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Facing Heartbreak

Facing Heartbreak Author Stefanie Carnes
ISBN-10 098327133X
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 309
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The first workbook to help partners of sex addicts cope with discovering their loved one has compulsive sexual behaviors.

Mending a Shattered Heart

Mending a Shattered Heart Author Stefanie Carnes
ISBN-10 0982650590
Release 2011
Pages 279
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Practical advice on how to deal with the trauma of discovering that one's spouse or partner is a sex addict.

Intimate Treason

Intimate Treason Author Claudia Black
ISBN-10 9781937612016
Release 2012-09-18
Pages 200
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Partners affected by sex addiction learn to develop healthy boundaries and make positive changes for themselves and their partners.

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows Author Patrick J Carnes
ISBN-10 9781592857692
Release 2009-06-21
Pages 240
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With the revised information and up-to-date research, Out of the Shadows is the premier work on sex addiction, written by a pioneer in its treatment. Sex is at the core of our identities. And when it becomes a compulsion, it can unravel our lives.Out of the Shadows is the premier work on this disorder, written by a pioneer in its treatment. Revised and updated to include the latest research--and to address the exploding phenomenon of cybersex addiction--this third edition identifies the danger signs, explains the dynamics, and describes the consequences of sexual addiction and dependency. With practical wisdom and spiritual clarity, it points the way out of the shadows of sexual compulsion and back into the light and fullness of life.

Facing Addiction

Facing Addiction Author Patrick Carnes
ISBN-10 0982650566
Release 2011
Pages 296
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Applies Dr. Patrick Carnes' research-based thirty-task model to treating addiction to alcohol and drugs for a lasting long-term recovery.


Deceived Author Claudia Black
ISBN-10 9781592858347
Release 2009-07-30
Pages 272
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Renowned lecturer, author, and trainer Claudia Black offers a comprehensive guide to healing and recovery for women whose partners are acting out sexually. Pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, voyeurism, multiple affairs. No matter their "drug" of choice, men who act out sexually leave their partners reeling in fear, rage, incredible shame, and isolation.But there is hope.In Deceived, bestselling author Claudia Black offers women in relationships plagued by sexual betrayal the care and guidance to create a new path of clarity, direction, and confidence. Black uses stories of real women who have been through a wide variety of experiences to help readers develop the understanding and skills to:confront their partnersheighten their personal security by setting nonnegotiable boundariesavoid preoccupation with their partners' problemspractice forgivenesslet go of the uncontrollabletalk to their childrenmake positive changes derived from esteem and integrityDeceived teaches women how to proactively emerge from emotional isolation, shed secrets and shame, and discover their power to incite positive change in their relationships

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse Author Barbara A. Steffens
ISBN-10 0882823094
Release 2009
Pages 257
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Provides information on sex addiction and offers strategies to help love ones heal from the damaging behaviors of their partners.

Facing the Shadow

Facing the Shadow Author Patrick Carnes
ISBN-10 0985063378
Release 2015-03-31
Pages 300
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The groundbreaking book introducing Dr. Patrick Carnes' thirty-task model for treating sexual addiction is now UPDATED and REVISED.

Hope Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners

Hope   Freedom for Sexual Addicts and Their Partners Author Milton S. Magness
ISBN-10 9780977440054
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 201
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A compassionate yet concise guide to beginning recovery from sexual addiction.

A Couple s Guide to Sexual Addiction

A Couple s Guide to Sexual Addiction Author Paldrom Collins
ISBN-10 9781440526978
Release 2011-11-18
Pages 256
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Like other psychiatric disorders, sexual addiction is a condition that affects peoples' relationships with others as much as it affects their own mental state. Individuals suffering from sexual addiction typically pursue sex through any means possible and often engage in risky forms of sexual activity such as exhibitionism, promiscuous sex with multiple partners, online sex, etc. It's easy to see how a couple's relationship may be challenged by the manifestations and reality of a disorder like this one. A Couple's Guide to Sexual Addiction discusses common relationship issues within the context of sexual addiction and provides the reader with exercises, information, and advice on the following topics: Trust Communication Healthy sexuality & sexual behaviors Family By understanding the reality of sexual addiction and what it means for a relationship, couples will be able to better relate to each other and plan for a successful future.

Moving Beyond Betrayal

Moving Beyond Betrayal Author Vicki Tidwell Palmer
ISBN-10 9781942094159
Release 2016-05-16
Pages 200
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Partners experience dire consequences as a result of being in a relationship with someone suffering from compulsive sexual behavior. Their emotional well-being requires developing new skill sets for self-care and self-protection as they confront the difficult and painful process of discovery, disclosure, and beyond. In other words—they need boundaries. This is the first book specifically for partners affected by addictive behavior that addresses, in detail, how to identify, create, and maintain boundaries as a vital component of self-care and an indispensable tool for healing and growth. Moving Beyond Betrayal guides partners to define the current problem(s); identify needs that aren't being met; find where they have the power to effect change; take action; and evaluate the results to determine if their goal has been accomplished. The author examines all aspects of effective boundary work, including what to do when boundaries are violated. Through working the 5-Step Boundary Solution partners will: Gain clarity Reduce the chaos inherent in relationships impacted by sex addiction Feel more empowered and in control of their lives Discover whether or not their relationship with the addict is salvageable Vicki Tidwell Palmer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in private practice in Houston, Texas. She is the author of the blog for partners Survival Strategies for Partners of Sex Addicts.

