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Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Alison Lurie
ISBN-10 9781480422490
Release 2013-06-04
Pages 280
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This Pulitzer Prize–winning novel follows two American academics in London—a young man and a middle-aged woman—as they each fall into unexpected romances. In her early fifties, Vinnie Miner is the sort of woman no one ever notices, despite her career as an Ivy League professor. She doubts she could get a man’s attention if she waved a brightly colored object in front of him. And though she loves her work, her specialty—children’s folk rhymes—earns little respect from her fellow scholars. Then, alone on a flight to London for a research trip, she sits next to a man she would never have viewed as a potential romantic partner. In a Western-cut suit and a rawhide tie, he is a sanitary engineer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, on a group tour. He’s the very opposite of her type, but before Vinnie knows it, she’s spending more and more time with him. Also in London is Vinnie’s colleague, a young, handsome English professor whose marriage and self-esteem are both on the rocks. But Fred Turner is also about to find consolation—in the arms of the most beautiful actress in England. Stylish and highborn, she introduces Fred to a glamorous, yet eccentric, London scene that he never expected to encounter. The course of these two relationships makes up the story of Foreign Affairs—a finalist for the National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award as well as a Pulitzer Prize winner, and an entertaining, poignant tale from the author of The War Between the Tates and The Last Resort, “one of this country’s most able and witty novelists” (The New York Times). This ebook features an illustrated biography of Alison Lurie including rare images from the author’s personal collection.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Patricia Scanlan
ISBN-10 9781471141201
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 912
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*** THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR *** Four women - Paula, Jennifer, Brenda and Rachel - all at a crossroads in their lives. All with difficult choices to make. All badly in need of a holiday… Paula is beautiful, ambitious and successful, she works hard and plays hard. Men find her irresistible...except for the one man she really wants. In her late thirties, Brenda longs for glamour and excitement. Tired of being a housewife stuck at home with her children, she is determined to make changes in her life. Then the unthinkable happens. Shy and timid, Rachel has always been dominated by her cold, intolerant father. But beneath the surface she is bubbling with suppressed rage. Does she have the courage to finally become her own woman? Jennifer is a true friend to them all. But when tragedy strikes, will Paula, Brenda and Rachel be there for Jennifer when she needs them? When the four women stay in a luxurious villa on a Greek island, they soon realize that they have embarked on more than just a foreign holiday. Amidst rows, arguments, laughter and fun they come to see each other in a different light. Can their friendships be sustained? Indeed, will their lives ever be the same again? What readers are saying about Patricia Scanlan’s novels: 'Utterly magical and wonderful ... warmth and compassion shine through' MARIAN KEYES 'Like being enfolded in a hug from the great writer herself: warm, comforting and full of love' CATHY KELLY 'There can be little doubt that Patricia Scanlan is the prolific queen of contemporary Irish popular fiction' Sunday Times ''There is a heartbreaking authenticity in her observations' Irish Times 'The ultimate comfort read'Glamour 'A bright, sunny read in which these lives interweave with unexpected results' Sunday Express S magazine

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Jacqueline George
ISBN-10 9780992298456
Release 2013
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What happens when a book of sexy romantic stories is hauled before Priscilla and her committee of censors? Will she be able to pin down author John Trehearne and get his dirty book banned? The trouble is--the stories are too exciting. Everyone wants to hear more of Trehearne and his disreputable past.


ISBN-10 OCLC:1020774607
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FOREIGN AFFAIRS A NOVEL has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from FOREIGN AFFAIRS A NOVEL also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full FOREIGN AFFAIRS A NOVEL book for free.

Santiago s Love Child

Santiago s Love Child Author Kim Lawrence
ISBN-10 9781552547502
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 192
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Santiago Morais is strong, proud and fiercely passionate—everything that Lily's treacherous husband wasn't. It's in Santiago's arms that Lily finds herself awakened—she's not the frigid woman she believed herself to be. But a shocking discovery convinces Santiago that Lily has betrayed him, and he sends her away, not realizing that he is the father of her unborn child. Will Lily face motherhood alone?

