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Dope in the Age of Innocence

Dope in the Age of Innocence Author Damien Enright
ISBN-10 9781909718746
Release 2014-06-27
Pages 300
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Ibiza, 1960: on the beautiful Mediterranean island, the high-rise resorts are still decades away. By chance, Damien Enright, twenty-one-years old and Irish, arrives there with his wife and two children and finds a handful of down-at-heel foreign Bohemians leading wild, hedonistic lives. He and his wife get involved; their marriage quickly breaks down and he spends two heartbroken years in London before returning to Ibiza with a new partner and another child. They take LSD and inspired by dreams of a brave new world, cross to the remote island of Formentera to lead alternative lives.This is a decade before Howard Marks becameMr. Nice: the embryonic drug culture in the west motivated not by profit but by idealism. Sometimes, that early search for freedom ventured not just beyond the mind but beyond the law. To sustain their families on Formentera, Enright and two desperado pals head to London in a beat-up car and do some risky travellers cheque scams. Then, restless and unsure of his love for his partner, he makes a hair-raising trek to Turkey in the depths of winter to find hashish for the group. Things go badly awry and he find himself a fugitive, at the mercy of unreliable friends. Part road story, drug story, love story,Dope in the Age of Innocenceis fundamentally a parable about drug enlightenment, the loss and rediscovery of love and the tempering of innocence.

The American Dope Boy

The American Dope Boy Author M.C. Kerns
ISBN-10 9781543909432
Release 2017-09-01
Pages 198
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The American Dope Boy is a tale about life with it's many twist and turns. Not only does The American Dope Boy tells a story of a teenage drug dealer but tells the story of other youth who have been put in similar circumstances. Based on a true story and set at the height of the crack epidemic in Memphis TN. The reader will get a first hand account on how life is very unpredictable in the streets. Bleak is an understatement of life on the streets of Memphis TN. It took unwavering faith for this adolescent to make it out of the drug world and into a better place in life. But that place didn't come without hard lesson that have been bought and paid for. The fairy tale life he once knew was worlds away from the harsh reality he had to face. During the experience he discovered that knowledge was his key to freedom and that knowledge he learned was the playbook at winning at the game call life.

That Gangsta Love

That Gangsta Love Author Denetra Shuntelle
ISBN-10 1522766464
Release 2015-12-16
Pages 218
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Sometimes mixing business with pleasure is feasible for a relationship. Especially when you both come from nothing and end up with everything. The dope game is full of snakes and the mere fact of knowing that you get to sleep next to the person that rides the hardest for you every night makes things that much more satisfying. Sweets and Mayhem have been together for thirteen years strong. Their entire relationship is built on a million truths and unconditional love. Not once have they ever had to question one another's heart or intentions, but when their happy life gets disrupted they soon learn that you can know a person for years, but not really know them at all. Heart and Lucre are a power couple who are always on the move looking for ways to expand their business. They relocate to Chicago for the perfect opportunity to make their pockets fatter. Little did they know, they would be thrown in the middle of a twisted plot to take over the dope game. Take a wild ride with these couples as their gangsta is tested and loyalty becomes extinct in their world leaving them with one question on their minds, does love exist in the dope game? Find out in That Gangsta Love: A Dope Game Love Story.

Pretty Kings The Cartel Publications Presents

Pretty Kings  The Cartel Publications Presents Author T. Styles
ISBN-10 9780984993048
Release 2013-01
Pages 238
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This is how the reign of the notorious drug lords --ThePretty Kings-- begins. Bambi and her sisters-in-law are married to cousins of the Kennedy family, rich and in love. As promised, the Kennedy Kings decide to get out of the drug game, but first they must return home for a one hundred million dollar meeting with The Russians. But,while in a casino, something devastating happens to the husbands, which their wives witness via video calling, that changes the women's lives forever.

The Audacity of Dope

The Audacity of Dope Author Monte Dutton
ISBN-10 9780982697115
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 402
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Riley Mansfield is not your typical hero. He writes songs for a living, smokes pot for recreation and just wants to live and let live. But when he foils an apparent terrorist plot to blow up a small plane over his hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, he is thrust into the spotlight, which is exactly where he doesn't want to be. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of him, including both major political parties. They aren't willing to take no for an answer, partly because it's an election year and partly because what happened on the plane may be a bit more complicated than it appears. Emboldened by his own obstinacy, Mansfield and his girl Friday, Melissa Franklin, lead the government and the Republicans on a sometimes merry, sometimes painful, sometimes lucky chase. Along the way, they stumble across unlikely friends - a Democrat strategist, a Rolling Stone writer, a pair of sympathetic FBI agents - and ruthless enemies. Theirs is a love affair of sex, drugs and country-folk set against a backdrop of political scheming, hidden agendas and an unraveling plan to maintain control of the government. The American people deserve to know the truth, and it's up to Riley to tell them...if he can live long enough to get the chance.

