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Fortune s Proposal

Fortune s Proposal Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 1426879393
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 224
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Nobody knows how to close a deal like Drew Fortune. But this time it's personal. The Fortune scion has just been handed an ultimatum: marry or lose his claim on the family business. Luckily, the perfect bride is only a cubicle away. Who better to complete the marriage merger of the year than his loyal assistant, Deanna Gurney? Being Drew's fake fiancée has its advantages…especially since Deanna's been in love with her heartbreakingly handsome boss forever. Drew may have made it clear he isn't in it for the long haul. But with another Fortune wedding in the offing, Deanna just might succeed in turning a temporary business arrangement into a permanent takeover…of a certain reticent playboy's heart!

Fortune s June Bride

Fortune s June Bride Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9780373658893
Release 2015-05-19
Pages 224
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Bachelor Galen Fortune Jones agrees to pretend to be Aurora McElroy's husband, but is surprised when he begins to wish this arrangement was more than just pretend.

Fortune s Prince

Fortune s Prince Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9780373658176
Release 2014-05-20
Pages 224
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Once upon a time… There was a beautiful princess, raised in riches but lonely of heart. When Amelia Fortune Chesterfield discovered her Texas roots, she hurried to Horseback Hollow, eager to find her past. And there she found her future…. The prince wore spurs and a Stetson and was unlike any man she had ever known. In one magical night, Quinn Drummond transformed the shy, reserved girl into a passionate, feeling woman. But in the morning, the princess had to flee, tearing asunder their happily ever after. The prince, in his anger, retreated. Would a small miracle reunite the gun-shy cowboy with his lady love? Don't miss the heartwarming conclusion of The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow!

A Weaver Christmas Gift

A Weaver Christmas Gift Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781460341872
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 224
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Help Wanted: Husband Jane Cohen is in a quandary: she needs a man for her baby plan. Love and marriage are nonnegotiable—it's the traditional route or bust. So it's time to cut Casey Clay loose—her friend with benefits doesn't do commitment. But this impossible, irresistible man sets the bar awfully high for her husband hunt! No matter how deep Casey's feelings run for the sexy bar owner, when it comes to kids, he can't give her what she wants. And his secrets don't stop there. But as the mistletoe goes up around Weaver, 'tis the season for their moment of truth…and their shot at true love.

The CEO s Unexpected Proposal

The CEO s Unexpected Proposal Author Karen Rose Smith
ISBN-10 9780373656837
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 224
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COMING HOME...FOR KEEPS? After losing his wife in a tragic accident, successful businessman Dawson Barrett was determined to help his son, Luke, who was dealing with his pain by acting out at school and at home. Luckily, the devoted dad knew just who to call.... As talented as she was beautiful, music therapist Mikala Conti could work miracles. To her, the real miracle was that Dawson-the boy who'd once stirred her teenage heart, then vanished-was back in town. Still, Mikala wasn't sure Dawson was ready to move on. And she certainly didn't believe that one reckless moment of passion could change their lives forever. But it might just be the way to heal three troubled souls searching for a second chance at a forever family.

Proposal for the Wedding Planner

Proposal for the Wedding Planner Author Sophie Pembroke
ISBN-10 0263922790
Release 2017-02-09
Pages 416
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Proposal for the Wedding Planner by Sophie Pembroke Laurel Sommers is trying to plan her famous half sister's wedding...while avoiding her own ex-fianc�. So when the groom's gorgeous brother, Dan Black, proposes he play her boyfriend, she happily agrees! It's clear they have chemistry, but will Dan consider a much more permanent arrangement...' Fortune's Second-Chance Cowboy by Marie Ferrarella Chloe Fortune Eliot has arrived in Austin looking for a new start. Recently widowed she simply needs time. But when a tall, blond and striking man walks into her life she has none... Chloe is drawn to Chance, the ex-soldier with a certain sadness. Can they forget their pasts and give in to their hearts?

Riley s Baby Boy

Riley s Baby Boy Author Karen Rose Smith
ISBN-10 9781459234925
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 224
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After one torrid night at their high school reunion, Riley O'Rourke thought his torch for Brenna McDougall had finally been extinguished. But after she appeared on his doorstep—with his infant son, no less!—it was clear that the flames of passion sizzled hotter than ever. Brenna knew that Riley was all wrong for her. But one encounter with her secret love plunged her back into his life for keeps. She hadn't bargained on their long-muffled chemistry being as explosive as ever. Or that the old feud still simmering between his family and hers could threaten their new family…and their rekindled romance!

A Royal Christmas Proposal

A Royal Christmas Proposal Author Leanne Banks
ISBN-10 9781460343661
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 224
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A DADDY FOR HER LITTLE PRINCE? Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess. She's determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo. So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing-disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects. But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby…and proves himself deserving of his name… Treat keeps telling himself that he's not into Ericka and her little family. She's stuck-up and a royal—hardly his type! Despite his best efforts, the former football player finds himself charmed by the sexy single mom and her adorable infant. This Christmas, all Treat wants in his stocking is the royal twosome he's sworn to protect!

Happy New Year Baby Fortune

Happy New Year  Baby Fortune Author Leanne Banks
ISBN-10 9780373657872
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 217
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Single mother Stacey Fortune Jones finds herself relying more and more on her longtime neighbor Colton Foster, a situation Colton tries to stop before he becomes too involved in her life.

