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The Proficient Pilot

The Proficient Pilot Author Barry J. Schiff
ISBN-10 1565660757
Release 1994-11-01
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A compilation of Barry Schiff's monthly column in AOPA Pilot, the popular aviation periodical, these books contain favorite articles from over the years in three volumes that are arranged by subject. These articles are pulled from his more than 26,000 flight hours in 260 types of aircraft to assemble volumes filled with Schiff's vast knowledge and experience with teaching pilots. The first volume of the series covers such diverse topics as slip tips, takeoff techniques, crosswind landing, scud running, and multiengine flying.

Flight to Success Be the Captain of Your Life

Flight to Success  Be the Captain of Your Life Author Karlene Petitt
ISBN-10 0984925961
Release 2015-01-30
Pages 240
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Inspiration, motivation and lessons learned... Flight to Success is the author's journey through eight airlines, seven type ratings, two master's degrees, and motherhood. Intertwined with her stories are those of others who share their successes, failures, losses, fears, hopes and dreams. They have all learned from their experiences. What drives people to phenomenal success? The secret correlates with many aspects of flight. If you apply these tips to your everyday life there will be nothing you cannot accomplish. Life is about choice. The choice now, is to open your mind and heart and begin to dream. This inspirational, motivational memoir will take you on a journey through the author's life, to assist you with yours. How did she do it? Why didn't she quit? Where did she find the time, courage, stamina, and strength to persevere during the most challenging times? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered.

The Turbine Pilot s Flight Manual

The Turbine Pilot s Flight Manual Author Gregory N. Brown
ISBN-10 1619540738
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 274
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Everything a pilot is expected to know when transitioning to turbine-powered aircraft.

Logging Flight Time

Logging Flight Time Author William K. Kershner
ISBN-10 0813810876
Release 2002-02-01
Pages 245
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Logging Flight Time has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Logging Flight Time also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Logging Flight Time book for free.

A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accident Analysis

A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accident Analysis Author Professor Scott A Shappell
ISBN-10 9781409463030
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 182
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This comprehensive book provides the knowledge and tools required to conduct a human error analysis of accidents. Serving as an excellent reference guide for many safety professionals and investigators already in the field.

The complete advanced pilot

The complete advanced pilot Author Bob Gardner
ISBN-10 156027459X
Release 2002-02
Pages 470
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The 'Complete Pilot' series aids student pilots preparing for licensing exams and can be used for home study, certified flight schools, or as a base for student kits. This book leads students through the study material for the private pilot license, including all the aeronautical knowledge requirements for the license and rating. The book, with study material for the instrument rating and commercial pilot licenses, augments basic subjects with more advanced topics, such as instrument flight rules (IFR) systems, procedures and regulations, and details about radio navigation, flight plans, and cockpit organisation. Useful appendices include glossaries of terms commonly used in pilot/control tower operations, up-to-date weather communications information, and flight preparation aids.

Train Like You Fly

Train Like You Fly Author Arlynn McMahon
ISBN-10 1560277076
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 219
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The first comprehensive guide to scenario-based instruction, this flight instructor's manual combines years of research with the latest studies and proven practices. The concrete guidelines and tips help flight instructors expand their practices to go beyond the FAA practical test standards and numerous topics are covered such as systematic risk reduction, critical thinking, effective grading and evaluation, including past accidents, and tailoring programs to reach specific and individualized goals. Flight instructors will learn how to build effective, creative scenarios for IFR training, advanced training, instrument proficiency checks, and much more.

Aviation Mental Health

Aviation Mental Health Author Todd Hubbard
ISBN-10 9781409484912
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 376
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This book provides an authoritative and practical guide to the assessment, management, treatment and care of pilots and other professional groups within aviation; covering a range of relevant topics, for health and human resources practitioners working in the airline industry. Pilot mental health has, hitherto, been regarded as a specialist topic in aviation medicine. Consequently, practitioners and researchers alike have been forced to consult specialist journals or seek out a relevant chapter on this topic in a general textbook to develop or update their understanding of the relevant issues. This book seeks to remedy this situation by gathering together all of the relevant insights into a single authoritative source gathered from the leading specialists in the field. It aims to cover all of the main relevant issues including the assessment, care, management and treatment of mental health problems, as well as the prevention of mental health problems among this occupational group.

