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Fault Lines in China s Economic Terrain

Fault Lines in China s Economic Terrain Author Charles Jr. Wolf
ISBN-10 9780833036049
Release 2003-06-24
Pages 234
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The authors consider how and by how much China's stellar economic performance might be impaired by eight potential adversities that China may face in the next decade: unemployment, poverty, and social unrest; corruption; HIV/AIDS and epidemic diseases; water resource problems and pollution; energy consumption and prices; the fragile financial system and state-owned enterprises; curtailed foreign direct investment; and serious military conflicts.

Fault lines in China s economic terrain

Fault lines in China s economic terrain Author Charles Wolf
ISBN-10 0833033441
Release 2003
Pages 207
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What are the major challenges, fault lines, and potential adversities (these terms are used synonymously), that China's economic development will encounter over the next decade? How severely will China's overall economic performance be affected if these adversities occur separately or in clusters? This book addresses these key questions. China has confronted in the past two decades five of the eight fault lines that the authors consider (unemployment, corruption, water resources, HIV/AIDS, and financial fragility), and, nonetheless, it has sustained high rates of economic growth. Therefore, in assessing the potential effects of these fault lines on China's future economic performance, the authors focus on whether, why, and by how much their intensities may increase--that is, on changes, rather than on the prevailing levels of each fault line. For the other three fault lines examined, which have not previously occurred or recurred--oil price shocks, foreign-direct-investment shrinkage, and serious military conflicts--the authors consider the circumstances under which they might arise and their resulting economic effects. For each of the eight fault lines, the authors estimate a "bottom-line" in terms of expected effects on China's annual growth rate over the next decade, drawing on a variety of methods, models, and judgments to make these estimates. The authors suggest that the probability that none of these individual setbacks will occur is low, while the probability that all will occur is still lower. Because of interdependencies among the fault lines, it is highly likely that several separate adversities will cluster if any one of them occurs. For examples: an internal financial crisis would have serious negative effects on the relative attractiveness of foreign investment in China, contributing to shrinkage of foreign direct investment; epidemic disease would intensify water pollution problems and would discourage foreign investment.

Looking Backward and Forward

Looking Backward and Forward Author Charles Wolf Jr.
ISBN-10 9780817948733
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 166
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This collection of twenty-five essays written over the past five years by international economic policy expert Charles Wolf Jr. covers a range of worldwide economic, political, security, and diplomatic issues. Wolf looks at the challenges facing the United States at home and around the globe including critical issues regarding China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Iraq, and other key locales. Throughout the book, the author offers his often-controversial viewpoints, such as his assertion that "unilateralism" in U.S. national security policy may sometimes be preferable to multilateralism or that the erroneous expectation that Iraq possessed nuclear weapons does not imply that the intelligence leading to this expectation was flawed. Wolf reexamines each essay in the light of later developments with a "postaudit" comment to address whether the original argument is still valid and relevant compared with when it was first written.

Revenge of the Forbidden City

Revenge of the Forbidden City Author James W. Tong
ISBN-10 019970368X
Release 2009-10-14
Pages 288
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The Falungong movement originated in 1992 as a system of breathing exercises designed to promote health and well-being. Riding on the coattails of the qigong fever that swept through China, it attracted an extensive following until 1994, when the Chinese government suppressed the qigong movement. A series of protest rallies by Falungong organizations against local government repression set in motion an upward conflict spiral that culminated in the siege of the Party headquarters in Beijing on April 25, 1999, by more than 20,000 Falungong practitioners. Revenge of the Forbidden City begins with the shock of the Politburo against such insolent defiance, resolving to retaliate against the Falungong, a retaliation that represented "the most serious political incident" since the Tiananmen upheaval in 1989. James W. Tong reveals how the Chinese government's relentless, sustained repression of the Falungong movement typifies its response towards perceived internal threats. Though many claim that the Democratic reforms in China have eroded the government's ability to monitor and control its citizens, the success of the campaign to eradicate Falungong indicates otherwise: the government effectively implemented a multifaceted offensive involving unsparing suppression, pervasive propaganda, and coercive conversion. The successful execution of this complex campaign reveals the resilience of China's authoritarian institutions. Using empirical evidence and thorough analysis, Tong reveals the Chinese state's formidable ability to crush dissent and provides a cogent rebuttal to those who claim that the Communist government is on the verge of collapse. The definitive account of China's response to Falungong, Revenge of the Forbidden City is essential for any scholar interested in how the Chinese state actually operates.

