Relationships

Thawing Toxic Relationships Author Don Carter MSW, LCSW
ISBN-10 9781632877512
Release 2012-09-17
Pages 207
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Thawing Toxic Relationships is number three of a four part series entitled Thawing the Iceberg. The Thawing the Iceberg Series is designed to address various issues outlined in the author's bestselling book, Thaw - Freedom from Frozen feelings. The other two books in the Series are: Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome and Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues. Thawing Toxic Relationships is a book about healing and co-creating healthy, functional relationships for those who grew up in a dysfunctional family. If you relate to Don Carter's Iceberg Model, would like to have a genuinely happy and functional relationship then this book is for you. Building healthy relationships, a skill that eludes most people who have been raised in a less-than-nurturing family, is the ultimate objective for Thawing Toxic Relationships. These three books take the reader into three specialized pathways to healing the abandonment, shame, and contempt outline in Carter's Book Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings Read about the Cycle of Drama, the Chemistry of drama how to save your marriage, improve communication, how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, be assertiveness, identify relationship mind games (Distance and Pursuit games, the Punishment Cycle, the Drama Triangle - and why we play them). Gather the tools and skills necessary to overcome these and many other dysfunctional relationship patterns. Growing up in a moderate-to-severely dysfunctional family does not offer the necessary training to co-create a healthy, happy & functional relationship. Just as Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome heals your relationship with yourself; Thawing Toxic Relationships helps you heal your relationships with those who are most important to you.

Tricky Coaching

Tricky Coaching Author K. Korotov
ISBN-10 9780230362963
Release 2011-11-29
Pages 227
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Bringing together cases written by experienced leadership and executive coaches from all over the world, this project explores the most demanding and challenging situations they have faced in their professional practices. By analysing and reflecting on the real life case studies the authors show how to deal with these situations in daily life.

WLW Journal

WLW Journal Author
ISBN-10 0910383154
Release 1987
Pages 314
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WLW Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from WLW Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full WLW Journal book for free.

Let s Talk

Let s Talk   Author Nikki Goldman
ISBN-10 9781469121710
Release 2010-10-28
Pages 254
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Let's Talk... If you're a teen and you're alive....then you've got problems! If you're a parent and you have a teen....then you've got problems! What if you had your own personal guide to help you through...Someone to whisper directly in your ear and give you the solution for your particular dilemma? Dr. Nikki Goldman Ph.D. spent years listening to parents and teens. They wrote to her, called her and spent time with her in her office. They asked her for solutions to their problems. They questioned her about the very personal: Sex, Pregnancy and Romance, Drugs and Addiction to the worldly such as Money and Work and Internet Dangers. They wanted to know about Loss, Emotions and Fear. These are their conversations.

Breaking Codependency

Breaking Codependency Author Lesly Devereaux
ISBN-10 0991327608
Release 2014-09-18
Pages 198
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Do you suffer from codependency? Ask yourself these questions. Have you found yourself in an endless web of confusion and stress because of your need to come to the rescue of undeserving people that you love? Has helping the ones you love drained you and hurt them? Do you need help overcoming your desire to rescue people who continue on a course of self-destructive behavior? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be an enabler with the larger issue of codependency. 10 Ways This Book Will Help You: Search your family tree to see if your actions are a result of learned behavior Identify and address your pain from the past Embrace your nurturing instincts as a woman with healthy boundaries Examine your conduct and change habits which challenge your moral compass Challenge yourself to say no even when you want to say yes Focus on self-care and not feel selfish Embrace the spiritual awakening which will take place Keep your head above the noise of fear, shame and rejection Detach from people that cause harm to your emotional stability Identify the characteristics of an enabler Dr. Lesly has been extremely transparent with us as she shares her experience and her perspective on breaking codependency. What differentiates her book from other books on this topic is that you are brought into the life of the author as she navigates being incarcerated while reflecting on the enabling behaviors that put her there in the first place. Dr. Lesly's story shows us that we can break codependence at any point in time, and the sooner the better! Through the narrative of the author, a courageous speaker, coach and ordained minister, we are provided a valuable reference on how to break codependency. Its real value begins with the recommendations of how to stop enabling others. This autobiographical journey keeps you on the edge of your seat, while offering concrete solutions to the pitfalls of codependency and enabling. Its uplifting, inspirational message teaches lessons of hope and personal transformation. It is a must read for males and females globally who are trapped in the web of codependency. This easy to understand, interactive book will reveal how codependency has sabotaged you and hurt others. Each chapter ends with a series of reflective exercises to assess and challenge codependent behavior. Step by step resolutions are given which help you navigate the traps of codependency and gain power and peace back in your life."

Shame Guilt and Alcoholism

Shame  Guilt  and Alcoholism Author Ron Potter-Efron
ISBN-10 9781317773474
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 287
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Increase your understanding of the link between alcoholism and shame and guilt with this tremendously important book that adds to our understanding of the total recovery process. This practical volume authoritatively defines the often elusive terms of shame and guilt and provides constructive suggestions to therapists for treating alcoholic clients and affected family members who are suffering from excessive quantities of shame and guilt. Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism thoroughly explains to therapists the significant differences between shame and guilt as displayed by clients’experiences of failure, primary responses and feelings, precipitating events and involvement of self, and origins and central fears. Author Potter-Efron includes creative approaches to the general treatment of shame and guilt, explores the positive functions of shame and guilt, describes the conscious and subconscious defense mechanisms against shame and guilt, and highlights the very crucial family behaviors that initiate and encourage shame and guilt. Shame, Guilt, and Alcoholism adds immeasurably to our understanding of the total recovery process.

Are You Really Ready for Love

Are You Really Ready for Love Author David Hawkins
ISBN-10 9780736954129
Release 2007-09-15
Pages 208
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Singles who have never been married and those who have suffered a divorce or the loss of their mate through death are faced with a challenge: When love comes their way, will they be ready? What does that readiness look like? Clinical psychologist and counselor Dr. David Hawkins prescribes a practical and biblical approach for preparing for love. Dr. Hawkins encourages singles to spend less energy looking for the perfect mate and more energy in becoming people who can enter wholeheartedly into an intimate relationship. He demonstrates how readers can increase their capacity to... practice the sacrificial love Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13 get to know others for who they really are and respect their uniqueness express love through appropriate love languages receive love without fear or feelings of unworthiness take risks for the sake of personal and mutual growth practice healthy boundaries humbly recognize their own weaknesses and turn them into strengths This user-friendly guide will give singles of any age a positive and constructive plan for becoming ready for love.

Emotional Health

Emotional Health Author Michael David Lawrience
ISBN-10 0615479170
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 450
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Michael David Lawrience has gathered the lifetime experiences of over 15 people from around the world. They share practical methods for overcoming physical and emotional pain and suffering, abuse, and trauma. Michael has over 40 years' experience as a holistic health practitioner with a B.A in Sacred Healing and practices as a certified Bowenwork Practitioner. Michael has vast experience as a personal development seminar leader, as well as a Residential Coach mentoring teenage girls at therapeutic schools* Break your cycle of suffering* Learn how to best heal emotional pain* Overcome sabotage of your happiness * Awaken your excitement and joy Get your owner's manual describing practical methods to release your physical and emotional chronic pain, suffering, and emotional stress.Part 1 - Improving emotional health, easing pain, healing ourselves, healing physical/emotional abuse, facing our fears, & stabilizing our minds. Part 2- Empowerment from codependency, caring for ourselves, healing physical pain, causes behind physical pain, & healing sabotage of our success. Part 3 - Making conscious choices, path of the heart, paths of service, global paradigm shift, & spiritual awakening.