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Fergus Crane

Fergus Crane Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780385751124
Release 2011-08
Pages 214
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Nine-year-old Fergus Crane's life is filled with classes on the school ship Betty Jeanne, interesting neighbors, and helping with his mother's work until a mysterious box flies into his window and leads him toward adventure.

Far Flung Adventures Fergus Crane

Far Flung Adventures  Fergus Crane Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780307495433
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 240
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FERGUS CRANE! YOU ARE IN GREAT DANGER! I AM SENDING HELP. Signed T. C., your long-lost Uncle Theo Fergus Crane has an almost ordinary life—having lessons taught by rather odd teachers on the school ship Betty Jeanne and helping his mother in the bakery. But then a mysterious flying box appears at the window of his waterfront home and Fergus is plunged headlong into an exciting adventure! The box is followed by a winged mechanical horse that whisks him off to meet his long-lost uncle and his penguin helpers, Finn, Bill, and Jackson. Fergus finds out that his teachers are not quite what they seem— they’re actually pirates! Can Fergus and his winged horse save his schoolmates on the far-off Fire Island? And who else will he find there? From the Hardcover edition.

Far Flung Adventures Hugo Pepper

Far Flung Adventures  Hugo Pepper Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780307495426
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 272
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A brilliantly inventive, fabulously illustrated addition to the Far- Flung Adventures series from the award-winning, bestselling author and illustrator team Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Set in the same world as the Fergus Crane and Corby Flood stories, this is the tale of a small boy, Hugo Pepper, and his amazing exploits. Raised in the Frozen North by reindeer herders, his parents eaten by polar bears when he was just a baby, Hugo discovers that the sled they arrived in has a very special compass—one that can be set to "Home." And so Hugo arrives in Firefly Square—to discover a group of very special friends, and a dastardly enemy. With three-toed snowmen, a secret buried treasure, and a host of fabulous stories, this is a fantastic new tale in this series. From the Hardcover edition.

Corby Flood

Corby Flood Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780385750974
Release 2012-02
Pages 232
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While traveling aboard the S.S. Euphonia, eight-year-old Corby Flood accidentally attracts the murderous attentions of five men called the Brotherhood of the Clowns as she investigates the mysterious singing coming from the ship's hold.

Beyond the Deepwoods

Beyond the Deepwoods Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780552569675
Release 2014
Pages 288
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Abandoned at birth in the perilous Deepwoods, Twig is brought up by a family of woodtrolls. One cold night, Twig does what no woodtroll has ever done before - he strays from the path. So begins a heart-stopping adventure that will take Twig through a nightmare world of fearsome goblins, bloodthirsty beasts and flesh-eating trees.

Muddle Earth

Muddle Earth Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9781447229476
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 424
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Where would you find a perfumed bog filled with pink sticky hogs and exploding gas frogs? A place that's home to a wizard with only one spell, an ogre who cries a lot and a very sarcastic budgie? Welcome to Muddle Earth. A place where anything can happen - and usually does. Joe Jefferson, an ordinary schoolboy from ordinary earth, is about to find his life changed forever. Prepare for a great battle of good, evil and sort of OK... Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's Muddle Earth is a wonderfully funny fantasy adventure with unforgettable characters and beautiful illustrations throughout.

Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

Midnight Over Sanctaphrax Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780440420989
Release 2008
Pages 362
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Twig, a young sky pirate captain, is the only one who can save the floating city of Sanctaphrax from the Mother Storm, in the latest installment of The Edge Chronicles series. Reprint.

The House With a Clock In Its Walls

The House With a Clock In Its Walls Author John Bellairs
ISBN-10 9781101659717
Release 2004-08-03
Pages 192
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A haunting gothic tale by master mysery writer John Bellairs--soon to be a major motion picture starring Cate Blanchett and Jack Black! "The House With a Clock in Its Walls will cast its spell for a long time."--The New York Times Book Review When Lewis Barnavelt, an orphan. comes to stay with his uncle Jonathan, he expects to meet an ordinary person. But he is wrong. Uncle Jonathan and his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Zimmermann, are both witches! Lewis is thrilled. At first, watchng magic is enough. Then Lewis experiments with magic himself and unknowingly resurrects the former owner of the house: a woman named Serenna Izard. It seems that Serenna and her husband built a timepiece into the walls--a clock that could obliterate humankind. And only the Barnavelts can stop it!


Stormchaser Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780552554237
Release 2006
Pages 392
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Stormchaser is the second book of the Twig Saga, part of the bestselling Edge Chronicles - over three million copies sold! Twig has always longed to explore the skies of the Edge. Now, as a crew-member of the Stormchaser, he is finally living that dream. The ship's quest is to collect stormphrax - a valuable substance created inside the heart of a Great Storm, at the very instant it unleashes its most intense power. But can their ship survive such a destructive force?

Edge Chronicles Clash of the Sky Galleons

Edge Chronicles  Clash of the Sky Galleons Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 0307495043
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 432
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THE QUINT TRILOGY, Book III Quint is traveling with his father, Wind Jackal, on a mission to track down and bring to justice Turbot Smeal, the man who started the fire that killed their family. Having left behind his studies at the Knights Academy, Quint is now eager to learn what it really means to be a sky pirate and to learn from his father. But Wind Jackal is consumed by his desire to capture Smeal, amd his judgment is flawed. His actions endanger the lives of his crew and his son. As they travel from the taverns and the backstreets of Undertown and the wonders of the shipbuilders' yards to the dark dangers of the Deepwoods, Quint and Maris become separated from the rest of the crew. Finally, at the mysterious, ghostly sky-wreck in Open Sky, they discover the truth about Smeal.