The New Chinese Leadership

The New Chinese Leadership Author Ramon H. Myers
ISBN-10 0521600588
Release 2004-03-18
Pages 256
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This volume presents a concise history of how China's Communist Party (CCP) selected a new generation of leaders in late 2002 and why the individuals, in their late 40s and 50s, were so well qualified to govern China. These leaders are trying to lead China to become a regional and world power in which their people can enjoy a modest living standard and take pride in the nation's achievements. Addressed to the expert or ordinary reader, these essays see China's leaders as challenged by a new trend, visible only in the last decade, of a widening gap between the losers in society and the winners of the recent economic and political reforms. The leaders of the largest, single ruling party and state authority in the world must somehow reverse that trend if China is to survive as one nation. This volume explains they are doing that by reconfiguring their huge command economy, promoting a market economy, and undertaking gradual political reforms. It is unflinching in its discussion of how China's leaders face mounting political corruption, spreading unemployment, growing disparity of wealth and income, and a crisis of belief.

China s Great Economic Transformation

China s Great Economic Transformation Author Loren Brandt
ISBN-10 9781139470940
Release 2008-04-14
Pages 928
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This landmark study provides an integrated analysis of China's unexpected economic boom of the past three decades. The authors combine deep China expertise with broad disciplinary knowledge to explain China's remarkable combination of high-speed growth and deeply flawed institutions. Their work exposes the mechanisms underpinning the origin and expansion of China's great boom. Penetrating studies track the rise of Chinese capabilities in manufacturing and in research and development. The editors probe both achievements and weaknesses across many sectors, including China's fiscal, legal, and financial institutions. The book shows how an intricate minuet combining China's political system with sectorial development, globalization, resource transfers across geographic and economic space, and partial system reform delivered an astonishing and unprecedented growth spurt.

Understanding China s Economy

Understanding China s Economy Author Gregory C. Chow
ISBN-10 9810218583
Release 1994
Pages 269
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In the early 1990's, the world began to recognize China as a rising economic power to reckon with. China's economy is dynamic ? her human and natural resources are plentiful and her economic growth has been well sustained over the last 16 years. In fact, some have predicted that by the year 2020, China's economic output will be close to half that of the US. It is undeniable that China will be an economic giant, if she is not already one today.In this book, the author has traced China's economic development over the last 16 years. The steps and characteristics of China's economic reform are detailed. The prospects for China's economic growth are studied. The author also attempts to analyze topical issues pertaining to China's economic relations with the US and her integration with the other Asian economies. This book provides the interested reader with a bird's eye view of the Chinese economy over the last 16 years. Most chapters are written for the general reader, while a few are for professional economists. For the questions it answers or for those that it raises, this is an important book to read.

ECOS 2012 The 25th International Conference on Efficiency Cost Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes Perugia June 26th June 29th 2012

ECOS 2012 The 25th International Conference on Efficiency  Cost  Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes  Perugia  June 26th June 29th  2012 Author Enrico Sciubba
ISBN-10 8866553220
Release 2012
Pages 219
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ECOS 2012 The 25th International Conference on Efficiency Cost Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes Perugia June 26th June 29th 2012 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ECOS 2012 The 25th International Conference on Efficiency Cost Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes Perugia June 26th June 29th 2012 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ECOS 2012 The 25th International Conference on Efficiency Cost Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes Perugia June 26th June 29th 2012 book for free.

Toward an Environmental Strategy for Asia

Toward an Environmental Strategy for Asia Author Carter Brandon
ISBN-10 0821327356
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 210
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World Bank Discussion Paper No. 224. All of the World Bank's priorities for environmental aid to Asia are described in this comprehensive manual. Also featured is a framework to improve the region's environmental management and achieve sustainable

Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation

Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation Author Han-Long Liu
ISBN-10 3540798463
Release 2009-02-18
Pages 1104
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"Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation" presents the latest developments and case studies in the field. All contributions to this proceedings were rigorously reviewed to cover the newest developments in disasters related to earthquakes, landslides and slopes, soil dynamics, risk assessment and management, disaster mitigation and rehabilitation, and others. The book will be a useful reference for geotechnical scientists, engineers and professionals in these areas.

Dams and Development in China

Dams and Development in China Author Bryan Tilt
ISBN-10 9780231538268
Release 2014-12-23
Pages 288
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Dams and Development in China has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dams and Development in China also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dams and Development in China book for free.

Earthquakes Risk Detection Warning and Research

Earthquakes  Risk  Detection  Warning  and Research Author
ISBN-10 9781437928075
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Earthquakes Risk Detection Warning and Research has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Earthquakes Risk Detection Warning and Research also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Earthquakes Risk Detection Warning and Research book for free.

