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Fashion Author Christopher Breward
ISBN-10 9780192840301
Release 2003-04-24
Pages 272
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An exploration of the world of fashion covers history, production, design, innovation, advertising, psychology, geography, and influence.

Beauty and Art

Beauty and Art Author Elizabeth Prettejohn
ISBN-10 9780191516511
Release 2005-05-05
Pages 224
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What do we mean when we call a work of art `beautiful`? How have artists responded to changing notions of the beautiful? Which works of art have been called beautiful, and why? Fundamental and intriguing questions to artists and art lovers, but ones that are all too often ignored in discussions of art today. Prettejohn argues that we simply cannot afford to ignore these questions. Charting over two hundred years of western art, she illuminates the vital relationship between our changing notions of beauty and specific works of art, from the works of Kauffman to Whistler, Ingres to Rossetti, Cézanne to Jackson Pollock, and concludes with a challenging question for the future: why should we care about beauty in the twenty-first century?

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture Author Alan Colquhoun
ISBN-10 9780191027277
Release 2002-04-25
Pages 288
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This new account of international modernism explores the complex motivations behind this revolutionary movement and assesses its triumphs and failures. The work of the main architects of the movement such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe is re-examined shedding new light on their roles as acknowledged masters. Alan Colquhoun explores the evolution of the movement fron Art Nouveau in the 1890s to the megastructures of the 1960s, revealing the often contradictory demands of form, function, social engagement, modernity and tradition.

Design in the USA

Design in the USA Author Jeffrey L. Meikle
ISBN-10 9780192842190
Release 2005-07-28
Pages 252
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From the Cadillac to the Apple Mac, the skyscraper to the Tiffany lampshade, the world in which we live has been profoundly influenced for over a century by the work of American designers. Meikle explores the fascinating history of American design in this new addition to the Oxford History of Art series. From the industrialisation of the nineteenth century and the mass production of the machine age to the information-based society of the present, Design in the USA examines how design, consumerism and culture all connect.

After Modern Art 1945 2000

After Modern Art 1945 2000 Author David Hopkins
ISBN-10 9780191037092
Release 2000-09-14
Pages 288
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Contemporary art can be baffling and beautiful, provocative and disturbing. This pioneering book presents a new look at the controversial period between 1945 and 2000, when art and its traditional forms were called into question. It focuses on the relationship between American and European art, and challenges previously held views about the origins of some of the most innovative ideas in art of this time. Major artists such as Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, and Damien Hirst are all discussed, as is the art world of the last fifty years. Important trends are also covered including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Conceptualism, Postmodernism, and the art of the nineties.

Byzantine Art

Byzantine Art Author Robin Cormack
ISBN-10 9780191084478
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 304
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The opulence of Byzantine art, with its extravagant use of gold and silver, is well known. Highly skilled artists created powerful representations reflecting and promoting this society and its values in icons, illuminated manuscripts, and mosaics and wallpaintings placed in domed churches and public buildings. This complete introduction to the whole period and range of Byzantine art combines immense breadth with interesting historical detail. Robin Cormack overturns the myth that Byzantine art remained constant from the inauguration of Constantinople, its artistic centre, in the year 330 until the fall of the city to the Ottomans in 1453. He shows how the many political and religious upheavals of this period produced a wide range of styles and developments in art. This updated, colour edition includes new discoveries, a revised bibliography, and, in a new epilogue, a rethinking of Byzantine Art for the present day.

Early Medieval Art

Early Medieval Art Author Lawrence Nees
ISBN-10 0192842439
Release 2002
Pages 272
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Lawrence Nees explores issues of artist patronage, craftsmanship, holy men and women, monasteries, secular courts, and the expressive and educational roles of artistic creation, in this detailed and up-to-date study of the artworks of the medieval age. Early Christian art within the late Roman tradition, and the arts of the newly established kingdoms of northern Europe, are presented by Nees not as opposites, but as different aspects of a larger historical situation. This approach reveals the onset of an exciting new visual relationship between the church and the populace throughout medieval Europe.


Portraiture Author Shearer West
ISBN-10 9780192842589
Release 2004-04-08
Pages 256
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This fascinating new book explores the world of portraiture from a number of vantage points, and asks key questions about its nature. How has portraiture changed over the centuries? How have portraits represented their subjects, and how have they been interpreted? Issues of identity, modernity, and gender are considered within a cultural and historical context.Shearer West uncovers much intriguing detail about a genre that has often been seen as purely representational, featuring examples from African tribes to Renaissance princes, and from 'stars' such as David and Victoria Beckham to ordinary people. In the process, she shows us how to communicate with the past in an exciting new way.