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Stuart Woods
ISBN-10 9781101664254
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 320
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Stone Barrington is back, in fine form, in the newest thriller from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author. After a series of nonstop adventures, Stone Barrington is eager for some peace and quiet in a rustic British setting. But no sooner does he land in England than he’s beset by an outrageous demand from a beautiful lady, and an offer he can’t refuse. Unfortunately, Stone quickly learns that his new acquisition comes with some undesired strings attached—namely, a deadly mystery involving the complex relationships of the local gentry, and a relentless adversary who raises the stakes with every encounter. Stone’s restful country vacation is looking like yet another troublesome situation, but with his tireless aplomb—and the help of a few friends—he is more than up to the challenge. From the Hardcover edition.

Academic Novel

Academic Novel Author Merritt Moseley
ISBN-10 9781908258595
Release 2007-10-29
Pages 345
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A collection of the most illuminating commentary written on the English language academic novel during the last forty years, together with new essays especially commissioned for this volume. As well as general thematic essays, there are discussions of a number of individual novelists: Vladimir Nabokov, Randall Jarrell, Mary McCarthy, Kingsley Amis, Alison Lurie, Robertson Davies, David Lodge, Howard Jacobson. Contributors are: Adam Begley, Ian Carter, Benjamin DeMott, Aida Edemariam, Leslie Fiedler, Philip Hobsbaum, J. P. Kenyon, David Lodge, Merritt Moseley, Dale Salwak, Samuel Schuman, J. A. Sutherland, Glyn Turton, Chris Walsh, Susan Watkins, George Watson.


Palindrome Author Stuart Woods
ISBN-10 9603450200
Release 1994
Pages 438
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Palindrome has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Palindrome also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Palindrome book for free.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Anne Mather
ISBN-10 1488755485
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 576
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The Rodrigues Pregnancy Olivia found the comfort and passion she craved in the arms of South American tycoon Christian Rodrigues. She found something else that she'd always longed for, as well -- after one night of reckless passion, Olivia discovered she was expecting Christian's child! But Olivia had good reasons for keeping news of her pregnancy from the world, and from Christian. However, she hadn't reckoned on his determination to find her and continue their relationship. Perhaps Olivia could still keep their baby secret, but only if she denied that she still ached for Christian's touch.... Sleeping With a Stranger When passion is stronger than pride... Helen Shaw's relaxing vacation on the stunning island of Santos is ruined when she steps off the ferry and sees Greek tycoon Milos Stephanides. Years before they had a scorching affair, until, discovering Milos had been untruthful, Helen left him. Now Helen has a secret that she is desperate to keep from Milos. She tries to keep her distance, but the powerful attraction between them continues to steadily build under the heat of the Greek sun.... The Virgin's Seduction She's innocent -- he wants her! Eve Robertson lives a quiet life in a secluded village, and she wants to put her turbulent past behind her. However, her newfound stability is threatened with the arrival of Jake Romero.... Jake is tall, dark and...dangerous -- and he wants virginal Eve. His touch leaves her aching for more, but her secrets hold her back. But how long can she resist Jake's intense, exotic brand of seduction...?

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Author Kathy Schulz Huffhines
ISBN-10 UOM:39015024790555
Release 1991-01
Pages 568
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For readers who loved films like Diva, Last Tango in Paris, Breathless, and Gallipoli, here is an invaluable resource for discovering more of the great international films readily available on video. This encyclopedic guide provides reviews by the nation's leading critics, such as Pauline Kael, Andrew Sarris, Roger Ebert, Richard Schickel, and J. Hoberman. Photographs.

