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The International Political Economy of the Environment

The International Political Economy of the Environment Author Dimitris Stevis
ISBN-10 1555879802
Release 2001
Pages 309
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An investigation of the framing of both environmental problems and solutions to clarify the particular political dynamics and preferences that they reflect and legitimate. All the chapters raise theoretical questions at the core of research and policymaking that values social equity and health.


Emotions Author Monica Greco
ISBN-10 9781134719419
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 512
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Are emotions becoming more conspicuous in contemporary life? Are the social sciences undergoing an an 'affective turn'? This Reader gathers influential and contemporary work in the study of emotion and affective life from across the range of the social sciences. Drawing on both theoretical and empirical research, the collection offers a sense of the diversity of perspectives that have emerged over the last thirty years from a variety of intellectual traditions. Its wide span and trans-disciplinary character is designed to capture the increasing significance of the study of affect and emotion for the social sciences, and to give a sense of how this is played out in the context of specific areas of interest. The volume is divided into four main parts: universals and particulars of affect embodying affect political economies of affect affect, power and justice. Each main part comprises three sections dedicated to substantive themes, including emotions, history and civilization; emotions and culture; emotions selfhood and identity; emotions and the media; emotions and politics; emotions, space and place, with a final section dedicated to themes of compassion, hate and terror. Each of the twelve sections begins with an editorial introduction that contextualizes the readings and highlights points of comparison across the volume. Cross-national in content, the collection provides an introduction to the key debates, concepts and modes of approach that have been developed by social scientist for the study of emotion and affective life.

Communicating and Organizing in Context

Communicating and Organizing in Context Author Beth Bonniwell Haslett
ISBN-10 9781136674877
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 448
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Communicating and Organizing in Context integrates Giddens’ structuration theory with Goffman’s interaction order and develops a new theoretical base—the theory of structurational interaction—for the analysis of communicating and organizing. Both theorists emphasize tacit knowledge, social routines, context, social practices, materiality, frames, agency, and view communication as constitutive of social life and of organizing. Thus their integration in structurational interaction provides a coherent, communication-centric approach to analyzing communicating, organizing and their interrelationships. This book will be a valuable resource for students and scholars as an orientation to the field of organizational communication and as an integration of organizing and communicating. It will also be useful for practitioners as a tool for understanding how conceptual frames limit possibilities and constitute the nature of organizing and members' participation in organizations.

Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry

Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry Author W. L. Jr Baily
ISBN-10 0521217776
Release 1977-11-24
Pages 401
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The articles in this volume cover some developments in complex analysis and algebraic geometry. The book is divided into three parts. Part I includes topics in the theory of algebraic surfaces and analytic surface. Part II covers topics in moduli and classification problems, as well as structure theory of certain complex manifolds. Part III is devoted to various topics in algebraic geometry analysis and arithmetic. A survey article by Ueno serves as an introduction to the general background of the subject matter of the volume. The volume was written for Kunihiko Kodaira on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, by his friends and students. Professor Kodaira was one of the world's leading mathematicians in algebraic geometry and complex manifold theory: and the contributions reflect those concerns.

Peerless Educator

Peerless Educator Author J. Wesley Null
ISBN-10 0820474584
Release 2007
Pages 334
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Isaac Leon Kandel (1881-1965) was a major figure in educational philosophy and comparative education in the twentieth century. As a professor of education at Columbia University's Teachers College, Kandel almost single-handedly developed the field of comparative education, and was an early critic of Progressive educational philosophy. As the definitive biography of one of the twentieth century's most brilliant writers on education, this book presents Kandel as a democratic traditionalist who tirelessly advocated the ideal of liberal education for all. This book tells the story of Kandel's life and the many obstacles that he faced because of his faith and political views. The philosophy of democratic schooling that Kandel embodies is crucial to the reconstruction of American education today. "Peerless Educator "will be of interest not only to scholars of education, but also to practitioners who want to improve education in the twenty-first century.

