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Finding a Sacred Oasis in Grief

Finding a Sacred Oasis in Grief Author Steven Jeffers
ISBN-10 9781138030725
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 256
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This work includes a foreword by John D Morgan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Coordinator for Kings College Center for Education about Death and Bereavement, Ontario, Canada. This practical resource guides the reader though all aspects of the grieving process and offers thought-provoking and inspirational advice on support. With exercises, tips, and contacts for further assistance, "Finding a Sacred Oasis in Grief" provides a comprehensive understanding of this potentially difficult and complex topic. It examines different types of grief and various approaches, along with reference guides to particular religions and their traditions adopting a comprehensive, multi-faith approach. Pastoral care providers and religious leaders will find the unique, hands-on approach invaluable, as will members of support organisations and volunteer carers. It is also ideal for seminary and ministry students, counsellors, therapists and other care professionals. "Gives caregivers the tools to help dying and grieving persons face the best and worst that life has to offer. It is the worst, because death means the end of the attachments that make life worthwhile. It is the best, because it shows us what is truly meaningful and important in life. Mortality is a great gift if we have the knowledge and the courtesy to face it." - John D Morgan, in the Foreword.

The Effective Pastor

The Effective Pastor Author Robert C. Anderson
ISBN-10 0802463592
Release 1985
Pages 378
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Robert Anderson's practical guide to pastoral ministry deals with his qualifications, his relationships, his tasks, both in terms of ministry and administration. Here is a volume of excellent ideas, advice, and general rules for today's pastor.

Seeing Through Our Tears

Seeing Through Our Tears Author Daniel G. Bagby
ISBN-10 1451405782
Pages 158
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Why do we cry when we're angry? What can tears tell us about fatigue? Here is a book to enlighten and encourage all who struggle to understand their tears -- as well as those people who care for them. Drawing on gripping case studies from his experiences as pastor, counselor, and professor, Daniel G. Bagby explores the language of tears. In successive chapters, the book probes beneath tears to uncover emotions and experiences that trigger them: anger, remorse, fatigue, fear, frustration, relief, loneliness, manipulation, and sorrow -- as well as exploring times when we cannot cry. Bagby demonstrates how, when we come to understand and welcome our tears, they become cleansing agents that rid us of physical and psychic toxins, clear our inner vision, and point us to healing and wholeness.

No One Has to Die Alone

No One Has to Die Alone Author Lani Leary
ISBN-10 9781582703527
Release 2012-04-10
Pages 246
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A compassionate reference for terminally ill patients and their caregivers outlines accessible insights and practical tools for providing and receiving care and offers additional advice for the grieving process and supporting children. Original. 25,000 first printing.

Sacred Transitions

Sacred Transitions Author Julie M. Milne
ISBN-10 1432795058
Release 2012-08-15
Pages 167
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Sacred Transitions is a must read for all those who have a loved one in the end stage of life and all the caregivers who work in end-of life care (hospice, nursing home, and hospital facilities).What if we saw dying as a gift to heal wounded relationships, to forgive, and to love and took as much time, wisdom, care, and gentleness in preparing for death as we do to prepare for birth? This book is divided into two parts: a compelling story, The Journey into Death as Rebirth, and the second part, A Handbook for Family, Friends and Caregivers, has helpful and experiential information.

Self Care

Self Care Author Ray S. Anderson
ISBN-10 9781610970594
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 276
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Life is not user-friendly, we all need some instructions along the way. But Self-Care is not just another self-help book. This is a book about the self, first of all, and then how that self, endowed by God with a divine image, can experience self-worth, emotional health, and a strong and vital faith in the face of life's inevitable and irrational pain and suffering. Self-Care goes beyond recovery from abuse and dysfunction. It is the realization of God's gift of personal empowerment and spiritual healing. The most difficult textbook is life itself, one that none of us can avoid reading and interpreting. This book will serve as a guide to interpret the text of life given to each of us and lead to more effective and creative living.

The Divine Art of Dying

The Divine Art of Dying Author Karen Speerstra
ISBN-10 1611250234
Release 2014-08
Pages 280
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Based on the author's own experience,The Divine Art of Dying is about how we can die well and live well up to the very end of our physical existence. Combining personal stories with solid research on palliative and hospice care, the book looks at the unique moment when a person turns toward death and examines what the dying person and their caregivers can expect. Includes spiritual insights from many sources along with references from literature, movies, and current culture.

