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Fractional Order Signal Processing

Fractional Order Signal Processing Author Saptarshi Das
ISBN-10 3642231179
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 114
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The book tries to briefly introduce the diverse literatures in the field of fractional order signal processing which is becoming an emerging topic among an interdisciplinary community of researchers. This book is aimed at postgraduate and beginning level research scholars who would like to work in the field of Fractional Order Signal processing (FOSP). The readers should have preliminary knowledge about basic signal processing techniques. Prerequisite knowledge of fractional calculus is not essential and is exposited at relevant places in connection to the appropriate signal processing topics. Basic signal processing techniques like filtering, estimation, system identification, etc. in the light of fractional order calculus are presented along with relevant application areas. The readers can easily extend these concepts to varied disciplines like image or speech processing, pattern recognition, time series forecasting, financial data analysis and modeling, traffic modeling in communication channels, optics, biomedical signal processing, electrochemical applications and many more. Adequate references are provided in each category so that the researchers can delve deeper into each area and broaden their horizon of understanding. Available MATLAB tools to simulate FOSP theories are also introduced so that the readers can apply the theoretical concepts right-away and gain practical insight in the specific domain.

Theoretical Developments and Applications of Non Integer Order Systems

Theoretical Developments and Applications of Non Integer Order Systems Author Stefan Domek
ISBN-10 9783319230399
Release 2015-08-20
Pages 293
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This volume is devoted to presentation of new results of research on systems of non-integer order, called also fractional systems. Their analysis and practical implementation have been the object of spontaneous development for a few last decades. The fractional order models can depict a physical plant better than the classical integer order ones. This covers different research fields such as insulator properties, visco-elastic materials, electrodynamic, electrothermal, electrochemical, economic processes modelling etc. On the other hand fractional controllers often outperform their integer order counterparts. This volume contains new ideas and examples of implementation, theoretical and pure practical aspects of using a non-integer order calculus. It is divided into four parts covering: mathematical fundamentals, modeling and approximations, controllability, observability and stability problems and practical applications of fractional control systems. The first part expands the base of tools and methods of the mathematical basis for non-integer order calculus. Part two focuses on new methods and developments in process modeling and fractional derivatives approximations. In the third part a bunch of papers which raise problems of controllability, observability and stability of non-integer order systems is provided. Part four is devoted to presentation of different fractional order control applications. This book was created thanks to many experts in the field of fractional calculus: authors, anonymous referees whose comments allowed us to improve the final form of the papers and active and inspiring discussion of the participants of RRNR'2015, the 7th Conference on Non-Integer Order Calculus and Its Applications that was organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland.

Design of CMOS Analog Integrated Fractional Order Circuits

Design of CMOS Analog Integrated Fractional Order Circuits Author Georgia Tsirimokou
ISBN-10 9783319556338
Release 2017-05-03
Pages 116
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This book describes the design and realization of analog fractional-order circuits, which are suitable for on-chip implementation, capable of low-voltage operation and electronic adjustment of their characteristics. The authors provide a brief introduction to fractional-order calculus, followed by design issues for fractional-order circuits of various orders and types. The benefits of this approach are demonstrated with current-mode and voltage-mode filter designs. Electronically tunable emulators of fractional-order capacitors and inductors are presented, where the behavior of the corresponding chips fabricated using the AMS 0.35um CMOS process has been experimentally verified. Applications of fractional-order circuits are demonstrated, including a pre-processing stage suitable for the implementation of the Pan-Tompkins algorithm for detecting the QRS complexes of an electrocardiogram (ECG), a fully tunable implementation of the Cole-Cole model used for the modeling of biological tissues, and a simple, non-impedance based measuring technique for super-capacitors.

