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some things gay

some things gay Author Philip Thrift
ISBN-10 9781937953010
Release 2012-02-14
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gay poetry


Alex Author S. M. Shade
ISBN-10 1530913306
Release 2016-03-26
Pages 150
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Ninety- two days. Thirteen weeks. That's how long it's been since I lost my love, my best friend. It's been everything I can do to drag myself out of bed and get back to work, but I know Cooper would want me to move on. I think he'd even be happy if he knew who I want to move on with. The target of my affection, though, may not be so thrilled about my choice. He's straight. Or he thinks he is. A womanizer of the worst kind with a face and body that keeps a steady stream of willing women at his door, he seems happy to work his way through the entire female population. But there's no mistaking the way he looks at me when he thinks I'm not paying attention. One way or another, I'll show him what he really wants. This is book four of The Striking Back Series, but can also be read as a standalone novel.

Down by Contact

Down by Contact Author Santino Hassell
ISBN-10 9780399586309
Release 2018-01-16
Pages 205
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Two rival football players begin a game with higher stakes than the Super Bowl in this steamy romance from the author of Illegal Contact. Simeon Boudreaux, the New York Barons’ golden-armed quarterback, is blessed with irresistible New Orleans charm and a face to melt your mama’s heart. He’s universally adored by fans and the media. Coming out as gay in solidarity with his teammate hasn’t harmed his reputation in the least—except for some social media taunting from rival linebacker Adrián Bravo. Though they were once teammates, Adrián views Simeon as a traitor and the number-one name on the New Jersey Predators’ shit list. When animosity between the two NFL players reaches a boiling point on the field, culminating in a dirty fist fight, they’re both benched for six games and sentenced to joint community service teaching sullen, Brooklyn teens how to play ball. At first, they can barely stand to be in the same room, but running the camp forces them to shape up. With no choice but to work together, Simeon realizes Adrián is more than his alpha-jerk persona, and Adrián begins to question why he’s always had such strong feelings for the gorgeous QB…

The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein Contained

The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein Contained Author Leo (Africanus)
ISBN-10 PSU:000008676719
Release 1896
Pages 1119
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The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein Contained has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein Contained also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The History and Description of Africa and of the Notable Things Therein Contained book for free.

The Ancient Highway

The Ancient Highway Author James Oliver Curwood
ISBN-10 9781473372313
Release 2015-07-06
Pages 438
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This early work by James Oliver Curwood was originally published in 1925 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. “The Ancient Highway” is a romantic story set in the Canadian wilderness, captured beautifully by Curwood. James Oliver 'Jim' Curwood was an American action-adventure writer and conservationist. He was born on 12th June, 1878, in Owosso, Michigan, USA. In 1900, Curwood sold his first story while working for the Detroit News-Tribune, and after this, his career in writing was made. By 1909 he had saved enough money to travel to the Canadian northwest, a trip that provided the inspiration for his wilderness adventure stories. The success of his novels afforded him the opportunity to return to the Yukon and Alaska for several months each year – allowing Curwood to write more than thirty such books. Curwood's adventure writing followed in the tradition of Jack London. Like London, Curwood set many of his works in the wilds of the Great Northwest and often used animals as lead characters (Kazan, Baree; Son of Kazan, The Grizzly King and Nomads of the North). Many of Curwood's adventure novels also feature romance as primary or secondary plot consideration. This approach gave his work broad commercial appeal and helped drive his appearance on several best-seller lists in the early 1920s. His most successful work was his 1920 novel, The River's End. The book sold more than 100,000 copies and was the fourth best-selling title of the year in the United States, according to Publisher's Weekly. He contributed to various literary and popular magazines throughout his career, and his bibliography includes more than 200 such articles, short stories and serializations. Curwood was an avid hunter in his youth; however, as he grew older, he became an advocate of environmentalism and was appointed to the 'Michigan Conservation Commission' in 1926. The change in his attitude toward wildlife can be best expressed by a quote he gave in The Grizzly King: that 'The greatest thrill is not to kill but to let live.' Despite this change in attitude, Curwood did not have an ultimately fruitful relationship with nature. In 1927, while on a fishing trip in Florida, Curwood was bitten on the thigh by what was believed to have been a spider and he had an immediate allergic reaction. Health problems related to the bite escalated over the next few months as an infection set in. He died soon after in his nearby home on Williams Street, on 13th August 1927.