The 9 11 Commission Report

The 9 11 Commission Report Author
ISBN-10 9780160891809
Release 2011-08-12
Pages 587
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This edition has been designated as the only official U.S. Government edition of the 9-11 Commission’s Final Report. It provides a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. It also includes recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

Breaking the Mishap Chain

Breaking the Mishap Chain Author Peter W. Merlin
ISBN-10 0160915635
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This volume contains a collection of case studies of mishaps involving experimental aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and spacecraft in which human factors played a significant role. In all cases the engineers involved, the leaders and managers, and the operators (i.e., pilots and astronauts) were supremely qualified and by all accounts superior performers. Such accidents and incidents rarely resulted from a single cause but were the outcome of a chain of events in which altering at least one element might have prevented disaster. As such, this work is most certainly not an anthology of blame. It is offered as a learning tool so that future organizations, programs, and projects may not be destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. These lessons were learned at high material and personal costs and should not be lost to the pages of history.

Sky My Kingdom

Sky My Kingdom Author Hanna Reitsch
ISBN-10 9781612000572
Release 2009-03-30
Pages 272
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The Sky My Kingdom is the fascinating autobiography of the famous World War test pilot - Hanna Reitsch (March 29, 1912 - August 24, 1979). As the war progressed, Reitsch was invited to fly many of Germany's latest (and increasingly desperate) designs, including the rocket-propelled Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, and several larger bombers on which she tested various mechanisms for cutting barrage balloon cables. After crashing on her fifth Me 163 flight, she was badly injured but insisted on writing her report before falling unconscious and spending five months in hospital. Eventually she became Adolf Hitler's favorite pilot. Reitsch was one of only two women awarded the Iron Cross First Class during World War II, and the only woman awarded the Luftwaffe Combined Pilot and Observer Badge with Diamonds. She survived many accidents and was badly injured several times. In the last days of the war Reitsch was asked to fly her companion, Colonel-General Robert Ritter von Greim, into Berlin to meet with Hitler. The city was already surrounded by Red Army troops who had made significant progress into the downtown area when they arrived on the 27th April, landing on a city street, and traveled to the Führerbunker. The aircraft she used was the justly famous Fieseler Storch already well known for the exploit that rescued Mussolini, only adding to the legend of both Reitsch and that aircraft. She is said to have overheard Hitler laying out plans for Nazi commanders to join together in mass suicide when it was obvious that the war was over. She also hoped to fly out propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels' six children, who had been staying in the bunker since April 22 with their parents, but neither Joseph nor Magda Goebbels would allow it. She escaped Berlin on 29th April by flying out through heavy Russian anti-aircraft fire. She was a devoted and idealistic Nazi, who adored Adolf Hitler and refused to believe the reports of concentration camps and torture. Not until much later would she say that she had been "disgusted" by what she witnessed in the Third Reich. She was held for 18 months by the American military after the war, she was interrogated and subsequently released. After the war German citizens were forbidden from flying, except, after a few years, in gliders. In 1952 Reitsch won third place in the world gliding championship in Spain (and was the only woman who competed). She continued to break records including the women's altitude record (6848 meters) and became German champion in 1955.

Foundations of Aviation Law

Foundations of Aviation Law Author Michael W. Pearson
ISBN-10 9781472445629
Release 2015-02-28
Pages 352
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Foundations of Aviation Law is an easy-reading general primer into the often complex world of aviation law, written for aviation students as well as legal professionals who are looking for broad-based, introductory coverage of the subject. The text begins with basic legal concepts that build a foundation for in-depth exploration of aviation-specific subject matter. This allows the instructor to utilize one text in situations where a basic foundation in law is required before moving into aviation law specifics. It includes citations to relevant and key court decisions that provide a solid underpinning for the student of aviation law. The book is divided into six general categories, with fifteen relevant sub-chapters, allowing focused learning into particular areas of law. Throughout it features chapter summaries, key word indices and review questions. The design easily allows instructors to develop syllabi that spotlight the specific area of law that they are interested in exploring, providing comprehensive coverage of both traditional introductory legal concepts and topical aviation subject matter.

