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Flight 93

Flight 93 Author Tom McMillan
ISBN-10 9781493014217
Release 2014-09-11
Pages 288
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United Airlines Flight 93, which took off from Newark Airport the morning of September 11th, 2001, is perhaps the most famous flight in modern American history: We know of the passenger uprising, but there’s so much more to the story besides its harrowing and oft-told climax. Amazingly, the definitive account of this seminal event has yet to be written. The book offers the most complete account of what actually took place aboard Flight 93 – from its delayed takeoff in Newark to the moment it plunged upside-down at 563 miles per hour into an open field in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Flight 93 provides a riveting and complete narrative of the lead-up, event, and aftermath of the flight, based on interviews, oral histories, personal tours of the crash site and evidence recently made public. It examines the lead-up to that horrific morning; the stories of the victims who were launched into the center of history; the revolt that saved untold amounts of carnage on the ground and likely, the US Capitol; the eyewitnesses and first responders who rushed to the crash scene; the impact on family members; the effort to uncover evidence at the site; and the legacy the story leaves for future generations.

Flight 93

Flight 93 Author Tom McMillan
ISBN-10 1493009346
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 288
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Now in paperback, the most complete account of what actually took place aboard Flight 93 – from its delayed takeoff in Newark to the moment it plunged upside-down at 563 miles per hour into an open field in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania.Flight 93 provides a riveting and complete narrative of the lead-up, event, and aftermath of the flight, based on interviews, oral histories, personal tours of the crash site and evidence recently made public.

Flight 93

Flight 93 Author Tom McMillan
ISBN-10 0762795220
Release 2014-09-11
Pages 272
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The most complete account of what actually took place aboard Flight 93 from its delayed takeoff in Newark to the moment it plunged upside-down at 563 miles per hour into an open field in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Flight 93 provides a riveting and complete narrative of the lead-up, event, and aftermath of the flight, based on interviews, oral histories, personal tours of the crash site and evidence recently made public."

Touching History

Touching History Author Lynn Spencer
ISBN-10 9781416579465
Release 2008-06-03
Pages 320
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On the azure blue morning of 9/11 the skies were pronounced "severe clear," in the parlance of airline pilots; a gorgeous day for flying. Nearly 5,000 flights were cruising the skies over America when FAA Operations Manager Ben Sliney arrived at the Command Center for his first day on that job. He could never have anticipated the historic drama that was about to unfold as Americans who found themselves on the front lines of a totally unprecedented attack on our homeland sprang into action to defend our country and save lives. In this gripping moment-to-moment narrative, based on groundbreaking reporting, Lynn Spencer brings the inspiring true drama of their unflinching and heroic response vividly to life for the first time, taking us right inside the airliner cockpits and control towers, the fighter jets and the military battle cabs. She makes vital corrections to the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report, and reveals many startling, utterly unknown elements of the story. As a commercial pilot herself, for whom the attacks hit terribly close to home, she knew that the true scope and nature of the response so brilliantly improvised that morning by those in the thick of the action -- with so little guidance from those at the highest levels -- had not at all been captured by the news coverage or the 9/11 Commission. To get to the truth, she went on a three-year quest, interviewing hundreds of key players, listening to untold hours of tapes and pouring through voluminous transcripts to re-create each heart-stopping moment as it happened through their eyes and in their words as the drama unfolded. From the shocking moment at 7:59 a.m. that American 11 fails to respond to a controller's call, until the last commercial flight has safely landed and military jets rule the skies, all Americans will find themselves deeply moved and amazed by the grace and fierce determination of these steely men and women as they draw on all of their exquisite training to grasp, through the fog of war, what is happening, put their lives on the line, and mount an astonishing response. This beautifully crafted and deeply affecting account of the full story of their courageous actions is a vital addition to the country's understanding of a day that has forever changed our nation.

