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Freak Author Jennifer Hillier
ISBN-10 9781451664546
Release 2012-08-07
Pages 335
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Follows a Seattle serial murder investigation centering on Abby Locke, who has been imprisoned for the attempted killing of a police officer and who has captured the attention of a violent fan obsessed with proving her innocence.

Word Freak

Word Freak Author Stefan Fatsis
ISBN-10 9780547524313
Release 2001-07-07
Pages 384
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This “marvelously absorbing” book is “a walk on the wild side of words and ventures into the zone where language and mathematics intersect” (San Jose Mercury News). A former Wall Street Journal reporter and NPR regular, Stefan Fatsis recounts his remarkable rise through the ranks of elite Scrabble players while exploring the game’s strange, potent hold over them—and him. At least thirty million American homes have a Scrabble set—but the game’s most talented competitors inhabit a sphere far removed from the masses of “living room players.” Theirs is a surprisingly diverse subculture whose stars include a vitamin-popping standup comic; a former bank teller whose intestinal troubles earned him the nickname “G.I. Joel”; a burly, unemployed African American from Baltimore’s inner city; the three-time national champion who plays according to Zen principles; and the author himself, who over the course of the book is transformed from a curious reporter to a confirmed Scrabble nut. Fatsis begins by haunting the gritty corner of a Greenwich Village park where pickup Scrabble games can be found whenever weather permits. His curiosity soon morphs into compulsion, as he sets about memorizing thousands of obscure words and fills his evenings with solo Scrabble played on his living room floor. Before long he finds himself at tournaments, socializing—and competing—with Scrabble’s elite. But this book is about more than hardcore Scrabblers, for the game yields insights into realms as disparate as linguistics, psychology, and mathematics. Word Freak extends its reach even farther, pondering the light Scrabble throws on such notions as brilliance, memory, competition, failure, and hope. It is a geography of obsession that celebrates the uncanny powers locked in all of us, “a can’t-put-it-down narrative that dances between memoir and reportage” (Los Angeles Times). “Funny, thoughtful, character-rich, unchallengeably winning writing.” —The Atlantic Monthly This edition includes a new afterword by the author.

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty Author W. Rodman Philbrick
ISBN-10 0439286069
Release 2001
Pages 169
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Outcasts Maxwell and Kevin, the former a giant of a boy who lacks intelligence and the latter a genius in leg braces, team up for a series of imaginative adventures that bring them undreamed-of discoveries. Reprint.

Freak Show

Freak Show Author Robert Bogdan
ISBN-10 9780226227436
Release 2014-12-10
Pages 336
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From 1840 until 1940, freak shows by the hundreds crisscrossed the United States, from the smallest towns to the largest cities, exhibiting their casts of dwarfs, giants, Siamese twins, bearded ladies, savages, snake charmers, fire eaters, and other oddities. By today's standards such displays would be considered cruel and exploitative—the pornography of disability. Yet for one hundred years the freak show was widely accepted as one of America's most popular forms of entertainment. Robert Bogdan's fascinating social history brings to life the world of the freak show and explores the culture that nurtured and, later, abandoned it. In uncovering this neglected chapter of show business, he describes in detail the flimflam artistry behind the shows, the promoters and the audiences, and the gradual evolution of public opinion from awe to embarrassment. Freaks were not born, Bogdan reveals; they were manufactured by the amusement world, usually with the active participation of the freaks themselves. Many of the "human curiosities" found fame and fortune, becoming the celebrities of their time, until the ascent of professional medicine transformed them from marvels into pathological specimans.

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty Author Rodman Philbrick
ISBN-10 9781409591054
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 208
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Max is used to being called Stupid. And he is used to everyone being scared of him. On account of his size and looking like his dad. Kevin is used to being called Dwarf. And he is used to everyone laughing at him. On account of his size and being some cripple kid. But Greatness comes in all sizes, and together Max and Kevin become Freak the Mighty and walk high above the world. "This tale of the underdog is a truly moving modern classic – read it NOW" - tbk Magazine

The Freak

The Freak Author Granville Wyche Burgess
ISBN-10 0573618828
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 125
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The Freak has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Freak also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Freak book for free.

Vegan Freak

Vegan Freak Author Bob Torres
ISBN-10 9781604862911
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 196
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In this informative and practical guide, two seasoned vegans offer tips and advice for thriving without animal by-products. Sometimes funny and irreverent yet always aware of its serious message, this resource for being vegan in a world that doesn’t always understand or have sympathy for the lifestyle illustrates how to go vegan in three weeks or less by employing a “cold tofu method;” convince family, friends, and others that there is no such thing as a vegan cult; and survive restaurants, grocery stores, and meals with omnivores. Also offering answers to questions such as “Do you, like, live on apples and twigs?” this reference dispels myths and explains the arguments for ethical, abolitionist veganism, encouraging everyone to embrace their inner vegan.


Freak Author Ron Sanders
ISBN-10 9780615142371
Release 2007-06
Pages 236
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A shadow haunts the sunny streets of Venice Beach, working his way through all the women and valuables he can handle. So far he's been lucky. But too much of a good thing makes a man careless; he gets sloppy, he lets down his guard. From bizarre arrest to explosive conclusion, Freak is a wild rollercoaster of a ride, featuring impossible escapes, a dizzying manhunt, and a gothic mini-movie of a courtroom confession, wherein you'll meet the real Nicolas Vilenov, slippery opportunist and soulless predator, bogeyman of a thousand suppressed dreams.


