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Fractal Functions Fractal Surfaces and Wavelets

Fractal Functions  Fractal Surfaces  and Wavelets Author Peter R. Massopust
ISBN-10 9780128044704
Release 2016-09-02
Pages 426
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Fractal Functions, Fractal Surfaces, and Wavelets, Second Edition, is the first systematic exposition of the theory of local iterated function systems, local fractal functions and fractal surfaces, and their connections to wavelets and wavelet sets. The book is based on Massopust’s work on and contributions to the theory of fractal interpolation, and the author uses a number of tools—including analysis, topology, algebra, and probability theory—to introduce readers to this exciting subject. Though much of the material presented in this book is relatively current (developed in the past decades by the author and his colleagues) and fairly specialized, an informative background is provided for those entering the field. With its coherent and comprehensive presentation of the theory of univariate and multivariate fractal interpolation, this book will appeal to mathematicians as well as to applied scientists in the fields of physics, engineering, biomathematics, and computer science. In this second edition, Massopust includes pertinent application examples, further discusses local IFS and new fractal interpolation or fractal data, further develops the connections to wavelets and wavelet sets, and deepens and extends the pedagogical content. Offers a comprehensive presentation of fractal functions and fractal surfaces Includes latest developments in fractal interpolation Connects fractal geometry with wavelet theory Includes pertinent application examples, further discusses local IFS and new fractal interpolation or fractal data, and further develops the connections to wavelets and wavelet sets Deepens and extends the pedagogical content

Interpolation and Approximation with Splines and Fractals

Interpolation and Approximation with Splines and Fractals Author Peter Robert Massopust
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822037437092
Release 2010
Pages 319
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This textbook is intended to supplement the classical theory of uni- and multivariate splines and their approximation and interpolation properties with those of fractals, fractal functions, and fractal surfaces. This synthesis will complement currently required courses dealing with these topics and expose the prospective reader to some new and deep relationships. In addition to providing a classical introduction to the main issues involving approximation and interpolation with uni- and multivariate splines, cardinal and exponential splines, and their connection to wavelets and multiscale analysis, which comprises the first half of the book, the second half will describe fractals, fractal functions and fractal surfaces, and their properties. This also includes the new burgeoning theory of superfractals and superfractal functions. The theory of splines is well-established but the relationship to fractal functions is novel. Throughout the book, connections between these two apparently different areas will be exposed and presented. In this way, more options are given to the prospective reader who will encounter complex approximation and interpolation problems in real-world modeling. Numerous examples, figures, and exercises accompany the material.

Fractals Wavelets and their Applications

Fractals  Wavelets  and their Applications Author Christoph Bandt
ISBN-10 9783319081052
Release 2014-09-27
Pages 508
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Fractals and wavelets are emerging areas of mathematics with many common factors which can be used to develop new technologies. This volume contains the selected contributions from the lectures and plenary and invited talks given at the International Workshop and Conference on Fractals and Wavelets held at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, India from November 9-12, 2013. Written by experts, the contributions hope to inspire and motivate researchers working in this area. They provide more insight into the areas of fractals, self similarity, iterated function systems, wavelets and the applications of both fractals and wavelets. This volume will be useful for the beginners as well as experts in the fields of fractals and wavelets.

Wavelets fractals and Fourier transforms

Wavelets  fractals  and Fourier transforms Author M. Farge
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029896126
Release 1993-05-27
Pages 403
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Many of the recently developed mathematical techniques used to describe complex algebraic functions and analyze empirical continuous data have been derived from a wide range of signal data from such sources as turbulent flows and oil well logs. Probably the most important and rapidly developing of these techniques involve Fourier methods, fractals, and wavelets. This important collection of essays provides a useful introduction to the mathematics of wavelets, fractals, and Fourier transforms, and to their many applications. The book emphasizes throughout how the different methods of analysis expose very different aspects of complex signals and surfaces, and that the most suitable method of analysis often depends on the application under consideration. It will be of significant interest to researchers, teachers, and students involved in pure and applied mathematics.