Children of the Tenements

Children of the Tenements Author Jacob August Riis
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105020062712
Release 1904
Pages 387
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Children of the Tenements has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Children of the Tenements also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Children of the Tenements book for free.

Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks

Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks Author W. Craig Gaines
ISBN-10 0807134244
Release 2008-04
Pages 264
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On the evening of February 2, 1864, Confederate Commander John Taylor Wood led 250 sailors in two launches and twelve boats to capture the USS Underwriter, a side-wheel steam gunboat anchored on the Neuse River near New Bern, North Carolina. During the ensuing fifteen-minute battle, nine Union crewmen lost their lives, twenty were wounded, and twenty-six fell into enemy hands. Six Confederates were captured and several wounded as they stripped the vessel, set it ablaze, and blew it up while under fire from Union-held Fort Anderson. The thrilling story of USS Underwriter is one of many involving the numerous shipwrecks that occupy the waters of Civil War history. Many years in the making, W. Craig Gaines's Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks is the definitive account of more than 2,000 of these American Civil War--period sunken ships. From Alabama's USS Althea, a Union steam tug lost while removing a Confederate torpedo in the Blakely River, to Wisconsin's Berlin City, a Union side-wheel steamer stranded in Oshkosh, Gaines provides detailed information about each vessel, including its final location, type, dimensions, tonnage, crew size, armament, origin, registry (Union, Confederate, United States, or other country), casualties, circumstances of loss, salvage operations, and the sources of his findings. Organized alphabetically by geographical location (state, country, or body of water), the book also includes a number of maps providing the approximate locations of many of the wrecks -- ranging from the Americas to Europe, the Arctic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Also noted are more than forty shipwrecks whose locations are in question. Since the 1960s, the underwater access afforded by SCUBA gear has allowed divers, historians, treasure hunters, and archaeologists to discover and explore many of the American Civil War-related shipwrecks. In a remarkable feat of historical detective work, Gaines scoured countless sources -- from government and official records to sports diver and treasure-hunting magazines -- and cross-indexes his compilation by each vessel's various names and nicknames throughout its career. An essential reference work for Civil War scholars and buffs, archaeologists, divers, and aficionados of naval history, Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks revives and preserves for posterity the little-known stories of these intriguing historical artifacts.

Full Domain

Full Domain Author Kindle Alexander
ISBN-10 9781941450086
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 400
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Book of the Year 2016 eLit Awards Honor, integrity, and loyalty are how Deputy US Marshal Kreed Sinacola lives his life. A former SEAL now employed by the Special Operations Group of the US Marshal Service, Kreed spent most of his life working covert operations and avoiding relationships. Never one to mix business with pleasure, his boundaries blur and his convictions are put to the test when he finally comes face-to-face with the hot computer geek he’s been partnered with. Hell-bent on closing the ongoing case for his longtime friend, he pushes past his own limits and uncovers more than he expects. Aaron Stuart strives for one thing: justice. Young and full of idealism, his highly sought after computer skills land him a position with the National Security Agency. Aaron’s biggest hazard at his job is cramped fingers, but all that changes when he is drawn into the middle of a dangerous federal investigation. Aaron gets more than he bargained for when the FBI partners him with a handsome and tempting deputy US marshal. His attraction to the inked up, dark-haired man provides another kind of threat altogether. Aaron tries desperately to place a firewall around his heart and fight his developing feelings, knowing one misstep on his part could ultimately destroy him. The solution isn’t as easy as solving the case, which is treacherous enough as it is. But the growing sexual attraction between them threatens to derail more than just Kreed’s personal convictions as he quickly learns temptation and matters of the heart rarely fit easily into the rules he’s lived by. Will Kreed be able to convince Aaron to open his heart and face the fact that sometimes the answers aren’t always hidden in code?

In the Days of Poor Richard Illustrated Edition

In the Days of Poor Richard  Illustrated Edition Author Irving Bacheller
ISBN-10 9781434479327
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 436
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A historical novel from the author of "Eben Holden, A Tale of the North Country." Illustrated Edition.