Landscape and Western Art

Landscape and Western Art Author Malcolm Andrews
ISBN-10 0192842331
Release 1999
Pages 248
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What is landscape? How does it differ from 'land'? Does landscape always imply something to be pictured, a scene? When and why did we begin to cherish images of nature? What is 'nature'? Is it everything that isn't art, or artefact? This book explores many fascinating issues raised by the great range of ideas and images of the natural world in Western art since the Renaissance. Using a thematic structure many issues are examined, for instance: landscape as a cultural construct; the relationship between landscape as accessory or backdrop and landscape as the chief subject; landscape as constituted by various practices of framing; the sublime and ideas of indeterminacy; landscape art as picturesque or as exploration of living processes. These issues are raised and explored in connection with Western cultural movements, and within a full international and historical context. Many forms of landscape art are included: painting, gardening, panorama, poetry, photography, and art. Thebook is designed to both take stock of recent interdisciplinary debates and act as a stimulus to rethinking our assumptions about landscape.

Northern Renaissance Art

Northern Renaissance Art Author Susie Nash
ISBN-10 9780192842695
Release 2008-11-27
Pages 354
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The history of northern Renaissance art, from the late 14th to the early 16th century, drawing on a rich range of sources to show how northern European art dominated the visual culture of Europe in this formative period

Renaissance Architecture

Renaissance Architecture Author Christy Anderson
ISBN-10 9780191625268
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 272
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The Renaissance was a diverse phenomenon, marked by innovation and economic expansion, the rise of powerful rulers, religious reforms, and social change. Encompassing the entire continent, Renaissance Architecture examines the rich variety of buildings that emerged during these seminal centuries of European history. Although marked by the rise of powerful individuals, both patrons and architects, the Renaissance was equally a time of growing group identities and communities - and architecture provided the public face to these new identities . Religious reforms in northern Europe, spurred on by Martin Luther, rejected traditional church function and decoration, and proposed new models. Political ambitions required new buildings to satisfy court rituals. Territory, nature, and art intersected to shape new landscapes and building types. Classicism came to be the international language of an educated architect and an ambitious patron, drawing on the legacy of ancient Rome. Yet the richness of the medieval tradition continued to be used throughout Europe, often alongside classical buildings. Examining each of these areas by turn, this book offers a broad cultural history of the period as well as a completely new approach to the history of Renaissance architecture. The work of well-known architects such as Michelangelo and Andrea Palladio is examined alongside lesser known though no less innovative designers such as Juan Guas in Portugal and Benedikt Ried in Prague and Eastern Europe. Drawing on the latest research, it also covers more recent areas of interest such as the story of women as patrons and the emotional effect of Renaissance buildings, as well as the impact of architectural publications and travel on the emerging new architectural culture across Europe. As such, it provides a compelling introduction to the subject for all those interested in the history of architecture, society, and culture in the Renaissance, and European culture in general.

Classical Art

Classical Art Author John Henderson
ISBN-10 0192842374
Release 2001
Pages 298
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'The book is part of a series of introductory studies intended to bring the latest developments in art history to students and general readers. But it offers something new to the specialist reader too [...] the quantity of illustrations is impressive for such a slim and inexpensive book ...Classical Art is illuminating, playful, provocative, and often (literally) iconoclastic' -Times Higher Education Supplement

Understanding Fashion History

Understanding Fashion History Author Valerie Cumming
ISBN-10 089676253X
Release 2004
Pages 144
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This book looks at the evolution of fashion history, the changes that have taken place in how and why it is studied and makes a strong case for the significance of public collections, many of which are now at risk. It is not a traditional history of fashion but a book intended to make the reader think about how the subject has been and is being written about, the collections which are still, in many instances, under-used, and the ways in which knowledge of the subject can be applied to traditional and new methods of study - dress in art, uniformity and disguise, and the theatrical links.

African American Art

African American Art Author Sharon F. Patton
ISBN-10 0192842137
Release 1998
Pages 319
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Discusses African American folk art, decorative art, photography, and fine arts

Architecture in the United States

Architecture in the United States Author Dell Upton
ISBN-10 019284217X
Release 1998
Pages 335
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From Native American sites in New Mexico and Arizona to the ancient earthworks of the Mississippi Valley to the most fashionable contemporary buildings of Chicago and New York, American architecture is incredibly varied. In this revolutionary interpretation, Upton examines American architecture in relation to five themes: community, nature, technology, money, and art. 109 illustrations. 40 linecuts. Map.

Twentieth Century Design

Twentieth Century Design Author Jonathan M. Woodham
ISBN-10 0192842048
Release 1997-04-10
Pages 288
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Presents an overview of twentieth-century design in the western industrialized world and the Far East, focusing on topics such as modernism, consumerism, and social responsibility

American Photography

American Photography Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015023568424
Release 1921
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American Photography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Photography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Photography book for free.