Abstract and Applied Analysis

Abstract and Applied Analysis Author N. M. Chuong
ISBN-10 9789812702548
Release 2004
Pages 567
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This volume takes up various topics in Mathematical Analysis including boundary and initial value problems for Partial Differential Equations and Functional Analytic methods. Topics include linear elliptic systems for composite material OCo the coefficients may jump from domain to domain; Stochastic Analysis OCo many applied problems involve evolution equations with random terms, leading to the use of stochastic analysis. The proceedings have been selected for coverage in: . OCo Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings). OCo CC Proceedings OCo Engineering & Physical Sciences. Contents: Deterministic Analysis: Differentiation of Hypergeometric Functions with Respect to Parameters (Yu A Brychkov & K O Geddes); On the Lagrange Problem About the Strongest Columns (Yu V Egorov); Wavelet Based Fast Solution of Boundary Integral Equations (H Harbrecht & R Schneider); Semi-Classical Methods in GinzburgOCoLandau Theory (B Helffer); Stability of Equilibriums in One-Dimensional Motion of Compressible Viscous Gas Forced by Self-Gravity (Y Iwata & Y Yamamoto); Estimates for Elliptic Systems for Composite Material (L Nirenberg); On Asymptotics for the Mabuchi Energy Functional (D H Phong & J Sturm); Regularity of Solutions of the Initial Boundary Value Problem for Linearized Equations of Ideal Magneto-Hydrodynamics (M Yamamoto); Stochastic Analysis: Impulsive Stochastic Evolution Inclusions with Multi-Valued Diffusion (N U Ahmed); Some of Future Directions of White Noise Analysis (T Hida); Constructing Random Probability Distributions (T P Hill & D E R Sitton); Multiparameter Additive Processes of Mixture Type (K Inoue); The Random Integral Representation Hypothesis Revisited: New Classes of S-Selfdecomposable Laws (Z J Jurek); Semigroups and Processes with Parameter in a Cone (J Pedersen & K-I Sato); and other papers. Readership: Researchers and academics in the fields of analysis and differential equations, approximation theory, probability and statistics."

Fractals in Engineering

Fractals in Engineering Author Jacques Levy Vehel
ISBN-10 9781447109952
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 402
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Fractal analysis research is expanding into a variety of engineering domains. The strong potential of this work is now beginning to be seen in important applications in real industrial situations. Recent research progress has already led to new developments in domains such as signal processing and chemical engineering, and the major advances in fractal theory that underlie such developments are detailed here. New domains of applications are also presented, among them environmental science and rough surface analysis. Sections include multifractal analysis, iterated function systems, random processes, network traffic analysis, fractals and waves, image compression, and applications in physics. Fractals in Engineering emphasizes the connection between fractal analysis research and applications to industry. It is an important volume that illustrates the scientific and industrial value of this exciting field.

A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing

A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing Author Stephane Mallat
ISBN-10 0080922023
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 832
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Mallat's book is the undisputed reference in this field - it is the only one that covers the essential material in such breadth and depth. - Laurent Demanet, Stanford University The new edition of this classic book gives all the major concepts, techniques and applications of sparse representation, reflecting the key role the subject plays in today's signal processing. The book clearly presents the standard representations with Fourier, wavelet and time-frequency transforms, and the construction of orthogonal bases with fast algorithms. The central concept of sparsity is explained and applied to signal compression, noise reduction, and inverse problems, while coverage is given to sparse representations in redundant dictionaries, super-resolution and compressive sensing applications. Features: * Balances presentation of the mathematics with applications to signal processing * Algorithms and numerical examples are implemented in WaveLab, a MATLAB toolbox New in this edition * Sparse signal representations in dictionaries * Compressive sensing, super-resolution and source separation * Geometric image processing with curvelets and bandlets * Wavelets for computer graphics with lifting on surfaces * Time-frequency audio processing and denoising * Image compression with JPEG-2000 * New and updated exercises A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing: The Sparse Way, Third Edition, is an invaluable resource for researchers and R&D engineers wishing to apply the theory in fields such as image processing, video processing and compression, bio-sensing, medical imaging, machine vision and communications engineering. Stephane Mallat is Professor in Applied Mathematics at École Polytechnique, Paris, France. From 1986 to 1996 he was a Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, and between 2001 and 2007, he co-founded and became CEO of an image processing semiconductor company. Includes all the latest developments since the book was published in 1999, including its application to JPEG 2000 and MPEG-4 Algorithms and numerical examples are implemented in Wavelab, a MATLAB toolbox Balances presentation of the mathematics with applications to signal processing

