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Love Spanks 2015

Love Spanks 2015 Author Anastasia Vitsky
ISBN-10 1511433256
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 256
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The Snow Liger by Jae Like most cats, liger shifter Griffin hates winter...until her human mate Jorie asks her to help with the research for a love scene she's trying to write. Mistress on Her Knees by Anastasia Vitsky When a Domme loves a Domme, strange things can happen. When a Domme loves a Domme who is her former submissive and cheated with her best friend, all of the usual fun with handcuffs turns into something darker. Sweet Sherrie by Louisa Bacio There's nothing quite as sweet as two friends, tussling between the sheets. The "shy one" Sherrie wants to explore a physical relationship, but not before teaching her sorority sister bestie Desiree a few lessons on teasing. Learning to Trust by Olivia Starke Cookie making gets naughty when Madeline surprises her fiancee, Casey, with some sweet treats. The Briefcase by Sara Daniel Sadie is on a mission to deliver an important briefcase for her boss, Rhea, whom she's lusted after forever. But an emergency changes Sadie's plans, and suddenly she is trying to keep a horde of well-meaning friends from prying the briefcase out of her hands. When the shocking contents spill out at the worst possible moment, much more than Sadie's job is at stake. Bank Shot by Geonn Cannon A bartender offers refuge to a woman fleeing a bad date during a storm. When the lights go out, they pass the time with a game of pool with very interesting stakes. Just Desserts by Tara Quan After messing up in a big way, Allison Chen attempts to bribe her lover with a box of cupcakes. Felicity has a far more delicious form of restitution in mind-one involving a crop, camera, and vibrating toy. Spanking Sidney by Leigh Ellwood Kit loves women, loves sex...and now she loves spanking. Just Chaps by Alyssa Linn Palmer Biker Alex suggests to her girlfriend Elly that she ought to wear leather chaps with nothing underneath, but Elly needs some convincing. Discovery by Anne Ferrer Odom When friendship is your greatest temptation, love is your enemy. What will Madison do, now that her love for Harper has become more than she can handle? Accidental Date by Erik Schubach Angela Sutter was waiting for her math tutor to arrive. When Kennedi shows up, misunderstandings snowball and Angel finds herself in a situation she never expected. The First of Many by Caitlin Ricci and Cari Z Danny was looking forward to celebrating her one month anniversary with her domme Lucy. She wasn't expecting there to be a test, though. Gold Rush by Cathy Pegau A rough and tumble gold miner and a prim assayer find love in the 1890 Nome AK gold rush. Terci's Dream by Kate Richards The Domme of Terci's dreams appears in a a dungeon, where the third door is always theirs. Can an author's fantasies come true or are they destined to stay between the pages of her bestselling books? Dating Storm by Victoria Cobretti Who knew that dating a Gargoyle could be so tough? Well, Maggie and Kalila are about to find out that when you are dating a Gargoyle, sometimes you have to settle for the unconventional dates. Love in Disguise by Jessica E. Subject Aeria dreads the coming of Valentine's Day, especially after being dumped two days earlier. Can a sexy android show her how much fun the day can be and all that she's been missing in her search for a lover?"

Sapphic Confessions

Sapphic Confessions Author Giselle Renarde
ISBN-10 1508881782
Release 2015-03-18
Pages 206
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I kissed a girl... and I didn't stop there! Twenty-four eye-opening lesbian tales so titillating you won't be able to resist reading the next confession. Butches, femmes, chapstick lesbians, bisexual beauties, experienced older women and curious first-timers admit to their naughty deeds in this hot new short story collection. Bad girls get caught being naughty in church. A bi femme gets spanked by a butch stranger in her pool's sauna room. An established couple hires a gorgeous girl for a first-time threesome. A fiery motorcycle dyke makes a scene outside a lesbian nightclub. An incorrigible house painter converts rich MILFs in their own homes. Driving lessons get dirty on a dusty country road. All this and so much more in Sapphic Confessions: 24 Kinky Lesbian Sex Stories!

The Interrogation

The Interrogation Author Jacintha Topaz
ISBN-10 9781310334528
Release 2014-12-28
Pages 33
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Caught free-loading at the refill counter, Amber Hawkins is escorted by private security to the manager’s office on the day before her last final exam. On-site supervisor Elise Yarwood finally catches the vixen that has been stealing her condiments and plans to teach the crafty woman some lessons she will never forget. The Interrogation is a Lesbian New Adult Spanking Romance written by Purr Erotica Romance Author Jacintha Topaz. Each book in the DykeLove Quickies series is a stand-alone work. Book 1: The Interview Book 2: The Interrogation Book 3: The Inquiry Book 4: The Investigation Book 5: The Inspection Book 6: The Inquisition

The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories

The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories Author Alisa Surkis
ISBN-10 0758202547
Release 2002
Pages 228
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Written in the style of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s pulp fiction novels, a rollicking collection of novellas, including Miss Barnard's Unit in which a country bumpkin finds love with a classy debutante, captures the passion that erupts between women who love women--and the horses they ride. Original. 15,000 first printing.