From Fermat to Minkowski

From Fermat to Minkowski Author W. Scharlau
ISBN-10 9781475718676
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 186
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This book arose from a course of lectures given by the first author during the winter term 1977/1978 at the University of Münster (West Germany). The course was primarily addressed to future high school teachers of mathematics; it was not meant as a systematic introduction to number theory but rather as a historically motivated invitation to the subject, designed to interest the audience in number-theoretical questions and developments. This is also the objective of this book, which is certainly not meant to replace any of the existing excellent texts in number theory. Our selection of topics and examples tries to show how, in the historical development, the investigation of obvious or natural questions has led to more and more comprehensive and profound theories, how again and again, surprising connections between seemingly unrelated problems were discovered, and how the introduction of new methods and concepts led to the solution of hitherto unassailable questions. All this means that we do not present the student with polished proofs (which in turn are the fruit of a long historical development); rather, we try to show how these theorems are the necessary consequences of natural questions. Two examples might illustrate our objectives.

10 Stave Music Writing Pad Loose Pages 3 Hole Punched for Ring Binders

10 Stave Music Writing Pad  Loose Pages  3 Hole Punched for Ring Binders Author Alfred Publishing
ISBN-10 0739022725
Release 1987-08-01
Pages 80
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This high-quality music writing pad has clearly engraved, evenly spaced staff lines for easy writing. Affordably priced for students and professionals.

Dixie Hearts

Dixie Hearts Author Andrea Boeshaar
ISBN-10 160260410X
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 350
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The road to love is rocky ...

China Under Reform

China Under Reform Author Lowell Dittmer
ISBN-10 9780429973710
Release 2018-02-19
Pages 244
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In the face of the demise of communism elsewhere, China's unique combination of economic reform and political dictatorship has kept the country intact. Yet Lowell Dittmer questions the ability of this fragile structure to withstand future tremors. In this book, Dittmer convincingly shows how, although the revolutionary impulse has largely been forgotten, it continues to disrupt, inspire, and otherwise shape the reform effort.

NEWCAT Parsing Natural Language Using Left Associative Grammar

NEWCAT  Parsing Natural Language Using Left Associative Grammar Author Roland Hausser
ISBN-10 3540167811
Release 1986-07-01
Pages 541
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NEWCAT Parsing Natural Language Using Left Associative Grammar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from NEWCAT Parsing Natural Language Using Left Associative Grammar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full NEWCAT Parsing Natural Language Using Left Associative Grammar book for free.

The Secret History of Water

The Secret History of Water Author Silvia Curbelo
ISBN-10 0938078526
Release 1997
Pages 75
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Poetry. "Silvia Curbelo's poetry is accomplished, daring, full of energy and intelligence; it is the generous first manifestation of an authentic and original gift. Her poems embody imaginative honesty and a free-ranging and fresh sensibility. I think they should be welcomed and read with care"-W. S. Merwin.

The River Whispers

The River Whispers Author Pamela Pizzimenti
ISBN-10 1468569392
Release 2008-08-28
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Thirteen year old Evie feels out of place as the only new student at Turnville School, but add to it the unusual ability to see a ghost, and she thinks she'll never fit in. Already trying to cope with the recent death of her grandfather, befriending a ghost is the last thing she wants to do. Yet, she's intrigued by the mystery surrounding David's death and is compelled to solve it. Evie recruits help from Bliss, a free-thinking, artistic girl, and Johnny who is good-looking and clever. While investigating, she discovers that the lives of people in a small town are intricately intertwined and almost everyone has something to hide - including her new friends. Evie snoops her way into a precarious position; she finds out who's responsible for David's death, but if she exposes who it is someone she cares about will be hurt. Faced with the difficult choice of either protecting the living or honoring the dead, Evie must confront David's father, Mr. Carter, who is an intimidating and bitter recluse. When observing Mr. Carter's grief, Evie realizes she is unable to accept her own feelings of loss. Letting go of her grief and anger could be Evie's greatest challenge, but if she and Mr. Carter can find forgiveness, they might be able to pull a town together, and in the process find the true meaning of family, community and love.