The Nonlinear Workbook

The Nonlinear Workbook Author Willi-Hans Steeb
ISBN-10 9789814583497
Release 2014-11-14
Pages 684
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The Nonlinear Workbook provides a comprehensive treatment of all the techniques in nonlinear dynamics together with C++, Java and SymbolicC++ implementations. The book not only covers the theoretical aspects of the topics but also provides the practical tools. To understand the material, more than 100 worked out examples and 160 ready to run programs are included. Each chapter provides a collection of interesting problems. New topics added to the 6th edition are Swarm Intelligence, Quantum Cellular Automata, Hidden Markov Model and DNA, Birkhoff's ergodic theorem and chaotic maps, Banach fixed point theorem and applications, tau-wavelets of Haar, Boolean derivatives and applications, and Cartan forms and Lagrangian. Request Inspection Copy

Multiscale Analysis of Complex Time Series

Multiscale Analysis of Complex Time Series Author Jianbo Gao
ISBN-10 0470191643
Release 2007-12-04
Pages 366
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The only integrative approach to chaos and random fractal theory Chaos and random fractal theory are two of the most important theories developed for data analysis. Until now, there has been no single book that encompasses all of the basic concepts necessary for researchers to fully understand the ever-expanding literature and apply novel methods to effectively solve their signal processing problems. Multiscale Analysis of Complex Time Series fills this pressing need by presenting chaos and random fractal theory in a unified manner. Adopting a data-driven approach, the book covers: DNA sequence analysis EEG analysis Heart rate variability analysis Neural information processing Network traffic modeling Economic time series analysis And more Additionally, the book illustrates almost every concept presented through applications and a dedicated Web site is available with source codes written in various languages, including Java, Fortran, C, and MATLAB, together with some simulated and experimental data. The only modern treatment of signal processing with chaos and random fractals unified, this is an essential book for researchers and graduate students in electrical engineering, computer science, bioengineering, and many other fields.

Wavelets and Fractals in Earth System Sciences

Wavelets and Fractals in Earth System Sciences Author E. Chandrasekhar
ISBN-10 9781466553590
Release 2013-11-20
Pages 306
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The subject of wavelet analysis and fractal analysis is fast developing and has drawn a great deal of attention in varied disciplines of science and engineering. Over the past couple of decades, wavelets, multiresolution, and multifractal analyses have been formalized into a thorough mathematical framework and have found a variety of applications with significant impact in several branches of earth system sciences. Wavelets and Fractals in Earth System Sciences highlights the role of advanced data processing techniques in present-day research in various fields of earth system sciences. The book consists of ten chapters, providing a well-balanced blend of information about the role of wavelets, fractals, and multifractal analyses with the latest examples of their application in various research fields. By combining basics with advanced material, this book introduces concepts as needed and serves as an excellent introductory material and also as an advanced reference text for students and researchers.

Pathological Brain Detection

Pathological Brain Detection Author Shui-Hua Wang
ISBN-10 9789811040269
Release 2018-07-20
Pages 214
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This book provides detailed practical guidelines on how to develop an efficient pathological brain detection system, reflecting the latest advances in the computer-aided diagnosis of structural magnetic resonance brain images. Matlab codes are provided for most of the functions described. In addition, the book equips readers to easily develop the pathological brain detection system further on their own and apply the technologies to other research fields, such as Alzheimer’s detection, multiple sclerosis detection, etc.

Bolet n de la Sociedad Matem tica Mexicana

Bolet  n de la Sociedad Matem  tica Mexicana Author
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822033908476
Release 1998
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Bolet n de la Sociedad Matem tica Mexicana has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bolet n de la Sociedad Matem tica Mexicana also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bolet n de la Sociedad Matem tica Mexicana book for free.