Finding Ms Write

Finding Ms  Write Author Jae
ISBN-10 3955336700
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 300
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Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you a collection of romantic short stories about "book people"-heroines who are somehow involved in the publishing industry. From a novelist with the world's biggest crush on her editor to a beta reader connecting with her cabinmate on a cruise, from a woman seeking rare books who finds love instead to a bookstore owner who's drawn to the shy writer sitting by the shop's window every day, this anthology is full of stories guaranteed to have a happy ending. Step into our world of books and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of writers who are chasing deadlines...and finding love. Includes stories by A.L. Brooks, Anastasia Vitsky, Chris Zett, Cori Kane, Elaine Burnes, Hazel Yeats, Jacelle Scott, Jae, Jove Belle, Kathy Brodland, Lea Daley, and Melissa Grace.

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Author Sacchi Green
ISBN-10 1627782869
Release 2018-11-16
Pages 216
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Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 will prove to be yet another stellar addition to this body-tingling series--the gold standard for erotic lesbian fiction. This year it journeys into the world of lesbian sex with unique and sometimes kinky stories that push lesbian lust and desire to new heights of pleasure. Edited by award-winning editor Sacchi Green, this latest edition is sensual, inventive, and utterly breathtaking.

Wild Girls Wild Nights

Wild Girls  Wild Nights Author Sacchi Green
ISBN-10 9781573449502
Release 2013-05-20
Pages 232
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There are the fabled urban myths of lesbians who fill up a U-Haul on the second date and lead sweetly romantic lives of cocoa and comfy slippers. Safe and sound. A lot of cozy and not much crazy. These are NOT those stories- these are wild women with dirty minds, untamed tongues, and even the occasional cuff or clamp. A lotta crazy and no cozy slippers to be seen. These Wild Girls tell stories of their own Wild Nights (and days,) memories too hot to keep undercover. Real women with real needs and overwhelming desires find the courage to reveal intimate, unrestrained details of their sex lives, the need to share their stories second only to the urgent impulses that drove the action in the first place. There are first times, life-long commitments, and fleeting encounters to savor for a lifetime. Tenderness merges with edge-play; scenes shift from Caribbean islands to desert battlefields to the ultimate privacy of home; and the writers range from well-known names to newcomers driven to share fresh memories they’ll never forget. In Evan Mora’s “The Insatiable Travel Itch,” repression in public drives her wild. “Transported, transplanted, we are transgressors. And it makes me fucking wet.” Angel Propps struggles to face her deepest desires. “The word Daddy had a familiar shape on my tongue, but not in my head, and for one second I was sure I was going to Hell—and then I came.” She’d found, of course, “The Daddy I Didn’t Know I Needed.” Anna Watson, in “Tamago,” gives a poignant and sizzling view of being a lesbian femme who loves butches. “I know being femme is what makes the breath blow out of me when she calls and says, ‘Babe, I just wanted you to know that I was driving along here, thinking about your breasts.’” Reality doesn’t have to be prosaic. Real sex can be wet, messy, frenzied, sometimes even awkward, but never boring. With these writers and seventeen more, “Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories” is the proof of that.

Hookin Up

Hookin  Up Author M. J. Williamz
ISBN-10 1635550513
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 242
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Will Leah get what she needs from casual hookups or will she see the love she desires right in front of her?

Annie on My Mind

Annie on My Mind Author Nancy Garden
ISBN-10 9781504046619
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 272
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A landmark in LGBT fiction, this captivating story of two teenage girls who fall in love is a “classic of the genre” (Publishers Weekly). When Liza Winthrop first lays eyes on Annie Kenyon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she knows there’s something special between them. Soon, their close friendship develops into a deep and intimate romance. Neither imagined that falling in love could be so wonderful, but as Liza and Annie’s newfound sexuality sparks conflict in both their families and at their schools, they discover it will take more than love for their relationship to succeed. One of the first books to positively portray a lesbian relationship, Annie on My Mind is a groundbreaking classic of the genre. The subject of a First Amendment lawsuit over banned books and one of School Library Journal’s “One Hundred Books that Shaped the Century,” Nancy Garden’s iconic novel is an important story for anyone discovering who they’re meant to be.

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime Author Harper Bliss
ISBN-10 9881420458
Release 2015-06-19
Pages 224
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Leigh Sterling and Jodie Whitehouse share a deep love and extreme passion in the bedroom. But when Jodie's desire for a child becomes inevitable, it clashes with Leigh's career ambitions as well as with her lack of maternal instinct, and forces them apart. They go through life separately and, as years go by, their attempts at other relationships fail to measure up to the power of the union they once shared. When they see each other again eleven years after their painful breakup, an opportunity arises to explore if they really were each other's one true love.