Discrete Fractional Calculus

Discrete Fractional Calculus Author Piotr Ostalczyk
ISBN-10 9789814725682
Release 2015-11-26
Pages 356
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The main subject of the monograph is the fractional calculus in the discrete version. The volume is divided into three main parts. Part one contains a theoretical introduction to the classical and fractional-order discrete calculus where the fundamental role is played by the backward difference and sum. In the second part, selected applications of the discrete fractional calculus in the discrete system control theory are presented. In the discrete system identification, analysis and synthesis, one can consider integer or fractional models based on the fractional-order difference equations. The third part of the book is devoted to digital image processing. Contents:Discrete-Variable Real FunctionsThe n-th Order Backward Difference/Sum of the Discrete-Variable FunctionFractional-Order Backward Differ-SumThe FOBD-S Graphical InterpretationThe FOBD/S Selected PropertiesThe FO Dynamic System DescriptionLinear FO System AnalysisThe Linear FO Discrete-Time Fundamental ElementsFO Discrete-Time System StructuresFractional Discrete-Time PID ControllerFOS Approximation ProblemsFractional PotentialFO Image Filtering and Edge DetectionAppendix A: Selected Linear Algebra Formulae and Discrete-Variable Special Functions Readership: Researchers, academics, professionals and graduate students in pattern recognition/image analysis, robotics and automated systems, systems engineering and mathematical modeling. Keywords:Fractional Calculus;Fractional-Order Backward-Difference;Fractional-Order Linear Difference Equation;Discrete-System;State-Space Equations

Fractional Order Devices

Fractional Order Devices Author Karabi Biswas
ISBN-10 9783319544601
Release 2017-05-11
Pages 102
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This book focuses on two specific areas related to fractional order systems – the realization of physical devices characterized by non-integer order impedance, usually called fractional-order elements (FOEs); and the characterization of vegetable tissues via electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) – and provides readers with new tools for designing new types of integrated circuits. The majority of the book addresses FOEs. The interest in these topics is related to the need to produce “analogue” electronic devices characterized by non-integer order impedance, and to the characterization of natural phenomena, which are systems with memory or aftereffects and for which the fractional-order calculus tool is the ideal choice for analysis. FOEs represent the building blocks for designing and realizing analogue integrated electronic circuits, which the authors believe hold the potential for a wealth of mass-market applications. The freedom to choose either an integer- or non-integer-order analogue integrator/derivator is a new one for electronic circuit designers. The book shows how specific non-integer-order impedance elements can be created using materials with specific structural properties. EIS measures the electrical impedance of a specimen across a given range of frequencies, producing a spectrum that represents the variation of the impedance versus frequency – a technique that has the advantage of avoiding aggressive examinations. Biological tissues are complex systems characterized by dynamic processes that occur at different lengths and time scales; this book proposes a model for vegetable tissues that describes the behavior of such materials by considering the interactions among various relaxing phenomena and memory effects.

Advanced Synchronization Control and Bifurcation of Chaotic Fractional Order Systems

Advanced Synchronization Control and Bifurcation of Chaotic Fractional Order Systems Author Boulkroune, Abdesselem
ISBN-10 9781522554196
Release 2018-05-11
Pages 539
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In the recent years, fractional-order systems have been studied by many researchers in the engineering field. It was found that many systems can be described more accurately by fractional differential equations than by integer-order models. Advanced Synchronization Control and Bifurcation of Chaotic Fractional-Order Systems is a scholarly publication that explores new developments related to novel chaotic fractional-order systems, control schemes, and their applications. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics including chaos synchronization, nonlinear control, and cryptography, this publication is geared toward engineers, IT professionals, researchers, and upper-level graduate students seeking current research on chaotic fractional-order systems and their applications in engineering and computer science.

Carbon Nanotube Based VLSI Interconnects

Carbon Nanotube Based VLSI Interconnects Author Brajesh Kumar Kaushik
ISBN-10 9788132220473
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 86
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The brief primarily focuses on the performance analysis of CNT based interconnects in current research scenario. Different CNT structures are modeled on the basis of transmission line theory. Performance comparison for different CNT structures illustrates that CNTs are more promising than Cu or other materials used in global VLSI interconnects. The brief is organized into five chapters which mainly discuss: (1) an overview of current research scenario and basics of interconnects; (2) unique crystal structures and the basics of physical properties of CNTs, and the production, purification and applications of CNTs; (3) a brief technical review, the geometry and equivalent RLC parameters for different single and bundled CNT structures; (4) a comparative analysis of crosstalk and delay for different single and bundled CNT structures; and (5) various unique mixed CNT bundle structures and their equivalent electrical models.