The Science of Fractal Images

The Science of Fractal Images Author Heinz-Otto Peitgen
ISBN-10 9781461237846
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 312
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This book is based on notes for the course Fractals:lntroduction, Basics and Perspectives given by MichaelF. Barnsley, RobertL. Devaney, Heinz-Otto Peit gen, Dietmar Saupe and Richard F. Voss. The course was chaired by Heinz-Otto Peitgen and was part of the SIGGRAPH '87 (Anaheim, California) course pro gram. Though the five chapters of this book have emerged from those courses we have tried to make this book a coherent and uniformly styled presentation as much as possible. It is the first book which discusses fractals solely from the point of view of computer graphics. Though fundamental concepts and algo rithms are not introduced and discussed in mathematical rigor we have made a serious attempt to justify and motivate wherever it appeared to be desirable. Ba sic algorithms are typically presented in pseudo-code or a description so close to code that a reader who is familiar with elementary computer graphics should find no problem to get started. Mandelbrot's fractal geometry provides both a description and a mathemat ical model for many of the seemingly complex forms and patterns in nature and the sciences. Fractals have blossomed enormously in the past few years and have helped reconnect pure mathematics research with both natural sciences and computing. Computer graphics has played an essential role both in its de velopment and rapidly growing popularity. Conversely, fractal geometry now plays an important role in the rendering, modelling and animation of natural phenomena and fantastic shapes in computer graphics.

Thinking in Patterns

Thinking in Patterns Author Miroslav Michal Novak
ISBN-10 9789812388223
Release 2004
Pages 323
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Fractal geometry, together with the broader fields of nonlinear dynamics and complexity, represented a large segment of modern science at the end of the 20th century. Penetration of the resulting new paradigms into practically all academic disciplines has confirmed the fundamental assertion of universal formalism common to a wide range of human endeavors.This book contains an extended article by B B Mandelbrot, reviewing his contribution to fractal geometry and outlining some unsolved problems, with illustrations especially of finance and physics. It covers a range of multidisciplinary topics ? from the biology of aging, through the self-similar shape of plants, image decompression and solar magnetic fields, to sound reflection in the street. The book is a treasure trove for innovative researchers working in fields related to fractal geometry.The proceedings have been selected for coverage in: ? Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings? (ISTP? / ISI Proceedings)? Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings)? CC Proceedings ? Engineering & Physical Sciences

Mathematical Models Methods and Applications

Mathematical Models  Methods and Applications Author Abul Hasan Siddiqi
ISBN-10 9789812879738
Release 2015-12-14
Pages 298
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The present volume contains invited talks of 11th biennial conference on “Emerging Mathematical Methods, Models and Algorithms for Science and Technology”. The main message of the book is that mathematics has a great potential to analyse and understand the challenging problems of nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical science, oil industry and financial technology. The book highlights all the features and main theme discussed in the conference. All contributing authors are eminent academicians, scientists, researchers and scholars in their respective fields, hailing from around the world.

Fractals in Biology and Medicine

Fractals in Biology and Medicine Author Gabriele A. Losa
ISBN-10 3764371722
Release 2005-08-18
Pages 314
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This book is a compilation of the presentations given at the Fourth International Symposium on Fractals in Biology and Medicine held in Ascona, Switzerland on 10-13 March 2004 and was dedicated to Professor Benoît Mandelbrot in honour of this 80th birthday. The symposium was the fourth of a series that originated back in 1993, always in Ascona. This title highlights the potential that fractal geometry offers for elucidating and explaining the complex make-up of cells, tissues and biological organisms either in normal, abnormal and tumoral conditions.

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics Author Peter W. Hawkes
ISBN-10 0080490050
Release 2002-11-04
Pages 400
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Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics merges two long-running serials--Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics and Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy. The series features extended articles on the physics of electron devices (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at high and low energies, microlithography, image science and digital image processing, electromagnetic wave propagation, electron microscopy, and the computing methods used in all these domains.