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Tonal harmony in concept and practice

Tonal harmony in concept and practice Author Allen Forte
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105042706221
Release 1962
Pages 503
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Tonal harmony in concept and practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tonal harmony in concept and practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tonal harmony in concept and practice book for free.

Harmonic Experience

Harmonic Experience Author W. A. Mathieu
ISBN-10 9781620554012
Release 1997-08-01
Pages 576
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An exploration of musical harmony from its ancient fundamentals to its most complex modern progressions, addressing how and why it resonates emotionally and spiritually in the individual. W. A. Mathieu, an accomplished author and recording artist, presents a way of learning music that reconnects modern-day musicians with the source from which music was originally generated. As the author states, "The rules of music--including counterpoint and harmony--were not formed in our brains but in the resonance chambers of our bodies." His theory of music reconciles the ancient harmonic system of just intonation with the modern system of twelve-tone temperament. Saying that the way we think music is far from the way we do music, Mathieu explains why certain combinations of sounds are experienced by the listener as harmonious. His prose often resembles the rhythms and cadences of music itself, and his many musical examples allow readers to discover their own musical responses.

The Structure of Atonal Music

The Structure of Atonal Music Author Allen Forte
ISBN-10 0300021208
Release 1973-01-01
Pages 224
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Describes and cites examples of pitch-class sets and relations in atonal music.

Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music

Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music Author Robert Gauldin
ISBN-10 0393976661
Release 2004
Pages 895
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Conceptually sophisticated and exceptionally musical, Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music provides a thorough treatment of harmony and voice-leading principles in tonal music.

Music Theory in Concept and Practice

Music Theory in Concept and Practice Author James M. Baker
ISBN-10 1580462251
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 529
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Historical, theoretical and analytical studies of principally 19-20c topics, reflecting current musical research.

Music Analysis in Theory and Practice

Music Analysis in Theory and Practice Author Jonathan Dunsby
ISBN-10 0571100694
Release 1988
Pages 250
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Music Analysis in Theory and Practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Music Analysis in Theory and Practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Music Analysis in Theory and Practice book for free.

Musical Creativity

Musical Creativity Author Irène Deliège
ISBN-10 9781135422677
Release 2006-10-16
Pages 448
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This collection initiates a resolutely interdisciplinary research dynamic specifically concerning musical creativity. Creativity is one of the most challenging issues currently facing scientific psychology and its study has been relatively rare in the cognitive sciences, especially in artificial intelligence. This book will address the need for a coherent and thorough exploration. Musical Creativity: Multidisciplinary Research in Theory and Practice comprises seven sections, each viewing musical creativity from a different scientific vantage point, from the philosophy of computer modelling, through music education, interpretation, neuroscience, and music therapy, to experimental psychology. Each section contains discussions by eminent international specialists of the issues raised, and the book concludes with a postlude discussing how we can understand creativity in the work of eminent composer, Jonathan Harvey. This unique volume presents an up-to-date snapshot of the scientific study of musical creativity, in conjunction with ESCOM (the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music). Describing many of the different aspects of musical creativity and their study, it will form a useful springboard for further such study in future years, and will be of interest to academics and practitioners in music, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and other fields concerning the study of human cognition in this most human of behaviours.

Workbook for Tonal Harmony

Workbook for Tonal Harmony Author Stefan Kostka, Tonal Harmony
ISBN-10 1259686760
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 336
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Each set of exercises in the Workbook is closely correlated with the corresponding chapter of the text and with a particular Self-Test within the chapter. Each set of Workbook exercises begins with problems similar to those found in the corresponding Self-Test, but the Workbook exercises also include problems that are too open-ended for the Self-Test format as well as more creative types of compositional problems for those instructors who like to include this type of work.

Analyzing Atonal Music

Analyzing Atonal Music Author Michiel Schuijer
ISBN-10 1580462707
Release 2008
Pages 306
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An engaging study -- the first ever -- of the principles used by noted scholars to unravel the masterpieces of Schoenberg, Stravinsky, and other modernists.

Introduction to Post Tonal Theory

Introduction to Post Tonal Theory Author Joseph N. Straus
ISBN-10 9780393938838
Release 2016-01-29
Pages 396
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Now published by Norton, Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, with additional coverage of transformational theory and voice leading. The Fourth Edition helps students identify key theoretical points and guides them through the process of analysis, while also offering new recently composed musical examples—all at an exceptional value.

Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music

Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music Author Daniel Harrison
ISBN-10 0226318087
Release 1994-05-28
Pages 337
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The highly chromatic music of the late 1800s and early 1900s includes some of the best-known works by Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Cesar Franck, and Hugo Wolf. Yet until now, the harmonic complexity of this repertory has resisted the analytic techniques available to music theorists and historians. In this book, Daniel Harrison builds on nineteenth-century music theory to provide an original and illuminating method for analyzing chromatic music. One of Harrison's central innovations is his reconstruction of the notion of harmony. Harrison understands harmonic power to flow not from chords as such but from the constituents of chords, reckoned for the most part as scale degrees of a key. This insight proves especially useful in analyzing the unusual progressions and key relations that characterize chromatic music. Complementing the theoretical ideas is a critical history of nineteenth-century German harmonic theory in which Harrison traces the development of Hugo Riemann's ideas on dualism and harmonic function and examines aspects of Riemannian theory in the work of later theorists. Combining theoretical innovations with a sound historical understanding of those innovations, Harmonic Function in Chromatic Music will aid anyone studying this pivotal period of Western music history.

Harmony in Chopin

Harmony in Chopin Author David Damschroder
ISBN-10 9781107108578
Release 2015-06-11
Pages 310
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Penetrating, innovative analyses of numerous compositions by Chopin, integrating Schenkerian principles and a fresh perspective on harmony.

A Geometry of Music

A Geometry of Music Author Dmitri Tymoczko
ISBN-10 9780195336672
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 450
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In this groundbreaking book, Tymoczko uses contemporary geometry to provide a new framework for thinking about music, one that emphasizes the commonalities among styles from Medieval polyphony to contemporary jazz.

Student Workbook to Accompany Analysis of Tonal Music

Student Workbook to Accompany Analysis of Tonal Music Author Allen Clayton Cadwallader
ISBN-10 0199732485
Release 2011
Pages 134
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Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach, Third Edition, introduces the fundamental principles of Schenkerian technique. Rather than relying on stereotypical models or formulas, authors Allen Cadwallader and David Gagne use specific, memorable compositions to explain structural principles. This approach teaches students how to think about and critically examine music in ways that will inform their understanding and performance of Western art music. Part I covers principles fundamental to the study of Schenkerian analysis and includes discussions of melody, counterpoint, bass-line structures, the imaginary continuo, linear techniques, and the essential properties of the Ursatz (fundamental structure). Part II presents complete compositions by formal category, beginning with one-part forms; proceeding through binary, ternary, and rondo forms; and concluding with the sonata principle. The book includes more than 200 analytical graphs-many new to this edition-an appendixon graphic notation, and a bibliography.

Music Imagination and Culture

Music  Imagination  and Culture Author Nicholas Cook
ISBN-10 0198163037
Release 1992
Pages 265
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It is a common experience that words are inadequate for music; there seems always to be a disparity between how music is experienced, and how it is described or rationalized. This book is a study of musical imagination. Musicians imagine music by means of functional models which determine certain aspects of the music while leaving others open. This means that there is inevitably a gap between the image and the experience that it models, and this gap can be a source of compositionalcreativity. Different musical cultures embody different ways of imagining sound as music, and thus every culture creates its own distinctive pattern of discrepancies between image and experience - discrepancies which are reflected in theoretical thinking about music. Drawing on psychological and philosophical materials as well as the analysis of specific musical examples, Nicholas Cook makes a clear distinction between the province of music theory and that of aesthetic criticism. In doing so he affirms the importance of the `ordinary listener' in musical culture, and the validity of his or her experience of music.

A History of Consonance and Dissonance

A History of Consonance and Dissonance Author James Tenney
ISBN-10 UOM:39015021847978
Release 1988
Pages 117
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First Published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Twelve tone Tonality

Twelve tone Tonality Author George Perle
ISBN-10 0520033876
Release 1977
Pages 174
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In this classic work, George Perle argues that the seemingly disparate styles of post-triadic music in fact share common structural elements. These elements collectively imply a new tonality as "natural" and coherent as the major-minor tonality that was the basis of a common musical language in the past. His book describes the foundational assumptions of this post-diatonic tonality and illustrates its compositional functions with numerous musical examples.The second edition of "Twelve-Tone Tonality" is enlarged by eleven new chapters, some of which are "postscripts" to earlier chapters--clarifying, elucidating, and expanding upon concepts discussed in the original edition. Others discuss new developments in the theory and practice of twelve-tone tonality, including voice-leading implications of the system and dissonance treatment.