Tea Time with Terrorists

Tea Time with Terrorists Author Mark Stephen Meadows
ISBN-10 9781593763695
Release 2010-04-06
Pages 224
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Armed with a map, a motorcycle, an infectious sense of humor, and a dim understanding of Sri Lanka’s war, author, artist, and adventurer Mark Stephen Meadows arrives in the country intending to have, as it were, afternoon tea with terrorists. Figuring that the first step to solving a problem is understanding it, he journeys north into the war zone, interviewing terrorists, generals, and heroin dealers along the way. He discovers an island of beauty and abundance ground down by three decades of war. As he travels north through Colombo, Kandy, and the damaged city of Jaffna, Meadows gives his riveting take on the war. Known for child conscription and drawn-out torture methods, he explains, the Tamil Tigers also invented suicide bombing and were the first to lace together terrorists and financiers into international networks of militant uprising. In Sri Lanka, Meadows discovers a deep view into an ancient culture. Along the way, he learns to trap an elephant, weave rope from coconut husks, and cast out devils, and he actually has tea with a few terrorists. This is the inspiring story of his journey and an enlightening meditation on the interconnectedness of globalization, the media, and modern terrorism.

Our County Our Story

Our County  Our Story Author Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt
ISBN-10 WISC:89064475866
Release 1959
Pages 600
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Our County Our Story has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Our County Our Story also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Our County Our Story book for free.

Among the Head Hunters of Formosa

Among the Head Hunters of Formosa Author Janet B. Montgomery McGovern
Release 101-01-01
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Among the Head-hunters of Formosa contains the substance of observations made during a two-years’ stay in Formosa—from September 1916 to September 1918. The book is written for the general reader, rather than for the specialist in anthropology or ethnology. Hence many details—especially those concerning minor differences in manners and customs among the various aboriginal tribes—have been omitted; for these, while perhaps of interest to the specialist, would prove wearying to the layman.

Streets Apart

Streets Apart Author H. J. Perry
ISBN-10 1545501424
Release 2017-06-09
Pages 300
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A gay friends to lovers romance. Two novellas combined into one novel. I'm Aaron. I've got a crush the size of Europe on Joe, who lives across the street, and when he's around, I transform into a prize idiot. The rest of the time I'm a trainee plumber. On Sundays, I transform into a player in the amateur football league. In all, a confident, well-adjusted guy. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives with his parents and falls apart over the boy not-quite next door. Joe's cute, sexy, fun and the reason the word sexy was invented. We used to play together as kids in the massive posh house that he lives in with his parents, the doctors. Now he's at university, studying literature. How do I ask a guy for a date when I can't string together a coherent sentence when he's around, and I don't even know if he's gay? And what's more, no one knows I'm gay. Who keeps their boyfriend in the closet these days? I want the world to know how much he means to me. I'm going to come out, but not today, I can do it next week. This is a hot, sexy, feel-good romance about two young men who are crazy about each other and do lots of kissing, hand holding and taking their clothes off. 64,000 words of standalone sexy, comedy, romance.

A Modern Pioneer in Korea

A Modern Pioneer in Korea Author William Elliot Griffis
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044011538907
Release 1912
Pages 298
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A Modern Pioneer in Korea has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Modern Pioneer in Korea also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Modern Pioneer in Korea book for free.

Match Maker

Match Maker Author Alan Chin
ISBN-10 9781615815883
Release 2010-09-06
Pages 344
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In the four years since being forced off the professional tour for being gay, Daniel Bottega has taught tennis at a second-rate country club. He found a sanctuary to hide from an unkind world, while his lover, Jared Stoderling, fought a losing battle with alcohol addiction to cope with his disappointment of not playing on the pro circuit.

Doctor Hudson s Secret Journal

Doctor Hudson s Secret Journal Author Lloyd C. Douglas
ISBN-10 150247543X
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 174
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Lloyd Cassel Douglas (1877 – 1951) born Doya C. Douglas, was an American minister and author. He was born in Columbia City, Indiana, spent part of his boyhood in Monroeville, Indiana, Wilmot, Indiana and Florence, Kentucky, where his father, Alexander Jackson Douglas, was pastor of the Hopeful Lutheran Church. Douglas was one of the most popular American authors of his time, although he did not write his first novel until he was 50.

The Yellow Danger

The Yellow Danger Author Matthew Phipps Shiel
ISBN-10 1375458361
Release 2017-08-19
Pages 356
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The Yellow Danger has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Yellow Danger also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Yellow Danger book for free.