Spouses of Sex Addicts

Spouses of Sex Addicts Author Françoise Mastroianni
ISBN-10 1610053354
Release 2013-05-02
Pages 240
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"How grateful I am for Francoise, Richard and their hearts to help partners of sex addicts heal from the trauma they experience! I am even more grateful that they have felt the call to share their gifts, insights, and encouragement for partners through this workbook, Spouses of Sex Addicts: Hope for the Journey. As you read through this workbook and start applying the wisdom and helpful exercises to your own experience, I hope you will know, as I do, that this book comes from their hearts, experience, and spiritual strength. The pages of this workbook are filled with appropriate and helpful information and opportunities for you to apply the materials to your experience, which will help you in your journey of healing. May you find in these pages a path for yourself as you join the journey of healing along with so many other wounded spouses. Those of us who are a little further along in the journey hold you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. You are not alone. Blessings and hope to you." - Dr. Barbara Steffens PhD, LPCC, BCC, CCSAS. President, Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS), Co-author, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal

Journey to Healing and Joy

Journey to Healing and Joy Author Marsha Means
ISBN-10 1497584914
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 166
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Using a trauma-model approach, Journey to Healing & Joy: A Workbook for Partners of Sexual Addicts, provides a healing pathway women can follow, either individually or in a support group. Beginning with the raw pain partners of sex addicts experience, this well-researched, soul-searching guide sensitively uses a forward-moving process, enabling women to grieve, grow, and heal. With a balance of educational content and penetrating questions, women review what has happened in their relationship and process it as they journal their answers to the workbooks self-reflective questions. They also learn important new skills and gain new strengths that equip them for the challenges they face, whether their relationship heals, or comes to an end. Chapter by chapter, women learn what it takes to share one's life with a man striving to break free from sex addiction. And as they grow and evaluate their options, they gain new insight and clarity, enabling them to choose the next best step for their own lives.

Contrary to Love

Contrary to Love Author Patrick J Carnes
ISBN-10 9781592858125
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 312
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This resource identifies the stages and progression of sex addiction, including assessment, intervention, and treatment methods. This resource identifies the stages and progression of sex addiction, including assessment, intervention, and treatment methods. It also covers family structure, bonding, boundaries, and recovery topics.

Women Who Love Sex Addicts

Women Who Love Sex Addicts Author Douglas Weiss
ISBN-10 1881292789
Release 1992-08-01
Pages 279
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Weiss & DeBusk combine their professional & personal experiences on unraveling yet another layer of the plague of sexual addiction. They specifically focus this work on the women who can be both victims & lovers to men who are sexual addicts. Weiss & DeBusk make this cross cultural journey into the lives of the women who love sex addicts both enlightening & encouraging. The readers are introduced to family of origin issues & possible other predisposing factors that contribute to a woman loving a sex addict. The authors also give to the reader hope to recover from a woman who loves a sex addict. This hope is shared through the personal experiences of other women who share their hope & recovery in this must read book WOMEN WHO LOVE SEX ADDICTS. This book can offer to those who are in a relationship with a sex addict a positive approach to recovery. For many this book may be the first step into a new life of understanding themselves & their relationships. Discovery Press, 5212 Golden Lane, Fort Worth, TX, 76123, 1-800-732-8865.

Erotic Intelligence

Erotic Intelligence Author Alexandra Katehakis
ISBN-10 9780757314377
Release 2010-05-03
Pages 264
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A compassionate guide to enjoying healthy sex after recovery from sex addiction.

Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology

Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation  A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment  Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology Author Alexandra Katehakis
ISBN-10 9780393712032
Release 2016-09-20
Pages 416
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Examining the neurobiological underpinnings of sex addiction. Neuroaffective science—studying the integrated development of the body, brain, and mind—has revealed mechanisms linking psychological and biological factors of mental disorders, including addiction. Indeed, its paradigm-shifting theoretical umbrella demonstrated that substance and behavioral dependencies share identical neurobiological workings, and thus that problematic repetitive behaviors are genuine addictions—a state increasingly understood as a chronic brain disorder. Clinical experience strongly suggests that sex addiction (SA) treatment informed by affective neuroscience—the specialty of Alexandra Katehakis—proves profoundly transformative. Katehakis's relational protocol, presented here, blends neurobiology with psychology to accomplish full recovery. Her Psychobiological Approach to Sex Addiction Treatment (PASAT) joins therapist and patient through a relationally-based psychotherapy—a holistic, dyadic dance that calls on the body, brain, and mind of both. Written with clarity and compassion, this book integrates cutting-edge research, case studies, verbatim session records, and patient writings and art. Katehakis explicates neurophysiological, psychological, and cultural forces priming and maintaining SA, then details how her innovative treatment restores patients' interpersonal, sexual, and spiritual relationality.