Rogue Element A Tom Wilkes Novel 1

Rogue Element  A Tom Wilkes Novel 1 Author David A. Rollins
ISBN-10 9781742625904
Release 2007-11-10
Pages 442
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Joe Light, his computer hacking days behind him, kicks back in first class on board the QANTAS 747 bound for London. In the Hawaiian office of the National Security Agency, an electronic intruder within a Government computer network is detected. An unusual radio signal and non-routine troop movements in Indonesia raise suspicions further. An air traffic controller at Denpasar Airport is shocked by the sudden disappearance of Flight QF1 from his screen. He doesn't want to admit what that could mean. The sickening groan of metal breaking up plunges Joe Light and his fellow passengers into everyone's worst nightmare. The 747 is screaming towards earth. On board there is sheer panic. The news of the downing of the plane in Indonesian airspace is only the beginning of Australian Prime Minister Bill Blight's crisis. ASIO and the NSA piece together a frightening scenario in the face of Indonesia's denial of any knowledge of what happened to the aircraft–one that will pit Australia's crack Special Air Services troops, led by Sergeant Tom Wilkes, and aided by the US Marines, in a desperate covert battle to avert all out war.

Escape to Havana

Escape to Havana Author Nick Wilkshire
ISBN-10 9781459734500
Release 2016-11-12
Pages 288
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Charlie Hillier believes a posting in Havana, far away from the indiscretions of his ex-wife and the monotony of a desk job, is just what he needs to start a new life. But when drugs, a kidnapping, and murder complicate things, he wonders if he’ll make it out of Cuba alive.

Canada s Department of External Affairs Volume 3

Canada   s Department of External Affairs  Volume 3 Author John Hilliker
ISBN-10 9781487502249
Release 2017-05-24
Pages 592
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Volume three of the official history of Canada's Department of External Affairs offers readers an unparalleled look at the evolving structures underpinning Canadian foreign policy from 1968 to 1984. Using untapped archival sources and extensive interviews with top-level officials and ministers, the volume presents a frank "insider's view" of work in the Department, its key personalities, and its role in making Canada's foreign policy. In doing so, the volume presents novel perspectives on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the country's responses to the era's most important international challenges. These include the October Crisis of 1970, recognition of Communist China, UN peacekeeping, decolonization and the North-South dialogue, the Middle East and the Iran Hostage crisis, and the ever-dangerous Cold War.

Fin de si cle Splendor

Fin de si    cle Splendor Author Dewei Wang
ISBN-10 0804728453
Release 1997
Pages 433
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The reigning view of literary historians has been that the May Fourth movement of 1919 marks the division between the traditional and the modern in Chinese literature. This book argues that signs of reform and innovation can be discerned long before May Fourth, and that as China entered the arena of modern, international history in the late Qing, it was already developing its own complex matrix of incipient modernities. It demonstrates that late Qing fiction nurtured a creative, innovative poetics, one that was spurned by the reformers of the May Fourth generation in favor of Western-style realism. The author recognizes that a full account of modern Chinese fiction needs to ask why so many genres, styles, themes, and figures found in late imperial fiction were repressed by "modern" Chinese literary discourse. He focuses on four genres of late Qing fiction that have been either rudely dismissed in pejorative terms or simply ignored: depravity romances, court-case and chivalric cycles, grotesque exposés, and scientific fantasies. The author shows that in spite of the realist orthodoxy that has dominated Chinese literature since the May Fourth movement, these unwelcome genres have continually found their way back into mainstream discourse, their influence being increasingly evident in recent decades. This first comprehensive study of late Qing fiction discusses more than sixty works, at least half of which have rarely or never been dealt with by Western or Chinese scholars. Richly informed by contemporary literary theory, this book constitutes a polemical rethinking of the nature of Chinese literary and cultural modernity.