Redefining Airmanship

Redefining Airmanship Author Tony Kern
ISBN-10 9780071503198
Release 1997-01-22
Pages 463
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Redefining Airmanship offers the first concrete model of the abstract ideal of "airmanship," and gives the reader step-by-step guidance for self-appraisal and improvement in the areas of flight proficiency, teamwork, and good judgment in crisis situations. The author, Major Tony Kern, draws on his extensive flight and crew-training experience in the U.S. Air Force, but his model is invaluable for all pilots, whether military, recreational, or commercial. "Kern's work is a breakthrough, and a benchmark." --John J. Nance, author of Blind Trust

The Outpost

The Outpost Author Jake Tapper
ISBN-10 9780316215855
Release 2012-11-13
Pages 688
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The heartbreaking and inspiring story of one of America's deadliest battles during the war in Afghanistan, acclaimed by critics everywhere as a classic. At 5:58 AM on October 3rd, 2009, Combat Outpost Keating, located in frighteningly vulnerable terrain in Afghanistan just 14 miles from the Pakistani border, was viciously attacked. Though the 53 Americans there prevailed against nearly 400 Taliban fighters, their casualties made it the deadliest fight of the war for the U.S. that year. Four months after the battle, a Pentagon review revealed that there was no reason for the troops at Keating to have been there in the first place. In THE OUTPOST, Jake Tapper gives us the powerful saga of COP Keating, from its establishment to eventual destruction, introducing us to an unforgettable cast of soldiers and their families, and to a place and war that has remained profoundly distant to most Americans. A runaway bestseller, it makes a savage war real, and American courage manifest.

Flying the Line

Flying the Line Author George E. Hopkins
ISBN-10 0960970819
Release 1996
Pages 310
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Flying the Line has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Flying the Line also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Flying the Line book for free.

Guide to the Biennial Flight Review

Guide to the Biennial Flight Review Author Jackie Spanitz
ISBN-10 1560275537
Release 2005-03-18
Pages 122
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Newly revised to reflect the latest procedural and regulatory changes mandated by the FAA, this guide to the Biennial Flight Review (BFR) educates both pilots and flight instructors about the exam. It answers the most commonly asked questions, clarifies the requirements of the written and oral flight review portions, and presents study materials for the exam. Regulations and advisory material from the FAA and a "BFR Checklist" to help pilots stay organized is included.

The Coming of the Saucers

The Coming of the Saucers Author Kenneth Arnold
ISBN-10 149910491X
Release 2014-07-24
Pages 164
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The whole world has heard about flying saucers. But do you really know how it all got started? Do you know who first saw the flying saucers? Meet pilot Kenneth Arnold. In "The Coming of the Saucers," Arnold describes - in breathtaking detail - his incredible sighting of the flying saucers on June 24, 1947. Arnold also recounts his harrowing investigation into the infamous Maury Island Incident, which ended with the deaths of two Air Force intelligence officers after they flew past Mount Rainier - where Arnold had seen the discs. After being followed by Men in Black, Arnold discovered that his hotel room had been bugged, and that he had been manipulated by CIA asset Fred Lee Crisman, an eventual suspect in the JFK assassination. Following these and other strange, spooky occurrences, Arnold barely escaped a plane crash himself! Arnold was a private man, who rarely lectured or made public appearances. "The Coming of the Saucers" is thus a rare, primary-source document of importance to all UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Not only is this the story of the first two major UFO sightings in the U.S., but it is also the birth of the Men in Black mythos. "A sobering tale about what happens to those who know too much..." -Gray Barker, "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers" "The key to understanding all that has gone on in ufology, particularly the relationship between UFOs and the MIB..." -John Keel, "Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind" "An amazing array of factual evidence that still informs us today..." -Ray Palmer, Fate Magazine