The Fractional Fourier Transform

The Fractional Fourier Transform Author M. Alper Kutay
ISBN-10 0471963461
Release 2001-02-08
Pages 513
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The discovery of the Fractional Fourier Transform and its role in optics and data management provides an elegant mathematical framework within which to discuss diffraction and other fundamental aspects of optical systems. This book explains how the fractional Fourier transform has allowed the generalization of the Fourier transform and the notion of the frequency transform. It will serve as the standard reference on Fourier transforms for many years to come.

Introduction to Scientific Publishing

Introduction to Scientific Publishing Author Andreas Öchsner
ISBN-10 9783642386466
Release 2013-06-28
Pages 96
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This book is a very concise introduction to the basic knowledge of scientific publishing. It starts with the basics of writing a scientific paper, and recalls the different types of scientific documents. In gives an overview on the major scientific publishing companies and different business models. The book also introduces to abstracting and indexing services and how they can be used for the evaluation of science, scientists, and institutions. Last but not least, this short book faces the problem of plagiarism and publication ethics.

Next Generation Microchannel Heat Exchangers

Next Generation Microchannel Heat Exchangers Author Michael Ohadi
ISBN-10 9781461407799
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 116
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In Next Generation Microchannel Heat Exchangers, the authors’ focus on the new generation highly efficient heat exchangers and presentation of novel data and technical expertise not available in the open literature. Next generation micro channels offer record high heat transfer coefficients with pressure drops much less than conventional micro channel heat exchangers. These inherent features promise fast penetration into many mew markets, including high heat flux cooling of electronics, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency enhancement applications, alternative energy systems, as well as applications in mass exchangers and chemical reactor systems. The combination of up to the minute research findings and technical know-how make this book very timely as the search for high performance heat and mass exchangers that can cut costs in materials consumption intensifies.

Intelligent Fractional Order Systems and Control

Intelligent Fractional Order Systems and Control Author Indranil Pan
ISBN-10 9783642315497
Release 2012-08-23
Pages 298
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Fractional order calculus is finding increasing interest in the control system community. Hardware realizations of fractional order controllers have sparked off a renewed zeal into the investigations of control system design in the light of fractional calculus. As such many notions of integer order LTI systems are being modified and extended to incorporate these new concepts. Computational Intelligence (CI) techniques have been applied to engineering problems to find solutions to many hitherto intractable conundrums and is a useful tool for dealing with problems of higher computational complexity. This book borders on the interface between CI techniques and fractional calculus, and looks at ways in which fractional order control systems may be designed or enhanced using CI based paradigms. To the best of the author’s knowledge this is the first book of its kind exclusively dedicated to the application of computational intelligence techniques in fractional order systems and control. The book tries to assimilate various existing concepts in this nascent field of fractional order intelligent control and is aimed at researchers and post graduate students working in this field.

Cancer Nanotheranostics

Cancer Nanotheranostics Author P. Gopinath
ISBN-10 9789812874351
Release 2015-03-10
Pages 119
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This Brief provides a clear insight of the recent advances in the field of cancer theranostics with special emphasis upon nano scale carrier molecules (polymeric, protein and lipid based) and imaging agents (organic and inorganic).

An Introduction to Harmony Search Optimization Method

An Introduction to Harmony Search Optimization Method Author Xiaolei Wang
ISBN-10 9783319083568
Release 2014-07-22
Pages 88
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This brief provides a detailed introduction, discussion and bibliographic review of the nature1-inspired optimization algorithm called Harmony Search. It uses a large number of simulation results to demonstrate the advantages of Harmony Search and its variants and also their drawbacks. The authors show how weaknesses can be amended by hybridization with other optimization methods. The Harmony Search Method with Applications will be of value to researchers in computational intelligence in demonstrating the state of the art of research on an algorithm of current interest. It also helps researchers and practitioners of electrical and computer engineering more generally in acquainting themselves with this method of vector-based optimization.