Dirty Dates

Dirty Dates Author Rachel Kramer Bussel
ISBN-10 9781627781503
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 232
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What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs, or a spanking? The couples in Dirty Dates combine kink and romance in this collection of erotic stories that provides plenty of ideas for your next sexy outing. Your 50th date can be even hotter than the first ones if you play by the rule of Rachel Kramer Bussel, which means NO rules at all except for an emphasis on pure pleasure. Rachel Kramer Bussel has quickly become America's favorite erotic writer with dozens of best-selling books, awards, and deeply satisfied readers to her credit. Dirty Dates is a delectable collection of stories redolent with romance featuring two people in lust. From first dates to long-term lovers to hook-ups and missed connections, the common theme is coming together in every sense of the word!

Depths of Blue

Depths of Blue Author Lise MacTague
ISBN-10 9781594938054
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 288
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For Torrin Ivanov, life is a bargaining table. Every planet is a new business opportunity. Legality is optional and supplying one side in a local civil war always adds up to profit. Jak Stowell is at war within a war. A woman hidden in the heart of a male-only army, her brother’s murder has left her desperate for vengeance. Her skill as a sniper gives her both the disguise she needs and paves the way ever closer to her real goal. She kills efficiently, without remorse. Putting down an off-world smuggler will be no different. A moment’s hesitation. A flicker of doubt. Two women on a collision course set off a chain reaction of intergalactic intrigue—and awaken a dangerous passion that could cost them their lives.

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen Hours Author Meghan O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781602822795
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 248
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Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? It's her birthday but lonely workaholic Dana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal. The very last interruption she expects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen. These belong to an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music. Laurel Stanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school. She has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than Dana. The uptight project manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the gift a colleague sent and equally appalled by Laurel's occupation. After Dana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything. Stuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together. Can everything change in less than a day? Dana and Laurel set out to discover if their passionate elevator encounter can mean more in this fast-paced, erotic story of lust, loneliness, fantasy, and desire.

Say Please

Say Please Author Sinclair Sexsmith
ISBN-10 9781573447850
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 232
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Sinclair Sexsmith presents a cornucopia of lesbian kink ? tantalizing tales rich in variety and saucy details of girls put in their place ? and held there firmly. A girly-girl reaps a sweet punishment for refusing to mess up her oh-so-pink lipstick and a well-equipped top takes charge. Whether readers dream of surrendering to a lover or of taking control, Say Please offers plenty of erotic inspiration and gives readers exactly what they want! In "The Cruelest Kind," Kiki Delovely's naughty narrator gets her just desserts from her butch girlfriend with some fierce back alley bondage while D.L. King's domme makes her submissive strip before un unseen audience, binds her to a bench, and gives her a good strapping in "A Public Spectacle." Anna Watson' bored housewife gets more than she bargains for in "The Keys" when she follows a lesbian animal trainer out to a queer bar and anything goes in Xan West's sexy "Strong" when a transgender butch and genderqueer sub engage in some very tough love.

Best Lesbian Romance 2014

Best Lesbian Romance 2014 Author Radclyffe
ISBN-10 9781627780230
Release 2014-01-20
Pages 244
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Savor gorgeous writing and the pleasure of romance with Best Lesbian Romance 2014. The lesbian literati in this volume comprising the very best of the year raise the bar with tales that grab readers' attention, and their libidos, and have them coming back for more. Romance is many things: thrilling, inspiring, passionate, and life-altering. But most of all, love — whether new or lifelong — is filled with endless possibility. These 18 stories of love, intimacy, and soaring romance from Andrea Dale, Anna Meadows, Lee Lynch, Radclyffe, and the rest of the best, guide readers on an unforgettable journey of adventure, desire, excitement, and discovery.

Best Bisexual Women s Erotica

Best Bisexual Women s Erotica Author Cara Bruce
ISBN-10 9781573444378
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 200
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Bisexual women have attained a powerful sexual mythos, but as Cara Bruce writes in her introduction, it’s as “a staple of everyone else's porn and erotica.” In this short story collection, however, bi women reveal themselves — and their steamy sex lives — as they really are. From the first entrancing page, readers find themselves intimately involved with the passionate protagonists and their partners. The tales push erotica into the realm of timeless fiction, while featuring salacious glimpses into the lives, loves, and desires of a diverse group of women. Playful, sexy, scintillating, and sometimes heartbreaking, Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica delivers a smart, one-handed read for both sexes.

The Muse

The Muse Author Meghan O'Brien
ISBN-10 9781626392809
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 288
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Erotica author Kate McMannis has crippling writer’s block and a deadline in less than two months. When a beautiful woman named Erato appears at her house and claims to be her muse, Kate isn’t certain whether Erato is mentally ill or truly her supernatural savior. Either way, when the incredible sex Erato offers leads to genuine inspiration, Kate isn’t inclined to refuse her unusual brand of help. When a little fantasy fulfillment with Erato inadvertently leads her to the shy and gorgeous Olive Johnson, unexpected feelings threaten to derail Kate’s motivation once again. Erato is just as determined to keep her writing on track as Kate is to explore her very real attraction to Olive—which leads to friction that threatens not only Kate’s ability to meet her deadline, but also her burgeoning romance with Olive. Caught between a contractual obligation and her heart, is there any way for Kate to have it all?