Dangerously Dope Days

Dangerously Dope Days Author Black Rose
ISBN-10 9781532037047
Release 2018-01-19
Pages 390
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Cheyenne Ayers is in the process of growing up in Michigan, near Detroit. In 1989, shes eleven years old and moving fast toward adulthood, but shes happy, living with her mother and older brother and sister. Then a series of events and tragedies shakes her world down to its core, leaving her wondering who she really is. One of her siblings disappears, and from that moment on, everything changes forever. As Cheyenne begins to realize hard truths about herself, her family, and her past, she comes to understand that the ups and downs of life yield lessons that cannot be unlearned. Through each dangerously dope day, she learns to appreciate all that has been and all that will be on her path to the future. In this novel, a young girl living near Detroit in the early 1990s deals with the aftermath of a disruption in her family and discovers facets of herself she never imagined.


Dopesick Author Beth Macy
ISBN-10 9780316551281
Release 2018-08-07
Pages 384
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The only book to fully chart the devastating opioid crisis in America: An unforgettable portrait of the families and first responders on the front lines, from a New York Times bestselling author and journalist who has lived through it. In this masterful work, Beth Macy takes us into the epicenter of America's twenty-plus year struggle with opioid addiction. From distressed small communities in Central Appalachia to wealthy suburbs; from disparate cities to once-idyllic farm towns; it's a heartbreaking trajectory that illustrates how this national crisis has persisted for so long and become so firmly entrenched. Beginning with a single dealer who lands in a small Virginia town and sets about turning high school football stars into heroin overdose statistics, Macy endeavors to answer a grieving mother's question-why her only son died-and comes away with a harrowing story of greed and need. From the introduction of OxyContin in 1996, Macy parses how America embraced a medical culture where overtreatment with painkillers became the norm. In some of the same distressed communities featured in her bestselling book Factory Man, the unemployed use painkillers both to numb the pain of joblessness and pay their bills, while privileged teens trade pills in cul-de-sacs, and even high school standouts fall prey to prostitution, jail, and death. Through unsparing, yet deeply human portraits of the families and first responders struggling to ameliorate this epidemic, each facet of the crisis comes into focus. In these politically fragmented times, Beth Macy shows, astonishingly, that the only thing that unites Americans across geographic and class lines is opioid drug abuse. But in a country unable to provide basic healthcare for all, Macy still finds reason to hope-and signs of the spirit and tenacity necessary in those facing addiction to build a better future for themselves and their families. "Everyone should read Beth Macy's story of the American opioid epidemic" -- Professor Anne C Case, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and Sir Angus Deaton, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics

A Forever Type of Love

A Forever Type of Love Author Jazz
ISBN-10 1532823797
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 206
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Envy continued to beat the odds stacked against her. Never having anyone but herself to depend on since the age of twelve couldn't even stop her. Cut from a different cloth, she has always been independent never focusing on a man, but instead her money. Growing up with a drug addicted mother and absent father couldn't even stop her from being the boss that she is. After four years in the dope game, she thought she finally had everything figured out. But Violence came along and rewrote the pages of the future for her. Being the man Violence is didn't come easy as some may have wanted to believe. Even though with his father being the plug, he still wasn't afforded any handouts. All he had he worked for and his family wouldn't have it any other way. But what came along with all he had would ultimately cause him to lose what mattered most to betrayal and greed. Betrayal is something that is frequent in both of their lives. The love they have is A Forever Type of Love, but when it's all said and done, will the love that Envy possess for Violence outweigh the betrayal? At his lowest who will be there to hold him down? Together could they take the drug trade and maybe even the world over?

Dope Girl

Dope Girl Author Sa'id Salaam
ISBN-10 1484874129
Release 2013-05
Pages 248
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To understand her future we need to explore her past. In this first installment of the DOPE GIRL saga we travel back in time literally and figuratively to Longs Mississippi. Monsters aren't born they've developed. Witness the events that shaped the mind of this beautiful yet deadly girl. Experience the childhood trauma that the whole world would one day feel. Once Tywanna meets the original DOPE BOY she is forever changed. Changed for the better or worse depends on which side of her gun you find yourself on. Watch as she morphs from sweet country girl tywanna into street savy Cameisha. She's smart, pretty, and viscous. She is the DOPE GIRL. THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING!!

Her Sweetest Revenge 2

Her Sweetest Revenge 2 Author Saundra
ISBN-10 9781617739811
Release 2015
Pages 368
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"Previously published as "Her sweetest revenge," First trade paperback edition: August 2013"--Title page verso.