Fractional Processes and Fractional Order Signal Processing

Fractional Processes and Fractional Order Signal Processing Author Hu Sheng
ISBN-10 144712233X
Release 2011-10-20
Pages 295
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Fractional processes are widely found in science, technology and engineering systems. In Fractional Processes and Fractional-order Signal Processing, some complex random signals, characterized by the presence of a heavy-tailed distribution or non-negligible dependence between distant observations (local and long memory), are introduced and examined from the ‘fractional’ perspective using simulation, fractional-order modeling and filtering and realization of fractional-order systems. These fractional-order signal processing (FOSP) techniques are based on fractional calculus, the fractional Fourier transform and fractional lower-order moments. Fractional Processes and Fractional-order Signal Processing: presents fractional processes of fixed, variable and distributed order studied as the output of fractional-order differential systems; introduces FOSP techniques and the fractional signals and fractional systems point of view; details real-world-application examples of FOSP techniques to demonstrate their utility; and provides important background material on Mittag–Leffler functions, the use of numerical inverse Laplace transform algorithms and supporting MATLAB® codes together with a helpful survey of relevant webpages. Readers will be able to use the techniques presented to re-examine their signals and signal-processing methods. This text offers an extended toolbox for complex signals from diverse fields in science and engineering. It will give academic researchers and practitioners a novel insight into the complex random signals characterized by fractional properties, and some powerful tools to analyze those signals.

An Introduction to Neural Network Methods for Differential Equations

An Introduction to Neural Network Methods for Differential Equations Author Neha Yadav
ISBN-10 9789401798167
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 114
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This book introduces a variety of neural network methods for solving differential equations arising in science and engineering. The emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of the neural network techniques, which has been presented in a mostly heuristic and intuitive manner. This approach will enable the reader to understand the working, efficiency and shortcomings of each neural network technique for solving differential equations. The objective of this book is to provide the reader with a sound understanding of the foundations of neural networks and a comprehensive introduction to neural network methods for solving differential equations together with recent developments in the techniques and their applications. The book comprises four major sections. Section I consists of a brief overview of differential equations and the relevant physical problems arising in science and engineering. Section II illustrates the history of neural networks starting from their beginnings in the 1940s through to the renewed interest of the 1980s. A general introduction to neural networks and learning technologies is presented in Section III. This section also includes the description of the multilayer perceptron and its learning methods. In Section IV, the different neural network methods for solving differential equations are introduced, including discussion of the most recent developments in the field. Advanced students and researchers in mathematics, computer science and various disciplines in science and engineering will find this book a valuable reference source.

Materials that Change Color

Materials that Change Color Author Marinella Ferrara
ISBN-10 9783319002903
Release 2013-11-18
Pages 139
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This book presents a design-driven investigation into smart materials developed by chemists, physicists, materials and chemical engineers, and applied by designers to consumer products. Introducing a class of smart materials, that change colors, the book presents their characteristics, advantages, potentialities and difficulties of applications of this to help understanding what they are, how they work, how they are applied. The books also present a number of case studies: products, projects, concepts and experiments using smart materials, thus mapping out new design territories for these innovative materials. These case studies involve different fields of design, including product, interior, fashion and communication design. Within the context of rising sustainable and human-centered design agendas, the series will demonstrate the role and influence of these new materials and technologies on design, and discuss how they can implement and redefine our objects and spaces to encourage more resilient environments.

Post Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi Infinite Optimization

Post Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi Infinite Optimization Author Miguel A. Goberna
ISBN-10 9781489980441
Release 2014-01-06
Pages 121
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Post-Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization examines the following topics in regards to linear semi-infinite optimization: modeling uncertainty, qualitative stability analysis, quantitative stability analysis and sensitivity analysis. Linear semi-infinite optimization (LSIO) deals with linear optimization problems where the dimension of the decision space or the number of constraints is infinite. The authors compare the post-optimal analysis with alternative approaches to uncertain LSIO problems and provide readers with criteria to choose the best way to model a given uncertain LSIO problem depending on the nature and quality of the data along with the available software. This work also contains open problems which readers will find intriguing a challenging. Post-Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization is aimed toward researchers, graduate and post-graduate students of mathematics interested in optimization, parametric optimization and related topics.