Toxic Archipelago

Toxic Archipelago Author Brett L. Walker
ISBN-10 9780295803012
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 352
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Every person on the planet is entangled in a web of ecological relationships that link farms and factories with human consumers. Our lives depend on these relationships -- and are imperiled by them as well. Nowhere is this truer than on the Japanese archipelago. During the nineteenth century, Japan saw the rise of Homo sapiens industrialis, a new breed of human transformed by an engineered, industrialized, and poisonous environment. Toxins moved freely from mines, factory sites, and rice paddies into human bodies. Toxic Archipelago explores how toxic pollution works its way into porous human bodies and brings unimaginable pain to some of them. Brett Walker examines startling case studies of industrial toxins that know no boundaries: deaths from insecticide contaminations; poisonings from copper, zinc, and lead mining; congenital deformities from methylmercury factory effluents; and lung diseases from sulfur dioxide and asbestos. This powerful, probing book demonstrates how the Japanese archipelago has become industrialized over the last two hundred years -- and how people and the environment have suffered as a consequence.


Energise Author Eddie Hobbs
ISBN-10 9781844882311
Release 2010-04-29
Pages 240
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Eddie Hobbs has never been one to shy away from a challenge and his advice is that you shouldn't either! When the oil that we depend reaches scary prices, our lives are going to change utterly. This is going to happen much sooner than most of us want to admit and if we do not prepare for it, it's going to hit us where it hurts most: in our pockets. For years, Eddie Hobbs has been encouraging and supporting Irish people in getting to grips with our finances and now, in Energise, he gives us the tools to get to grips with the coming energy crisis and age of high inflation. In Energise he explains what you can do to prepare. You'll learn a range of strategies for managing your money so that wherever you are on the financial ladder - whether just waking up to the reality that you must take control of your finances, or wondering how your savings, pensions and investments are going to fare when the price of oil sky-rockets - you can survive and prosper during this age of high inflation. You'll also learn what Ireland needs to do to get ready for the energy crisis and what you can do to help raise public and political awareness. Eddie shows how, by taking control of your response to the new world order, you can prosper in unforeseen new ways. Energise is the essential starting point for getting to grips with the imminent age of scarcity.

Secularism and Religion Making

Secularism and Religion Making Author Markus Dressler
ISBN-10 9780199911295
Release 2011-10-03
Pages 288
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This book conceives of "religion-making" broadly as the multiple ways in which social and cultural phenomena are configured and reconfigured within the matrix of a world-religion discourse that is historically and semantically rooted in particular Western and predominantly Christian experiences, knowledges, and institutions. It investigates how religion is universalized and certain ideas, social formations, and practices rendered "religious" are thus integrated in and subordinated to very particular - mostly liberal-secular - assumptions about the relationship between history, politics, and religion. The individual contributions, written by a new generation of scholars with decisively interdisciplinary approaches, examine the processes of translation and globalization of historically specific concepts and practices of religion - and its dialectical counterpart, the secular - into new contexts. This volume contributes to the relatively new field of thought that aspires to unravel the thoroughly intertwined relationships between religion and secularism as modern concepts.

The System Worked

The System Worked Author Daniel W. Drezner
ISBN-10 9780199912124
Release 2014-05-02
Pages 280
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International institutions, from the International Monetary Fund to the International Olympic Committee, are perceived as bastions of sclerotic mediocrity at best and outright corruption at worst, and this perception is generally not far off the mark. In the wake of the 2008 financial crash, Daniel W. Drezner, like so many others, looked at the smoking ruins of the global economy and wondered why global economic governance structure had failed so spectacularly, and what could be done to reform them in the future. But then a funny thing happened. As he surveyed their actions in the wake of the crash, he realized that the evidence pointed to the exact opposite conclusion: global economic governance had succeeded. In The System Worked, Drezner, a renowned political scientist and international relations expert, contends that despite the massive scale and reverberations of this latest crisis (larger, arguably, than those that precipitated the Great Depression), the global economy has bounced back remarkably well. Examining the major resuscitation efforts by the G-20 IMF, WTO, and other institutions, he shows that, thanks to the efforts of central bankers and other policymakers, the international response was sufficiently coordinated to prevent the crisis from becoming a full-fledged depression. Yet the narrative about the failure of multilateral economic institutions persists, both because the Great Recession affected powerful nations whose governments managed their own economies poorly, and because the most influential policy analysts who write the books and articles on the crisis hail from those nations. Nevertheless, Drezner argues, while it's true that the global economy is still fragile, these institutions survived the "stress test" of the financial crisis, and may have even become more resilient and valuable in the process. Bucking the conventional wisdom about the new "G-Zero World," Drezner rehabilitates the image of the much-maligned international institutions and demolishes some of the most dangerous myths about the financial crisis. The System Worked is a vital contribution to our understanding of an area where the stakes could not be higher.

Marginalization and Social Welfare in China

Marginalization and Social Welfare in China Author Linda Wong
ISBN-10 9781134786350
Release 2005-07-25
Pages 264
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This book provides a systematic analysis that defines and accounts for the contours and operation of China's welfare system. It is underpinned by recent empirical research and strong comparative theory, and will be welcomed as a significant advance in furthering our understanding of social welfare in China.