Hero of Flight 93

Hero of Flight 93 Author Jon Barrett
ISBN-10 1555837808
Release 2002
Pages 176
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Bravery in the face of unimaginable terror prevented greater tragedy on September 11, 2001 when a group of passengers overpowered the hijackers of American Airlines flight 93. One of these passengers was Mark Bingham, a fun-loving, gregarious gay man, named Person of the Year by The Advocate. Timed for release on the one year anniversary of 9/11, this is the story of one man's determination to never take second place, and a picture of heroism that knows no sexuality, told through a series of interviews with Mark's family, friends, lovers and associates.


Called Author Lisa Jefferson
ISBN-10 1575674866
Release 2006-07-01
Pages 168
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With one ring of the phone, Lisa Jefferson went from being GTE Airfone supervisor, suburban wife, and mother to being the listening ear to a nation shattered by tragedy. Called tells the gripping account of 9/11 from her vantage point. She recalls the moment she when took the call from Todd Beamer on United Airlines Flight 93, and when she heard the immortal words, "Let's Roll.” She remembers the way that her life was transformed vividly when she responded to the call. Jefferson sends a stirring challenge to all of us--whether it comes during quiet obscurity or international adversity, we must be prepared to answer God's call.

Refined by Fire

Refined by Fire Author Brian Birdwell
ISBN-10 9781414328973
Release 2011-08-17
Pages 266
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The story of Bronze Star veteran LTC Brian Birdwell who was standing in the path of the hijacked jetliner when it slammed into the Pentagon on 9-11 is a story of inspiration and faith.

From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand Author Melodie Homer
ISBN-10 9781936782741
Release 2012-02
Pages 238
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In "From Where I Stand," a widow of the co-pilot of the September 11 Flight #93 (which thanks to its crew crashed in a deserted field rather than the U.S. Capitol) chronicles the events of that singular day and the “new normal” that ensued.

Flight 93 Revealed

Flight 93 Revealed Author Rowland Morgan
ISBN-10 0786718730
Release 2006
Pages 209
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A controversial account of the events that took place on September 11's Flight 93 suggests that some of the reports about heroic actions on the part of its passengers may have been exaggerated or otherwise subjected to propaganda, drawing on record inconsistencies to contend that the government may have misrepresented events to bolster national support and recruiting efforts for the war. Original.

Gettysburg Rebels

Gettysburg Rebels Author Tom McMillan
ISBN-10 9781621576181
Release 2017-06-12
Pages 352
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Gettysburg Rebels is the gripping true story of five young men who grew up in Gettysburg, moved south to Virginia in the 1850s, joined the Confederate army - and returned "home" as foreign invaders for the great battle in July 1863. Drawing on rarely-seen documents and family histories, as well as military service records and contemporary accounts, Tom McMillan delves into the backgrounds of Wesley Culp, Henry Wentz and the three Hoffman brothers in a riveting tale of Civil War drama and intrigue.

From Memory to Memorial

From Memory to Memorial Author J. William Thompson
ISBN-10 9780271078977
Release 2017-03-08
Pages 200
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On September 11, 2001, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, became a center of national attention when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a former strip mine in sleepy Somerset County, killing all forty passengers and crew aboard. This is the story of the memorialization that followed, from immediate, unofficial personal memorials to the ten-year effort to plan and build a permanent national monument to honor those who died. It is also the story of the unlikely community that developed through those efforts. As the country struggled to process the events of September 11, temporary memorials—from wreaths of flowers to personalized T-shirts and flags—appeared along the chain-link fences that lined the perimeter of the crash site. They served as evidence of the residents’ need to pay tribute to the tragedy and of the demand for an official monument. Weaving oral accounts from Shanksville residents and family members of those who died with contemporaneous news reports and records, J. William Thompson traces the creation of the monument and explores the larger narrative of memorialization in America. He recounts the crash and its sobering immediate impact on area residents and the nation, discusses the history of and controversies surrounding efforts to permanently commemorate the event, and relates how locals and grief-stricken family members ultimately bonded with movers and shakers at the federal level to build the Flight 93 National Memorial. A heartfelt examination of memory, place, and the effects of tragedy on small-town America, this fact-driven account of how the Flight 93 National Memorial came to be is a captivating look at the many ways we strive as communities to forever remember the events that change us.