Freak Author Dong-Eun Yi
ISBN-10 9780316214827
Release 2011-11-03
Pages 192
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For their next mission, the Nonblonds head to the seaside to locate "the tears of the mermaid." But this mission won't be a day at the beach... especially when an unexpected rival shows up to kick sand in their faces! But what are the tears of the mermaid and what deadly ancient secret do they really hide? And the secret that ties Tublerun and Chroma together is finally illuminated in this final installment of Freak!


Freaks Author Kieran Larwood
ISBN-10 9780545520621
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 256
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Weirdest. Crime Fighters. Ever. Sheba, the fur-faced Wolfgirl, can sniff out a threat from miles away. Monkeyboy clambers up buildings in the blink of an eye -- then drops deadly stink bombs of his own making (yes, THAT kind)! Sister Moon sees in the dark, and moves at the speed of light. Born with weird abnormalities that make them misfits, these FREAKS spend their nights on public display, trapped in a traveling Victorian sideshow. But during the day, they put their strange talents to use: They solve the most sinister crimes. And in a dank, desperate world of crooks and child-snatchers, they're determined to defend London's most innocent victims: the street urchins disappearing from the city's streets.

Think Like A Freak

Think Like A Freak Author Steven D. Levitt
ISBN-10 9781443416535
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 304
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Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner single-handedly showed the world that applying counter-intuitive approaches to everyday problems can bear surprising results. Think Like a Freak will take readers further inside this special thought process, revealing a new way of approaching the decisions we make, the plans we create and the morals we choose. It answers the question on the lips of everyone who’s read the previous books: How can I apply these ideas to my life? How do I make smarter, harder and better decisions? How can I truly think like a freak? With short, highly entertaining insights running the gamut from “The Upside of Quitting” to “How to Succeed with No Talent,” Think Like a Freak is poised to radically alter the way we think about all aspects of life on this planet.


Freak Author Michael Collins
ISBN-10 0373260504
Release 1990
Pages 221
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Freak has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Freak also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Freak book for free.

Street Freak

Street Freak Author Jared Dillian
ISBN-10 9781439181287
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 368
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Like Michael Lewis’s classic Liar’s Poker, Jared Dillian’s Street Freak takes us behind the scenes of the legendary Lehman Brothers, exposing its outrageous and often hilarious corporate culture and offering a “candid look at the demise of a corporate behemoth” (Publishers Weekly). In the ultracompetitive Ivy League world of Wall Street, Jared Dillian was an outsider as an ex-military, working-class guy in a Men’s Wearhouse suit. But he was scrappy and determined; in interviews he told potential managers that “Nobody can work harder than me. Nobody is willing to put in the hours I will put in. I am insane.” As it turned out, at Lehman Brothers insanity was not an undesirable quality. Dillian rose from green associate, checking IDs at the entrance to the trading floor in the paranoid days following 9/11, to become an integral part of Lehman’s culture in its final years as the firm’s head Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) trader. More than $1 trillion in wealth passed through his hands, yet the extreme highs and lows of the trading floor masked and exacerbated the symptoms of Dillian’s undiagnosed bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorders, leading to a downward spiral that nearly ended his life. In his electrifying and fresh voice, Dillian takes readers on a wild ride through madness and back.


Freak Author Nick Bishop
ISBN-10 1885840055
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 248
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An inside look at the life and times of the well-known entertainer focuses on his increasingly bizarre behavior, including the ways he has changed his appearance and his relationships with children.

The Victorian Freak Show

The Victorian Freak Show Author Lillian Craton
ISBN-10 9781604976533
Release 2009
Pages 244
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"The Victorian freak show was at once mainstream and subversive. Spectacles of strange, exotic, and titillating bodies drew large middle-class audiences in England throughout much of the nineteenth century, and souvenir portraits of performing freaks even found their way into Victorian family albums. At the same time, the imagery and practices of the freak show shocked Victorian sensibilities and sparked controversy about both the boundaries of physical normalcy and morality in entertainment. Marketing tactics for the freak show often made use of common ideological assumptions - compulsory female domesticity and British imperial authority, for instance - but reflected these ideas with the surreal distortion of a fun-house mirror. Not surprisingly, the popular fiction written for middle-class Victorian readers also calls upon imagery of extreme physical difference, and the odd-bodied characters that people nineteenth-century fiction raise meaningful questions about the relationships between physical difference and the social expectations that shaped Victorian life." "This book is primarily an aesthetic analysis of freak show imagery as it appears in Victorian popular fiction, including the works of Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Guy de Maupassant, Florence Marryat, and Lewis Carroll. It argues that, in spite of a strong nineteenth-century impulse to define and defend normalcy, images of radical physical difference are often framed in surprisingly positive ways in Victorian fiction. The dwarves, fat people, and bearded ladies who intrude on the more conventional imagery of Victorian novels serve to shift the meaning of those works' main plots and characters, sometimes sharpening satires of the nineteenth-century treatment of the poor or disabled, sometimes offering new traits and behaviors as supplements for restrictive social norms." --Book Jacket.

Freaks Like Us

Freaks Like Us Author Susan Vaught
ISBN-10 9781619631632
Release 2014-02-18
Pages 256
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A mentally ill teenager who rides the "short bus" to school investigates the sudden disappearance of his best friend.

Neo Victorian Freakery

Neo Victorian Freakery Author Helen Davies
ISBN-10 9781137402561
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 239
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Neo-Victorian Freakery explores the way in which contemporary fiction, film, and television has revisited the lives of nineteenth-century freak show performers. It locates the neo-Victorian freak show as a crucial forum for debating the politics of disability, gender, sexuality and race within the genre more broadly.