At Home with Dying

At Home with Dying Author Merrill Collett
ISBN-10 1570625158
Release 1999
Pages 240
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Most people would rather die at home, surrounded by familiar sights and cared for by our loved ones, than in a hospital. But most of us, too, would be overwhelmed, even frightened, at the prospect of having to provide such caregiving. Of the many books available about death and dying, this is the first to explain in detail how caring for a dying loved one can be a life-expanding experience when done mindfully and from the heart. At Home with Dying is a practical guide the physical, emotional, and spiritual skills needed to care for someone who is terminally ill, based on the principles that guide the Zen Hospice Project of the San Francisco Zen Center. Merrill Collett explains step-by-step how to feed, clean, and take care of a dying person—in a way that benefits both patient and caregiver. The instructions, which include ancient wisdom teachings as well as modern practical nursing methods, include: Mindfulness skills Effective pain treatments Appropriate cooking and feeding techniques Household organization and visitor management Preparation for the moment of death Working with grief

Caring for Those in Crisis

Caring for Those in Crisis Author Kenneth P. Mottram
ISBN-10 1587431912
Release 2007
Pages 160
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In our world of medical innovation and an increasing average lifespan, medical and ethical questions are at the forefront of many Christians' minds. Pastors can find themselves in positions to give advice about these matters on many occasions, a situation in which they may not feel qualified.Caring for Those in Crisis is designed to give pastors a solid footing when asked for advice in critical medical decisions. It starts readers off on a path to formulate and define their own values based on biblical and historical instances of advocacy and ethics. It also offers a decision-making model for ethical dilemmas, discusses Christian distinctives that pertain to medical and death and dying decisions, and discusses frequently encountered ethical problems, like organ donation and life support. This extremely practical and detailed resource is one no pastor should be without.

Dancing with Elephants

Dancing with Elephants Author Jarem Sawatsky
ISBN-10 9780995324213
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 225
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"If you need some encouragement in living with joy, read this book. It will change your perspective on everything." —Lana Philips "Sawatsky beautifully models a way to dance in the gale of full catastrophe, to celebrate life, to laugh with it and at himself." —Jon Kabat-Zinn, national bestselling author of Full Catastrophe Living "...beautiful and inspiring book...full of humor and wisdom about the pain of loss in our life, by someone living with a debilitating disease." —Jean Vanier, national bestselling author of Becoming Human NATIONAL BESTSELLER 2017 NAUTILUS AWARD WINNER 2017 LIVING NOW BOOK AWARD WINNER Want to enjoy the life you are living, even as you face major life challenges? Is your mind succumbing to age? Is your body failing you? Can you ever find joy, peace, or fulfillment in these challenging conditions? The answer is a resounding YES. Author Jarem Sawatsky saw the countless guides out there for those caring for the ill and healing the curable, but when he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease he found there was nothing for those living with incurable illness. He quit his job as a professor and devoted his life to exploring the possibilities of living with chronic conditions. Now he’s bringing his findings and insights to you in this empowering mindfulness guide. In Dancing With Elephants you’ll discover: Simple practices to bring healing to your heart and life to your new outlook Humorous (and occasionally heart-wrenching) stories of Sawatsky’s own journey of self-discovery and surprising family caregiving Multiple ways to build confidence in yourself, even when you’ve been shaken to the core A new perspective to transform your pain and renew your spirit Practical tools to face your seemingly inescapable fears, and much, much more! Based on the popular blog of the same name, Dancing With Elephants includes insightful interviews with compassion experts Jon Kabat-Zinn, Lucy Kalanithi, and Patch Adams. Sawatsky’s landmark book provides support that only a fellow traveler down this road can offer. If you like touching stories, mindful wisdom, and a touch of irreverent humor, then you’ll love Sawatsky’s life-changing book. Buy Dancing With Elephants today to discover a new way to live with joy! PRAISE FOR DANCING WITH ELEPHANTS "Sawatsky beautifully models a way to dance in the gale of full catastrophe, to celebrate life, to laugh with it and at himself." --Jon Kabat-Zinn, national bestselling author of Full Catastrophe Living "...beautiful and inspiring book...full of humor and wisdom about the pain of loss in our life, by someone living with a debilitating disease." --Jean Vanier, national bestselling author of Becoming Human "In Dancing with Elephants, Jarem Sawatsky offers a powerful example of the art of real happiness. This inspiring story reminds us just how essential it is to bring lovingkindness into every step of life, no matter how difficult the path." --Sharon Salzberg, New York Times bestselling author of Real Happiness "When life seems to be falling apart, Jarem Sawatsky's interesting and entertaining book reminds us that laughter is what we need to not take ourselves too seriously. "--Jen Mann, New York Times bestselling author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat

The Effective Pastor

The Effective Pastor Author Robert C. Anderson
ISBN-10 1575679817
Release 1998-10-01
Pages 400
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What can I say to parents who have lost an infant? Where do I find the time to be a good pastor and a loving husband and father too? These are just some of the tough questions most pastors ask at one time or another. And the answers don't come easy. Robert Anderson's practical guide to the pastoral ministry highlights the many aspects of a pastor's job. his qualifications, prerequisites, and requirements, his relationships with his wife and family, his congregation, those outside the congregation, and in counseling and visitation his tasks, including worship services, the Lord's Supper and baptism, evangelism, weddings, funerals, and special events. his administrative tasks such as public relations, correspondence, Christian education, youth and music ministries, and encouraging fellowship. Here is a volume of excellent ideas, advice, and general rules for the contemporary pastor in his ever-changing ministry.