The 9 11 Commission Report

The 9 11 Commission Report Author
ISBN-10 9780160891809
Release 2011-08-12
Pages 587
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This edition has been designated as the only official U.S. Government edition of the 9-11 Commission’s Final Report. It provides a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. It also includes recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

Among the Heroes

Among the Heroes Author Jere Longman
ISBN-10 9780062028655
Release 2010-08-24
Pages 336
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Of the four horrific hijackings on September 11, Flight 93 resonates as one of epic resistance.At a time when the United States appeared defenseless against an unfamiliar foe, the gallant passengers and crew of Flight 93 provided for many Americans a measure of victory in the midst of unthinkable defeat. Together, they seemingly accomplished what all the security guards and soldiers, military pilots and government officials, could not -- they thwarted the terrorists, sacrificing their own lives so that others might live. The culmination of hundreds of interviews with family members and months of investigation, Among the Heroes is the definitive story of the courageous men and women aboard Flight 93, and of the day that forever changed the way Americans view the world and themselves.

Fighting Back

Fighting Back Author Deena Burnett
ISBN-10 159755037X
Release 2006-04-21
Pages 252
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Burnett, widow of Flight 93 hero Tom Burnett, tells the story of how she fought back to find purpose and joy in her life again, after her husband was killed on that fateful day.

Hotel 9 11

Hotel 9 11 Author Joyce Ng
ISBN-10 0997860510
Release 2016-08-25
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On September 11, 2001, about 3,000 people were killed in the terrorist attacks on the United States. In New York City, seven buildings in the World Trade Center were destroyed, including Three World Trade Center, the hotel that connected the North and South Towers. Joyce Ng's Hotel 9/11: An Oral History from Survivors of 3 World Trade Center is the only book that chronicles the stories of the people who escaped from the Marriott World Trade Center hotel. Nearly 1,000 guests were registered to stay the hotel on September 11. Many stories that took place in the hotel are still unknown, but they provide significant insight into the history of 9/11. Within these pages, you will find vivid eyewitness accounts from the people who miraculously escaped from the hotel. The book contains oral histories from firefighters, economists, lawyers, hotel guests, hotel employees and business travelers. One of the stories of survival includes that of the author, Joyce Ng, who was traveling on a business trip to the World Trade Center. These are individuals whose lives will be forever changed by the horror and chaos they witnessed.

Angel Patriots

Angel Patriots Author Alexander Riley
ISBN-10 9781479868452
Release 2015-03-13
Pages 352
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When United Flight 93, the fourth plane hijacked in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the gash it left in the ground became a national site of mourning. The flight’s 40 passengers became a media obsession, and countless books, movies, and articles told the tale of their heroic fight to band together and sacrifice their lives to stop Flight 93 from becoming a weapon of terror. In Angel Patriots, Alexander Riley argues that by memorializing these individuals as patriots, we have woven them into much larger story of our nation—an existing web of narratives, values, dramatic frameworks, and cultural characters about what it means to be truly American. Riley examines the symbolic impact and role of the Flight 93 disaster in the nation’s collective consciousness, delving into the spontaneous memorial efforts that blossomed in Shanksville immediately after the news of the crash spread; the ad-hoc sites honoring the victims that in time emerged, such as a Parks Department-maintained memorial close to the crash site and a Flight 93 Chapel created by a local Catholic priest; and finally, the creation of an official, permanent crash monument in Shanksville like those built for past American wars. Riley also analyzes the cultural narratives that evolved in films and in books around the events on the day of the crash and the lives and deaths of its “angel patriot” passengers, uncovering how these representations of the event reflect the myth of the authentic American nation—one that Americans believed was gravely threatened in the September 11 attacks. A profound and thought-provoking study, Angel Patriots unveils how, in the wake of 9/11, America mourned much more than the loss of life.

The Eleventh Day

The Eleventh Day Author Anthony Summers
ISBN-10 9780812978094
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 612
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Draws on thousands of recently released official documents and new interviews to present a report on the September 11 attacks that examines why the crisis was not prevented, how the government and military responded, and who was behind it.