The Rushdie Affair

The Rushdie Affair Author Daniel Pipes
ISBN-10 1412838819
Release 1990
Pages 303
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The publication in 1988 of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses triggered a furor that pitted much of the Islamic world against the West over issues of blasphemy and freedom of expression. The controversy soon took on the aspect of a confrontation of civilizations, provoking powerful emotions on a global level. It involved censorship, protests, riots, a break in diplomatic relations, culminating in the notorious Iranian edict calling for the death of the novelist. In The Rushdie Affair, Daniel Pipes explains why the publication of The Satanic Verses became a cataclysmic event with far-reaching political and social consequences. Pipes looks at the Rushdie affair in both its political and cultural aspects and shows in considerable detail what the fundamentalists perceived as so offensive in The Satanic Verses as against what Rushdie's novel actually said. Pipes explains how the book created a new crisis between Iran and the West at the time--disrupting international diplomacy, billions of dollars in trade, and prospects for the release of Western hostages in Lebanon. Pipes maps out the long-term implications of the crisis. If the Ayatollah so easily intimidated the West, can others do the same? Can millions of fundamentalist Muslims now living in the United States and Europe possibly be assimilated into a culture so alien to them? Insightful and brilliantly written, this volume provides a full understanding of one of the most significant events in recent years. Koenraad Elst's postscript reviews the enduring impact of the Rushdie affair. "The Rushdie Affair is a lucid, balanced often startling and ultimately convincing analysis....scrupulously fair, respectful of Islam yet unintimidated by the flood of threats and invective."--Mark Caldwell, Philadelphia Inquirer "[A] work of impeccable scholarship.Pipes offers a number of conclusions that merit attention at all levels."--Amir Tahiri, Los Angeles Times Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum and a columnist for the New York Post and the Jerusalem Post. Among his books are The Long Shadow: Culture and Politics in the Middle East, In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power (both published by Transaction), Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition, and Friendly Tyrants: An American Dilemma. Koenraad Elst is a Belgium-based writer on comparative religion, Indian history, and Hindu-Muslim relations. "Very highly recommended for anyone seeking a better understanding of contemporary Islam in general, and this defining controversy in particular."--Wisconsin Bookwatch

Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations

Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations Author Daniel S. Margolies
ISBN-10 9780820338712
Release 2011
Pages 427
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In the late nineteenth century the United States oversaw a great increase in extraterritorial claims, boundary disputes, extradition controversies, and transborder abduction and interdiction. In this sweeping history of the underpinnings of American empire, Daniel S. Margolies offers a new frame of analysis for historians to understand how novel assertions of legal spatiality and extraterritoriality were deployed in U.S. foreign relations during an era of increased national ambitions and global connectedness. Whether it was in the Mexican borderlands or in other hot spots around the globe, Margolies shows that American policy responded to disputes over jurisdiction by defining the space of law on the basis of a strident unilateralism. Especially significant and contested were extradition regimes and the exceptions carved within them. Extradition of fugitives reflected critical questions of sovereignty and the role of the state in foreign affair during the run-up to overseas empire in 1898. Using extradition as a critical lens, Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations examines the rich embeddedness of questions of sovereignty, territoriality, legal spatiality, and citizenship and shows that U.S. hegemonic power was constructed in significant part in the spaces of law, not simply through war or trade.

Truth and Consequences

Truth and Consequences Author Alison Lurie
ISBN-10 9781440627347
Release 2006-11-28
Pages 240
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Over the years, Alison Lurie has earned a devoted readership for her satiric wit and storytelling acumen. With Truth and Consequences, described by the New Yorker as "a comedy of adultery with a comedy of academia thrown in," Lurie returns with a modern social satire that recalls the best of David Lodge and Mary McCarthy as well as her own popular university novels The War Between the Tates and Foreign Affairs. BACKCOVER: "A wily, shapely tale of love's labors lost." -Elle "A wry, insightful, thoroughly enjoyable tale about how men and women choose their demons and their lovers, and the sacrifices they're willing to make for both." -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution "Delightful . . . Her characters are, as always, wonderfully imperfect." -The New York Review of Books