Dignity Therapy

Dignity Therapy Author Harvey Max Chochinov
ISBN-10 9780195176216
Release 2012-01-04
Pages 199
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Maintaining dignity for patients approaching death is a core principle of palliative care. Dignity therapy, a psychological intervention developed by Dr. Harvey Max Chochinov and his internationally lauded research group, has been designed specifically to address many of the psychological, existential, and spiritual challenges that patients and their families face as they grapple with the reality of life drawing to a close. In the first book to lay out the blueprint for this unique and meaningful intervention, Chochinov addresses one of the most important dimensions of being human. Being alive means being vulnerable and mortal; he argues that dignity therapy offers a way to preserve meaning and hope for patients approaching death. With history and foundations of dignity in care, and step by step guidance for readers interested in implementing the program, this volume illuminates how dignity therapy can change end-of-life experience for those about to die - and for those who will grieve their passing.

Assessing Spiritual Needs

Assessing Spiritual Needs Author George Fitchett
ISBN-10 078809940X
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 136
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How do pastors, chaplains, and caregivers assess the spiritual well-being and needs of the people they minister to? George Fitchett presents a model for spiritual assessment that he and his colleagues developed, illustrated with case studies. He reviews a number of other models and provides a six-part framework for evaluating them. Pastoral caregivers find that the effectiveness of their ministry is enhanced when they are able accurately to identify problem areas and needs in the spiritual lives of the people with whom they work. This book addresses many of the questions pastoral caregivers have raised about this timely topic and provides an informed and balanced approach for making decisions about spiritual assessment models and tools. George Fitchett is associate professor and director of research and spiritual assessment in the Department of Religion, Health, and Human Values at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Chicago.

Still Here

Still Here Author Ram Dass
ISBN-10 9781101661604
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 224
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More than thirty years ago, an entire generation sought a new way of life, looking for fulfillment and meaning in a way no one had before. Leaving his teaching job at Harvard, Ram Dass embodied the role of spiritual seeker, showing others how to find peace within themselves in one of the greatest spiritual classics of the twentieth century, the two-million-copy bestseller Be Here Now. As many of that generation enter the autumn of their years, the big questions of peace and of purpose have returned demanding answers. And once again, Ram Dass blazes a new trail, inviting all to join him on the next stage of the journey.

Spirit Science and Health

Spirit  Science  and Health Author Thomas G. Plante
ISBN-10 0275995062
Release 2007
Pages 230
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A minor Bohemian nobleman who within the space of a few years became a prince and one of the greatest landowners of his a≥ a military entrepreneur who twice saved the Holy Roman Emperor from disaster with armies he raised, financed and led, but was then twice dismissed; an able general who rescued the Empire from invasion by the Swedish King Gustavus II Adolphus, but was accused of planning to defect to the self-same Swedes; the emperor's commander-in-chief, but assassinated on the emperor's orders; a successful soldier who fell because he tried too hard to make peace; Wallenstein was all these things. Contemporary legends and propaganda were taken up by early biographers of this fascinating character to create a historical myth, elements of which are still present in many more recent accounts. In this book, Geoff Mortimer sets out to clarify the picture and to resolve the enigma.

Stitches A Handbook on Meaning Hope and Repair

Stitches  A Handbook on Meaning  Hope and Repair Author Lamott, Anne
Release 2013-10-28
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Stitches A Handbook on Meaning Hope and Repair has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stitches A Handbook on Meaning Hope and Repair also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stitches A Handbook on Meaning Hope and Repair book for free.

A Touching Good Bye The Gentle Use of Jin Shin Jyutsu at Times of Critical Illness and Death

A Touching Good Bye  The Gentle Use of Jin Shin Jyutsu at Times of Critical Illness and Death Author Judith B. Andry
ISBN-10 0981812600
Release 2008
Pages 127
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Jin Shin Jyutsu is based on the concept of life energy that circulates throughout the universe and within each individual organism. Health and energy depend on the free and even distribution of this life energy throughout your body, mind and spirit. JSJ offers a simple way of using your hands and your breath to help restore emotional equilibrium, to relieve pain and to release some of the causes of both acute and chronic conditions. The suggestions in this book are in no way limited to the critically ill. They are helpful and life enhancing, and are used daily by practitioners of this Art all over the world. The exercises chosen for this book are the simpler holds and can be done under difficult circumstances by people who know very little, if anything, about Jin Shin Jyutsu. This practice is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, as it induces relaxation and reduces the effects of stress. And, it is effective.