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Fairy Lore

Fairy Lore Author D. L. Ashliman
ISBN-10 0313333491
Release 2006-01
Pages 229
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Defines and classifies types of fairies; reviews sample texts; analyzes the role of fairies in art, film, and popular culture; and includes a glossary and a bibliography.

Slavic Folklore

Slavic Folklore Author Natalie O. Kononenko
ISBN-10 0313336105
Release 2007
Pages 209
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Overviews Slavic folklore and discusses its role in literature and contemporary culture.

German Folklore

German Folklore Author James R. Dow
ISBN-10 IND:30000109369524
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 276
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Germany is a land of rich traditions. Written for high school students and general readers, this book is an accessible introduction to German folklore. The volume defines and classifies different types of German folklore. It also provides numerous examples and texts, along with a generous selection of illustrations. It overviews current scholarship and criticism and discusses the presence of German folklore in literature and popular culture. The work closes with a bibliography of print and electronic sources suitable for student research.

Children s Folklore

Children s Folklore Author Elizabeth Tucker
ISBN-10 9780313341892
Release 2008
Pages 164
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Offers students and general readers an introduction to children's folklore.

Folk and Fairy Tales

Folk and Fairy Tales Author D. L. Ashliman
ISBN-10 0313328102
Release 2004
Pages 268
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Just about everyone is familiar with folk and fairy tales. These forms of folklore are taught to children and repeatedly appear in one version or another in movies, literature, popular culture, and everyday life. But while folk and fairy tales are so pervasive, most people have only a vague understanding of them. Written by a leading expert, this reference is a valuable introduction for students and general readers. It examines folk and fairy tales as a folklore genre, discusses specific examples from around the world, explores the varied manifestations of folk and fairy tales throughout world culture, reviews critical and scholarly approaches, and cites works for further reading.

South Asian Folklore

South Asian Folklore Author Frank J. Korom
ISBN-10 IND:30000109142046
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 223
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Gives students and general readers a thorough introduction to South Asian folklore and provides a wide range of legends, tales, myths, riddles, jokes, and other examples.

Encyclopedia of Russian Slavic Myth and Legend

Encyclopedia of Russian   Slavic Myth and Legend Author Mike Dixon-Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781576070635
Release 1998
Pages 375
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Covers the myths and legends of the Russian Empire at its greatest extent as well as other Slavic people and countries. Includes historical, geographical, and biographical background information.

Arab Folklore

Arab Folklore Author Dwight Fletcher Reynolds
ISBN-10 0313333114
Release 2007
Pages 258
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Surveys the fascinating and timely world of Arab folklore in a convenient introductry guide for students and general readers.

Thematic Guide to World Mythology

Thematic Guide to World Mythology Author Lorena Laura Stookey
ISBN-10 0313315051
Release 2004
Pages 244
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Examines reoccurring themes and patterns in the mythologies of many ancient and modern cultures.

Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs

Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs Author Ace G. Pilkington
ISBN-10 1935333003
Release 2009-11
Pages 416
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Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fairy Tales of the Russians and Other Slavs book for free.

Greek and Roman Folklore

Greek and Roman Folklore Author Graham Anderson
ISBN-10 0313335753
Release 2006
Pages 234
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The Greek and Roman world is often noted for the rationalism of a few outstanding thinkers. This book is about the traditional superstitions, beliefs, taboos, folk-remedies, ghost stories, and folk tales that haunted the rest. It defines and categorizes types of classical folklore, provides examples and texts, reviews scholarship and criticism, and discusses the importance of folklore in the ancient world. The volume closes with a glossary, a bibliography of print and electronic sources, and an extensive index.

Mythical and Fabulous Creatures

Mythical and Fabulous Creatures Author Malcolm South
ISBN-10 IND:39000005573766
Release 1987-01-01
Pages 393
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YThis] book provides thorough documentation of the best-known creatures of fantasy with a breadth of coverage that is both impressive and delightful. Choice"

Handbook of Chinese Mythology

Handbook of Chinese Mythology Author Lihui Yang
ISBN-10 9781576078068
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 293
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An informative work of historical and contemporary Chinese myths, including a useful collection of historical documents, detailing myths as they live and change in China today. * Primary source documents include translations of important historical records on Chinese myths, excerpts from national sources collected since the 1980s (unique to an English-language book), plus contemporary research from the authors' field research and the research of other Chinese scholars * 30–40 illustrations from the Ming dynasty edition of Shan Hai Jing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas), plus 10–15 photos from the authors' personal collections and field research, including the new statue built in honor of Nuwa in northern China, people gathered at a contemporary temple fair, women dancers at the Renzu Temple, and more

Campus Legends

Campus Legends Author Elizabeth Tucker
ISBN-10 0313332851
Release 2005
Pages 212
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Defines and surveys the world of college and university folklore and discusses the place of campus lore and legend in popular culture.

Handbook of Norse Mythology

Handbook of Norse Mythology Author John Lindow
ISBN-10 9781576072172
Release 2001
Pages 365
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Describes the themes, characters, rituals, and beliefs of Norse mythology.

Tales from the Heart of the Balkans

Tales from the Heart of the Balkans Author Bonnie Marshall
ISBN-10 1563088703
Release 2001
Pages 166
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Explore the rich Balkan folk tradition through 33 stories that represent all major population groups of the former Yugoslavia. Translated and retold from their original languages, these tales demonstrate the unique dynamic of both diversity and unity within the region. Historical information, color photos of the people and the land, and maps are included.

Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature A Handbook

Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature  A Handbook Author Jane Garry
ISBN-10 9781351576154
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 448
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This is an authoritative presentation and discussion of the most basic thematic elements universally found in folklore and literature. The reference provides a detailed analysis of the most common archetypes or motifs found in the folklore of selected communities around the world. Each entry is written by a noted authority in the field, and includes accompanying reference citations. Entries are keyed to the Motif-Index of Folk Literature by Stith Thompson and grouped according to that Index's scheme. The reference also includes an introductory essay on the concepts of archetypes and motifs and the scholarship associated with them. This is the only book in English on motifs and themes that is completely folklore oriented, deals with motif numbers, and is tied to the Thompson Motif-Index. It includes in-depth examination of such motifs as: Bewitching; Chance and Fate; Choice of Roads; Death or Departure of the Gods; the Double; Ghosts and Other Revenants; the Hero Cycle; Journey to the Otherworld; Magic Invulnerability; Soothsayer; Transformation; Tricksters.