Dope Sick

Dope Sick Author Walter Dean Myers
ISBN-10 9780061974977
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 208
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The itch starts when things get too heavy for Lil J. Skin popping or stealing pain pills from his mom help him relax. But Lil J's focus is wandering because money is short, and his man Rico knows a way to make some quick cash. It's supposed to be an easy deal, but it isn't so simple when the buyer is an undercover cop. With a gunshot wound to the arm, Rico in jail, and a police officer clinging to life, Lil J is starting to get dope sick. He'd do anything to change the last twenty-four hours, and when he stumbles into an abandoned crack house, it actually might be possible. . . . Walter Dean Myers weaves elements of magical realism into a harrowing story about drug use, violence, alternate perceptions of reality, and second chances.

The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff Author Wayne Kramer
ISBN-10 9780306921537
Release 2018-08-14
Pages 320
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The first memoir by Wayne Kramer, legendary guitarist and cofounder of quintessential Detroit proto-punk legends The MC5 In January 1969, before the world heard a note of their music, The MC5 was on the cover of Rolling Stone. The missing link between free jazz and punk rock, they were raw, primal, and, when things were clicking, absolutely unstoppable. Led by legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer, The MC5 was a reflection of the times: exciting, sexy, violent, chaotic, and out of control, all but assuring their time in the spotlight would be short-lived. They toured the country, played with music legends, and had a rabid following, their music acting as the soundtrack to the blue collar youth movement springing up across the nation. Kramer wanted to redefine what a rock 'n' roll group was capable of, and there was power in reaching for that, but it was also a recipe for disaster, both personally and professionally. The band recorded three major label albums but, by 1972, it was all over. Kramer's story is (literally) a revolutionary one, but it's also the deeply personal struggle of an addict and an artist, a rebel with a great tale to tell. The '60s were not all peace and love, but Kramer shows that peace and love can be born out of turbulence and unrest. From the glory days of Detroit to the junk-sick streets of the East Village, from Key West to Nashville and sunny L.A., in and out of prison and on and off of drugs, his is the classic journeyman narrative, but with a twist: he's here to remind us that revolution is always an option.

Recklessly in Love with a B More Thug

Recklessly in Love with a B More Thug Author Bria S.
ISBN-10 1986931978
Release 2018-03-29
Pages 238
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Have you ever been in love with a thug? Logan is a young, independent woman from Baltimore who realizes that she has chosen the wrong thug to give her heart to. Heiress to a drug empire, Logan takes a chance at dating her older brother's best friend and right hand man. But when things begin to change for the worse, she knows that she can't be honest with her family about everything happening relationship. What starts off as a sweet love ends up taking a turn Logan never predicted. Deandre, a well-known dope boy and womanizer, has had a crush on Logan since childhood. He has a live-in girlfriend, Candi, but still pursues Logan without telling her the truth about his home life. Deandre feels he can't leave Candi but he is still selfish enough to allow Logan to fall in love with him. Logan soon realizes that she chose to ignore all of the signs that things weren't right and now she's left dealing with the consequences. Her strength and loyalty to herself will be tested as her family's empire hangs in the balance. Can she remain committed to a man who doesn't have all of his cards stacked in a deck?

Dope Thief

Dope Thief Author Dennis Tafoya
ISBN-10 1429948655
Release 2009-04-28
Pages 304
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Ray and his best friend, Manny, close ever since they met in juvie almost twenty years ago, have a great scam going: With a couple of fake badges and some DEA windbreakers they found at a secondhand store, they pose as federal agents and rip off small-time drug dealers, taking their money and drugs and disappearing before anyone is the wiser. It's the perfect sting: the dealers they target are too small to look for revenge and too guilty to call the police, nobody has to die, nobody innocent gets hurt, and Ray and Manny score plenty. But it can't last forever. Eventually, they choose the wrong mark and walk out with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a heavy hitter, who is more than willing to kill to get his money back, is coming after them. Now Ray couldn't care less about the score. He wants out---out of the scam, out of a life he feels like he never chose. Whether the victim of his latest job---not to mention his partner---will let him is another question entirely. Dennis Tafoya brings a rich, passionate, and accomplished new voice to the explosive story of a small-time crook with everything to lose in Dope Thief, his outstanding hardboiled debut.


Dopefiend Author Donald Goines
ISBN-10 9780758273192
Release 2011
Pages 327
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Terry and Teddy's relationship crumbles and they go in separate directions as they become heroin addicts and seek their dealer's favor in order to feed the addiction.


Billboard Author
Release 1998-11-07
Pages 116
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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Drug Dealer Part 1

Drug Dealer Part 1 Author Isadore Johnson
ISBN-10 9780984967421
Release 2012-06-24
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Drug Dealer Part 1 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Drug Dealer Part 1 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Drug Dealer Part 1 book for free.