Weight Management for Type II Diabetes

Weight Management for Type II Diabetes Author Jackie Labat
ISBN-10 0471347507
Release 1997-05-24
Pages 224
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Take control of your weight--and your diabetes. Managing your weight is critical when you have diabetes. In fact, losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds can improve diabetes control. With this innovative book, you can manage your weight and your diabetes by making gradual lifestyle changes you'll be able to live with for the rest of your life--like following a low-fat meal plan, becoming more active, and managing stress. Weight Management for Type II Diabetes will help you assess habits, teach you techniques of behavior change, and motivate you to find the support you need to manage both diabetes and your weight. This interactive guide takes you through the steps of developing a personalized plan that considers your lifestyle, personality, family situation, and wants and needs. Authors Jackie Labat, MS, RD, CDE, and Annette Maggi, MS, RD, will help you: * Set reasonable goals * Keep pace with an exercise program * Design your own meal plan * Handle special occasions * Manage stress * Learn to deal with lapses The book also provides fat and calorie counts, grocery shopping tips, and a lesson in low-fat cooking.

Troubled Journey

Troubled Journey Author Diane T. Marsh
ISBN-10 0874778751
Release 1997
Pages 206
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Discusses the nature of mental illness and its devastating impact on family relationships, and describes the essential stages of recovery

Patio Stone A Sunset Design Guide

Patio   Stone  A Sunset Design Guide Author Tom Wilhite
ISBN-10 0376013494
Release 2009-02-17
Pages 224
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All the latest ideas on design and materials, along with essential landscaping advice from landscaping professionals, so that you can create unique outdoor living spaces. Expert designers | Experience garden design and landscaping professionals guide you in creating the patio you want on a budget you can afford Real-world solutions | Pro-designed patios and garden stonework show the best ways to pull all the elements together to create a cohesive, comfortable outdoor space At a glance | Clear, concise charts make it easy to choose materials based on appearance, durability, ease of installation, and price Go green | The latest information n green materials and landscaping techniques


Witchet Author G. L. Barnett
ISBN-10 1434373916
Release 2008
Pages 156
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Banished by Lord Ailaan to the caverns beneath the Range of Noorn, Gronag's hatred rankled, something awful, so he built a great stronghold, which he named 'Kalidrae', and set about concocting a plan to rid himself of the despised Guardian of the Earth.... In due course, with the help of the Baccra, terrible creatures from the depth of Beanden Tull, Gronag embarks on a reign of terror, subjecting all who live in the light (especially humans) to the horrors of the night. When her grandfather is spirited away by the Baccra, Jaedea Raal is thrown into a quandary and, in the days that follow, finds herself not only endeavouring to free the old man from the clutches of Gronag, overseeing the fortification of Witchet and liberating a whole coffle of prisoners from the mines of Kalidrae, but also attempting to rescue her father, Tyle the Watcher, from the dungeons below Taan Crag. Once the danger to Witchet is realised, Jaedea races off to the Valley of Light to fetch reinforcements. Her companion on this journey, a journey fraught with danger and mishaps, is Jadikij, a Sylvan endowed with ancient powers who, it appears, is just as headstrong as his charge. Ultimately, of course, our protaginists are charged with destroying the underworld citadel of Kalidrae, in an effort to thwart the evil plan of Gronag Podargus, but on the way down to Kalidrae, Jaedea Raal caused more than a few raised eyebrows...

Saving Water

Saving Water Author Neil Morris
ISBN-10 1848350309
Release 2008
Pages 24
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A fantastic new series introducing children to environmental issues facing the world today. Informative and visually exciting, these titles encourage a positive approach to becoming more 'green'.Activities to encourage children to reuse, reduce and recycle.Packed with photographs.Fascinating facts, written and checked by experts.Contents, glossary and index.