The Curse of the Gloamglozer

The Curse of the Gloamglozer Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 9780385750769
Release 2005
Pages 370
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Apprenticed to the Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax, a floating city of scholars, gossip, and treachery, fourteen-year-old Quint runs increasingly dangerous errands, which eventually bring him to a place of gruesome monsters that threaten his life and those of his friends.

The Emperor of Absurdia

The Emperor of Absurdia Author Chris Riddell
ISBN-10 9781509823260
Release 2015-10-22
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Welcome to Absurdia: a strange and wonderful land where nothing is quite what it seems. Trees are birds, umbrellas are trees, and the sky is thick with snoring fish. Join one small boy as he tumbles out of bed into a crazy dreamland of wardrobe monsters, dragons - and amazing adventure. This gloriously rich and beautiful picture book comes from the award winning Chris Riddell, a uniquely talented author/illustrator at the height of his powers. With a story to enchant the youngest readers, and pictures to gasp and pore over whatever your age, The Emperor of Absurdia is an extraordinary example of wonderful storytelling. Also available: Wendel and the Robots.

You Have Seven Messages

You Have Seven Messages Author Stewart Lewis
ISBN-10 9780375899041
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 272
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It's been a year since Luna's mother, the fashion-model wife of a successful film director, was hit and killed by a taxi in New York's East Village. Luna, her father, and her little brother, Tile, are still struggling with grief. When Luna goes to clean out her mother's old studio, she's stunned to find her mom's cell phone there—charged and holding seven unheard messages. As Luna begins to listen to them, she learns more about her mother's life than she ever wanted to know . . . and she comes to realize that the tidy tale she's been told about her mother's death may not be the whole truth. “. . . a lovely contemporary fairy tale, with a sad Upper West Side princess at the heart of it, and that’s a kind of folklore that many readers will enjoy.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, Recommended “The book contains various delights. . . . the love story element shines, and the book offers a nice window into the life of privileged New York youngsters, refreshingly filled with protective and involved adults.”—Kirkus Reviews “Following Luna through a hazy grief state after the death of her mother is like a beautiful dream. This book takes your hand and leads you on a wonder-filled adventure.”—Melissa Walker, author of Small Town Sinners “Luna is someone to weep with and to cheer for, to wish was your best friend. Readers will fall in love with Luna and her dazzling world.”—Emily Wing Smith, author of Back When You Were Easier to Love From the Hardcover edition.

The Smoky Corridor

The Smoky Corridor Author Chris Grabenstein
ISBN-10 9780375865107
Release 2011-08
Pages 323
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With the help of his stepmother, his dog Zipper, and new friend Malik, Zack Jennings faces ghosts and zombies at his new middle school, which is said to house a lost Confederate treasure.

The Stone Pilot

The Stone Pilot Author Paul Stewart
ISBN-10 0552554391
Release 2006
Pages 79
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An exclusive story, tracing the history of Maugin the Stone Pilot, who Twig meets in STORMCHASER. Maugin is a termagent trog, destined to change from a beautiful delicate creature into the fearsomely impressive adult termagant at her first blooding, due very soon. But an ill-fated trip above ground to release her prowlgrin pet into the wild ends with her capture by mercenary Deepwoods slavers. Maugin's subsequent sale to a terrifying scientist - for use in some kind of macabre experiment - could be the end of her - but for the actions of a young sky pirate, Quint Verginix. When Quint takes her on board his father Wind Jackal's skyship, Maugin experiences a world a million miles away from her underground home and begins a new future as a Stone Pilot. A wonderful accompaniment to the series and a must for any Edge Chronicles fan. Told in the first person, we finally discover how the delicate young trog came to be so far from home.

No Such Thing as Dragons

No Such Thing as Dragons Author Philip Reeve
ISBN-10 9780545829861
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 192
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New in paperback--an unforgettable dragon story from Philip Reeve! Ansel's new master slays dragons for a living. He says he's hunted the monstrous worms all over Christendom-and he has the scars to prove it! But is Brock just a clever trickster in shining armor? Ansel is sure there are no such things as dragons. So what is the man-eating creature that lives in the crags of Dragon Mountain? As he and Brock climb the perilous ice-face to its lair, Ansel is about to discover the horrifying truth. A heart-pounding new fantasy with a brilliant twist from Philip Reeve, one of the world's greatest writers. "His imagination is electrifying."--Frank Cottrell Boyce, author of Millions and Cosmic

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart Author Ian Beck
ISBN-10 9780061152122
Release 2008-04-22
Pages 368
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Will Tom ever have a story of his own? Tom Trueheart's six older brothers are famous. They go on exciting quests in the Land of Stories to complete tales the Story Bureau assigns them. Tom stays at home with his mother. But when his brothers fail to return from their latest adventures in time for Tom's twelfth birthday, a letter from the Story Bureau arrives . . . addressed to Tom. Only he can venture into the Land of Stories to find out why his brothers haven't completed their missions. Tom packs his bags and kisses his mother good-bye. He's about to discover a tale of his own. . . . How will it end?