A Match Made by Baby

A Match Made by Baby Author Karen Rose Smith
ISBN-10 9781460338742
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 224
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Family in Training? Only an emergency could bring on-call pediatrician Kaitlyn Foster to Adam Preston's house. But the man who opens the door—with a crying infant on his shoulder—is a world away from the globe-trotting bachelor whose kisses still burn in her memory. And he's in desperate need of her baby expertise! Adam can't believe the Mommy Club volunteer is the gorgeous blonde who's been haunting his fantasies for almost a year. The baby doc couldn't have come at a better time. The environmental scientist is used to traveling to remote corners of the world, not acting as stand-in father to his two-month-old niece. But Kaitlyn's already working her magic on both of them. Is Adam finally ready to put down roots with the woman who's carved a permanent place in his heart?

The Big Rich

The Big Rich Author Bryan Burrough
ISBN-10 1440686033
Release 2009-01-27
Pages 480
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"What's not to enjoy about a book full of monstrous egos, unimaginable sums of money, and the punishment of greed and shortsightedness?" --The Economist Phenomenal reviews and sales greeted the hardcover publication of The Big Rich, New York Times bestselling author Bryan Burrough's spellbinding chronicle of Texas oil. Weaving together the multigenerational sagas of the industry's four wealthiest families, Burrough brings to life the men known in their day as the Big Four: Roy Cullen, H. L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, and Sid Richardson, all swaggering Texas oil tycoons who owned sprawling ranches and mingled with presidents and Hollywood stars. Seamlessly charting their collective rise and fall, The Big Rich is a hugely entertaining account that only a writer with Burrough's abilities-and Texas upbringing-could have written.

Addicted to Nick

Addicted to Nick Author Bronwyn Jameson
ISBN-10 1459203186
Release 2011-02-21
Pages 192
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Horse trainer Tamara Cole knew all about Nick Corelli, the gorgeous black sheep of the Corelli clan. Now here he was, creeping about the stables in the dead of night! The sexy city entrepreneur might not be armed, but he was plenty dangerous.... Nick had come to Australia to sell his family horse farm—only to be accosted by his new partner! But the co-owner of Yarra Park was a spirited, sensual woman who was as attracted to him as he was to her...and about to discover that for her loving Nick was a lifelong addiction....

The Fortune Most Likely To a Proposal for the Officer

The Fortune Most Likely To     a Proposal for the Officer Author Marie Ferrarella
ISBN-10 1489256989
Release 2018-03-03
Pages 456
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The Fortune Most Likely To... - Marie Ferrarella Dr Everett Fortunado is sitting on the biggest secret to hit Texas - but nothing's more shocking than finding Lila Clark working for the Fortunes. Years ago a teen pregnancy forced her to give up their baby...and Everett. Lila's not one for second chances, but that won't stop Everett from trying. Because this time around, he knows the meaning of family. And he wants his - with Lila! A Proposal For The Officer - Christy Jeffries Temporarily grounded combat pilot Molly Markham didn't come to Sugar Falls to get serious about a man she barely knows! But when Kaleb Chatterson becomes her unexpected hero, she agrees to date the billionaire software developer to keep their secret from getting out. Except the sexy brainiac - and her pretend boyfriend - is fast turning into the man of her dreams...

Custody for Two

Custody for Two Author Karen Rose Smith
ISBN-10 9781459218239
Release 2011-10-17
Pages 224
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IT WAS THE CALL DYLAN MALLOY NEVER WANTED TO RECEIVE He'd lost the only family he'd ever known. His sister and brother-in-law were dead—and their premature baby was fighting for his life in a Wyoming hospital. The globetrotting photographer lost no time rushing to the preemie's side. But much to Dylan's surprise, he was not Timmy's rightful guardian. Why didn't his beloved baby sister leave him custody of the baby…instead of appointing her friend Shaye Bartholomew? Shaye loved Timmy, that much was clear. But Dylan wasn't ready to give up custody without a fight…or to deny his chemistry with the one woman who stood in his way.

School of Fortune

School of Fortune Author Amanda Brown
ISBN-10 9781429916240
Release 2007-06-26
Pages 352
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A fun, fresh frolic of a novel starring a spoiled but lovable Texas heiress out to reclaim her fortune Pippa Walker's wedding was to be huge—Texas huge—complete with twelve bridesmaids under contract from Pippa's mother to stay lean and long-haired, gondolas flown in from Venice, A- and B- guest lists. But when Pippa finds out her handsome husband-to-be isn't what she thought, she bolts from her own wedding, shocking society and getting herself disinherited. The only way she can get a piece of the family fortune back is to earn a degree from a school. Any school. It's a tough assignment for a girl who dropped out of SMU after pledging Kappa Kappa Gamma and shopping at Neiman's for a year. But Pippa is nothing if not up for a challenge. Attracting one hilarious misadventure after another, she tries to earn her sheepskin at: driving school, matchmaking school, even a circus academy. It's only when she hits rock-bottom—The Mountbatten Savoy School of Household Management—that things begin to look up. But can she really be falling in love with a...valet? "Great, silly fun, guaranteed to be seen at a beach near you." - Kirkus Reviews


Fortune Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105121669886
Release 2005
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Fortune has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fortune also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fortune book for free.

Aviator of Fortune

Aviator of Fortune Author Erik Benson
ISBN-10 1585445002
Release 2006
Pages 264
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To understand Yerex's remarkable career, Erik Benson focuses on the uniqueness of the entrepreneur's background, one that enabled him to empathize with both Great Britain and the United States and to foster working relationships with these rivals. Yerex's dealings with the two countries shed new light on the development of aviation in the 1930s and 1940s, at a time when Pan American ruled the skies of the western hemisphere, when revolutions and coups rocked governments, and when fortunes waited to be made and lost.